The Best Things To Do In February

February, although the shortest month, can seem very long! But there are really so many things to celebrate and do, like National Hedgehog Day and Homemade Soup Day. There’s something worth celebrating every day and lots of other fun things.

heart and hand pies

February is an interesting month! It’s a short month, even in a leap year. In February, hearts and flowers rule the day, and the humble groundhog is a star! Our first President is celebrated in February, and so are all the people born on February 29th. The Superbowl is played in February, and we celebrate Black History. Let’s make the most out of every day in February because February is a great month to…

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February is a long month! Even though this year, due to leap year, it is one day shorter than any other month of the year, it seems to go on and on and on. There are several reasons for this. For one thing, it is cold, gloomy, and windy here. And for the last couple of years, there has been little snow. I could forgive the cold and even the gloom of February if it were snowy. But instead of snow, we are getting a lot of rain. Ugh!

February seems like the longest month to me because Christmas and holiday celebrating are long gone and spring is still off in the distance. February is the no man’s land of the calendar.

However, this post is not about the annoyances February offers- every month has them. It’s about the best things to do in February, and there are more than I have room for in one post. So, chin up, friends, and let’s get on with February! Again, let’s celebrate every day in February!

How Do You Say February

Most of us, at least here in the US, pronounce February feb-yoo-air-ee. But you would not be wrong to pronounce it feb-roo-air-ee. All the other months of the year have one basic pronunciation. This is just another funny quirk about this month!

Days To Celebrate

February may be the shortest month, but it is long on holidays and days of observance! Literally, every day is a good day to celebrate! Here are just some of the days to celebrate in February!

Feb 1– Decorating With Candy, Baked Alaska Day, National Decorating With Chocolate Day, National Girls and Women In Sports Day.

Feb 2- Crepe Day, Groundhog Day, National Brown Dog Day, National Hedgehog Day, National River Day, National Tater Tot Day, National Ukulele Day, and World Wetlands Day.

Feb 3– American Painters Day, Bubblegum Day, National Golden Retriever Day, National Wear Red Day, Feed the Birds Day, National Carrot Cake Day, National Women Physicians Day

Feb 4National Homemade Soup Day, National Stuffed Mushroom Day, National Thank a Mail Carrier Day, Sweater Day, National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

Feb 5– National Weatherperson’s Day, World Nutella Day, National Chocolate Fondue Day

Feb 6Pay a Compliment Day, National Frozen Yogurt Day

Feb 7– National Fettuccine Alfredo Day, National Send a Card to a Friend Day, Rose Day

Feb 8– National Kite-Flying Day

Feb 9National Pizza Day, Read in the Bathtub Day

Feb 10- National Cream Cheese Brownie Day, National Flannel Day, National Umbrella Day, International Cribbage Day, International Winter Bike to Work Day

Feb 11National Latte Day, National Guitar Day, International Day of Women and Girls in Science, National Inventors’ Day, National Make a Friend Day, Superbowl Sunday.

Feb 12– Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday, National Plum Pudding Day, Brother Alan’s Birthday

Feb 13Galentine’s Day, National Tortellini Day, National Cheddar Day

Feb 14– National Cream-filled Chocolates Day, National Donor Day, Read to Your Child Day, International Book Giving Day, National Ferris Wheel Day, Valentine’s Day

That’s enough for now, the rest of the month is at the end of the post.

Super Bowl Sunday

February- Football on yard line

Super Bowl Sunday is February 11th this year. In the 58th Super Bowl, the Kansas City Chiefs will play the San Francisco 49ers. We have no skin in the game, but as football lovers, we will be celebrating!

Food is a huge part of celebrating Super Bowl Sunday. Here are 25 delicious recipes to enjoy!

Valentine’s Day

There are so many fun things to do for Valentine’s Day on February 14th. Truth be told, I am not a huge Valentine’s Day fan. I think it’s because love should be shared all through the year. And Valentine’s Day is probably the worst day of the year to go out to eat!

Bobby and I will go out to dinner the week after Valentine’s Day.

Heart-Shaped Sweet Treats

A couple of weeks ago, my six-year-old granddaughter Emma Kate and I made Heart-Shaped Cinnamon Rolls together. We had so much fun. They are so easy to make, and we all had these yummy and pretty cinnamon rolls with breakfast.

Valentine Heart And Hand Pies

February hand pies

Every year, I make Valentine Heart And Hand Pies.

The recipe is an oldie but goodie. The pastry dough is delicious! I hope you will give these pretty hand pies a try. Spread the love!

Galentine’s Day

Galentine’s Day was created in 2010 in an episode of the comedy TV show Parks And Recreation. And now, it’s a thing! Last year, I had a group of my girlfriends over for a soup and salad bar. This year, I’m hosting a hors d’oeuvres, dessert, and game night for a handful of my girlfriends. I’m not sure what games we will play yet. Do you have any suggestions?

Start A Little Eary Spring Cleaning And Decluttering

cleaning supplies in a bucket

I have spring fever! And it is bad this year! How about you? Although the weather is frosty, my mind is thinking about spring! But before I get too carried away decorating for warmer seasons ahead, I like to give my home a little decluttering and cleaning as I go.

I have an easy and quick daily cleaning and decluttering plan that works so well for me. I spend only 30 MINUTES CLEANING and 15 MINUTES DECLUTTERING. The key is consistency! I make cleaning and decluttering part of my daily routine! I often find 10 minutes here and 15 minutes here during the day or evening.

The 30-Minute Cleaning post is 10 years old. I still use it the same way I did when I first wrote it. It’s an old post, but it works! Hopefully, I’ll update it a little this year.

Helpful Items For Cleaning And Decluttering

February Is Black History Month

Black History Month is a time to celebrate the achievements of African Americans and their central role in American history.

We have a few outings planned, like a trip to visit the Martin Luther King Memorial with our grandchildren. Two of our six are adopted and are part African American.

Make Soup

soup in a bowl

February 4th is National Homemade Soup Day. Apparently, I’m not the only one who likes to cook soup and eat in February! Soup is one of my favorite cold-weather activities! I’ve been making a big pot of soup at least once a week and bone broth too. Our newest favorite soup is Hearty Creamy Chicken Gnocchi Soup.

Other soups you might like…

President’s Day

Monday, February 19th is President’s Day. As a country, we celebrate past and present Presidents and their contributions to our nation. Plan on doing something to celebrate and learn about our presidents! One of the things I’m most excited about is visiting every home of our presidents and every Presidential Library.

I got my grandkids this book about the presidents as a family gift.

Do Something New

Life gets in a rut when we don’t do new things! I love to learn and will try many new things. Last month, I finished an Alpaca throw I started three years ago. Better late than never.


I have been baking DELICIOUS AND EASY N-KNEAD BREAD for about a year. It is so good!

Last week, I made a sourdough starter. Right now, it’s limping along a bit. It smells just like sourdough bread, so that is encouraging. I think our home is too cold, so I have been putting it in the oven with the light on to give it a warmer environment. They say to name your sourdough starter. So, I named it bubbles for encouragement.

sourdough starter in a glass jar

What fun thing have you been putting off? Start this month!

February’s Best Deals

heart shaped dish filled with sprinkles

President’s Day sales are iconic! Look for great deals on things like big-screen TVs, home decor and furniture, window coverings, fine jewelry, appliances, winter clothing, cookware, and mattresses, to name a few.

Keep an eye on your favorite online stores to get deals on anything you need.

Fun Things To Do In February

Here are some fun things to do in honor of February…

  • Make homemade salsa and eat it with tortilla chips.
  • Read a romance novel.
  • Do something kind for someone.
  • Gift a book to a young family member and then read it to them.
  • Make your pet a homemade treat.
  • Visit a coffee shop.
  • Watch a romantic movie with someone you love.
  • Drink a glass of your favorite wine.
  • Give flowers or candy to two of your closest friends.
  • Make a pot of soup or chili.
  • Eat fresh strawberries.

All of these ideas relate to a holiday or observance this month.

February Holidays And Observances Continued

Valentine candy

Feb 15- National Gumdrop Day, World Hippo Day

Feb 16- National Almond Day

Feb 17- National Cafe au Lait Day, National Caregivers Day, National Cabbage Day, Random Acts of Kindness Day

Feb 18- National Drink Wine Day, World Pangolin Day, Pluto Day

Feb 19- National Chocolate Mint Day, World Whale Day, Presidents’ Day

Feb 20- National Cherry Pie Day, National Love Your Pet Day, National Muffin Day, National Student Volunteer Day, Clean Out Your Bookcase Day, National Comfy Day,

Feb 21- National Sticky Bun Day, Fat Tuesday, National Grain Free Day, National Pancake Day, Fausnaut Day

Feb 22- Ash Wednesday, Cook a Sweet Potato Day, National Walking the Dog Day, National Margarita Day, Single Tasking Day, Supermarket Employee Day

Feb 23- National Toast Day, National Banana Bread Day, National Chili Day, National Dog Biscuit Day, National Tile Day, Play Tennis Day

Feb 24- National Skip the Straw Day, Friday Fish Fry Day, National Tortilla Chip Day

Feb 25- National Chocolate Covered Nut Day

Feb 26- National Pistachio Day, Carpe Diem Day, Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Feb 27- National Strawberry Day, International Polar Bear Day

Feb 28- Floral Design Day, National Science Day, National Vegan Lipstick Day, National Chocolate Souffle Day,


February gets its name from the Latin word februum meaning purification. On Feb 15 there was a Roman rite of purification.

Romans thought even numbers to be unlucky so their months alternated between 29 and 31. But this made their calendar 355. So they make February the short, unlucky month.

Valentine’s Day is February 14th.

Happy February, Friends! Here’s hoping your February is truly fabulous!

February Valentine Hand Pies

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  1. Where did you purchase the side table next to the sofa in your living room? I need one just like that! Thanks, Cheryl

    1. I think you mean the chest. I have had it for over a decade. It came from Birch Lane. Sorry, it has not been sold in years.

  2. If you live in the KC area you would know the Chief’s will win the Super Bowl. Pat believes in prayer and serving the Lord. The Kelce brothers will be playing against each other and their mother will be cheering both of her sons. It will be a good game no matter who wins

    1. My friend there are many praying Eagles too. Somehow I think the Lord loves us all! And our Kelce brother has a nine month pregnant wife. I hear they are bringing their own Obgyn. I love and cheer for your enthusiasm.

  3. CarolBinTX says:

    RIP big clock! I’ve enjoyed seeing it’s placement over the years. I love the new mirror! It’s interesting how some treasures can all the sudden look dated or shabby! Only you know when it’s time to retire something!

    1. Well, I think the clock overstayed it’s welcome for a year or more. I just loved it. But when the face got so yellowed I knew it was time. Glad you like the new mirror.

  4. I have been wanting to try baking sourdough bread. Let us know how it all turns out. I’m just afraid I won’t be able to stop eating it and put on pounds! Sourdough has always been my favorite!

  5. Try the game Uzzle with the friends! Adults and grandkids all had a fun time with this one. I can’t help but think it’s also a great brain game for us older folks! I really enjoy your blog!

  6. Kim Lennie says:

    I had to do a doubletake when you mentioned Feb 12th. I too have a brother who’s birthday is the 12th but his name is John. I also have a son who’s name is spelled exactly the same as your brother’s. What a funny coincidence.

  7. My anniversary is on Valentine’s Day, so I love February!
    Going on 48 years!

  8. These ideas were great! We have a small ladies group that meets on the third Wednesday each month and I’m hosting in Feb, It is actually our Bunco group but we can play any game we want or just visit and catch up. This month we will play Tenzi instead and spread out to 2 or 3 tables. Last month was LRC. (Left, Right, Center…we play with $3). Food is served and fun abounds. I’m serving individual pot pies (homemade with milled flour topppers that are tasty) and salad and appetizers for those who wish and sugar cookies for dessert. It will be a “share the love” party as each person is to bring a small something to drop in a sack for others. (A card, a treat, candy, just a little something for each, not expensive, just thoughtful, or funny or even homemade) Yes, I’m a retired schoolteacher…ha, but we do have great neighbors and lots of fun! Other games have been charades and two truths and a lie. I enjoy your posts, so thank you all!