Beautiful And Easy Dining Room Table Centerpiece ideas

Creating a beautiful centerpiece can be a focal point of your dining room and kitchen! Here are easy and doable centerpieces you can create for your home.

table centerpiece ideas- TULIPS AND EUALYPUUS

Do you struggle to try to come up with something pretty to put on your dining room table? Or is the same centerpiece on your table season after season? Our dining room tables are one of the largest flat surfaces in our homes! It’s prime real estate. So let’s create something fabulous on them! Here are beautiful table centerpiece decor ideas you can use in your home.

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Dining table decor can make or break the way our whole dining rooms look! I get so many emails and questions about what to put on the dining room table! So today, I have lots of everyday dining room table centerpiece ideas for you!

I’m sharing my StoneGable and Tanglewood dining tables so you can get lots of ideas.

Keep Your Table Clear Of Clutter


First things first, make sure your dining room table is totally clear of all clutter. This is so important!

Because a dining room table is a big, horizontal surface it is a magnet for “stuff”. If your table is a clutter collector, clean it off, and do not put anything on it that does not belong.

Doing this one thing is not only freeing but will make your whole room look better instantly! Did you know that our eyes focus on things that are out of place? You could have the most fetching centerpieces in your home and the first thing our eye will see is that one piece of clutter on the table!

Clear off clutter and clean your table and now your dining room will already look better and it is ready to start the road to fabulousness!

Go Big

big urn centerpiece on the dining room table with green hydrangeas

Our tables are not the place to display collections or group little objects d’ art! When your table is not in use add an everyday dining room table centerpiece that is BIG! This is the area in your home to make a HUGE statement and an eye-catching design.

The best way to do that is to find one big, gorgeous urn or container and add seasonal elements to it!

I found the chippy urn at HomeGoods. At the time I had no idea what I would do with it but I knew it would be perfect somewhere in my home. The urn found a home on my dining room table. And is my go-to container for the table!

And recently I put this big hefty white bowl in the center of our round dining room table and filled it with moss.

table centerpiece ideas- BOWL OF MOSS

I keep my dining room centerpiece filled with beautiful seasonal natural elements like…

  • dried hydrangeas (above)
  • faux sunflowers
  • Christmas greens
  • spring branches that are blooming
  • branches of fall leaves
  • moss and moss balls
  • faux arrangements
  • orchids (so easy to take care of)

Faux Florals

Faux flowers can be a great option for a centerpiece if you want something that lasts longer than fresh flowers and requires less maintenance.

Choose quality faux flowers. Look for faux flowers that are made from high-quality materials and have a realistic look and feel. You want them to look as close to real flowers as possible. I usually wait until after the season and get blooms on sale.

Get the best faux flowers you can afford. This investment will have a big payoff since you can use them year after year.

Choose a vase or container that complements the style and colors of your faux flowers. You can also use a basket to hold the flowers.

Keep in mind that faux flowers are a great option if you want something that lasts longer than fresh flowers, but they still require some care to maintain their beauty. Make sure to dust them regularly and store them in a cool, dry place when not in use. I like to store mine by color in tall kitchen trash cans that I cover with part of an old sheet.


And you might also like CREATIVE WAYS TO USE FAUX FLOWERS.

A designer tip…

Easy Designer Tip

When adding real or faux flowers or greenery to a big urn, planter, or wide-mouth vase arrange your flowers or foliage in a smaller container then slip it into the big urn!

One Beautiful Floral Bouquet

table centerpiece ideas HOT PINK TULIPS

One of the most popular and easy table centerpiece ideas is to create one beautiful bouquet for your table! I love using fresh flowers but good looking faux flowers work too! Put a stunning glass vase of pop of color tulips in the center of a table and flank it with candles or lanterns. It’s just that easy!

table centerpiece ideas

These bright blooms look so pretty against a blue and white cotton tablecloth!


Think about using a trio of large containers across your dining room table! Our eyes love things grouped in three. There is instant decor magic when using three large items on a dining room table as a centerpiece!


You can find out more about the Rule Of Three and how to use it in your home.



A tiered tray is a big attention grabber and it’s so fun to decorate. Gather items from the kitchen and arrange them on a vertical tray! This makes a big decor statement and looks especially pretty when decorated with seasonal touches.


A vertical tray draws the eye upwards off the long table to see what else is interesting. For home decorators who love to set their tables, this is a very pretty alternative.

Candles, Candlesticks, And Lanterns

table centerpiece ideas- CANDLES AND TULIPS

Candles are a perfect addition to a dining room table! Think of them as decor that supports the focal point of a centerpiece.

I love the look of a grouping of candles on either side of my centerpiece. Grouping beautiful candle holders on your dining room table adds visual weight and presence to a table.  And adds a bit of ambiance too!

Pull out your candles, candlesticks, and lanterns and group them on either side of your centerpiece.

Tips for grouping candles…

  • balance the candle on one side of the centerpiece with the candles on the other
  • candle holders and candlesticks don’t need to match
  • mix and match candlesticks for an interesting look
  • vary candle holder and candle heights
  • think about investing in battery-operated candles on timers. They look so real these days and you can set them to light up so evenings in your dining room have a magical soft glow!

Create An Easy Vignette As A Centerpiece

table centerpiece ideas- VIGNETTE

A few big items corralled in a tray or basket will really be a standout in your dining room! This is the place to be very mindful about what you put in your vignette. No little items except for filler in the bottom of the basket or tray!

It’s also a place to show off your personality!

I like to keep a tight color palette when working on a centerpiece vignette for the dining room table. In the vignette above I made a very easy, organic vignette in a low-sided basket. The basket works with my whole house color palette, is textural, and brings the things in it together.

When creating a vignette for your table, remember to group in odd numbers. Three is the magic number for vignettes.

kitchen table with vignette of plates and urn of hydrangeas

Using Tableware

Do you like to play with dishes? Instead of setting a table create a centerpiece using tableware like dishes and bowls.

Think of this type of centerpiece as a deconstructed tablescape of sorts. Keep the decor running down the center of the table from end to end.

For this beautiful centerpiece, I chose a hydrangea floral arrangement to anchor the decor that sprawls across the table!

table centerpiece ideas- DISHES ON A TABLE

Here are items you might like to use in this type of centerpiece…

  • dishes
  • glasses
  • jars
  • chargers
  • herbs
  • floral centerpieces
  • small bakers
  • bread bowls
  • glass canisters
  • creamer and sugar bowls
  • platters
  • small vases of flowers
  • napkins
  • other kitchen accents
table centerpiece ideas- DISHES ON A TABLE

If you like to set a table, give this dining table centerpiece idea a try!

Fruits And Vegetables

table centerpiece ideas- ARTICHOKE CENTERPIECE

Another very pretty and easy centerpiece idea is to use a bowl of single fruit or vegetables in the center of a table. Enjoy displaying these organics and then eating them! This centerpiece is so economical.

Add lemon leaves or a stem or two of eucalyptus to amp up the design cred!

table centerpiece ideas-PEARS IN A PEDESTAL BOWL

Group taller candles on either of a bowl of organics.

Other fruits and vegetables that look nice in a centerpiece are.

  • lemons
  • limes
  • pineapples
  • apples
  • peaches
  • pomegranate
  • grapes
  • plums
  • radishes
  • peppers
  • onions
  • cabbage

A bowl of organics from the grocery store can make a stunning centerpiece! It adds a touch of freshness and natural beauty to your table.

Using Table Linens

Using a tablecloth or table runner on a table with a centerpiece can help to unify the look of the table and create a cohesive design.


Tablecloths and table runners can add texture and color to the table, which can complement the colors of the centerpiece and other decor.

My favorite table runner is a stiff burlap runner that goes with anything! I keep this on my dining room table all year!

table centerpiece ideas- ARTICHOKE CENTERPIECE

Tablecloths and table runners are an easy and affordable way to change the look of your dining room table. You can switch them out depending on the season or occasion to keep your decor fresh and updated.

Use Good Interior Design Principles

table centerpiece ideas- TULIPS AND EUCALYPTUS

To ensure the most beautiful table centerpiece follow good interior design principles! Think about balance, varying heights, proportion, using a pop of color, repeating elements, and contrast when creating a table centerpiece!

Click On The Video Below For More Inspiration


FAQs about cheesecloth

The most popular type of centerpiece is a vase of flowers.

A vignette centerpiece is a great centerpiece for a kitchen table.

Think about using a big shallow bowl of fruit or vegetables as a centerpiece. It is economical because you can eat it after you are done using it.

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Now, it’s your turn. Take the ideas from this post and make them your own. Add a new centerpiece to the tables in your home!


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  1. donna anne zoltanski says:

    Beautiful! Now I need 3 matching vessels for my table! Pretty. What do you suggest for dining room table (nothing formal) with 2 story ceiling?

    1. I would go big, like I said in the post. Try a tiered tray to bring your eyes up.

  2. Kathy Menold says:

    My spring centerpiece for our dining table is a spring green cake stand with a antique white cabbage porcelain bowl filled with a birds nest decorated with faux spring flowers and moss and the home to three pale green eggs. Simple to assemble and just right for a Mother’s day brunch.

  3. I love your tips for decorating a dining room table. I read your blog everyday and look forward to all your decorating ideas, they have been so helpful as I update my style in our home. I remember you showed us your mood board for a powder room makeover. Is your powder room done? I would love to see the finished room. Have a nice day!

    1. It is not done yet. Our son and family moved back to this area and bought a home. Yay!!!!!! And Bobby has been painting and laying floors at their new home. So I hope by Memorial Day that he will paper and paint the powder room. You know, our kids come first.

  4. Beautiful ideas! Would you share where you found the 3 white vases at the top of this post?

    1. Hi Vicki, they came from a local shop. Sorry I don’t have a source.

  5. Hello Yvonne,
    I love your ideas and your home is beautiful! My table is 18 feet long – yes, and we fill it often! But just wondering what you suggest – everything looks a little lost on it.

    1. Hi Florrie, an 18-foot long table sounds wonderful! Add a long runner, nothing heavy. And then add a big centerpiece in the middle with grouping of candles on either side. Hope this helps.

  6. What are ideas for a round 60″ brown table with leather black chairs to display on the the top of the table.

    1. Put a runner across it. I love a loose weave burlap and add one gorgeous centerpiece and flank it with candles. Easy and so pretty!

  7. Yvonne, thank you for the centerpiece inspiration!! It’s cold & rainy today, but I’m looking at my hopeful spring centerpiece and have finally realized I need to put away my favorite winter white fur runner. You inspired me to go to my linen closet and see what I can pull that is a bit light and airier. Will that bring the sun & finally spring? Not outside, but at least in my home…I do enjoyt your posts. Have a great week,,

  8. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Yvonne, I just love looking at all your beautiful pictures. You have given us so many wonderful ideas for decorating our dining room table. Plus, the suggestions you have below each picture are so nice to have. I especially love the last picture with your beautiful orange tulips in the white pitcher with the candlesticks on each side. Putting these items on top of your lovely green and white “bunched up” tablecloth is so pretty. I am going to give one of my blue and white tablecloths this treatment. It is such a different look but I love what you have done! Yvonne, you have such fabulous ideas for us. I really appreciate all the time you put in to bring us such wonderful posts! Bless you, dear friend!

    1. Sweet Mary Ann! Thank you so much for letting me know this post has sparked your creativity! xo

  9. a small world cup says:

    Awesome, I saved and decorated my wife’s dinner table tonight.

  10. Teddee Grace says:

    I love all of these, especially the tiered tray. I always glean several inspirational ideas from these posts. Thanks!