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Soup is a perfect meal for a cold winter day! We are huge soup eaters, here at StoneGable! I keep a stash of several soups in my freezer all year round but they taste especially wonderful in the winter! For the last two weeks our whole family, including me, have been pretty down and out with a horrible cold and sore throat. It was so easy to be able to pull a few containers of our favorite chicken soup out of the freezer, warm it up and cozy up with a soothing bowl!

Let’s make a big pot or slow cooker full of soup. Make a double batch and freeze it in containers for a night when you don’t have time to fuss over dinner!

Let’s start with my favorite…


My grandmother, Nani, taught me how to make this soup. It has that old word, cooked-all-day-in-your-kitchen taste! But it is quite easy to make! There are a couple secrets to make the the best soup you will ever eat! If you try one soup, this should be it! I  hope everyone that reads StoneGable will make this soup! YUM!



Cheeseburger soup is a real family crowd pleaser! Who doesn’t love a good cheeseburger… and better yet when made into a soup!



Oh my! This soup is so thick and rich and filled with potatoes, cheese, bacon and chives. Make these buttery puff pastry leaves to top it off!




I make this soup with an extra helping of chuck beef and it sure has a rich beefy flavor! Put it in the slow cooker in the morning and have a great soup when dinner rolls around!




Another heritage recipe from my Nani! This soup says, comfort and warmth to me! This veggie soup is something very very special and worth a try!




If you love a little bit of pasta in your soups, you will love Minestrone soup! Very rich in italian flavors. It’s a soup that eats like a meal!


As I’m writing this the wind is howling and the snow is flying. I’m so ready to make a big hearty heartwarming winter soup!

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6 HEARTY HEARTWARMING WINTER SOUPS-A mini cookbook of great savory flavors

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  1. Christi {Jealous Hands} says:

    All of these sound delicious! I’m sure they’d all be hits around here.

  2. These look so good! I am going to make the bacon cheeseburger tonight for dinner, they will love it! Thanks for sharing!! xo

  3. Carol Davis says:

    Hope everyone is feeling better. Read some research a number of years ago and chicken soup is really good for helping cure colds. But only if the stock is made with whole chicken parts. Something about what is in the bone marrow. We will have some slow cooker tomato soup this weekend that contains carrots, onion and celery as well as parmasen cheese. Very, very good.

    1. Yes, I make my soup from chicken parts. That’s what makes the broth so so good!

    1. Sorry the ladle giveaway is closed. Look for an upcoming Polder spoon giveaway soon!

  4. These all look delicious, just the thing to warm us up on these cold January days.

  5. Yvonne,
    Your six hearty soup choice look divinely delicious, dear friend!!!
    “Mr. Ed” and I just finished making a Minestrone Soup
    and a Cherry dump Cake for our evening meal!!!
    Thanks for sharing your favorite choices!!!

  6. Lanita Anderson says:

    These all look delicious, Yvonne, and perfect for a winter evening meal! Thanks for sharing….

  7. KittyLuvr says:

    I can’t wait to make the chicken soup…and those little leaves are just the cutest touch!! On my list to try!

  8. Such a wonderful selection of winter soups…perfect for a cozy winter dinner….
    Hope you are feeling better!…xoxoxo’s and hope the chicken soup is on the stove!

  9. How can I print recipe without pin it?

    1. Hi Rose, some of my older recipes don’t have the recipe card that you can print. You will have to cut and paste them onto a word document.

  10. These look wonderful Yvette! I’m looking forward to making a couple of these this upcoming week because it’s going to be so cold. Thanks for posting and I enjoy your blog.

  11. Katharine says:

    I made your SLOW COOKER BEEF AND MORE BEEF BARLEY SOUP today and it is excellent.

    I’m not sure, however, just what I was thinking about but instead of barley I put in a cup of lentils. As yummy as it is, I plan to make it again; soon and with all the correct ingredients.

  12. How can I access the recipe itself for the Chicken Noodle Soup? I can’t seem to find a link. Just the pictures. Thx.

    1. Click on the titles above the images. They are a link to the recipes. Hope this helps CJ.

  13. Your hearty bacon and cheeseburger soup looks so delicious–what’s not to like with those ingredients.

  14. Sandra Barnhart says:

    This is the time of year for a big bowl of soup to warm you from the inside out. Can’t wait to try some new recipes..

  15. Karen Cook says:

    Have to dust off the soup pot after I locate it. Starving after reading these recipe!

  16. Carol Brooks says:

    Today is one of those days…which one will I try!?

  17. Avril Crundwell says:

    I love winter soups… I’m just terrible at preparing them. Not being a morning person it’s hard enough to get myself out the door to work let alone put a pot of soup on. However, this is one thing I would love to be able to do this winter season. You’ve made my job easier by such a wonderful selection of soups I know my family will eat. Thank you.

  18. I have become a real lover of soup for a couple of reasons – it’s easy, healthy, and low cost. Here’s what I do – I start in the fall and make a different soup every week for 3 or 4 weeks – they are usually chicken noodle, french onion, veggie/minestrone or a beef barley. Today it is bean with ham. I buy onions and carrots in 10 pound bags to always have on hand. When I make a soup I make each batch large enough for at least 2 dinners and a lunch or two. I have freezer containers that hold exactly enough for a dinner for 2. I slowly build a stockpile of soups for a quick dinner, or when we might be under the weather with colds (like today). We eat soup once a week and I round out the meals with a crispy bread or rolls, and a small what I call my winter green salad. We don’t overdo the bread – when I buy a bagette I cut it in half – wrap well and freeze. Sometimes I serve a quick bread instead – banana nut, etc. for a change. It puts a good satisfying and healthy meal on the table with a minimum of effort. My daughter has started doing this for her busy family of 4 – she finally started listening to Mom!

    1. Hi Sandy, Thanks so so much for sharing your great tips. Our community is sure to use them.

  19. I’m so very excited about your Blog and receiving your lessons, recipes, etc. I’m feeling the symptoms of a cold starting and I’m going to make soup for my family this evening. Thank you, and God bless you!

  20. Sheila Gunderson says:

    I love soup during the winter time. Thanks for all the hearty heartwarming recipes Yvonne.

  21. A few years ago you posted a recipe for Taco Chili. I loved it, but cannot find the recipe on your blog. Can you tell me where I can find it?

    1. Maybe you mean Taco Cheese soup. It is a VERY OLD recipe. Probably one of my first. Excuse the images, but the soup is fabulous!

  22. You used to have a recipe for tomato basil Parmesan soup. It was my kids favorite soup! It’s not on your page anymore. Am I just missing it? Thanks!