10 Easy Fall Decorations And How To Create Them For Your Home

Fall decor should be simple and easy to add to your home. Here are 10 little fall ideas, or moments, that you can recreate with to bring the season into your home.


Are we kindred spirits? Do you love the fall and all of its glorious decor? Well, if you do, then we are certainly kindred spirits. Today, I’m featuring 10 of my easiest and prettiest fall decoration moments with a recipe to make something similar for your home.

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Carrying fall decor throughout your home is a beautiful way to celebrate and live around the seasonal elements we love. Autumn is a short-lived season, so let’s soak it all in!

Fall decor should not be hard or even costly! We can create a little nod or a decorating moment of the season in each room so as we live day-to-day in our home and go from room to room, we can delight in fall!

My hope is for you to see these super easy fall decorations and say, “How easy! I can do that!!”

Here are some of my favorite ways to live with the season in my home and how to create something similar for yours.

Make sure to read all the way to the end of this post for the best tip!

Wreath As Candle Ring


If you have fall wreaths, put them to work as a big, showy candle ring! This makes a beautiful centerpiece! Like all the fall moment ideas here, this idea is super easy!

What You Will Need

  • large wreath
  • glass cylinder or hurricane
  • candle


  1. Lay a fall-inspired wreath down on a flat surface.
  2. Add a glass cylinder or hurricane that fits the hole in the wreath.
  3. Add a candle.

Pro Tip

Give this fall decoration an updated look by using a tight color palette. I used a white-out color palette, and even though nothing about this says fall, it is implied and understood by the other fall decor around it.

Find a chunky candle that is almost as large as the hurricane it goes into.

Fluff the wreath once this easy fall decor is put together.


  • Wrap a fall garland loosely around a hurricane instead of using a wreath.

Make A Fall Arrangement


I made this fall arrangement with what I call fluff. Fluff are little bits and pieces of berries, sticks, twigs, leaves, flowers, or anything that has been cut apart from a bigger seasonal stem or garland. I keep all those bits and pieces in clear boxes by color. Fluff is decorating gold, friend!


What You Will Need

  • Fluff: berries, dried floral stems, twigs
  • white wide-mouth vase
  • scotch tape
  • trio of candlesticks with candles


  1. Use scotch tape to make a grid over the mouth of the vase.
  2. Arrange fluff in the vase.
  3. Put the arrangement on a flat surface.
  4. Add candlesticks and candles to create an easy vignette.

Pro Tip

Use a tight color palette. I used this year’s fall color honey when I put together this little arrangement. Fall is a time of bounty, so create a full, lush look.


Use other fall-inspired items next to the arrangement instead of the candles.

Here’s another version of a little fall arrangement using fluff.


You might want to see Fall Coffee Table Ideas Using 8 Items. This post has so many easy ideas.

Market Basket Arrangement


This easy arrangement sat on my kitchen island last year. I needed something to fill in a corner on a short wall, and I like to use baskets in the fall. However, the small market basket was not the inspiration for this quick little arrangement, the real green pumpkin with the thick stem was.

There is such a lovely simplicity to this fall decoration. To me, it looks like this was the result of a quick trip to my local roadside stand.


What You Will Need:

  • basket
  • flowering kale or cabbage
  • small white pumpkins or gourds
  • big green pumpkin or other large pumpkin- this beauty is in sale
  • wooden cutting board- optional


  1. Grab a basket and fill it with a couple flowering kale or cabbage plants.
  2. Fill the basket with white baby boo pumpkins, real or faux.
  3. Add a larger pumpkin to one side of the basket. This arrangement will look best if the basket and the large pumpkins are at different heights.
  4. Scatter a few pumpkins around the base of this easy arrangement.

Pro Tip

If your basket is too big, add filler, like pinecones, to the bottom of your basket and sit the plants on top of the filler.

For added color, fold a fall-inspired napkin over the side of the basket or tie it to the handle.


  • Use small mums instead of flowering kale.
  • Use gourds in place of pumpkins. Or use both.
  • If you don’t have a basket, use a big bowl.

White Pumpkin and Bittersweet


This is one of my favorite fall decorations. I love bittersweet! And even though in most places it cannot be grown, you can still buy real bittersweet and really nice faux bittersweet, too!

This fall decor idea just takes a few minutes to put together! But the effect is magical!


What You Will Need

  • large, tall, white pumpkin
  • footed bowl or cake plate
  • real or faux bittersweet
  • small white pumpkin
  • breadboard or cutting boards, optional
  • woodblock stamps, optional


  1. Put a large, tall, white pumpkin in a footed bowl or on a cake pedestal.
  2. Add real or faux bittersweet around the base of the pumpkin.
  3. Put the bowl on something wooden to add a bit of color and texture.
  4. Place a few woodblock Indian stamps around the bottom of the pedestal.

Pro Tip

If your footed bowl is too deep, add layers of bubble wrap to the bottom of the bowl and put the pumpkin on top of it.

If you have bittersweet garland, wind it around the pumpkin 1/4 the way up.

Fluff the bittersweet away from the pumpkin so it sticks out.


  • Use log rounds instead of breadboard.
  • Use leaves instead of bittersweet.

Here’s another way to use a pumpkin on a cake plate…


Do you remember the nursery rhyme The Farmer In The Dell? The farmer takes a wife, the wife takes a child, the child takes a dog, the dog takes a cat, the cat takes a mouse, the mouse takes the cheese, and the cheese stands alone.

Remember this when you decorate! Think of an arrangement or a fall decoration like the cheese. Don’t let the cheese stand alone! Some small elements next to the main decor will finish the look.

Candlestick Inside A Lantern


Another easy way to add a touch of fall to our homes is by adding a candlestick to a lantern. This one is less overtly fall, however, the little leaf detail is a hint of the season being celebrated. This is such a striking look!

These lanterns are a dozen years old. I bought them on sale and spray painted them a matte black, and they hung outside, flanking our front door at StoneGable. As you can see, they are a little worse for wear. But that’s okay for now.

We brought them with us to our Tanglewood House, and they sat in the basement until, serendipitously, I found them this fall. So, I cleaned them up to use in the foyer.

What You Will Need

  • lantern
  • candlestick
  • candle
  • some kind of fall leaves on wire stems


  1. Make sure the glass in the lanterns is sparking clean.
  2. Add a candlestick to the lantern.
  3. Twist fall leaves, berries, or other fluff that could be recognized as fall-ish into a candle ring and add it to the candlestick.
  4. Put the candle into the candlestick.
  5. You might not be able to light the candle if the flame is close to the top of the lantern. As always, watch any live flame carefully.

Pro Tip

If your candle is too tall, heat a knife under hot water and cut the candle on a cutting board. Rotate the candle beneath the knife. Then cut off another 1/8 inch, but don’t cut through the wick. Now, you made a shorter candle with a wick.

If you have a lantern and don’t like the metallic finish, spray paint it. Cover or remove the glass, and when the paint is dry, uncover or put the glass back into the lantern.


  • Use a smaller lantern and add a chunky candle on a small wooden candlestick.
  • Use fairy light in a smaller lantern. Add fall elements to the lantern.
  • Use a fall-inspired candle ring instead of fashioning your own.
  • Use battery-operated candlesticks on timers.

Here is another version of a candle in a lantern…

If you like this lantern, you might like to see our Simple And Organic Fall Home Tour.

Wreath On A Mirror


This is just such an easy-peasy idea! What makes this work is keeping everything very simple. It does not scream, “It’s fall.” It is understated and very one-toned. Two tried and true elements that read chic!

Did you notice there is really nothing that lets us know this is a fall wreath? But it will look like a fall wreath when we decorate with it in the fall. Our minds are very good at reading clues, even when they are subliminal and inferred.

What You Will Need

  • understated wreath
  • simple ribbon
  • something to attach the wreath to a mirror


  1. Find a simple one-colored wreath you like.
  2. Tie a simple ribbon on it.
  3. Adhere it to the top of the back of a mirror.

Pro Tips

Opt for a smaller rather than a larger wreath.

Fluff and bend each part of the wreath.

Use a non-wired ribbon.


This type of wreath looks pretty on a kitchen hood or a pair of glass doors on a bookcase.

Use a thin velvet or silk ribbon in burnt orange or gold instead of the French ribbon,

Wheat, hops, or pampas grass look nice for this wreath.

Fall Branches In A Glass Bottle


Don’t you love the beauty of fall leaves on big branches? Such an elegant look! But real branches only last several hours before the leaves start to shrivel. Take it from me: if you love this look, faux is the way to go!

I invested in two big fall branches years ago and am so glad I did! I use these branches every fall in so many different ways. One of the easiest ways is to add a bit of fall to empty corner in your home. So pretty!

What You Will Need

  • large faux fall branches
  • large glass bottle


  1. Put two branches in a large glass bottle.
  2. Place it in an empty corner or beside a large piece of furniture.

Pro Tip

Less is more when it comes to adding these big branches to your fall home.

Arrange the branches so the front of the leaves are mostly facing out towards your room.

Choose more muted-colored leaves for a chic look.


Use branches in other large containers on islands and tables.

I used the same branches in a large French urn on my white buffet this fall…


Pheasants Feathers In Glass


I bring out the pheasant feathers at the beginning of October. They work until Thanksgiving Day. Like the other fall decor moments, this is such an easy way to add fall to any spot in your home. Use them with other fall decor, like on a bookshelf or on the mantel.

Our wonderful son-in-law Jonathan is a pheasant hunter and saves tail feathers for me.

What You Will Need


  1. Clean the glass cylinder so it is free of any dirt or smudges.
  2. Use a tall cylinder about half the size of the pheasant feathers.
  3. Gather the feathers in one fist and put them in the top part of the cylinder.
  4. Drop them so that when they hit the bottom of the cylinder and fan out.

Pro Tip

After you drop the pheasant feathers into the cylinder, move some of the feathers so the front of them faces out.

Make Your Home Smell Like Fall


This may not be a fall decoration you think about but it is very important to creating a fall feel in your home.

There is no spray or diffuser that smells better and more natural than simmering potpourri. This is such an easy and very economical way to have beautiful and familiar fall aromas waft throughout your home!

Make sure you check out Easy To Make Fall Simmering Potpourri to see how to make a pot for your fall home.

Layer Your Doormat


I’ve been layering a rug under a seasonal doormat for a long, long time. This is such a finished, polished look. And like all the other fall decorating moments, it is so easy! There is so much decorating synergy when these wipe-your-feet mats are coordinated!


What You Will Need

  • seasonal doormat
  • coordinating rug that fits your stoop


  1. Lay an indoor/outdoor rug on your stoop centered in front of your door.
  2. Add a seasonal doormat.

Pro Tip

Coordinate your fall decorations around the rugs. Using complementary colors is a designer tip.

Choose a rug you can throw in the washer.

Buy one indoor/outdoor rug and choose seasonal doormats that work with it. I’ve had this rug for six years.

All of these ideas and fall decorations are so easy to recreate. Really, no-brainers! But they exude the beauty and splendor of fall. Make sure to bookmark or save this post. You can use it over and over again.

Best Idea

All of these ideas can be tweaked to create decor for other seasons and holidays!

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FAQs About Fall Decor

Most people start decorating for fall sometime between Labor Day and the first day of Fall. However, it is a personal choice. It is never too early or late to start adding the beauty of the season to your home.

Finding a fall theme to highlight in your fall decor is easy because there are a plethora of beautiful fall elements. Pumpkins are quintessential fall and probably the most popular fall theme. Other fall themes could be gourds, autumn foliage, pinecones and acorns, and fall colors, to name a few.

It’s always best to lightly decorate your home for any season. Use one arrangement in each room with a few other fall elements tucked here and there.


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