100+ Best Spring Decor Ideas – The Ultimate Guide

Do you need ideas for decorating your spring home? Get practical tips and beautiful inspiration for refreshing your home with spring decor. This post highlights using spring items and elements like flowers, organics, lightweight textiles, wreaths, nests, eggs, and more. This is the Ultimate Guide for the best spring decor.

Spring is the time when the whole earth wakes up from its winter nap. Its beauty and bounty give us so many lovely things with which to decorate our homes. Here are 10 spring decor items you will want to use in your home and lots of ideas for using them. And get ideas from a bonus category, such as Spring Home Tours.

Use Beautiful Spring Blooms

Spring is such a short-lived season, and so is spring’s pretty blossoms! Make sure to use them liberally and enjoy their unique beauty!

Flowers and other organics are the backbone of my spring decor. I like to use what blooms outside in our home. This is such a smart idea. It literally brings the beauty and bounty of the outdoors inside. Over the years, I have brought in almost every spring flower that blooms in Lancaster County!

I am pro faux flowers. I love all flowers, both real and fake. Nothing beats a big vase of real tulips or stately blooming branches, but fresh flowers are not always economical or easy to get.

So, I most often opt for faux flowers and spring bulbs. These beautiful, almost-real blooms can be used repeatedly each spring.

If you want to start a collection of spring faux flowers, start by purchasing the best you can afford! I like to find my faux blooms on sale. Collect a few every year, and soon, you will have enough flowers to use in your whole home.

Easy Ideas For Using Spring Flowers

  • My favorite way to use spring blooms is to arrange them in single-flower arrangements in a glass vase or pitcher for big impact or use branches in an urn.
  • Tie a ribbon around a bunch of faux tulips and lay them in a dough bowl with the ribbon trailing over the edge of the bowl.
  • Put a small bouquet of spring flowers in every room you spend a lot of time in.
  • You can usually buy a pot of tete-a-tete daffodils in the grocery store. Take them out of the plastic pot they are in and replant them, or put the plastic pot into another pretty container that works with your decor. Then, gently add moss around the daffodils for a designer look.
  • Cut daffodils do not play nicely with other cut flowers. Put them in a vase by themselves. A container of daffodils looks like sunshine.
  • Plant bulbs indoors. Buy blooming bulbs, remove them from their plastic pots, and replant them in interesting pots and interesting containers. Then, gently add moss around the daffodils for a designer look.
  • Use faux spring flowers to make a beautiful, full spring wreath for your front door.

Spring Floral Inspiration

Organic Decor Ideas to Freshen Up Your Home

Organics are anything that grows naturally outside. When I think of spring organics, I think of brambles and pussy willows and sticks and twigs and greenery. Spring florals are really organics, too, but they deserve a category all their own.

Some of my favorite organics I use in the spring are willow balls, moss balls, and brambly branches.

All of these lovely gifts of nature add tons of texture and warm hues to spring decor.

Easy Ways To Use Organics In Your Spring Decor

  • I like to tuck organic bits and pieces in vignettes or in a glass hurricane with a nest. Or add them around the outside of a glass hurricane with a candle in it.
  • A bowl or planter of moss balls creates a pretty mini focal point in a room.
  • Create a curly pussy willow candle ring (like the one above) using a grapevine wreath. Add a glass hurricane and a candle to the center. This makes the prettiest centerpiece on a table.
  • Tie pastel ribbons around small grapevine wreaths and attach them to the back of dining room chairs.
  • Ferns remind me of spring. Use real or faux greenery in your spring decor. I bought three little faux fern balls with roots at a local shop and put them in little containers. I use these ferns so often when I decorate!
  • Create a small indoor herb garden in your kitchen or windowsill with pots of basil, mint, rosemary, and other herbs for both decoration and culinary use.
  • Place potted plants such as ferns, succulents, or peace lilies around your home to add a touch of greenery and purify the air.

Spring Organic Inspiration

Refresh Your Spring Home With Pretty Textiles

Pillows and other items like decorative throws, curtains, rugs, and upholstery are interior design gold! Use them liberally in the spring. Choose pillows that work with your color palette, or add a pretty new spring color. Spring pillows should be made of cotton, linen, and lighter blends.

blue and white spring pillow on a white chair

Think about using one spring statement pillow.

Inject a touch of springtime charm into your home decor with a statement pillow that pays homage to the season! Adding a carefully chosen pillow with a subtle nod to spring instantly breathes new life into any room. I found a handsome rabbit pillow this year that I just could not pass up! He sits (when we are not around the table) on a chair in our dining room, which can be seen from several rooms in our home. Because of the centerpiece and the statement pillow, this room is ready for spring.

large statement pillow in the dining room for spring.

This simple yet impactful addition not only elevates your interior design but also brings a delightful sense of warmth and freshness, making your home feel inviting and rejuvenated for the season ahead

Ways To Use Spring Pillows

  • If you like pillows with spring motifs like bunnies, chicks, or lambs, but only use one per room.
  • Mix and match pillows so they work with the color palette in your room and any spring decor you add to it.
  • Use spring mix-and-match pillows on sofas and chairs in your living room, bedroom, and dining room.
  • Use 2 pillows propped up on a chair that is not often used for a luxe spring look.
  • Change out your pillows to lightweight fabrics and soft colors like neutrals and pastels.
  • Think about making your own spring pillows with your favorite springtime fabrics.
  • Layer spring pillows with lightweight throw blankets. They also need to be updated for the spring.
  • Use a long spring throw blanket as a table runner or tablecloth for your dining table or sideboard. This will add a touch of seasonal charm and protect your surfaces from scratches or spills.
  • Repurpose spring throw blankets by sewing or wrapping them around pillow inserts to create custom throw pillows for your sofa, bed, or outdoor seating area. This will add a cozy and personalized touch to your decor.
  • Repurpose a spring throw blanket and make placemats for your Easter table.
  • Change your curtains to sheer or lightweight versions.
  • If you have accent rugs, exchange them for rugs made of sisal or cotton, which have a warm-weather look and feel.
  • Remember to switch your bedding for lighter layers and fabrics.

Spring Textile Inspiration

Easy DIY Pillows Perfect For Spring

Rabbits: Creative Ways To Decorate For Spring

It wouldn’t be spring without one decorative rabbit in my home. I must admit I am not a big fan of tchotchkes, and that includes bunnies. They are just a bit too cute for me. However, I do make an exception during the spring. It is the perfect time to add one or two well-chosen rabbits to display with other spring decorations.

Ways To Use Rabbits In Spring Decor

  • Layer rabbits and bunnies with other decor. Remember the cheese in the Nursery Rhyme; you do not want your bunnies to stand alone!
  • Place decorative bunny figurines or rabbit-shaped vases filled with spring flowers as the centerpiece for your dining or coffee table.
  • Make an Easter basket centerpiece using bunnies.
  • Hang a bunny wreath on your front door.
  • Put a small rabbit in a spring potted plant.
  • Use bunny-shaped place card holders or napkin rings to dress up your springtime table settings for Easter brunches or spring gatherings with family and friends.
  • Make a garland of felt bunnies with pom pom tails.

The little rabbit egg cups often find themselves on our Easter table. I have had them for almost a decade.

Easter table with rabbit egg holders

Spring Rabbit Inspiration

Elevate Your Spring Decor With Brambly Nests

handmade nest with little eggs in it

Every year in mid-February, I begin what I call Robin watch. This year, the robins came back to our area early. And they looked very well fed. Robins make me think of nests.

Nests are wonderful little spring accents for our homes. They are easy to tuck into small spaces, vignettes, bookshelves, and arrangements.

nest with eggs in it

I use a few of them every spring and spread them about our home.

Ways To Use Nests

  • One of my favorite ways to elevate a nest is in a cloche on a pedestal! Or perch a small wreath on top of a silver candlestick. The juxtaposition is beautiful.
  • Birds find the oddest places to build nests, so don’t be afraid to put a nest in unusual places in your home, like in a turned-on-its-side mug, on top of a group of books in a bookcase, or tucked in the leaves of a potted plant.
  • Because nests (please don’t use real ones) are organic, you can tuck them into vignettes, dough bowls, and baskets. They are the one spring decor item that looks amazing, sitting all by themselves at the end of a mantel or bench.
  • Set a table and use a nest at each place setting as a little take-home gift for guests.
  • For a charming springtime display, place a decorative nest as the centerpiece of your dining table, filled with faux eggs, spring flowers, and greenery.
  • Arrange a collection of nests in varying sizes along your mantel, interspersed with candles, blooming branches, and small bird figurines for a cozy and rustic spring look.
  • Use miniature nests as place card holders for your Easter table settings.
  • Incorporate nests into your spring floral arrangements by placing them as accents among fresh flowers and foliage in vases or baskets.
  • Embellish a wreath with a tiny nest.
decorative nests with blue dyed eggs on each plate on an Easter table.

Elevate Your Spring Decor with Baskets and Trays

a spring vignette with pretty spring tulips

Elevate Your Home Decor with Baskets and Trays! When you think of trays, you might not think of spring. But trays make wonderful home decor items for gathering spring decor! My favorite trays to use in the spring are wicker because they have that organic, twiggy look and feel. Use them alongside other spring elements to create a lovely nod to spring.

One of my favorite ways to use trays is to corral a vignette.


Ways To Use Trays

  • One fun way to use a basket tray for spring is to gather up spring-inspired dishes in it and display them on a kitchen counter. Choose a very textured tray to so juxtapose smooth dishes. SEE THE IMAGE WITH THE DISHES ABOVE
  • Create a spring vignette with flowers, a bowl of eggs, and another spring organic. And corral them together in a basket with low sides.
  • Arrange flowers or other spring decor in a low-sided basket to create a beautiful centerpiece for your dining or coffee table.
  • Put Chinoiserie eggs in a basket with some crinkled paper along with spring faux blooms for a pretty arrangement.
  • Plant a variety of herbs in small pots or mason jars, then arrange them in a basket lined with burlap or fabric for a functional and decorative herb garden that adds a fresh scent and culinary inspiration to your kitchen. One of my favorite things to do in the spring,
  • Line a woven basket with plastic or burlap, then fill it with potting soil and a selection of spring flowers or flowering bulbs, such as tulips, daffodils, or hyacinths. This will create a beautiful and portable springtime planter that can be displayed indoors or outdoors.
  • Use the same tip above and use faux bulbs, blooms, and a nest.
  • Fill a hanging basket with faux flowers for a pretty spring front door basket.
  • Lay spring flowering branches on their side in a gathering basket and display.
  • Hang a basket filled with spring blooms on your front door.

Spring Basket And Tray Inspiration

spring front door basket- Spring Decor

Effortless Chic: Elevating Spring Decor with Stylish Bowls and Dough Bowls

spring dough bowl- spring decor

Have you ever thought of using bowls and dough bowls as spring decor? Bowls and dough bowls stand out as versatile elements in spring decor, serving as excellent vessels for crafting stunning centerpieces. Consider curating an assortment of footed bowls in colors that compliment your home’s color story.

If you’re just beginning to collect bowls for decoration, a white bowl serves as an ideal starting point, offering a beautiful creamy canvas for various centerpiece arrangements. Additionally, opting for a medium-sized dough bowl can provide a solid foundation upon which to build and expand your collection.

Spring Bowl And Dough Bowl Inspiration

  • Gather faux spring branches and arrange them gracefully within a dough bowl for a simple yet elegant spring decor idea. This creates a charming and effortless centerpiece that captures the essence of the season.
  • Add a candle to a shallow-footed bowl and put real or faux flowers around it.
  • Use a small bowl to nestle a sweet nest in. Add Spanish moss or Reindeer moss around between the nest and the edge of the bowl. Embellish with brambles, flowers, and a few eggs.
  • Plant spring bulbs like tulips, daffodils, or hyacinths in a shallow bowl or dough bowl filled with potting soil.
  • Use a large cup or small bowl to plant a blooming bulb. To keep the stems and leaves from falling over, stake them up with twigs and tie twin around the whole thing for a rustic look.
  • Make a teacup bird feeder and place it near a window so you can see all the birds who come for a visit.

Spring Bowl And Dough Bowl Inspiration

Spring Wreath Ideas to Welcome the Season

forsythia wreath on a door with a black and white ribbon

As each new season begins, I make it a tradition to decorate my front door with a wreath that captures the essence of that time of year. It’s a simple yet meaningful ritual that I anticipate with excitement. Wreaths hold a special significance in my home decor—they’re more than just decorations. To me, they symbolize warmth and hospitality, offering a cheerful seasonal greeting to everyone who comes to our front door.

Wreaths are versatile. They can be used indoors and outdoors, hung on the wall, or used flat as a centerpiece. They can be brambly, lush with flowers and spring branches, and even twiggy with pussy willows.

Decorating with wreaths in the spring adds a touch of natural beauty and seasonal charm to any space.

pussy willow wreath on a dining room table with a candle in it- SPRING DECOR

Ways To Use Wreaths In Spring Decor

  • Tie the pretty ribbon in pastel shades on small wreaths and hang them on a mirror or the newel post of a set of stairs.
  • Make a “use what you have” spring wreath by refreshing an old wreath. Remove everything, salvaging what you can and throwing away the rest. Cover the wreath with spring branches and other spring elements to breathe new life into it.
  • If you make a wreath with a grapevine base, double the base. It will have a designer quality.
  • Add a grapevine wreath around the edge of a shallow bowl and plant spring bulbs and flowers in it.
  • Use a spring wreath as the centerpiece for your dining table, adding a candles or other spring-themed accents in the middle.
  • Use mini wreaths as decorative accents for your springtime table settings, either as napkin rings or as part of a table centerpiece.
  • Hang a spring-inspired wreath inside your front door.
  • Take apart a grapevine wreath and add the twiggy vines to your decor.

Spring Wreath Inspiration

Elevating Your Decor with Beautiful Egg Accents

decoupaged eggs in a white ceramic egg crate with crinkle paper

Spring and eggs are a quintessential pair. Eggs have long been associated with the arrival of spring, representing new life and rebirth. Incorporating them into our decor serves as a nod to nature’s renewal during this time of year.

Eggs can be dyed or decoupaged, tiny or lifesize, real or faux. There are so many interesting ways to embellish the humble yet perfect egg! They are beautiful and charming Easter harbingers that should be included in your spring home.

Ways To Decorate With Eggs In Spring Decor

  • Add small eggs to a nest.
  • Style long faux spring branches of a glass hurricane or cylinder and fill them with tiny pastel eggs.
  • Add a spring nest with little eggs to a dough bowl.
  • Use brambly placemats that resemble nests as placemats on a spring table.
  • Put a nest with little eggs at each place setting on an Easter table.
  • Add reindeer moss topped with faux-speckled eggs to a pedestal.
  • Make an egg tree by spray painting a large branch white and placing it upright in a pot of Quickrete. Blow out eggs, embellish them, and hang them on your branch tree.
  • Glue faux eggs onto a foam ball and place it on a decorative stand or in a flower pot for a charming topiary display.
  • Hot glue plastic or styrofoam eggs to a wreath form, then add ribbons, flowers, or greenery for a sweet springtime wreath.
  • Fill decorative baskets with faux grass or shredded paper and arrange colorful Easter eggs inside for a charming tabletop or mantel display.
  • Hollow out real eggs and cut one-third of the top off. Insert small tealight candles in the shell and put them in egg cups.
  • Attach faux eggs to wooden skewers or floral picks and arrange them in bouquets with fresh or faux flowers for whimsical floral arrangements.
  • Hollow out real eggs and cut off one-third of the top. Plant pansies in the egg or arrange flowers in them and put them in egg cups.
tiny faux eggs on a pedestal filled with moss- spring decor

Egg Inspiration

tiny flowers in eggshells vases.

Spring Home Tours: Exploring the Best of Seasonal Decor

spring decor: living room dressed up for spring.

We all love a home tour because we love being welcomed inside to take a look around, get lovely seasonal decorating ideas, and be inspired. An attractively decorated home is a treasure trove of ideas and helps us think creatively about our own homes.

Every season, I participate in a home tour. It gives me the chance to decorate our home for the season, work with other talented bloggers, visit their seasonal homes, and give you ideas for your home.

My seasonal tour is the highlight of my season!

Spring Home Tour Inspiration

There is so much to celebrate about spring. Celebrate it by bringing the beauty of the season into your home.

FAQs About Spring Decor

incorporate organics into your kitchen decor for spring, such as potted spring herbs or kitchen bowls filled with spring bulbs like daffodils or grape hyacinths. Continue the spring kitchen ambiance by placing a large urn filled with faux spring branches on the kitchen island. Keep spring decor away from food prep areas and opt for a subtle touch of decoration throughout the rest of the kitchen.

Add a seasonal wreath on your front door, complementing it with pots or urns filled with spring flowers such as pansies. Complete the entrance by layering a rug that compliments a seasonal doormat, adding a welcoming touch to your home’s exterior.

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  1. Your ideas are beautiful, as usual. My favorite organic item is the use of nests and, yes, they are real nests. Little homes blown from trees or shrubbery around our home. It breaks my heart to see something that was so painstakingly built for a little family destroyed. So, gingerly, I lift the nests from the ground, allow them to dry out in the garage, spray heavily with insect spray, and finally finish off with a coat or two of sealant. Each home is unique in size, shape, and building materials making them more appealing than any perfectly round shape created by humans.

    1. Thank goodness you knew how to care for them so they are safe to bring into your home.

  2. Your ideas are beautiful and brilliant. Thank for sharing. I will be applying them to my own home. I especially love the idea of putting flowers in each room that you spend lot of time in.

  3. Yvonne – I always am inspired by your posts! I love your light touch when it comes to decorating. Nothing too overdone or heavy. I made your decoupage napkin eggs this year! I love them! So pretty! Thank you for continuing to inspire us.

  4. Could you please tell me what I would need, the type of flowers and the steps to make the arrangement you have next to the two rabbits? It is the white dough bowl with the orange/ coral flowers. I absolutely love it.
    Thank you!

    1. Sure, Vicki. I used an old dough bowl and lined it with plastic from plastic freezer bags. Then I filled the dough bowl with soil and planted two varieties of peach colored pansies. That it!

      1. You amaze me, thank you so much!

  5. I’m interested in the white rectangular planter on your kitchen counter. Can you tell me where you got it? I love your addition of blue accents!