Best Spring Decor – The Ultimate Guide

Do you need ideas to decorate your spring home. Here are 10 best spring decor items you will want to use in spring home. And lots tips how to use them.

Spring is the time when the whole earth wakes up from her winter nap. And the beauty and bounty of spring gives us so many lovely things to decorate our homes with. Here are 10 spring decor items you will want to use in your home and lots of ideas for using them.

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Spring is such a short-lived season and so is spring’s pretty blossoms! Make sure to use them liberally and enjoy their unique beauty!

Flowers are the backbone of my spring decor. I like to use what blooms outside in our home.

I love all flowers both real and faux. For me, nothing beats a big vase of real tulips or real stately blooming branches. But fresh flowers are not always economical or easy to get.

So I most often oft for faux flowers, and spring bulbs. These beautiful almost-real blooms can be used over and over again each spring.

If you want to start a collection of spring faux flowers start by purchasing the best you can afford! I like to find my faux blooms on sale. Collect a few every year and soon you will have enough flowers to use in your whole home.

Easy Ideas For Using Spring Flowers

My favorite way to use spring blooms is to use single flower arrangements in a glass vase or pitcher for big impact. Or use branches in an urn.


Tie a ribbon around a bunch of faux tulips and lay them in a dough bowl with the ribbon trailing over the edge of the bowl.

Put a small bouquet of spring flowers in every room you spend a lot of time in.

Daffodils are a pretty yellow pop of color so make sure they are part of your spring decor.

You can usually buy a pot of tete-a-tete daffodils in the grocery store. Take them out of the plastic pot they are in and replant them or put the plastic pot into another pretty container that works with your decor. Then gently add moss around the daffodils for a designer look.


Use faux spring flowers to make a beautiful and full spring wreath for your front door.

You might like to learn how to make a CHERRY BLOSSOM SPRING WREATH and a SPRING PARROT TULIP WREATH.

Spring Flowers You Might Like


Organics are anything that grows naturally outside. When I think of spring organics I think of brambles and pussy willows and sticks and twigs and greenery. Spring florals are really organics too but they deserve a category all their own.

Some of my favorite organics are willow balls and moss balls and grapevine wreaths.

All of these lovely gifts of nature add tons of texture and warm hues to spring decor.

Easy Ways To Use Organics In Your Spring Decor

I like to tuck organic bits and pieces in vignettes or in a glass hurricane with a nest. Or add them around the outside of a glass hurricane with a candle in it.

A bowl or planter of moss balls creates a pretty mini focal point in a room.

Create a curly pussy willow candle ring (like the one above) using a grapevine wreath. Add a glass hurricane and a candle to the center. This makes the prettiest centerpiece on a table.

Tie pastel ribbons around small grapevine wreaths and attach them to the back of dining room chairs.

Ferns remind me of spring. Use real or faux greenery in your spring decor. I bought three little faux fern balls with roots at a local shop and put them in little containers. I use these ferns so often when I decorate!

Put a grapevine wreath on a cake pedestal and line it with moss. Plant seasonal flowers like pansies or crocus or hyacinths in it.

Add a bit of new life by planting rye grass in a small planter filled with potting soil. Grass grows quickly and looks charming! If you use this idea at Easter time add Easter Eggs to the grass.

Throw pillows are the number one thing that can instantly change the look of a room and give a nod to the season at hand. Choose pillows in pretty spring colors and patterns that work with your decor.

I like create a new color scheme for our home every season, and this spring I’m thinking of adding a bit of warmed up blue and peach to our home.



Pillow are interior design gold! Use them liberally in the spring. Use pillows that work with your color palette or add a pretty new spring color. Spring pillows should be cottons and linens and lighter blends.

Ways To Use Spring Pillows

If you like pillows with spring motifs like, bunnies or chicks or lambs, but only use one per room.

Mix and match pillows so they work with the color palette in your room and any spring decor you add to it.

Use spring mix and match pillows on sofas, and chairs in your living room and bedroom and dinning room.

Use 2 pillows propped up on a chair that does not get used often for a luxe spring look.

Change out your pillows to lightweight fabrics and soft colors like neutrals and pastels.

Think about making your own spring pillows with your favorite springtime fabrics.

You might like to see these pillow DIY projects… LEAPING RABBIT PILLOW and NO-SEW PILLOW COVER.

Layer spring pillows with lightweight throw blankets. They also need to updated for the spring.



It wouldn’t be spring without one decorative rabbit in your home. I must admit I am not a big fan of tchotchkes and that includes bunnies. They are just a bit too cute for me. However, I do make an exception during the spring. It is the perfect time to add a (or a few) well-chosen bunny!

Choose one tasteful rabbit (or maybe a pair) and display them along with other spring decor.

Here are a pair of my handsome black rabbits on the fireplace mantel a few years ago! The will be making an encore appearance in my spring home tour next week.

Here’s where you can get lots of ideas for a SPRING MANTEL. I almost did not add this post because it was the first year we moved into our home and the living room looks so sparse. But there are so many great ideas for creating a spring mantel I really wanted to share with you so I included it. No judging, please!

Ways To Use Rabbits In Spring Decor

When you decorate with items like the tall rabbits on our mantel above make sure they are layered with other decor. Remember the song The Farmer In The Dell? And remember the cheese? The song says, “the cheese stands along”. Don’t let any decor, especially a bunny be the cheese!

Our rabbits will great out guest in the entryway this coming spring. I think something like rabbits give a huge nod to the season the minute anyone walks in the door.

Tuck a rabbit in a vignette or use them on a spring inspired table. Bunnies were made for an pretty Easter Table.

Get spring ideas, see a BUNNY EASTER TABLE.



Right now I am on Robin Redbreast watch. It’s that time of year the robins start to make their appearance in my area. And robins make me think of nests.

Nests are such wonderful little spring accents to use in our homes for spring. They are so easy to tuck into small spaces or in a vignette or even in an arrangement.

I use a few of them every spring and spread them about our home.

Ways To Use Nests

One of my favorite ways to elevate a nest is in a cloche on a pedestal! Or perch a small wreath on top of a silver candlestick. The juxtaposition is beautiful.

Birds find the oddest places to build a nest so don’t be afraid to put a nest in unusual places in your home like in a turned-on-its-side mug or on top of a group of books in a bookcase or tucked in the leaves of a potted plant.

Because nests (please don’t use real ones) are organic you can tuck them into vignettes, dough bowls, baskets. They are the one spring decor that look amazing sitting all by themselves at the end of a mantel, or bench.

Set a table and use a nest at each place setting as a little take home gift for guests.

Embellish a wreath with a tiny nest.

Sources For Spring Nests

Baskets And Trays

When you think of trays you might not think of spring. But trays make wonderful things to gather up spring decor!

My favorite trays to use in the spring are wicker because they have that organic, twiggy look and feel.

Ways To Use Trays

One fun way to use a basket tray for spring is to gather up spring-inspired dishes in it and display them on a kitchen counter. Choose a very textured tray to so juxtapose smooth dishes.

Create a spring vignette with flowers, a bowl of eggs, and another spring organic. And corral them together in a basket with low sides.

Lay spring flowering branches on their side in a gathering basket and display.

Put little pots of planted herbs together in a low sided basket tray. Such pretty spring decor!

Sources For Wicker Trays

Bowls And Dough Bowls

Bowls and dough bowls are the most versatile spring decor. They work to make beautiful spring centerpieces.

Think about collecting several different footed bowls in white. That is a good place to start. A white bowl is a blank canvas for so many different centerpieces.

And choose a medium size dough bowl to start and expand your collection from there. Faux spring branches gracefully gathered together in a dough bowl is a simple, pretty way to decorate for spring.

Use Bowls In Spring Decor

Fill a bowl with torn tissue eggs and display. See how to make these gorgeous TORN TISSUE EGGS here. And make sure you see CHINOISERIE TORN TISSUE EGGS too.

Use a wide footed bowl to create a spring centerpiece, like the one above. Here’s how to make 20 MINUTE SPRING CENTERPIECE.

Sources For Spring Bowls


Spring wreaths are a must on a front door to welcome the season. And think about small twiggy wreaths to add to decor inside too. Choose a big wreath and if you are making it yourself think about doubling the grapevine wreath. It make the wreath stand out away from the door! So pretty!

Ways To Use Wreaths In Spring Decor

Use wreaths inside and out. Make your own brambly wreaths with what you find leftover in your garden from last year’s growing season. Make small wreaths and use them as napkin rings or bigger wreath to embellish with spring blooms.

Make a “use what you have” spring wreath by refreshing an old wreath. Take everything off of it, salvaging what you can and throw away the rest. Breathe new life into the wreath by covering it with spring branches and other spring elements. What a beautiful way to create something new!

I did this with the CHERRY BLOSSOM WREATH hanging on our front door last spring. The cherry blossoms were from our daughter’s wedding.

Make smaller wreaths and tie a pretty ribbon in pastel shades on it and hand it on a mirror or the the newel post of a set of stairs.

Sources For Spring Wreaths


Small bird eggs added to a nest or in a tiny glass bowl in a vignette is pretty for spring. I love this natural and organic look. I think any kind of egg decor has charm.

Big or tiny, au natural or painted, eggs are quintessential spring decor.

They are organic just like brambles and sticks and twigs but like flowers they deserve a category all of their own.

Ways To Use Eggs

You can paint wooden eggs or decoupage real eggs that have been blown out.

The eggs above were made by cutting strips of a book leaf into strips and then Mod Podging them to a blown out real egg. Then it was embellished a little. I used what I had to make these pretty eggs.

Make sure to check out how to make BOOK PAGE EGGS.

Very similar to Book Page Eggs are TORN TISSUE EGGS (above) and CHINOISERIE EGGS. Use a printed paper napkin that works with your spring decor to make these and display them in your home.

Make an egg tree by spray painting a large branch with white paint and putting it upright in a pot of quickcrete. Blow out eggs, embellish them and hang them on your branch tree.

Add small faux eggs to a large glass cylinder and stick faux flowering branches into the cylinder with the eggs. This is such a pretty spring centerpiece!

Here is the 10 MINUTE EASY EASTER ARRANGEMENT. This post went viral on Pinterest.

Line up colored eggs in egg cups. Or blow out real eggs and chip off the top of the eggs and use the eggs as little vases.

You might like to see how to make EASY EASTER EGG CUP ARRANGEMENTS.

Sources For Spring Eggs

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  1. Your ideas are beautiful, as usual. My favorite organic item is the use of nests and, yes, they are real nests. Little homes blown from trees or shrubbery around our home. It breaks my heart to see something that was so painstakingly built for a little family destroyed. So, gingerly, I lift the nests from the ground, allow them to dry out in the garage, spray heavily with insect spray, and finally finish off with a coat or two of sealant. Each home is unique in size, shape, and building materials making them more appealing than any perfectly round shape created by humans.

    1. Thank goodness you knew how to care for them so they are safe to bring into your home.

  2. Your ideas are beautiful and brilliant. Thank for sharing. I will be applying them to my own home. I especially love the idea of putting flowers in each room that you spend lot of time in.

  3. Yvonne – I always am inspired by your posts! I love your light touch when it comes to decorating. Nothing too overdone or heavy. I made your decoupage napkin eggs this year! I love them! So pretty! Thank you for continuing to inspire us.