10 Beautiful Ideas For Fall Centerpieces

The backbone of seasonal decorating is a fall centerpiece. Elevate your seasonal decor with these easy centerpiece ideas for a warm and inviting home this fall.

white vase filled with faux fall leaves

A fall centerpiece can define the seasonal look of a room. Just one interesting centerpiece is all a room needs. Let’s look at 10 easy ways and must-have elements to create the most becoming fall centerpieces.

Singular And Simple

One of the easiest ways to make a fall centerpiece is to choose one fall element grouped together. It could be white mini pumpkins in a white bowl or small dried gourds in an open basket. Or even a basket of dried hydrangeas.

There is synergy when things of one kind are grouped together!

Put Fall In A Dough Bowl

A dough bowl is fall decorating gold! Its rustic, nostalgic look just begs to be filled and displayed! Dough bowls come in many sizes. Most dough bowls are round and oval.

To create a fall centerpiece, fill a dough bowl so it is overflowing. Creating a beautiful fall centerpiece in a dough bowl is a wonderful way to celebrate the season. Here are some ideas for what you can put in a dough bowl for fall:

  • pumpkins
  • gourds
  • mini Indian corn
  • fall foliage
  • pinecones
  • dried seed heads
  • berries
  • twigs
  • dried flowers
  • seasonal fruit
  • seasonal vegetables

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Fall Bounty Across The Table

Fall is the season for bounty. Creating a centerpiece that tumbles across the table is a beautiful way to display all the unique bounty of fall. For this fall centerpiece, restraint is not an option! This type of centerpiece works best on a dining room table.

Change up what you add to your fall table centerpiece as the season progresses. This type of centerpiece is a big statement and the star of the room! So, remember to keep other fall decor in that room to a minimum.

One Beautiful Bouquet

Fall flowers make a pretty centerpiece because they capture the essence of the season’s beauty. And fall flowers from your garden or flowers from a grocery store look stunning in a big vase! These centerpieces can stand alone or with a couple fall elements at their base.

I used the same glass vase with a wire basket in both centerpieces.

Use A Tray Or Bowl

A tray or bowl is a perfect thing to use as a fall centerpiece. Fill it with one fall element, like mini pumpkins, or put a candle in the middle of it and fill it up with bits and pieces of fall.

Diminutive And Sweet

A fall centerpiece does not have to be fancy or complicated. Try tucking one pretty vase of fall flowers and berries into your regular decor. One little diminutive centerpiece, or pretty pumpkin, or fall decor placed strategically becomes a delightful focal point that effortlessly infuses the spirit of fall into your living space. So, it becomes a moment of fall.

I put these flowers picked from the garden and put them in a little white pitcher near my coffee station.

Fill A Cloche With Fall

As if pumpkins and gourds are not special enough, putting them under a cloche makes them a showstopper! This combination of rustic charm and refined presentation creates a visually striking centerpiece that beautifully captures the spirit of the season.

I think items like a cloche and a pedestal are things every home decorator should have on hand! You can use them in so many interesting ways.

The image below is one of my favorite fall images! It was taken at StonGable at least a decade ago, but I love the cloche with a bittersweet wrapped around it.

Fall Cloche Idea incorporated pumpkins, hydrangeas, and a cloche, of course.

Use Pumpkins And Gourds

I feel like I am burying the headline by not mentioning pumpkins first! Pumpkins are one of the great gifts of fall. I am their number-one fan! And not to be left behind, so are gourds.

It almost goes without saying: use them liberally! Pumpkins and gourds come in so many interesting shapes, sizes, and colors. Real or faux, a centerpiece is always better with pumpkins (and gourds) in it. There is a pumpkin (and a gourd) for everyone.

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Use A Pestal

A pedestal not only elevates things on it, but elevates the look. Think about using a pedestal as a centerpiece this fall.

Lifting your decorative elements off the table’s surface adds height and drama to a display, making it more eye-catching and prominent. This added dimension allows you to incorporate various layers, textures, and fall-themed items like pumpkins, leaves, and candles, resulting in a more visually appealing centerpiece.

Pedestals are versatile accent decor you should use in your home!

Create Something Edible

There is something so organic and fetching about a fall centerpiece with fall fruit and/or vegetables in it. A bowl of apples or a pedestal of fresh pairs works to show the understated and elegant side of fall.


These centerpieces don’t usually last long. Think about using them on a table for a special dinner or holiday. They are worth the effort because they will last a very long time in your memory!

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Other Fall Centerpiece Ideas

Here are more fall things to use when creating a fall centerpiece for your home…

  • mums
  • lanterns and candles
  • pinecones
  • dried wheat and other grasses
  • twigs and acorns
  • corn
  • wheat sheaves tied with satin ribbon

Click The Video For More Fall Inspiration

Centerpiece Essentials

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  1. They r all lovely… hard to pick a favorite but if I was I pick the cloche with the tray of bittersweet . Love , love bittersweet !!

  2. Can you post a link to the glass vase and wire basket?

    1. Hi Kim, I found the vase locally, and can’t find a source for it. So sorry!

  3. Teri Pickens says:

    I love all of your centerpieces. They are beautiful. My favorite is the centerpiece in the blue pedestal bowl with the velvet pumpkins. That is so bright and colorful!