Are you a fan of pumpkins? I love them. Lancaster is a virtual pumpkin land! So pumpkins are a huge part of fall here at StoneGable. And these velvet pumpkins are the most beautiful I have ever seen! I’m sharing another centerpiece I made using HOT SKWASH PUMPKINS! This arrangement boasts Velvet pumpkins of many colors and chinoiserie!

I created this centerpiece last year but since this week seems to be about velvet pumpkins I wanted to share! 

Welcome again to the Velvet Pumpkin Centerpiece and Vignette Fall Tour! Please find the 11 bloggers at the end of this tour for more inspiration! And go HERE for a GIVEAWAY and DISCOUNT CODE!


Let’s talk about beautiful pumpkins!

These pumpkins are so luxurious! I used an antique blue and white pedestal urn to create a centerpiece using the pumpkins. They deserve to be styled in one of my most unique pieces. 

I love blue and white with autumnal orange colors. It makes for a rich mix!

I have a little secret for piling this decorative bowl high with the pumpkins. And it’s one you can use too! Just between me and you… I put pinecones in the bottom of bowls. They make the best filler ever! Give it a try and you will always have a bunch on hand!

I love the rustic, wild look of the real stems that top off each of these elegant squash.

So, reflecting the natural look of the stems I styled this centerpiece with lots of other brambly fall accents. I am such a lover of that rustic/luxe look!

I have a secret to share… I put napkin rings of twigs and berries under some of the velvet pumpkins. They give this arrangement the walk-in-the-woods feel I was looking for!

Other additions to the arrangement are deer sheds, fall leaves, velvet acorns, and shredded paper. I used the shredded paper in lieu of straw… too messy!

Don’t throw away any crinkled paper that comes your way. Save it! And use it in your vignettes and decor.

A squat blue and white bowl rests at the iron base of the urn. I filled it with the same elements in the large urn and added an aubergine velvet pumpkin. Sigh!

Here’s another design secret… mirror elements. I duplicated the blue and white, the leave, brambles, leaves, acorns, and pumpkins.

What can I say about the sumptuous large pumpkin? Swoon!!!

The velvet is called d’or which means “golden” in French. And yes, it is! All the pumpkins have the most gorgeous variations of color depending on how the light hits the nap of the velvet. Exquisite!

The natural feather collar just adds to its decadence! 

The d’or pumpkin sits alongside the small blue and white bowl under the large urn. 

Another style secret… There is something almost magical about the law of three’s. Three items like the large urn, small bowl and large d’or pumpkin let our eyes bounce from one thing to another and our mind see these things as being very pleasant. It almost always works!

Don’t you love the little velvet acorns? It’s always a fun touch to have something small to scatter around a vignette or centerpiece.

Creating a beautiful fall arrangement is easier than you think! How would you use velvet pumpkins?




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  1. Anne Marie says:

    Love these pumpkins – you display them perfectly!

  2. Wow, so gorgeous! I love fall and those velvet pumpkins are beautiful!

  3. Yvonne,
    I love your gorgeous pumpkin-scape! Yes, I love decorating with pumpkins for the Fall season but I am not really a fan of orange so I always go more for the white, cream or blue/gray Cinderella type pumpkins. Last week I even bought a glass turquoise color pumpkin at HomeGoods that I couldn’t pass up.

    BTW….I saw your home featured in the Autumn edition of Cottage Journal tonight. My Mom had it on her coffee table and when I opened it I immediately recognized your beautiful home!

  4. Lory at Designthusiasm says:

    Oh my gosh, Yvonne, this is exquisite! The mix of orange with the blue and white really adds a richness to the vignette. I’m also crazy about the berries, and can’t believe they are napkin rings. Totally had me fooled… 🙂 What a beautifully styled fall presentation!!

  5. Linda of No.Cal. says:

    Luv the FALL decor of the velvet pumpkins w-feathers… and those lil’ acorns –thank you for all the TIPS– the paper, the twig napkin rings and more. So ready for the fall weather… ?

  6. Shirley@Housepitality Designs says:

    Whoa! I love the way you nestled the pumpkins in that bowl and I seem to use tissue paper and such as a filler and what a great idea to use pinecones! A beautiful display of those magnificent velvet pumpkins…my favs are the feathered friends mixed with the Swarovski…what a great juxtaposition!’
    I cannot wait for the pumpkins to arrive here in NC! Have a great weekend Yvonne!

  7. Sherrill Baumgardner says:

    Needless to say, all of the fall pumpkins are just to pretty to “eat”. Your designs are so pretty. I feel like these can stay right up till the Christmas tree is pulled out.

    That being said, have you done something totally different with your photography? It is so bright and just perfect looking. Colors are vibrant on my old I-pad.
    Happy Fall!

  8. Theses velvet pumpkins are so easy to make and they look so beautiful. I use them in arrangements and have given them for gifts. So much fun.

  9. My gosh! These are gorgeous pumpkins!! The large one is so stunning! You did a beautiful job of displaying the pumpkins especially by using your blue pedestal which is just gorgeous with the velvet colors of the pumpkins.

  10. Colleen Howell says:

    Awesome décor, very pretty and love the deer antlers mixed in with this also. Great

  11. Love all the color and those pumpkins are beautiful. Love the centerpieces. Always something new.

  12. Rita C at Panoply says:

    Gorgeous, Yvonne. The blue large compote looks outstanding with the pumpkins, and the entire arrangement is beautiful.

  13. Yvonne, I love, love, love the way you have styled these gorgeous Hot Skwash pumpkins! I love the orange against the blue and white. Absolutely stunning! So happy to be on this blog hop with you today!

  14. Found your blog through the Hot Skwash hop; love it!

  15. Karen VanLoo says:

    Wow. All I can say is WOW!!! I love the Hot Skwash Pumpkins! I have some velvet pumpkins, and while I really like them, they are not as beautiful as these are. I love the way you use blue & white and the little velvet acorns…be still my heart! All of it is gorgeous. Makes me so excited for Fall!

    1. These gorgeous pumpkins are made with SILK velvet. So different from anything mass produced. And they are so skillfully and carefully made. That’s the difference!!!!

  16. Karen Grant says:

    Absolutely gorgeous Yvonne! I can’t wait to purchase these pumpkins and make my own display!! So excited for fall! Thank you!!

  17. Kathy Menold says:

    Velvet pumpkins are beautiful but out of my price range. Disappointed to find my two favorite blogs featuring the same ideas. Hope this is not a look into the future of decorating blogs.

    1. Kathy, make sure you enter to win our Hot Skwash Pumpkins Giveaway. Then you could own a few of your own!

  18. The display is absolutely gorgeous! Previously, I never thought I was a fan of the velvet pumpkins. I might as well stay in that mindset because they’re too expensive for me! Enjoy!

    1. Marilyn S. says:

      Check out Marshalls , Home goods or TJ maxx – the velvet pumpkins found at these stores won’t be as scrumptious as these but as they say …. if you have champagne taste and a beer budget…. you should be able to find a few low cost cute velvet ones to add to your fall decor.

  19. Charlotte says:

    The D’or Pumpkin is stunning. All of the Hot Skwash Pumpkins are absolutely lovely and I love the vignette you made for fall using the pumpkins.

  20. Nancy @http://www.pickingandflipping.com/ says:

    Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  21. Lanita Anderson says:

    I love how you created the beautiful fall centerpiece with the velvet pumpkins….in fact, I’m not sure what I like better – the velvet pumpkins, or the beautiful blue & white pedestal!? I bought velvet pumpkins a couple of years ago at TJMaxx and can’t wait to use your example in styling mine! Blessings….

  22. A beautiful arrangement Yvonne. I purchased about a dozen or so velvet pumpkins last year at Marshall’s at terrific prices. I placed them on the fireplace mantels and coffee tables, but am inspired by your photos to try and replicate your idea. Thank you so much. I love the velvet acorns, can you share where you purchased them?

  23. Janet Ramsey says:

    Wow is the word of the day! Your arrangements are just breath taking. My husband said wow to the deer antler used in the arrangement. A true fall display would not be complete with out acorns. Nice touch to detail. Janet R.

    1. YOu hubby has great taste! He chose YOU and liked the sheds in the arrangement! He must be quite a guy!

  24. Jacklyn Carney says:

    Yvonne, I’ve admired these pumpkins for several years now, your pairings with the blue & white is lovely!

  25. Beautiful! I have two small glass pumpkins that I am trying to decide how to use. This post gives me some new ideas! I love your secret of using pine cones as a filler!

  26. The velvet pumpkins are gorgeous! Love the larger one with feathers! I do love pumpkins…all sizes all colors!

  27. I love the fall colors with the blue, the velvet pumpkins are luscious!

  28. Mary Christianson says:

    Your pictures are just exquisite!!!

  29. I remember you saying to use pinecones as filler way back and always remeber that trick! I have a very similiar footed urn so may copy this. WHERE did you get the fabulous velvet pumpkins???? The large one with the feather collar is exquisite! I love the acorns too and would love to get some! Have a most beautiful weekend. I sure will. You might want to pop over, I posted about my SURPRISE party!!!!

  30. The pumpkins are soooo beautiful!! I wish I would win a set!!!

  31. love the velvet accents…very autumal

  32. Yvonne, You have outdone yourself. That is sooooo beautiful. I love the harvest colors with the blue. Just outstanding! Thank you for showing us the way.

  33. I am not a fan of velvet pumpkins, but OH MY GOODNESS, that centerpiece is FABULOUS!!!

  34. Love, love ,love the pumpkins!

  35. Martha Durick says:

    A truly outstanding centerpiece! Of all the beautiful things you do this is my favorite, but then, autumn is my season. Thank you for continually inspiring us.

    1. I had beautiful pumpkins to work with. Those velvet pumpkins are even better in real life!

  36. I love all your decorating, but fall is my favorite. You really do a fantastic job.

    1. Fall is my favorite season too Pamela! And in my area, fall is at its best.

  37. Avril Crundwell says:

    What can I say, everyone else has already said it and then some. Beautiful, classy, inspiring. Thanks

  38. Swooning over the pumpkins with the blue and white!!!

    1. I think orange with blue and white looks so pretty! Complimentary colors.

  39. Gorgeous fall vignette. The pumpkins are exquisite! I would love to have one in every color.

  40. Soooooooooo….beautiful!

  41. Thanks for another fun giveaway and some great styling ideas for similar pumpkins I have!

  42. Velvet has come a long way since Elvis! The pumpkins are gorgeous, especially the pumpkin with feathers!! Thank you Yvonne

  43. You center piece is stunning to say the least! I would like to make a centerpiece like yours. What size pumpkins did you use?

  44. Janet - Shabbyfufu says:

    Your styling is perfection Yvonne…and I love the new look of your blog as well! Hugs and happy weekend

  45. Yvonne – YOU NAILED IT!! I have several of the plush pumpkins, but I love love love how you used them in the various centerpieces with twigs, and the tiny plush acorns. Simply. Gorgeous. Thanks for the creative ideas.

  46. Your velvet pumpkins are gorgeous!!!! I love how you used them in your centerpiece.

  47. Your pumpkins are devine. Styling is terrific.

  48. I just love these pumpkins. I have a few and I just love them. I think I am going to treat myself to some acorns this year.

  49. I absolutely love the pumpkins in the blue and white urn! Soo fabulous!

  50. Thanks for sharing your tricks and tips. Love the centerpiece, wonderful. Have a fabulous day.

  51. Many thanks for the chance to win some of these lovely pumpkins! I have wanted some for a long time, but they aren’t in my budget.

  52. Norma Rolader says:

    As always Yvonne love the natural and colorful velvet pumpkins in the blue and white also the one with the hydrangeas awesome Thank you and God bless

  53. Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads says:

    Your photographs of these beautiful velvet pumpkins are exquisite! And the little velvet acorns are adorable!

  54. As a collector of blue and white, I love the velvet pumpkins in your striking pedestal bowl! Who knew velvet pumpkins with feathered collars would be so “hot”??? After taking the blog hop today, I think you and “E and E” win the prize! I am drawn to both color-ways.

  55. Love your velvet pumpkins in the gorgeous blue and white urn. I am ready to decorate for fall now that grandchildren are back in school.

  56. Those acorns are just the cutest things. Love them!!!

  57. Theresa at Winterberry Lane says:

    Yvonne thanks for sharing your lovely velvet pumpkins with us today. I dearly love your beautiful blue and white urn with the pumpkins. Awesome!!!!!

  58. You have out done yourself, Yvonne. Your pumpkin centerpiece is beautiful.

  59. I love your pumpkins! I have a question concerning the large spool clock in one of your photos. Did you purchase or make it? It’s gorgeous!

  60. That’s just beautiful, Yvonne! I love the velvet pumpkins mixed in with the naturals. Great tips on styling too. Thanks!

  61. The velvet pumpkins with the real stems are gorgeous .

  62. Beautiful, but…… The price of these velvet pumpkins are UNREAL!

    1. Have you ever tried making your own, Pam? Very little yardage of velvet (or velveteen) is required then all you need is some filler, fasten at the top leaving a small opening for a stem. Each Fall, as my pumpkins age, I snap off the stems to save for future crafts such as this BUT if you don’t have any, simply use pieces of twigs. If the bark is not to your liking, carefully scrape it off with a dull knife then insert the twig in the hole at the top of the pumpkin. They aren’t hard to do at all and are great fun to make! Plus you have such a feeling of accomplishment when done and you step back to admire your creations!

  63. What a wonderful discovery these Skwash Pumpkins are; thanks for sharing this.
    I also love the large blue and white bowl. Where did that one come from?

  64. Love your new fall velvet pumpkin decor!!! So pretty!!!

  65. Katie Mansfield says:

    Beautiful. Great tips and tricks. I love the rustic glam.

  66. Love those natural elements combines with the velvet pumpkins. Thanks for the tip about using pine cones to fill the containers, just need to go gather some from my side yard.

  67. Lisa Bero says:

    I love your style, Yvonne! Thank you so much for the inspiration! I can’t help but comment about your saying that there is something magical about the law of threes. I am currently knitting a prayer shawl and my stitches are aligned with the same law of threes–the Holy Trinity! What better way to balance our dĂ©cor, let alone our lives!
    Thanks again for sharing your gifts and talents!

  68. OMG! The pumpkins are just lovely. I want them ALL. Thanks for sharing.

  69. Be still my heart! Those pumpkins are just beautiful and the acorns are too cute.

  70. These velvet pumpkins are so elegant! I love how you styled them in the urn and added the blue color.

  71. ahughesfam@gmail.com says:

    I wasn’t ready for Fall until I saw your post. Beautiful ideas and photos!

  72. I’m new to this site and love it! Thank you, Yvonne, for making it interesting and lively! Those velvet pumpkins are gorgeous, I would have never thought of putting them with blue, but it’s perfect. I love the Fall and can’t wait for it to get here.

  73. The velvet is so soft and the colors so rich! It would look wonderful on my dining table.

  74. Love the blue and white with the pumpkins. Love all the color

  75. Sandra @ Dinner at Eight says:

    Sumptuous and artful!

  76. Love the orange pumpkins with the blue-it really makes them pop!! Love your style!

  77. there’s something so magical with blue and white. I would love a collection of these little beauties but the price is waay out of my budget. These have been on my to-do list to try to make. Last year I wanted to stop at the pumpkin patch after the frost to try and get some leftover stems but I didn’t (my husband wouldn’t stop with me). On to “plan B”.

  78. Just love the velvet pumpkins. Would love to have a whole bunch of them in soft shabby chic colors, pinks, greens, creams, whites..love, love, love them.

  79. Love your tip about using pine cones in the bottom of the vase. Seems so simple, yet it eluded me :). Everything is beautiful, as always.

  80. I love the blue and white with all your “fall”…the creative juices are flowing but it’s just gotta cool off a bit….hard to get into Fall when it’s 88 degrees!

  81. Your style is so inspirational. Thanks for sharing your filler tips, they take the display up a notch.

  82. Deborah Glancy says:

    Love the velvet pumpkins…would give my home a warm and cozy feel!

  83. Shirley Wood says:

    So glad you shared with us at Merry Monday. Entered and enjoyed shopping at Love Feast Shop. Your Velvet Pumpkin display is gorgeous!

  84. shannnon wright says:

    Love the velvet pumpkin and I too am a collector of Hot Squash pumpkins. Love your style secrets that help us all be a success with our Fall decor

  85. Patti Phillips says:

    After reading & following your blog & following you in Pinterest, I fell in love with the Hot Skwash Pumpkins. I ordered one with the feathers. Can’t wait to get it. I also collect Blue & White Porcelain, so I am almost set for a collection. Thank you, I love your taste.

  86. Yvonne,
    Your centerpiece is stunning! I love the luxurious velvet pumpkins perched in the blue and white compote, and along with that femininity, the rusticity of the antlers, leaves, and berries. I am going to try to make a similar arrangement for my table. You have a flair for decorating – for sure!

    1. Barbara Warner says:

      I was browsing the LoveFeast shop and the centerpieces, and yours struck my eye immediately! Love the big blue compote with the pumpkins. It is stunning.
      Love browsing your website/blog also. Your home is gorgeous and you have such inspirational color combos. Thanks for sharing.

  87. Barbara Harilaou says:

    Simply beautiful.

  88. JaneEllen says:

    I would use the velvet acorns in a pretty apothecary jar, then place another jar with velvet acorns and tiny pine cones and some of both in glass container with a pumpkin fragranced candle. Think would make a beautiful simple vignette on a rustic tray. Love making arrangements, try them out for few days then think of other ways to display.
    Your vignettes are always glorious and have been inspired by how you set them up. I don’t have all the pretty components you have but love to go digging to see what can come up with.
    Happy week

  89. Seana Turner says:

    I never would have thought to use the blue and white against the fall colors, but it looks so beautiful. I just love those velvet pumpkins… rustic and elegant all in one. Making me want to get crafty today:)

  90. Constance Leach says:

    I absolutley LOVE the looks of these velvet pumpkins and who they are diplayed. They bring an elegance to any Fall decor!

  91. My heart leaped with joy when I saw your “Luxurious” styled Velvet Pumpkin arrangement!
    Even though I adore them….and my home would adore their presence too…I can’t justify the price….so, out comes the needle and thread. Thank you so much for the inspiration Yvonne.
    God has certainly gifted you with a keen eye for beauty!

  92. It’s hard to believe Fall is around the corner. Love the Velvet Pumpkins and your arrangement.

  93. Margaret Yani says:

    I love the richness of the velvet. Can’t wait to decorate for my favorite season.

  94. Thank for all the creative and beautiful ideas for displaying velvet pumpkins. I am taking notes and gathering filler items from around my house. This weekend I am doing a velvet pumpkin workshop with some friends, so I plan to share these ideas with them. I’ve ordered stretch velvet in three colors, fluffy feathers, and real pumpkin stems from vendors online and bought some rice (put in the bottom of the pumpkin to make a stable base) and fiber fill. We are able to make beautiful feathered velvet pumpkins for less than $3 each. So there is a way to have beautiful velvet pumpkins if we don’t want to spend big bucks for the pre made ones. I’ve even made velvet acorns from the fabric scraps and acron caps from my are. Thanks for the beautiful ideas!

    1. Sue, I wish you and your friends lots of success. They are not easy to make. I’ve tried.

  95. Lisa Buick says:

    These are the most gorgeous pumpkins ever. Maybe one day I can treat myself to buying some. And your arrangements are exquisite.

  96. Karen VanLoo says:

    I am obsessed with pumpkins! To the point my brother makes fun of me. I have a small collection of velvet pumpkins that I display in a basket tray on my dining room table, with “fluff” all around of course! I use your trick of cutting up floral garlands or picks and sprays to tuck in here and there in my vignettes. I am starting my decorating for Fall the last weekend of September. It’s still quite warm outside, but I am ready for Fall!

  97. Beautiful! Just beautiful! I was able to create a fall motif for my mantel using a magnolia garland, burlap leaves and velvet pumpkins that I got at Kirkland’s.

  98. sherilynjennings@hotmail.com says:

    I have had a super busy Summer and have neglected changing my decor. Fall is my favorite time of year and I am enjoying all of your beautiful ideas and am in full swing getting my house ready to enjoy!

  99. Lisa G Trueper says:

    These velvet pumpkins take my breath away every time I see them and your arrangement is just stunning with the beautiful blue mixed in. There are so many gorgeous colors, but I think my favorite are the Large LoveFeast with the lagoon, ocean & bone colors. And then the turquoise set calls my name too! Would love to win the give away!

  100. You have a “fortune” tied up in these arrangements! I went to the site in your blog and saw how expensive they are, using various sizes as you did. (I know you got them either as a discount for free for featuring them in your blog.) I will look around for velvet or velour scraps and make my own. Your arrangement is very nice. You gave me an idea to use deer horns too.

    1. These pumpkins are an investment and one I’ll enjoy for decades to come! Some things are just worth it. I’ve been collecting them for several years.

  101. My goodness, another beautiful velvet pumpkin display, loved the denim set but the orange pumpkins with that blue bowl is simply stunning

  102. The velvet pumpkins are truly beautiful and the real stems add that rustic touch.

  103. Mary from Life at Bella Terra says:

    Due to our heat, pumpkins are late arriving here in Phoenix. However, I LOVE your use of bold, rich colors. It seems that everyone is staging with white pumpkins and using pinks and pastels. The autumn, to me, means deep, gorgeous shades of red, orange and browns. Love the fact you paired it with blue-the color wheel would be happy! Thanks for sharing your great tips on using the natural napkins rings-I never thought of that!!!! Great post!

    1. It’s pretty warm here too! Our pumpkins are ready though. I hope pumpkins get to you soon

  104. Sandi from Wisconsin says:

    Your pumpkin arrangement is absolutely gorgeous!!! And thanks for all the handy tips.

  105. I love your arrangement and that bowl is beautiful!! The blue with the orange is gorgeous. I have two of their pumpkins and would love more but they’re so pricey!! Thanks for the ideas.

  106. Beautiful – love the way the blue and orange colors POP! And I love the idea of the velvet forever pumpkins. Now that we have moved to an apartment home( in Lancaster!) I no longer have the wooded back yard behind our home – that was my place to put the real pumpkins that made it to December…and it was fun to see the deer and wildlife enjoy them. Thanks for great inspiration! http://www.ournewvista.com

  107. Lynda Ramsey Schram says:

    Can you tell me what size d’or pumpkin you used? Is it the JUMBO or the 10 INCH?

    JUST when I think I have enough fall decorations you come up with this magnificent centerpiece. I must recreate it!
    Now I am off to TJAX to find a blue and white bowl! Thank you for the inspiration!

  108. Michelle Carey-Schmidt says:

    I have been looking for the blue and white footed pedestal bowl you used in the velvet pumpkin photo for some time now, do you know where it came from or who made it? It looks like it could be a Maitland Smith piece but I cant find it in my searches.

    1. HI Michelle, The Gardiner bowl is an antique. I found it at an antique shop decades ago and have loved it ever since! I would say my blue and white piece looks very much like something Maitland Smith reproduces. Sorry, I can’t help more.

  109. Sheila Rasmussen says:

    Love the urn so much! Can you tell me where you purchased it?
    Oh and by the way, beautiful job on the velvet pumpkins!

    1. Hi Sheila, I’ve had this urn for years and years. I found it at HomeGoods.

  110. Mary Ann Stowe says:

    (finishing previous post). “turn”). Due to the coronavirus we are all self quarantining the 14 days before the week of Thanksgiving. I have already started worrying about not getting real pumpkins, real greenery, and real flowers for my table and home. Then I saw your velvet pumpkin centerpieces. BEAUTIFUL! and I have all of the necessary component! I know this is not a real problem anytime much less given the current pandemic but it’s a big deal to me and you have provided inspiration. I consider this an answered prayer!

    1. Mary Ann Stowe says:

      1st part of comment – I hit post too soon.

      This year my son, daughter and her family will be at my home for Thanksgiving. It is our

    2. Mary Ann, How nice that it is your turn for Thanksgiving! I hope you home is filled with the love of your family this year!

  111. I know you said you used pinecones to help with this arrangement. How did you keep the pumpkins in place? The velvet pumpkins I am using, keep falling off. Did you insert a pick in the bottom of the pumpkin or did you sit them on the napkin ring? I tried staggering them with pinecones and covering the pinecone with Spanish moss, but that didn’t work. Help!

    1. Hi Kelly, I had to play with them and got them balanced and they stayed!

  112. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Yvonne, your velvet pumpkin arrangement in the chinoiserie urn is absolutely gorgeous! I just love it! The blue goes so nicely with the fall colors of the pumpkins. The velvet pumpkins are definitely an investment! I have 15 now and will keep adding to our four year collection. We just love the look of the velvet — even my hubby agrees that they are nice to have! I have made 4 of your chinoiserie pumpkins and they are so pretty, too! I thank you for showing us how too make them! You always give us so many great suggestions to use with our decor and I thank you, so much! Bless you!