15 MINUTE CHRISTMAS DECOR-Let's make Christmas easy and doable-stonegableblog


  I'm all about easy this Christmas! Let's give ourselves a break and make decorating easy... and beautiful! Yes, we can do it! We can leave all the big bins of Christmas fluff and choctchkies  in our basements or attics! Instead we can add some fabulous and easy touches of Christmas... and not dump the whole sleigh of Ho Ho Ho decor on our homes! Today I'm sharing a really easy and simple and stunning Christmas arrangement that can be made for your mantel or table or tucked just about anywhere. And it will take only about 15 minutes, if that, to create! Just think of all the ways you can change and interpret this arrangement. I love that! … [Read more...]

HOLEY PUMPKINS-making a decorative pumpkin the easy way!- stonegableblog.com


  I wish you were sitting on my front porch so you could see how pretty this holey pumpkin really looks!!! It glows and illuminates everything around it! I've been wanting to make this holey pumpkin for a couple of years. I've seen the holes made with a drill bit but I didn't want to buy a new bit for my hubby's drill. So I put on my thinking cap and came up with an alternative method for making the holes that worked just great! First I cut the top of the pumpkin off making a lid. And cleaned the lid of all seeds and fibrous strands or guts! Then I scooped out all the innards of the pumpkin... … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving In The Dining Room-chair and pumpkin-stonegableblog.com


Have you started to think about the holiday's yet? I know Halloween is just a few days away, but Thanksgiving is right around the corner! This week I'm partnering with Joss & Main  to help you get ready for this All-American holiday! I'm thrilled to be a part of HOLIDAY HOSTESS AT JOSS & MAIN! Miss Mustard Seed and Finding Home have already taken part in this wonderful event and we are looking forward to French Country Cottage hosting next week! But this week it's my turn to show you my home decorated for Thanksgiving and share some amazing items inspired by StoneGable's style that are on sale at Joss & Main. Many look like they were plucked right out of the … [Read more...]

the scoop #142-stonegableblog


    Before we begin THE SCOOP I want to share a few pictures Laura took from her  FINDING HOME'S JOSS & MAIN HOLIDAY EVENT. Don't you love this beautiful image! Wouldn't you be thrilled if your holiday table looked like Laura's? I sure would! The items in the JOSS & MAIN sale are inspired by Laura's gracious style! They have been hand picked for Laura's event and are reasonably priced! Make sure you stop by Joss & Main and check out everything! I got a couple of goodies myself! … [Read more...]



I'm so happy I love to cook! Puttering in the kitchen is such a pleasant activity! My kitchen is my laboratory! And I can get lost in it for hours! Cooking has it's up side and it certainly has it's down too! Like kitchen clean up! I try to clean up as I go... but Bobby does the lion's share of the clean up. Lucky me. Over the years were have struck a pretty good balance. Cooking equals love to me! I like to cook it into every meal. You know, you can almost taste love! It's that extra little care and tending that makes food taste even better! I hope you put love in all you make too! If you make one thing this week it should be the Taco soup... or the Cheater's Chicken Pot Pie! Now here's … [Read more...]

LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE-using your God given gifts and talent to show off your Creator-stonegableblog


This morning I really did not want to write a post! I was tired and it was dark and my bed just felt so wonderful and warm. After a little debate in my head I dragged  myself out of bed and came down to my quiet study and here I sit... asking God to fill me with His Holy Spirit so He would be glorified on this page and on my blog.  I think blogging is the best job in the world! For me, it's mostly a joy (even on very early mornings when my bed feels cozy). I'm not saying there aren't frustrations and glitches and long long days, but blogging is in my wheelhouse... my sweet spot. Blogging takes many of the things that come easy to me and what I enjoy immensely... what is natural … [Read more...]



Don't you love it when you make a new recipe and know that it will become a real family favorite... one that you will make year after year! That is exactly how I feel about GRUYERE BACON AND GREEN ONION STUFFED ROASTED PUMPKIN. It is beautiful, scrumptious and has a big culinary WOW factor! If you try one new fall recipe this should be it! I tested it on over 50 people this week and they all loved it!!! It would be PERFECT for Thanksgiving or any fall party! And it's easy enough to be part of a family meal too! … [Read more...]



  Let's get a jump start on Christmas preparations! If we start now and do a little at a time, when the holiday season rolls around just think how much easier all the prep, gift buying and wrapping and decorating will be! Today I'm sharing a fun NOW SEW pillow! Deer are so trendy right now and no wonder! They are perfect for Christmas! This easy to make, plaid, deer silhouette will work great now too!   And if you like to make gifts, this plaid deer would make the a great one! And here's the best part... this pillow takes under an hour to make! Let's get busy... … [Read more...]

5 TIPS TO DECORATE ACCENT TABLE SHELVES LIKE A PRO-here's a few tips that will help to make accent table shelves look fabulous! stonegableblog


 There are some areas of our homes that we often don't give a lot of decorating thought to! Like the shelves under accent tables. But with just a little attention and practice and 5 easy and doable tips these shelves can be decorated like a pro adding beauty, interest and style to our homes! Don't overlook these little almost out-of-sight shelves! They can support the decor of the rest of the room! So, here are 5 very easy peasy tips for beautiful shelves and accent tables! 1. DON'T CROWD AND CLUTTER Under-the-table shelves are not the place to stash things you don't have a home for! They are also not the place for a month's worth of newspapers or your 5 years of National … [Read more...]

EASY FALL MANTEL-Here's a no fuss, easy and full of fall mantel-stonegableblog.com


  I think Mantels are hard to decorate. At least mine is! It's long and the shelf is quite narrow. But I've figured out an easy "defalt" mantel decor and now I can make small changes from season to season and from year to year and have a great looking, easy-peasy mantel. When a mantel is well decorated and has great style it compliments the whole room it's in. That's my goal... creating a beautiful mantel... EVERY TIME! Here's how my default mantel looks before I tweaked it for fall... … [Read more...]

THE SCOOP #141-stonegableblog,com


  WE HAVE A WINNER!  It's time to announce the winner of the ELLIOT-HEATH DESIGNS TURKEY PILLOW!   SHIRLEY LAWSON! Congratulations. Please email me with your address and your pillow will be on it's way!   Thank you all for joining in! Heather's pillows are amazing, make sure you check them out! If you did not see this post about a fall front porch vignette click HERE    … [Read more...]



  Don't you love fall? I am in my glory right now! Lancaster Co is pumpkin land!!! As I travel the back roads the fields are full of big orange and white orbs! Oh it's almost magical! I am so happy to live "close to the land"! There is such a rhythm and dance to the seasons and land and food here!  This week I am taking a pumpkin much like the one above and stuffing it with delicious savory things and then baking the whole stuffed pumpkin? Sound yummy? It's scrumptious... and very very fun! Stop back on Saturday for a culinary tutorial post! Remember to enter the Corning Corelle & more $250.00 gift certificate giveaway HERE! Now here's what's ON THE MENU... MONDAY EASY … [Read more...]

WOODLAND CHRISTMAS TABLESCAPE-a walk-through-the-woods tablescape. Lots of inspiration and things to do yourself! stonegableblog.com


  Christmas is closer than you think! And I'm getting a head start with a little help from the kind folks at World Kitchen CorningWare & Corelle. They asked me to set a Holiday tablescape using some of their beautiful Corelle dinnerware!I was thrilled to learn 1~ if my tablescape was lucky enough to be their favorite it would be recreated in my local CorningWare & Corelle store AND 2~one StoneGable reader will win a $250.00 gift card to CorningWare & Corelle!  So... I put together a Woodland Christmas Tablescape. I wanted this table to be bright and cheery and also have a warm, cozy, organic feel... like a Christmastime walk in the woods! … [Read more...]

EASY CHRISTMAS GIFT WRAP STATION-The easy and organized way to wrap Christmas gifts-stonegableblog


  I know, you must think I'm going a little crazy! That fact aside, this really is a post about CHRISTMAS! I'll tell you all the crazy details in just a minute. But first, you should know something about me. I am one of those rare people that love love love to wrap Christmas gifts! Or, at least I love the idea of it! Beautifully wrapped gifts under a Christmas tree is just about the prettiest thing I can think of!  So, today I'm going to show you a VERY EASY, ALMOST STRESS-LESS way to get all those Christmas gifts wrapped beautifully and not at the last minute!!!! Sound like something you might want to do? I thought so... … [Read more...]

FALL ON THE FRONT PORCH- lots of inspiration and ideas for creating a one-of-a-kind fall porch-stonegableblog.com


  I'm in full Autumn color mode this year! NO neutrals on my porch allowed! I'm decorating with saturated color... a profusion of mums and lots of colorful leaves! My front door is welcoming fall and anyone who comes by! When I did this photo shoot it was pouring!!! Pouring buckets! Torrents of rain!!!! But I think it just made the fall colors deeper and brighter... and that is just how I wanted my porch to look!  … [Read more...]

FALL ROCKING CHAIR VIGNETTE-a sassy fall sitting area that anyone can copy- Make one yourself!stonegableblog.com


  Fall in Lancaster County is magical! Because this is such an agrarian area the fields are full of autumnal beauty!!! I want to be outside soaking in the cool, crisp weather and watching the views right outside my door as they change. Here at StoneGable that means porch sitting and rocking! Coffee tastes better on the porch and conversation is sweeter too! I have a little "room" on the front porch that I created and change with each season.  Come on... join me on the front porch! … [Read more...]

THE SCOOP #140-stonegableblog


      Welcome back to THE SCOOP!     The weekly party featuring the scoop on the best from around the web! I'm so glad you are joining us! All of our participants have been very busy creating and cooking and decorating and sharing their very best right here! Don't forget to bring out the best from your archives too! Dust off your best posts and share them here! Before we begin I want to share a recent S'more Bar I put together at my fire pit! Hope you get lots of ideas from it and can use them this fall!    … [Read more...]

Need dinner ideas- I have a week's worth of yummy seasonal recipes- stonegableblog


  This week I'm cleaning my kitchen from top to bottom. Every drawer, cabinet, dish... everything! My kitchen gets used HARD!!!! So it doesn't take much for it to get a little out of order! Spending the week concentrating on my kitchen gives me a chance to go through everything and purge what I no longer use! I love the idea of giving things I no longer use to someone else. I remember when I was just starting out and setting up my own kitchen. How I'd love to get the littlest gadget or dish. I hope to give someone else that joy! If you make one thing this week try the ROASTED EGGPLANT CASSEROLE. It is amazing!!! Now here's what's ON THE MENU... … [Read more...]

EASY PEASY NO SEW BURLAP BALLS- so easy to make and a great filler in arrangements-stonegableblog.com


Here's an easy-peasy NO SEW burlap idea that will add lots and lots of texture and burlappy interest to your arrangements! I saw these burlap wrapped balls on a recent shopping trip to some of my favorite haunts. It was love at first sight! I knew that these sweet balls would work wonderfully in my home... until I saw the price!!! Let's just say, I put them right back!!! They looked like they would be a breeze to make... and that's just what I did! They are just so fun and even if you are not crafty... YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Just think how much texture these cute balls would bring to your home! … [Read more...]



My favorite (and only) sister, Lisa came up from the Washington DC area to visit recently. She is a fabulous cook! So along with her came a scrumptious dinner all ready to be eaten, a great bottle of wine and lots of decorating magazines! Lisa and I can make an event out of having a cup of coffee. She is F-U-N... and funny! Our husbands say we have the "Lucille Ball" factor. Lucy and Ethel have nothing on us!!!! Lisa always says that I am the wiser sister... and she is the younger, more beautiful sister! Yes, that's Lisa! We really "get" each other and can laugh till be cry and almost wet ourselves at the drop of a hat! Everyone should have a Lisa in their life! My life would be so … [Read more...]



  I must have the most brilliant readers on the planet! YOU ask the best questions!!! Some I know the answers to, some I don't, but I try to answer them all the best I can. When I see readers asking the same thing over and over I write it down and a couple times a year answer them in a post.  So let's get started... here are the top 5 questions that have been popping up lately. … [Read more...]

S'more Bar By The Firepit-easy entertaining and fun food-stonegableblog.com


  Here's an easy and fun way to entertain this fall! Create a S'more Bar that transports nicely to the fire pit! We love love love spending chilly evenings around our fire pit, wrapped up in cozy blankets... toasting marshmallows and eating S'mores. I am crazy about burnt marshmallows. So while family and friends are gently toasting and roasting their's I'm creating marshmallow fireballs! Oh so yummy! I've teamed up with HERITAGE LACE to bring you a fun fall S'MORE BAR AT THE FIRE PIT! … [Read more...]

ROASTED CAULIFLOWER CHEDDAR SOUP-an easy to make elegant soup-stonegableblog.com


  These is something so filling and elegant about ROASTED CAULIFLOWER CHEDDAR SOUP! Because the cauliflower is roasted it lend a little sweetness and that wonderful taste of browned food to the mix! This is company worthy soup! But don't just make if for your guests, it's easy enough to make on a week night! Serve with crusty bread, cheese and some seasonal fruit and you have a delicious and hearty meal! We like it so much here at StoneGable that I make a double batch and freeze the rest. Let's get cooking! … [Read more...]

INDIAN CORN WREATH DIY-This is a GORGEOUS wreath and so so easy to make! --stonegableblog.com


  I've wanted to make this wreath for years. And finally... I did!  This is an absolutely GORGEOUS, stunning, beauty! So full of autumnal color and texture and so so easy to make!  My INDIAN CORN WREATH took about 30 minutes from start to finish. If you make one thing this fall, this should be it! It will look fabulous on your front door, from your walk, from the road... even going by it in a car!!! It's not shy or demure... but offers a huge does of fall beauty and a hearty fall welcome! Let's get started and make a wreath that will last until Thanksgiving... and for years to come! … [Read more...]

THE SCOOPO #139-stonegableblog


  If you follow StoneGable, I'm sure you know that fall is my very favorite time of the year! And last week at THE SCOOP was like a fall extravaganza! So many creative, wonderful ideas to celebrate the season... in addition to all the other projects and ideas that we normally have! Before we begin this week, I want to invite you to visit my LESSONS IN LAYERING DECOR DIY AND TIPS post! It will help you on your way to becoming a pro at adding fun and interesting layers to any decor. And it's so so easy!!!! … [Read more...]

OTMM 9-6-13-stonegableblog


This week is a menu of family favorites! It's also "Birthday Weekend". The first week in October we have 3 birthdays in our family! So a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful husband BOBBY, my knight-in-shining-armor son Christopher and my only sister and best friend Lisa! As I'm finishing this post my family room is full... we are watching football  which is a ruckus and aerobic activity at StoneGable (Go EAGLES), the dogs are running all over the house and birthday dinner is in the oven! So I'll make this short and sweet! If you make one thing this week give the CHICKEN BANGLADESH a try! It's a blast from my caserole past and EVERYONE LOVES IT! Now, here's what's ON THE MENU... … [Read more...]

Fruit Of The Spirit-printable art-stonegableblog


    I made this chalkboard art of Galatians 5:22-23 to remember how the Holy Spirit is manifest in our lives! Fruit (KARPOS in the original Greek) are the deeds, actions, results, profit or gain. It is the result of the Lord living through us to produce that which is eternal... To print this Biblical chalkboard art click HERE. May you be blessed! … [Read more...]

ARCHITECTURAL ART DIY-an easy way to make architectural elements into beautiful, unique art-stonegableblog


Art is such a personal thing. I happen to love anything architectural! So when I found these wonderful, chippy pieces of molding from old homes in Washington DC at a reuse it store I could not help coming home with a bag full. I had no idea at the time they would be hanging on my living room wall as art! Although the art is very neutral they make quite a striking, elegant statement! And the best part is this art was sooooo easy to make and very inexpensive! I'm so excited to show you how! … [Read more...]


$600.00 GIVEAWAY!

Don't we all love a great giveaway? Today I'm pairing up with 12 other bloggers for a wonderful giveaway worth $600.00!  $350.00 worth of fabulous skin care by Truist and a $250.00 cash pay pal card! I call this a must-enter giveaway! I am rooting for one of my readers to win! Make me proud!!!! ENTER TO WIN!!!! … [Read more...]

LESSONS IN LAYERING-step-by step how-to's to bring lost of interst and beauty to your home by layering decor-stonegableblog


  Decorating can be a whole lot easier if we have a few great tips and tricks up our sleves and under our belt! TIPS AND TRICKS that are no-fail winners! I have decor tips and tricks for you today and I'm so excited to share! One of my favorite ways to add interest and lots of beauty to decor is by LAYERING! I have a step-by-step, easy-peasy, visual diy for you! Let's learn how to layer decor! YEA!!!! Come on, let's get started! Don't you love to see before and after's. I do!!! So, here is the before... … [Read more...]

FARMHOUSE STYLE-10 ways to create farmhouse charm-stonegableblog


Farmhouse style is so warm and welcoming and white hot right now! Painted wood floors, old worn tables, an apron front sink and rockers on the front porch. If you love the look and coziness of farmhouse style but don't have a farmhouse... don't worry! You can bring a little bit farmhouse style into your home with some well placed accent pieces! I think American farmhouse decor is timeless and comfortable... and don't we want that in all of our homes! Let's start with 10 easy to incorporate farmhouse elements to give our homes that oh, so loved farmhouse style! … [Read more...]

The Scoop #138-stonegableblog


  I hope you have been getting lots of fall idea and inspiration from the Scoop over the last few weeks! My must-make list just keeps getting bigger and bigger! Our participating bloggers are just the most creative on the web!!! … [Read more...]

TRASH TO TREASURE-giving candlesticks new life as a chic pedestal-stonegableblog.com


I must admit... I'm not much of a yard sale, junk sale kind of girl. I really appreciate all you gals that can go to a yard sale and find something fabulous! Maybe it's because I have so much of my own junk I just can't bring myself to lug home someone else's! But I am creative and love to think of new uses for old things! So I agreed to participate with some fun, outrageous bloggers to get a box of off cast items and to upscale them into something wonderful! I must have been insane! Look what I got... … [Read more...]

OTMM 9-29-2104-stonegbleblog


  Let's talk food! Mmmmm! One of my favorite subjects! I really am a foodie. But a foodie that does not want to spend all day in the kitchen! As the weather and season turn fall-ish, so do my menus! We are still grilling and the garden is still producing tomatoes and eggplants and now leeks, but my taste turns to recipes that are filled with warmer flavors! I love to braise and roast and simmer! Soups are a definite staple at StoneGable! We are huge soup eaters! If you make one thing on the menu this week, try the LEEK AND POTATO SOUP. It's perfect for this time of year! Now here's what's ON THE MENU... … [Read more...]

How To Love People When They Don't Love You- ss-9-28-14


I have a friend that is hard to like sometimes! And I'm sure my friend feels the same way about me... if not worse! I love her dearly, but she is somewhat of a difficult person when it comes to me. We have been friends for decades and our lives have been intertwined. We have shared so many of life's happiest moments together, and mourned together over life's devastating blows! But here's the bottom line... I am a Christian and she is not! And for some reason that often rubs her the wrong way! I often rub her the wrong way! My heart is broken over her! She doesn't know that I pray daily for her and have conversations about her with the Father, begging Him to let me love her more, to let her … [Read more...]

FALL HOME TOUR-celebrating fall with natural elements- lots of inspiration-stonegableblog.com


I think StoneGable is at it's best during the fall season! It may be because we live in an area that celebrates the beauty and bounty of the season! It may be because I can look our any window in my home and see fields of corn and soybean, flaxen, ready to be harvested. But I think it's because our home is cozy and relaxed and lends itself to fall! In Lancaster Co. we revel in fall! So many farm markets dot the roadsides filled to the brim with pumpkins and flowering mums and cabbage and kale. This is our big tourism season. We have county fairs and apple festivals, and corn mazes and hot apple cider and pumpkin whoopie pies! How can I not help bringing fall element into my home to … [Read more...]

FALL KITCHEN TABLE VIGNETTE-bringing the beauty of fall to your kitchen table-stonegableblog.com


  Creating vignettes, centerpieces and tablescapes is probably my favorite way to decorate! I love dishes!!!!  I have lots, but probably not as many as you think! I just use them over and over in different ways. It is so much fun to put together a centerpiece for my kitchen table that overflows with seasonal elements! If you have dishes in your cupboards or on your shelves that you love, why not take them down and create a big centerpiece for your kitchen or dining room table? Add a few little pumpkins and some fall flowers and you will have a beautiful centerpiece that's perfect for fall! Let's get our fall creativity on and let's get started! … [Read more...]

AGNES & IRENE CANDLE GIVEAWAY-farm fresh collection- great smelling candles-stonegableblog.com


  I have a FABULOUS giveaway for you today! This summer Cyndie from Agnes and Irene Candles sent me a few delicious smelling candles to try. I was hooked! They smelled simply mouthwatering. I love food candles like vanilla, peach, brown butter... you get the idea! I so enjoyed the highly fragranced  candles they sent me that I asked Cyndie if they would be willing to put together a basket of candles from their FARM FRESH COLLECTION as a giveaway. They were thrilled to partner with StoneGable and will be sending one lucky reader $150.00 in yummy smelling candles! Oh, I wish I could enter this giveaway! As I am writing this I can smell the SWEET CREAM A&I candle out in the kitchen. … [Read more...]

5 MINUTE FALL DECOR-an easy and doable way to decorate beautifully in 5 minutes- lots of pictures and instructions-stonegableblog.com


  I used to drag big plastic bins up from the basement each season and holiday. What a chore! Then I'd forage through them looking for the least tired decor to decorate my home. It was physically and mentally exhausting! Now I'm taking an organic, less-is-more, don't-kill-yourself decorating approach to all seasons and holidays. And this fall is no different! I can show you how to make a great fall arrangement that you CAN do in about 5 minutes... after you learn a few tips and tricks! If you have those seasonal decor big boxes and bins down in the basement or up in your attic, forget about them! Let's make fall about about natural beauty and bounty... and easy!!! Let's make … [Read more...]

THE SCOOP #137-stonegableblog


Welcome back to The Scoop! The weekly party featuring the scoop on the best from around the web! We are Anita from Cedar Hill Farmhouse Debbie from Confessions of a Plate Addict Yvonne from StoneGable and Suzy from Worthing Court Our host this week is... YVONNE @ STONEGABLE Before I share some fabulous entries from last week, I want to make sure you saw my KNOB TOP PUMPKIN DIY.  They are soooooo easy to make and add a fun, chic feel to fall decorating! Let's make a pumpkin patch of them!!! Monday And I'd love you to stop by and see my FALL HOME TOUR! I also want to invite you to two fabulous fall tours I am so pleased to participate in … [Read more...]

FALL BACK PORCH- swing on the back porch-cozy for fall-stonegableblog.com


  Today I'm showing your a place I have never, ever shown before. It's "my spot" at StoneGable. At some point almost every day of the year, you can find me here. My porch swing! In the summer I'm out late at night swinging and counting the stars. In the winter I am bundled up in the afternoon with a cup of coffee and a big quilt. Right now, the swing right outside my back door, is dressed up for fall! I can swing and overlook the fields of golden soybean! The bucolic farmland out my back door is breathtaking! So if I don't answer the front door, know that I'm probably around back swinging on the back porch waiting for you... … [Read more...]



I'm in full fall swing here at StoneGable! LOVING all the fall decor, fall weather, fall landscapes and fall food! I'm changing from summer cooking to fall! A little more stick-to-our-ribs with hearty flavors! Some things we don't give up just because it get's chilly, and one in particular...  grilling! We are a 365 days a year grilling family! If you make anything from my menu this week give ROASTED PARMESAN CASSEROLE a try! It's so much easier than the original Eggplant Parmesan but has all the flavors! Even folks that don't love eggplant really love this recipe! Here's to a yummy week... … [Read more...]



My daughter Jacqueline and my daughter-in-law Abigail run half marathons. As  you might be reading this Abby is in one now! Go Abby! When they run a half marathon their goal is to cross the finish line. They have never entered a race with the intention of starting it and when things get rough giving up. And they don't enter a race without training... lots of training. One thing that really helps them in a race is to race with other racers they know. It makes it easier for them to run. Life is sorta like a race. But here's the funny (or sad) thing... we all run but many people don't have an end goal in mind! Let's talk about this race-of-a-life and the way we can all come out winners in the … [Read more...]

KNOB TOP PUMPKINS-very chic way to decorate a pumpkin-stonegableblog.com


  I think this idea just might revolutionize the faux pumpkin industry! Knob Top Pumpkins might be the next great thing! You know, like the iphone and electricity and gas log fireplaces!  Well, maybe not that big... but these little cuties have given me another way to decorate pumpkins! And you know we all need one more way to take our creative energies out on a pumpkin!You've gotta admit they are just the most chic pumpkins you have ever seen! And they are so so easy to make! Let's make a pumpkin patch of them together! … [Read more...]



  Don't you love the taste of a crisp, ripe, dripping-with-flavor apple? YUMMY! It's one of the best tastes of fall! There are so many varieties and flavors! Some apples are great for hand eating, and some for cooking. Some apples are sweet and some are quite tart! But one thing is for sure... apples are delicious when they are mixed with puff pastry and cinnamon and sugar! Here are 5 easy to make apple recipes that are all winners! … [Read more...]

OUTDOOR FALL DRINK BAR- a fun way to serve drinks-stonegableblog.com


  Some people like to eat al fresco in the summer. For me, the perfect time to enjoy an outdoor picnic or dinner is when the air is crisp and comfortable. Fall is the best time to be outside, especially when the leaves are just beginning to turn! I'm ready to eat almost every meal outside on the patio. And when serving family and friends I like to make things easy here at StoneGable! And nothing's easier than self serve! Today I set up a drink bar on my potting bench! My family and guests can help themselves to a drink and a little nibble while they are waiting for dinner. … [Read more...]

FALL HOME TOUR 2014-easy and doable fall decorating ideas- lots of organic elements-stonegableblog


  I love fall! I think it shows off StoneGable the very best! There is just something wonderful and warm and cozy about our home in the fall! We are blessed to have lots trees that rain down saturated colors of gold, and scarlet, and coral and brown... and every hue in between. The tops of our red maples have already turned and the corn fields across the street have rows and row of tall flaxen corn that rustles like a taffeta ball gown when the wind dances through it! Most of our other trees will wait until October to show off their fall finery! But I'm not waiting to decorate! Here's a little tour of StoneGable in the fall... … [Read more...]

THE SCOOP 136-stonegableblog


Welcome to another week of THE SCOOP! As we get into fall we are seeing a great uptick in seasonal decor and projects!!! Last week I added to my must-try list from our participants! I love your ideas and you inspire me! It's all about fall for me right now! After all, it is my very favorite time of the year and Lancaster County does fall so beautifully! I'm posting and pinning anything fall I can find! Fall and farmhouse are on my radar right now! Speaking of farmhouse...did you see 6 WAYS TO CREATE FARMHOUSE CHARM?  This post is all about creating small changes, easy and doable changes, to bring some of that wonderful charm that farmhouse style exudes! … [Read more...]

NO SEW BURLAP TRAY BOTTOM- an easy way to make a crate or tray bottom fabulous- stonegableblog.com


  I bet you have an old tray or crate laying around your house or in your basement or garage. If you do, I can help you turn it from a castaway to a fabulous piece you will want to use and display! I'm fudging the "NO SEW" title just a little this month to share how to give trays, crates, boxes ... anything with a solid bottom... a great new look using material. My material of choice is burlap! And I'm adhering it to the bottom of my old crate with Mod Podge. I think burlap and Mod Podge are really best friends! They love each other!!!! Here's the easiest NO SEW diy you will ever do!!!!! … [Read more...]