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  I used to drag big plastic bins up from the basement each season and holiday. What a chore! Then I'd forage through them looking for the least tired decor to decorate my home. It was physically and mentally exhausting! Now I'm taking an organic, less-is-more, don't-kill-yourself decorating approach to all seasons and holidays. And this fall is no different! I can show you how to make a great fall arrangement that you CAN do in about 5 minutes... after you learn a few tips and tricks! If you have those seasonal decor big boxes and bins down in the basement or up in your attic, forget about them! Let's make fall about about natural beauty and bounty... and easy!!! Let's make … [Read more...]

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Welcome back to The Scoop! The weekly party featuring the scoop on the best from around the web! We are Anita from Cedar Hill Farmhouse Debbie from Confessions of a Plate Addict Yvonne from StoneGable and Suzy from Worthing Court Our host this week is... YVONNE @ STONEGABLE Before I share some fabulous entries from last week, I want to make sure you saw my KNOB TOP PUMPKIN DIY.  They are soooooo easy to make and add a fun, chic feel to fall decorating! Let's make a pumpkin patch of them!!! Monday And I'd love you to stop by and see my FALL HOME TOUR! I also want to invite you to two fabulous fall tours I am so pleased to participate in … [Read more...]

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  Today I'm showing your a place I have never, ever shown before. It's "my spot" at StoneGable. At some point almost every day of the year, you can find me here. My porch swing! In the summer I'm out late at night swinging and counting the stars. In the winter I am bundled up in the afternoon with a cup of coffee and a big quilt. Right now, the swing right outside my back door, is dressed up for fall! I can swing and overlook the fields of golden soybean! The bucolic farmland out my back door is breathtaking! So if I don't answer the front door, know that I'm probably around back swinging on the back porch waiting for you... … [Read more...]



I'm in full fall swing here at StoneGable! LOVING all the fall decor, fall weather, fall landscapes and fall food! I'm changing from summer cooking to fall! A little more stick-to-our-ribs with hearty flavors! Some things we don't give up just because it get's chilly, and one in particular...  grilling! We are a 365 days a year grilling family! If you make anything from my menu this week give ROASTED PARMESAN CASSEROLE a try! It's so much easier than the original Eggplant Parmesan but has all the flavors! Even folks that don't love eggplant really love this recipe! Here's to a yummy week... … [Read more...]



My daughter Jacqueline and my daughter-in-law Abigail run half marathons. As  you might be reading this Abby is in one now! Go Abby! When they run a half marathon their goal is to cross the finish line. They have never entered a race with the intention of starting it and when things get rough giving up. And they don't enter a race without training... lots of training. One thing that really helps them in a race is to race with other racers they know. It makes it easier for them to run. Life is sorta like a race. But here's the funny (or sad) thing... we all run but many people don't have an end goal in mind! Let's talk about this race-of-a-life and the way we can all come out winners in the … [Read more...]

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  I think this idea just might revolutionize the faux pumpkin industry! Knob Top Pumpkins might be the next great thing! You know, like the iphone and electricity and gas log fireplaces!  Well, maybe not that big... but these little cuties have given me another way to decorate pumpkins! And you know we all need one more way to take our creative energies out on a pumpkin!You've gotta admit they are just the most chic pumpkins you have ever seen! And they are so so easy to make! Let's make a pumpkin patch of them together! … [Read more...]



  Don't you love the taste of a crisp, ripe, dripping-with-flavor apple? YUMMY! It's one of the best tastes of fall! There are so many varieties and flavors! Some apples are great for hand eating, and some for cooking. Some apples are sweet and some are quite tart! But one thing is for sure... apples are delicious when they are mixed with puff pastry and cinnamon and sugar! Here are 5 easy to make apple recipes that are all winners! … [Read more...]

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  Some people like to eat al fresco in the summer. For me, the perfect time to enjoy an outdoor picnic or dinner is when the air is crisp and comfortable. Fall is the best time to be outside, especially when the leaves are just beginning to turn! I'm ready to eat almost every meal outside on the patio. And when serving family and friends I like to make things easy here at StoneGable! And nothing's easier than self serve! Today I set up a drink bar on my potting bench! My family and guests can help themselves to a drink and a little nibble while they are waiting for dinner. … [Read more...]

FALL HOME TOUR 2014-easy and doable fall decorating ideas- lots of organic elements-stonegableblog


  I love fall! I think it shows off StoneGable the very best! There is just something wonderful and warm and cozy about our home in the fall! We are blessed to have lots trees that rain down saturated colors of gold, and scarlet, and coral and brown... and every hue in between. The tops of our red maples have already turned and the corn fields across the street have rows and row of tall flaxen corn that rustles like a taffeta ball gown when the wind dances through it! Most of our other trees will wait until October to show off their fall finery! But I'm not waiting to decorate! Here's a little tour of StoneGable in the fall... … [Read more...]

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Welcome to another week of THE SCOOP! As we get into fall we are seeing a great uptick in seasonal decor and projects!!! Last week I added to my must-try list from our participants! I love your ideas and you inspire me! It's all about fall for me right now! After all, it is my very favorite time of the year and Lancaster County does fall so beautifully! I'm posting and pinning anything fall I can find! Fall and farmhouse are on my radar right now! Speaking of farmhouse...did you see 6 WAYS TO CREATE FARMHOUSE CHARM?  This post is all about creating small changes, easy and doable changes, to bring some of that wonderful charm that farmhouse style exudes! … [Read more...]

NO SEW BURLAP TRAY BOTTOM- an easy way to make a crate or tray bottom fabulous- stonegableblog.com


  I bet you have an old tray or crate laying around your house or in your basement or garage. If you do, I can help you turn it from a castaway to a fabulous piece you will want to use and display! I'm fudging the "NO SEW" title just a little this month to share how to give trays, crates, boxes ... anything with a solid bottom... a great new look using material. My material of choice is burlap! And I'm adhering it to the bottom of my old crate with Mod Podge. I think burlap and Mod Podge are really best friends! They love each other!!!! Here's the easiest NO SEW diy you will ever do!!!!! … [Read more...]

I CAN DO ALL THINGS-stonegableblog


  Good Sunday Morning! Thought you might need a little encouragement and a gentle reminder of this beautiful truth!!!  Jesus or Messiah is ready to give His power to our lives to do all things for His kingdom. To download a copy suitable for printing click HERE.     … [Read more...]

6 WAYS TO CREATE  FARMHOUSE CHARM-easy and doable tips for creating that farmhouse feel in your home-stonegableblog.com


Adding touches of farmhouse decor makes almost any home a little more cozy! There is something familiar and homespun and worn-in-a-comfortable way about farmhouse style! Just a few well placed pieces of farmhouse decor can bring that warmth and coziness to our homes! Here's 6 ways to do just that! … [Read more...]

PUFF PASTRY APPLE TURNOVERS-flaky, light and so delicious- Easy to make-stonegableblog.com (2)


Our apple tree gave us a bumper crop of crisp, juicy Macintosh apples! I'll use some of them for applesauce and some for pies and a whole lot for eating... but a few will be made into scrumptious, flaky apple turnovers! These are soooo much better than store bought! And they can be frozen and popped into the oven and eaten warm... with vanilla ice cream!  YUMMY! … [Read more...]

Burlap Covered Book-stonegableblog


  I have a love for books! And I have way too many! Today's post is all about using  unwanted books to create fabulous, permanent, burlap covered books! These books are so upscale and work wonderfully to enhance everyday decor! Books can now look uniform and neat and very very chic! Once you cover a book or two you will be hooked! It does get quite addictive. I'm now covering books I use... because after making a couple of these burlappy books, I can cover them without messing up the book itself! Let's get crafty and create burlap book covers! … [Read more...]

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    (SING IT OUT to Beyonce's "Single Ladies")... ALL THE GIRLY GIRLS.... (echo) all the girly girls!  ALL THE GIRLY GIRLS...  (echo) all the girly girls!  ALL THE GIRLY GIRLS... (echo) all the girly girls!  ALL THE GIRLY GIRLS... PUT YOU HANDS UP!  Let's see them. Today we are  dipping into our girly side and having the cutest, buffet, breakfast! Cheeky, sweet, A-dorable!!! Like the perfect black dress with white strands of pearls, these black and white dishes with little bows and birdies are classy and sassy and oh, sooooooo girly! … [Read more...]



  Welcome to THE SCOOP! You can tell we are getting into fall. Lots and lots of creative fall posts at THE SCOOP last week! Thanks for sharing your very best!!!! Before we begin, I want to share my fall dining room! This year I am doing fall the "easy" way and sorta sliding it into the rest of my decor! I also am going light and natural and oh, so soft! Stop by and see FALL IN THE DINING ROOM... … [Read more...]

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  Sometimes StoneGable feels more like a hotel than a home! We love company and have family and friends stay with us often.  Our guest's favorite room is this one. There is lots of space to move around and it has a clean uncluttered feel. We call it the J & J room because it was my daughter Jacqueline's room when she lived at home. And when she and her husband Jonathan come to visit they stay here.  Originally this room was wallpapered with pink and yellow and white hydrangeas. When Jacqueline got married I asked Jonathan how he would like this room decorated and he said earth tones, and houndstooth and leather. I wrote about the transition of this room and my daughter's life … [Read more...]



  What happened to our fall weather? All summer we had the most glorious coolish, non humid weather... and now it's September and  90 and humid. Now, I know how all my hot weather friends feel.  It's hard to buy a pumpkin when I am in flip flops and a sleeveless top... sweating!  Thankfully, we are to get a big storm front passing through our area later today bringing back much needed rain and cooler weather. We are still grilling here at StoneGable... actually we grill most of the year. So this week we are firing up the grill for some very yummy meals! If you make one thing this week you need to try ROASTED EGGPLANT PARMESAN CASSEROLE. Much easier and healthier than the classic … [Read more...]

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  Abraham's well, Beersheba Israel   When you go to heaven which person from the Bible do you most want to meet?  God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit not included! My list is very very long... Mary, the Apostles, James the brother of Jesus, Adam, Eve, David, all the Prophets, Moses, Joshua and Caleb,Mary Magdalene, Mary and Martha and Lazarus, Jabez, the woman at the well, Barnabas and Silas... The list goes on and on. Thankfully, I will have all eternity to meet and talk and be with other saints! What I would really like is if there was a large video-type screen and we could see all the bible played out in real-time and have each person involved narrate it. And even better would … [Read more...]

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    This fall I'm taking the easy way out and decorating for the season with what I have on hand. There will be no scarecrows, or spiderwebs or lots of heavy, real pumpkins or FUSS! This year I'm using what I have and gently incorporating fall into my decor, not the other way around! I want my annual nod to fall to be just noticeable... not overdone.  This really takes the pressure off! If it's too messy, glaring, bright, heavy, time consuming or I have to buy it... forget it! Let's join together and celebrate a kinder, gentler fall? … [Read more...]

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Are you ready to link up all your fall posts? Right here... all in one place! I'm so excited to see all your fall ideas, decor, projects, recipes, and anything else you have! So, what are you waiting for? Let's get on with AUTUMN ABOUNDS!  Oh, I forgot in my enthusiasm.... remember to enter our $260.00 cash giveaway too! Okay, NOW let's begin! … [Read more...]

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  This vibrant pumpkin wreath couldn't look better on a front door! It's contrast of blazing autumnal colors and white pumpkins is so so striking! And the best part... it took about 15 minutes (sans painting the pumpkins) to put together! This fall I'm trying to find easy to make fall decor. Fabulous things that don't take a whole lot of time or fuss! This wreath is exactly that! And doesn't it look like I spent the day making it? Let's make fall decorating easy... AND LET'S START RIGHT NOW!!!! … [Read more...]

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      Some people have bumper stickers that say "I brake for animals" or I brake for yard sales"... as soon as I find one, mine will say "I brake for old, chippy shutters". Oh I love them! Nothing says farmhouse style like a pair of old, dirty shutters with chipping paint! I am accruing quite a collection! I still don't have a home for several of them yet, but I'll probably end up with shutters in most of the rooms in my house.  What's not to love! Shutters have lots of great character, architectural design, fabulous color that come from years of hanging outside and they are so on trend right now! Here's a few tips and ideas for using all that shutter beauty in … [Read more...]

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ABOVE:5 MINUTE FALL DECOR Are you ready for another week of fabulous projects, great recipes and inspiring posts? Me too!  A big, big thank you to all the creative bloggers who share the best of what they are doing every week with us! YOU ROCK!!! Before we get started I want to share some burlap love! Here are  4 FALL BURLAP DIY'S that will keep you crafting happy and you house looking like fall has finally come! Let's make a burlap wreath or some cute, cute, cute burlap and toile acorns! And when you are done those, how about making a fall burlap leaf pillow or THE perfect burlap bow? … [Read more...]

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  Happy September! Let's start celebrating fall! Come on all you naysayers. Stop dragging your feet in the sand! It's time to get inspired by fall and all it's beauty! Let's get busy celebrating by creating something for the upcoming season with burlap! Burlap and fall were made for each other! They work and play so well together! I've put together 4 of my favorite fall diy's  with lots of hand holding instructions to help you make fall decor that is a tribute to the season! … [Read more...]

Create In Me A Clean Heart-stonegableblog


  Isn't this a Bible verse we should all meditate on every day? It is a beautiful way to ask God to renew and redirect our lives to more closely follow  Him! I have added the Hebrew meaning to the words so we can get a more meaningful, deeper sense of what this verse in Psalms says! … [Read more...]

5 MINUTE FALL DECOR- let's make fall decor easy... and pretty! stonegableblog


  My very favorite season is fall! I love the crisp air, the pretty colors and all the fabulous fall decor!  It's a toasty, warm, cozy season! Roasting marshmallows and football.... and decorating!!! Can I make a confession? I don't always feel like dragging all the pumpkins and leaf wreaths and bags of acorns up from the basement to decorate every nook and crannie of my home. So this fall I'm thinking of ways to to add easy and natural touches of fall to StoneGable without going overboard and doing a whole bunch of work! Sound impossible? Just keep reading... … [Read more...]

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  All I can say is, "OH, YUMMY"! These darling little desserts are sooooo beautiful, sooooo easy to make and sooooo delicious. I call a dessert like this, WOW FACTOR DESSERTS. They have it all! Looks, lusciousness, and ease! Puff Pastry Apple Rosettes have a crisp and crunchy pastry and lots of sweet apple cinnamon taste! So company worthy, but don't forget to make these for your family too! These are a must-try dessert! … [Read more...]

ARCHITECTURAL ELEMENTS IN A CHIPPY FRAME-bringing form and style into you home-stonegableblog


  Art is one of the most subjective and interesting things we can put in our homes. If you are like me, art can also be daunting! Art can be very expensive and I tend to grow tired of it after awhile! Recently, I have been drawn to architectural elements. I love old chippy pieces! On a trip to Washington DC I picked up 8 chippy, wonderfully dirty pieces of molding from houses that must be over 100 years old! I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them... but I knew they were coming home with me! … [Read more...]

Copy of HOW TO STYLE A HUTCH- easy and doable ideas to style like a pro-stonegableblog,com


  I think filling and styling a big space like a hutch or bookcase can be intimidating!!! What do you put in it? How will it all look together?  It's taken years for bigger spaces in my house to look polished and put together! Even now, lots of tweaking and adjusting go into each space I decorate! To make decorating those large spaces like a hutch or bookcase a little easier and doable, here are 5 helpful tips for styling them like a pro! … [Read more...]

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Hi Friends!  Another week... another great SCOOP!  I'm overwhelmed with all the really creative and inspiring posts you share each week! Oh, and I can't forget all the YUMMY ones too! If you have something to share we want the "scoop" on it right here! Before we begin I want to tell you about a couple of recent  posts... Did you see my  4 FAB FALL WREATHS DIY'S post? Get a jump on fall this year and make one of these wreaths. Lots of step-by-step instructions and hand holding! … [Read more...]

FOUR FAB FALL WREATHS DIY'S- autumn-stonegableblog.com


      It's time to start thinking about what to put on your front door this fall. Will you go traditional and full of autumnal color or use warm and wonderful burlap to make a full and loopy wreath? You could hang a fall wreath that looks like it was plucked out of a cornfield or a brightly colored wreath with a sassy monogram! I think I love decorating for fall because of all the different styles that encompass this beautiful season! Today I'm sharing four fall wreaths... all with a different vibe! Hopefully, one will be just right for you! All of these wreaths have detailed tutorials to help you make one for yourself! … [Read more...]

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As we move from August to September not only the weather changes. So does my menu. Yes. I am still eating tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and leeks from the garden. And the fall lettuce I planted will soon be large enough to start picking. But as the days get shorter and the weather begins to turn just a little cooler, I'll start making soups and stews. Little by little my menu will begin to take on it's fall fare! I will certainly miss the wonderful bounty of my garden, but I love love love to make soups... and some of those soups will be filled with my garden bounty that I have frozen. If you make one thing this week try the PEACH DUMPLINGS... but not for dessert! In my area we eat them … [Read more...]



  You would probably not ever want to go shopping with me.  I am not a "let's go shopping together" kind of girl! I really don't like to shop! I shop at a handful of stores, but that's it!  If a store  has the words pottery or crate or Home or vintage in it... well, bring it on! Other than that, I am a lone wolf shopper! If I have to shop, I hunt down my merchandise prey alone. That way I have time to think and strategize about the mission!  In... attack... out! No fooling around. Precision and quick strikes!  Browsing is a very bad word to me! I do my browsing in magazines, not stores! And long check out lines make me want to leave everything in my cart and head for the nearest … [Read more...]

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White dishes are the little black dress of the dinnerware world! They go with anything, food looks best on them and they love to play together! White dishes are the most nimble and friendly dishes you could own! Yes, white dishes should be mandatory for every kitchen cupboard and table! I recently received an email from a reader asking if she could mix different patterns and colors of white dishes... and could I give her some suggestions. Okay, Katie this post is for you! You hit on something I love to talk about!!!!! So let's dish about white dishes! … [Read more...]



I have a habit of starting something and when I am about a quarter of the way through thinking, "This is a huge project... I must be crazy to tackle it"!  This was NOT one of those projects. I knew before my paintbrush touched this hutch that it would be a very big job! But I was so motivated to turn this ugly and tired piece into something marvelous for my living room I was determined to work with gusto from start to finish! The painting process was not hard, it just took a long time. There was a lot of surface to cover and I used several layers of paint to give it depth.  Here's how I transformed this horrid, brown, dated hutch into an updated, fresh piece... … [Read more...]

EARLY FALL FARMHOUSE KITCHEN-farmhouse inspiration-stonegableblog


Fall and my farmhouse kitchen are like best friends! They work and play so well together! The colors of fall were made for my black and white farmhouse kitchen! I love the smells and tastes that come from my kitchen when the leaves start to turn! And there is a coziness and  deep felt warmth in my kitchen when there is a nip in the air. However, we are not quite into my favorite season yet, but I am ready to bring a little early fall to my farmhouse kitchen. … [Read more...]

THE SCOOP 8-18-14-stonegableblog


Hi Friends! Hope you are having a wonderful beginning of the week! And I hope we make it even better now that you are joining us at THE SCOOP! Last week there were so many fabulous links... my must-make  list is huge!!!! I love so many projects and recipes! You are such a talented group! Did you see my post on FARMHOUSE VINTAGE. If you want to add a couple of fun farmhouse touches you'll want to read this post! … [Read more...]

BEHIND THE BLOG-stonegableblog


In my life I have worn many hats: wife, mother, teacher, girl scout leader, entrepreneur, business owner, PTO president, medical office worker, Bible study teacher and inspirational speaker... to name a few. But mostly these days I'm known as a blogger! Today I'm taking you behind the images and text of StoneGable and  giving you an honest and never before seen glimpse into the creative process of StoneGable! … [Read more...]

Copy of OTMM-8-18-14-stonegableblog


This week I am pulling out my mason jars and putting food in them! There is something so fun about eating out of a jar! This is a busy week for me! I'm decorating for Christmas! Yes, Christmas. I am not an early bird or crazy but I have a very fun and good reason! If you follow me on facebook  and instagram you will get a peek at what I am doing and why! If you make one thing this week it has to be the BBQ Chicken thighs with Magic Rub! If you have already made them. try the Salmon, Asparagus and Bow Tie Pasta In a Sherry Cream Sauce! Ultimate company worthy food! Now here's what's ON THE MENU... … [Read more...]

SS 8-17-14-stonegableblog


If you were in dire trouble and needed to be saved by a superhero who would you pick to come to the rescue? I would pick Superman! Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound... He can fly in the sky like a bird and his hair is never messed up! He fights for truth, justice and the American way! Strong, fast, powerful. A real hero! He is the perfect package of good looks, brains, brawn and compassion! Yes, I would feel pretty safe in the strong arms of Superman! … [Read more...]

FARMHOUSE VINTAGE-small touches to create farmhouse charm-stonegableblog


There is something so comfortable about farmhouse style. It reminds me of an easier, slower time... of home cooked meals and lots of family and hard work and making our own good fun! It's nothing fussy and everything welcoming!  There is a charm to farmhouse style, that's for sure! Here's a little farmhouse vintage inspiration. … [Read more...]

BREAKFAST PIZZA- a kid friendly, easy breakfast-stonegableblog.com


It's back to school time and I'm thinking there are a whole lot of kiddos and parents going from summer mode to school routine! As a former 1st grade teacher, I have seen first hand the value of a good breakfast. And as a mom, I know how rushed some mornings were getting my children out and onto the school bus!  One of my go-to breakfasts during those wonderful and frantic years was a healthy breakfast pizza. So easy to whip up... and my kids LOVED them! … [Read more...]



There's nothing like a few coats of paint and a little wax to breathe life into an old piece of furniture! A paintbrush is like a magic wand... turning something we would never think of putting in our home into a grand piece of furniture that becomes the centerpiece of a room! I found this very ugly old hutch with marvelous arched glass doors.  It was a solid wood piece so heavy with dirt and cobwebs... but there was something I immediately fell in love with! So with a little paint I coaxed the true beauty out of this ugly duckling! Here is how it looked before... … [Read more...]

How To Create An As You Go Wall Art Gallery-TITLE PATE-stonegableblog.com


Maybe It's because I'm not super organized... or maybe I'm just too impatient... or maybe I'm slow. It's probably all three! When it comes to hanging a gallery on my walls, I just don't have it together enough to gather up ALL the art to hang at one time and systematically arrange them before hanging them up! If you are like me, then this is a post custom made for you! Today I'm going to show you how to create "hang as you go" a wall art gallery. This is not rocket science, but there are a few tips and tricks that will make your wall gallery look like you have "planned" it! Let's get busy... … [Read more...]

THE SCOOP 8-11-14-stonegableblog


WELCOME TO THE SCOOP#131! Last week I shared 10 QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF BEFORE YOU BUY ANY HOME DECOR. Wow, did you respond! I love lots of reader interaction!!! If you love home decor this is a good post to read! … [Read more...]

Copy of A LITTLE FALL INSPIRATION- lots of fall ideas-stonegableblog


Before we begin I want to let you know that the FABULOUS blog DESIGN CHIC is featuring StoneGable today! Please head on over there (after you read this post) and show them some wonderful StoneGable Reader love!!!!  Click HERE to visit Design Chic! Thanks, Beth and Kristy!!!! I'm not trying to hurry summer out the door... I just want to give you a little fall inspiration to think about and fall fun look forward to! So go on and keep swimming in the ocean or pool and keep wearing your flip flops and keep picking those beautiful summer flowers... and live in the moment enjoying the remains of summer! And when you are ready, visit a few StoneGable posts that say HELLO FALL, SO GLAD YOU'RE … [Read more...]

Copy of OTMM-8-11-14-stonegableblog


The August garden at StoneGable is still filled with lots of fresh veggies! Now the peppers, tomatoes and eggplants shine!  We are picking 6 different varieties of tomatoes and I'm starting to think about canning sauce! YUMMY! Bobby just built a border around the veggie garden from the old patio pavers. I'll be sharing that project with you on Instagram.  If you make one thing this week you should try the BBQ Chicken Thighs With Magic Rub! That rub is so good that once you try it I know it will be a staple in your pantry!  If you try a second recipe it has to be the Panzanella Salad... using fresh garden tomatoes! YUMMY! Now here's what's ON THE MENU... … [Read more...]

Giving Thanks At Mealtime-stonegableblog.com


This past week our family went out to dinner at a local steakhouse chain. You know the one that has free peanuts and two-steppin' servers and plays country music's top 40 and embarrasses birthday folk by making them sit on a big saddle! YEE-HAA! Yes, that's the one!  I love this restaurant! Kevin, one of the cooks, can make me the most perfect "Pittsburgh seared medium" ribeye EVER! It's so good it could make you cry! YUMMY! As is our habit, we all quietly held hands and prayed before we ate. We thanked God and asked Him to bless the food, the servers and cooks and clean-up crew, our lives and those whose stomachs are empty while ours are full! That evening our prayer did not go unnoticed … [Read more...]