My dear friends, have you heard? Do you know? My truly amazing friend Karianne Wood from Thistlewood Farms has written a truly amazing book, The Style Finder! One that I know will be spectacularly helpful to you if you are a home decorator! And we are celebrating with a giveaway right here!

I can’t remember a time I didn’t decorate. It’s just a big part of who I am. And knowing my style is centered around beautiful Traditional style has made my recent style change to Transitional style so much easier! Traditional, New Traditional and Transitional styles are easy style to live with and to transition out of one and into the other!

Thinking I know my decorating style, I just had to take Karianne’s Decorating Style quiz to see if it really worked.

I took it and here are my results…

Pretty accurate! Wow! I incorporate all three of those styles here at StoneGable!

And you can take a fun quiz and learn what your decorating style is HERE.

The Style Finder is Karianne’s latest book and I am so honored to be a part of her project!

Did the cover of this how-to-find-your-style book look familiar? If you read StoneGable regularly it should. It’s my foyer!

Karianne enlisted the help of four bloggers (I’m one of them) to help her share different styles and decorating points of view!

I am in such wonderful company! Karianne is sharing Coastal Stlye, Bree from Rooms For Rent shares Farmhouse Style, Laura from Finding Home Farms shares Transitional Style, Carmen from Our Fifth House shares Contemporary Style and I’m sharing Traditional Style!

Karianne actually came to StoneGable for two days. We had so much fun! What a bundle of energetic j-o-y! She and her team photographed StoneGable’s rooms and details and we talked and talked about life and family and blogging and decorating! And laughed!!!! We laughed a lot!

She visited the other bloggers too and compiled images and impressions and interview from each of us about our styles!

Then she processed all these styles down to easy and understandable and doable bits. And the synergy of her efforts were transformed into The Diy Style Finder a most marvelous book with lots and lots of gorgeous pictures! I’ve read it cover to cover! And it is informative and beautiful and infused with Karianne’s unique wisdom and wit!

A book to help home decorators learn and love their own unique style!

To celebrate launch week of her book each blogger is giving away a prize package valued at $400.00! I chose beautiful Traditional items that would work with many different styles!

Enter below…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway ends Friday, March 15th! So enter and visit the blogs above to see their styles and enter to win their giveaway celebrating The Style Finder!

Congratulations, dear wonderful Karianne! This book is beautiful and filled with decorating help! Just like YOU!

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  1. I am so excited !! I look forward to your posts each day, Yvonne !! I’d love to win this beautiful book !!
    Vera V

  2. OOOOH I hope I win. I love traditional style. Some people think traditional is stuffy but my traditional is relaxed and timeless.

  3. I am traditional, contemporary and a little coastal. I didn’t realize I was coastal. I’m not surprised about the traditional and contemporary, I’m definitely drawn to both.

  4. Love your style, Yvonne! I enjoy reading your latest ideas and like using them to make my home more beautiful!

  5. This is a great post. I took the quiz and foundI am 64% traditional with a bit of Farmhouse and a smidge off transitional. Enlightening but upon reflection highly accurate. The book looks amazing! Your foyer looks beautiful, as always! Love your blog and look forward to your emails on new blog posts and recipes. So glad you are doing better after your foot problems.. and are getting back to your previous busy self. God bless.

  6. My quiz result was mostly Farmhouse, traditional a close 2nd and a tad of coastal. Not sure where the coastal comes in, I’ve never been drawn to that style.

  7. TY for a GREAT giveaway ❤️??. So excited for both you and KariAnne Both great designers and wonderful people. I look SO forward to reading your great content EVERY week! ❤️❤️❤️

  8. No surprise here, 78 percent traditional. When taking the quiz I chose the things I truly love, but the reality is that decorating my home needs to take into consideration my husband’s taste and the practicality of living on the water.

  9. I got 67% traditional. 17% farmhouse. Yep that’s prett accurate ? so glad you are included in the book ???

  10. Thanks for the give-away and introducing me to the book! The style quiz was right on?? God bless you-I appreciate your blog!

  11. I love reading your blog! I look forward to receiving each day’s email & seeing the pictures as well as reading the text. My husband & I recently moved to a new home & I am in the process of decorating the “new to me “ spaces. Your blog is giving me lots of ideas & inspiration. Thank you for sharing your knowledge & experience.

  12. Love your blog Yvonne – I’ve learned so much from you already!! Always receptive to learning more about decorating, style and how to repurpose items without spending big bucks!!

  13. This book looks very informative. I am trying to figure out what my style is. We’ve been living in our current home for almost five years, and I’ve been stuck. This book will help me get out of the rut I’m in.

  14. Hey Yvonne, thanks for the giveaway! I posted the link on Facebook about the giveaway and tagged a few friends, but I can’t figure out how to indicate that on the blogpost. It still says I have four entries. Thanks for any help!

  15. The book looks beautiful, as does everything you do! I was 50% transitional, not too surprised. Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. Got my copy of the book yesterday and discovered I was Transitional with a bit of farmhouse and Traditional. The rooms in my house reflect this and my home is comfortable and welcoming.

  17. Love your blog and Kari Anne’s blog! I have learned so much from both of you over the years. It’s wonderful to be in a community of people who encourage one another and learn from each other. Thank you both for helping us fill our homes with beauty and comfort!

  18. What a great gift to give away. Thanks ! Would love to win ! Karianne seems like she would be so much fun to be around !

  19. I pre-ordered this book and received it. I’m enjoying it so much. Took the quiz and I would say it is pretty spot on. I’m farmhouse, traditional with some transitional. Would recommend buying this book.

    1. Love your blog and adore all your wonderful ideas. I am currently going through a life crisis, and reading and rereading your blogs gives me so many interesting decorating and spiritual (Sunday issues) articles on which to stay focused. Also, I so appreciate your personal response to my email comment. KIndly, Shari

  20. Wow!!! I took the quiz knowing that I was traditional and transitional. Who knew the results would indicate my style is 20 per cent contemporary??? I think we are all a combination of several styles, which makes the world much more interesting! This was fun…I always wondered why I was drawn to so many different styles.

  21. I just signed up to receive your newsletters because I love how you mix styles together so seamlessly!

  22. Honestly, I like different parts of different styles, so I guess that means I’m eclectic! But, if I had to choose, I think farmhouse is probably the closest.

  23. Farmhouse then traditional, that’s me. Glad to take the quiz, I knew but wanted to be sure!

  24. I just read Karianne’s first book a couple weeks ago…its was fun and very practical, a quick read. I liked the worksheets she put in, and the graphics were great!
    Turns out I’m 50% farmhouse, 30% coastal and 20% traditional.
    Thanks for the giveaway…items anyone could love! 😉

  25. I am an eclectic mix and I answered questions in all the styles in the quiz. I guess I just can’t make up my mind!!! But, I do love them all in different ways. The products you’re giving away are all fabulous, Yvonne. BTW, I miss you on DTT. Will you be making any “guest appearances”?

  26. Sorry Yvonne, I filled out the subscription request. I already receive your emails and blog post. Love your blog. Have been a subscriber since the beginning and watched your business grow. Your posts are always fun and useful. Especially love your recipes. Keep up the great work.

  27. Thank you Yvonne! I totally enjoy your content and find it uplifting and inspirational. All your platforms are wonderful and informative.

    1. I left off my Style Results and they are 55% Farmhouse 36% Traditional and 9% Transitional and I don’t doubt any of it…True to me!

  28. The quiz says I’m about 50/50 Transitional & Traditional with a wee bit of Farmhouse thrown in the mix. Sounds right to me. Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. Not the least bit surprised by my results. Fun quiz! I’d say it was fairly accurate at 45% traditional, 36% farmhouse, 18% coastal.

  30. My style is traditional in the survey with some coastal and farmhouse. Not surprised at the results. 🙂

  31. 50% Farmhouse, 30% Transitional, 20% Traditional….normally I don’t score this high for farmhouse so it was an interesting quiz

  32. 36 farmhouse, 36 transitional, 27 traditional…yep, pretty much me! There were several choices where I really had to debate…I’ll probably take it again to see how it affects my outcome!

  33. Farmhouse Coastal for me! Looking forward to reading Karianne’s new book! It looks fabulous!

  34. Wow, I’m way more Farmhouse than I thought I’d be. However, some of the questions I kind of fell into a gap and wasn’t sure any of the answers really matched my style. 🙂

    Thanks for offering the Giveaway! Your style is always an inspiration to me.

  35. I love a decorated room but am a complete klutz and have no idea what I am doing. I love this blog because it has so much inspiration.

  36. What a great quiz – I was mostly Farmhouse, but also shared Traditional and Transitional. Now I’m ready to read the book!

  37. I am traditional with a hint of transitional. Read KariAnne’s book and loved it!! New to the Stone Gable blog and really, really enjoying it as well.

  38. I love it all! I’m currently in the middle of a major redecorating project involving my entire home! Lots of fun, but a little stressful when taking some chances…so far, all the decisions I’ve made have been right on, so I am happy about that! Enjoying the process along the way!


  39. I have been following you for a few years. Thank you for inspiring me with your decorating ideas.

  40. Traditional, transitional, farmhouse, cottage, whatever…I love it all, and enjoy everything about home and decor! Stone Gable is my favorite blog and Yvonne’s style is my most inspirational!! I would love to win THE STYLE FINDER and any associated giveaways!

  41. I knew I was traditional (40%), farmhouse (30%) but I didn’t know I also had such a coastal influence (30%). I admit I live on a lake and love the beach. No doubt, both have influenced my decor. Enjoyed the quiz and continue to love your blog.

  42. I ordered Karianne’s book a month ago, and am waiting excitedly for it’s arrival! Will enjoy reading about each blogger’s style, and hope to learn more about decorating my house. I love a mix of cottage/farmhouse–that’s where I’m at. I enjoy your posts, Yvonne, and am looking forward to the book you are writing. Can’t wait to see it published!

  43. My style was right on the money! Coastal! It really speaks to me! My home is filled with it, but I do like to throw in some traditional decor too! ???

  44. Traditional, Farmhouse, Contempory. The contemporary really surprised me but there were some options where I had to click 1 even though none applied. However, that was fun.

  45. I’m 73% Transitional, 18% Traditional and 8% Farmhouse. A surprise to me as I have never been able to define my decorating style. I just refer to it as “collected”. Thanks for introducing me to Karianne, I can’t wait to read her book and many thanks for the fun giveaway!

  46. I love decorating! I sometimes am traditional or ecclectic or cottage, or a combination of all. I now live in a studio apartment and need to decorate. Any suggestions would be welcomed. It is in a retirement lodge and I love it!

  47. My results were pretty right-on with my top style being Transitional with Farmhouse and Coastal both coming in at 40%. I feel like the quiz results describes my style and preferences to a T!

    And thanks so much for offering the giveaway!

  48. I really enjoyed taking the quiz & was surprised by my results. 45% Farmhouse!
    I’m looking forward to reading this beautiful new book. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  49. Pretty accurate: traditional, transitional and farmhouse- guess that’s why I like this blog so much!!! Lol!!

  50. Love the blog. My style is evolving to more transitional and comfortable. Learned a lot from your blog. We just painted our living room sonnet. With atrium white trim.? thanks for the help.

  51. Your blog is one that I consistently read from top to bottom. Our styles are very similar, but you have given me good advice that I have put to use in my home. You explain things, and give examples in a clear and practical way.

  52. What fun taking this quiz! Just as I imagined…my style was 45% traditional, 38% farmhouse and the remainder, coastal. I enjoy your blog so much Yvonne. If I ever start over with my furnishings, would be excited to have a home that looks as lovely and inviting as yours!

  53. I just love reading your blog, and love the Facebook posts, but signing up for the give away was just too difficult. I tried yesterday, then went back to it this morning. I finished everything including referring 10 friends. I went back to check it off, and found that I needed to copy and paste. Right now I’m just too frustrated to start over again. I wish I could have gotten my name in there!

  54. My quiz results tell me I’m mostly Traditional. I’m not surprised. In all my years of furnishing and decorating my home I’ve gone through traditional, modern, farmhouse and maybe some styles I’m glad I don’t remember. Every time I came back to traditional, except for the artwork on my walls, tables, etc. There I’m drawn to modern, but I think it looks perfect in a traditional setting.

  55. The style-finder quiz shows my style as Coastal. Probably my wishful thinking since I live in the Midwest! I do, however completely relate to your decorating style, Yvonne – it’s perfection to me – which is why I follow your blog (under different email than posted). Love your Sunday Scripture too!

  56. Love your blog ! You feature such gorgeous furnishings! The Style Quiz was a lot of fun & I discovered I’m not as much a farmhouse girl as I thought !

  57. I was wondering if you ever share your resources for things that are in your home? For example, I saw a lamp will actually have seen several lamps that you have I think are so charming! Also, I wasn’t surprised to see that I was 75% farmhouse!

  58. As I said on Facebook. glad to become familiar with your Facebook page, as entertaining as your blog posts! Thanks for offering another way to see your style, how toes and scrumptious recipes !

  59. I have followed your post for over a year and can’t wait to read it every day. I have a traditional home and love blue and white. You give me many ideas.

  60. My result came in as Traditional, and I have to say, that is exactly my style. I love classic furniture, and my home is elegant traditional. I love it!

  61. Your site always delivers a cut above the others that I have subscribed to through the years and then promptly forgotten. I could see myself living in your house and being happy forever. Please keep the inspiration coming.

  62. I love your style, it’s pretty much the same as mine. I’m checking out her book. I love your site, it is so tasteful and so many beautiful ideas. I’ve been following several years no and when these hit my inbox, it always makes me smile.

  63. Traditional with some farmhouse and transitional thrown in for good measure. Funny thing is I recognized so many of the photos because I follow the blogs. It made it difficult to pick which I liked better because I’d honestly select either.

  64. I was looking for a good recommendation for a company who sells outdoor faux flowering plants and boxwood balls.

  65. Love exploring my style and following so many talented decorating bloggers. I’m learning a lot thanks to all of you, and have gained confidence as I go!

  66. I love your style and always enjoy the decorating ideas from your home that you share with your readers! Thank you – I have learned so much!

    1. I forgot to mention my results from the style survey – 40% coastal, 40% farmhouse and 20% traditional. It fits since I like a lot of different things! 🙂

  67. My style is farmhouse and traditional. I like classic pieces, but also the look of wood and decorating with signs that have writing on them.