Develop essential skills to pinpoint your decorating style and become a masterful home decorator. 

Several years ago, I found myself in a situation where I needed to decorate my ‘new’ home. While searching for inspiration, I was excited to have found Yvonne Pratt from the beautiful blog, Stonegable. With the help of Yvonne’s easy to understand design advice and unique diy projects and makeovers, I’ve been able to develop and hone my decorating skills to create a lovely home with my own personality. Yvonne’s design expertise and genuine desire to help others would be a blessing to anyone, whether they are looking to add a new bit of loveliness to a single room, or totally revamping their home! ~Julie Briones, My Wee Abode


My decorating style, initially it was whatever was inexpensive. Then as I matured, I leaned towards traditional. The problem was my husband loves mid century modern; therefore our house is a blend of Craigslist finds, traditional pieces I collected, and mid century pieces that my husband bought or found. I was having the hardest time blending this into one cohesive style. It was a cocophony of bad decorating choices. Then, Yvonne worked with me to find a transitional style that incorporated both my husband's tastes and mine as well. In the dining room, we kept our mid century table, paired them with modern-leaning side dining chairs, upholstered head chairs and a transitional wallpaper with a large geometric pattern. Complete with a mid century modern record cabinet turned sideboard and accessories, our home found a transitional style that we love living with. Thanks Yvonne for helping me find this balance that is uniquely ours. Jacqueline T

Here's how it works:



We will work together to learn YOUR personal decorating style through videos, examples and worksheets. If you put in the work the reward is great!



For each module you wil get home-work! Right from day 1 you will be on a learning and doing journey! You will feel more and more confident about decorating as you go along



By the end of this course you will confidently know your decorating style and be on your way to becoming a successful home decorator.

What will we be covering?


Stop wasting time, money and energy making the wrong dercorating decisions. Stop feeling that you cannot decorate. YOU CAN! You just need to know your decorating style to be a confident home decorator. We will bust all the "I can't" decorating myths here!


Learn what you love and don't and have a basic working knowledge of the most popular styles. Learn and name YOUR own wonderful, personal style and confidently filter everything in your home and everything that will come into your home using your own style .


The goal isn't just to name your personal style but to hone it for years to come. And to create, with sureness, a home that you will love to live in

Learn In and Outside of the Course:

Module 1

Answer this question: Why Are You Here?

Know why you are here and create a list of things you want to learn about your decorating style.

Module 2

Why You Should Know Your Decorating Style

Do you want to be a confident decorator? Save money? Not second guess yourself? Save yourself from getting "stuck"? Then you need to know your style.

Module 3

Things To Know About You And Your Decorating Style..

You are unique and the way you decorate should tell the world who YOU are. Let's talk about why your own style is so important.

Module 4

Most Popular Decorating Styles

Let's look at the most popular decorating styles of today and learn their basic elements and how to use them.

Module 5

Other Great Decorating Styles

Now let's learn about some other more trendy styles that are very popular, their elements an how to use them.

Module 6

This Style Is Worth Talking About! 

Let's talk about one more style. And this just might be where you fit in!

Module 7

Discovering Your Unique Style

Discover the magic of finally knowing your decorating style for sure and being able to filter all decorating choice through it.

Module 8

The Magic Funnel

Here's where we put your styles to the test. You will learn how to hone and own your style when it comes to every decorating decision you make!

Module 9

Decor Rules To Know And Love

Learn the element of good decor and other rules that will give you beautiful results every time!

Module 10

Keeping Current

After you have discovered, named and honed your personal style we will show you how to keep your style current and how to update it when decor styles change.

I've always loved to decorate. As far back as I can remember I was rearranging furniture, creating art for walls and pouring over decorating magazines. But I was not good at it. I had no idea where to start, what to do and how to create a look that was uniquely mine. During those times decorating was often frustrating and unfulfilling and costly. I had in my mind the decorated beautiful home I wanted but did not know how to get there.

It was not until I became a "student" of all things home and decorating that I started to find secrets and guidelines and tricks of the decorating trade. My joy and love for decorating resurfaced. For decades I've read everything I could get my hands on about home decor and practiced what I learned in every room in my home. My home was, and is, a living labratory. It is a testiment to everyone who thinks they can't decorate. And I have helped many home decorators along the way. My mantra is, IF I CAN DECORATE SO CAN YOU... I'll SHOW YOU HOW! 

One thing that had the most impact on how I decorate was finding my own unique decorating style. I stopped making costly mistakes. Stopped decorating with no plan and goal. I no longer felt "stuck" because of too many decorating choices or bad decorating decisions! Now I'm a confident decorator who can and does create beauty in my home and others.

Knowing my decorating style and staying true to it has immensly helped me decorate and curate each room in my home. I can now honestly say, "My house looks and feels like home. MY home".

It is my passion and goal to share what I've learned through my blog, StoneGable. To be a cheerleader, a coach, a teacher, a decorator, and a friend who can come up beside you and help you as you create your own beautiful home.

And now I want to offer you a decorating course that can help you learn and name and KNOW your decorating style. To share with you what has taken me decades to glean. I want to infuse decorating confidence and courage in you because knowing your style sets you on the path to become your own best home designer!



Decorating for me has always seemed more like a chore than a pleasure. While I love having a beautiful, well-decorated home, I felt overwhelmed by choice and making a wrong decision meant having to make costly redos or live with furniture that just wasn’t me.  

Yvonne, with her exquisite taste and incomparable sense of style, helped me to find mine. She is a natural teacher with the ability to instill confidence in even the most decorating-challenged. Armed with new skills developed through Yvonne’s course Know Your Deorating Style and her caring encouragement, I not only found my style, I am transitioning to a fresher, more neutral palette throughout my home. I no longer fear decorating decisions – I embrace them! I highly recommend Yvonne’s Know Your Decorating Style for anyone who wants their home to finally reflect their style and to accomplish it with ease! Lisa P.