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Home Style Saturday #388

I’ve been working on my spring home lately because I’ll be sharing it on March 4th. This spring, I’m adding a bit more color to our home. A little more! One thing I’m learning about a downsized, open-concept home is to keep decor simple! And the same goes for color. Simple is best. My favorite way to decorate is with things I’ll be seeing right outside my front door soon. Budding tree branches, spring flowers, and other brambly organics.

As a blogger, I’m often out of sync with the seasons. Right now, while it is still winter and traces of snow are on the ground, my life is all about beautiful spring. I’m like the robins or the groundhog… a harbinger of spring! Happy Saturday, friends!

Janet | Shabbyfufu

Janet says…

Take note of these 11 tips to prepare your home for spring if you’re craving ways to brighten up your home decor this season!

Rhoda| Southern Hospitality

Rhoda says…

We liked how the faux brick wallpaper in our bedroom looked so much that we decided to add it to the wainscot wall in the hallway too! We love it! I know this look might not be for everyone, but we like it in our house. So let me show you how it turned out. It didn’t take that long to do and we did it in one afternoon, finishing up as it was getting dark outside. Daisy, of course, was there at every step.

Yvonne | StoneGable

Yvonne says…

A spring vignette will brighten up any room and will help you celebrate this beautiful and most welcomed season! Here’s a step-by-step guide for creating a lovely seasonal vignette.

Lory | Designthusiam

Lory says…

One of the simplest, easiest and least expensive ways to add seasonal color to your neutral home is by adding spring decor accessories to your rooms.

Ann | On Sutton Place

Ann says…

Simple kitchen update ideas that quickly add functionality and style. Inspiration for small decor changes and organization tips that will make your kitchen work harder, and look beautiful!

Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Wow! I love Ann’s kitchen backsplash! It’s beautiful.