Style And Easy spring Vignette

A spring vignette will brighten up any room and will help you celebrate this beautiful and most welcomed season! I love creating vignettes because of their big punch of pretty, and I can put one together so quickly! Let’s make an early spring vignette!

Spring is such a short-lived but beautiful season around this part of the country! Forecasters are saying March will be coming in like a lion here, so I’m finding spring beauty, or should I say, creating spring beauty in my home until more seasonal weather comes along!

With our busy lives, it’s a good thing to know how to create something like a vignette that takes only a few minutes to put together and creates such a big visual impact! So today, I’m sharing an easy spring vignette so you can make it, too!

The vignette was inspired by a big bunch of tulips that Bobby brought home for me!

Tulips are one of the rare flowers I’ll put in a clear vase. I think the stems and leaves create such a pretty look! Graceful.  

Always use a basket or tray on a coffee table when creating a vignette. It sets the parameters of the grouping!

A candle is such a nice addition to a vignette.

I chose a white candlestick and a large one at that! The candlestick gave a little more height to the overall look of the spring-inspired vignette. Varying the heights of objects used in a vignette is the key to making it pleasing.

To create this simple vignette, I looked around our home and grabbed a few items from different rooms and my basement. Because the color white was dominant in my spring vignette, it was easy to find other white themes to add to the basket.

Remember I didn’t want to fuss with this vignette, it had to be put together quickly.

Organic elements play a big part in this little vignette. Tulips, a small plant, and moss are placed under a decorative egg.

Book page eggs are so easy to make and they add they are so sweet! They are perched on a pair of books I painted white. Make sure you check out HOW TO MAKE BOOK PAGE EGGS.

In less than 10 minutes, the easy spring vignette is done! So get some grocery store tulips and put together an easy spring vignette for yourself!

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  1. Lovely vignette! You have taught me a lot about putting vignettes together & I am so appreciative. It is important to add the height! I’ve learned that! Vignettes are fun! Thanks so much!

  2. Love the vignette! Where did you purchase the tile coasters?

  3. I love your Spring vignette! It is so pretty and so perfectly put together! It just makes you feel so excited for Spring. Truly lovely!

  4. Beautiful vignette. The tulips are so graceful and the perfect spring accent. The end of February is setting us up for March’s roaring in!

  5. Your vignette is gorgeous! The pop of color of the tulips and the details are really lovely! I can’t wait to get into my new house and use some of your ideas with my decor that is packed away in storage.

    1. CONGRATULATIONS on your new home Gail! May you be blessed in it and bless others through it!

  6. Beautiful! The tulips are gorgeous!!! I need to invest in some clear vases for fresh flowers.

  7. I could stay all day on your sites looking at such inspiring things, but then I remind myself I want to get up and fix them in my house! I like the ‘painted’ books you stacked the tulips on. Heading downstairs to do that for my vignette! Thanks!

  8. Tulips are one of my favorites.Lovely vignette,definately calling spring.

  9. Your vignette is just lovely and put together so quickly! I can see you zipping around your house gathering treasures to put together and then you have created a charming spot for the beautiful tulips. The “Book Page Eggs” are great…can’t wait to try them!

  10. I like the cut and live plants together on the tray. Friendly

  11. I love your decorating style. I just wish I had your talent. It’s always so beautiful. Also wish your podcast was 7 days a week!

  12. Quite amazing for ten minutes, Yvonne! The tulips are just gorgeous, and they are one of my very favorite flowers. With 80 + degree weather in the deep south today, we may skip Spring! I certainly hope not…it is my favorite time of year!

  13. Welcome Spring! Love the vignette! You said that you painted the books white. What a great idea! What kind of paint did you use? I love my burlap books that I covered which were inspired from your blog.

  14. So pretty! Where did you find those beautiful tile coasters? Thank you.

  15. just lovely…and only a few minutes!

  16. Lovely Spring vignette. May I ask where you found your round woven serving tray ? : )

    1. I think this tray might be one of the most popular items at StoneGable. I found it at HomeGoods a few years ago.

  17. Lovely, as usual! What a pretty vignette that I may add to my kitchen island. Will be wonderful to wake-up to this Spring. Thank you for the inspiration.

  18. Leslie thomas says:

    It’s really a question. Where do you buy the wicker tray?
    And…. I LOVE everything that you do?

    1. Hi Leslie, The wicker tray came from HomeGoods. I found it a few years ago. Hope this helps.

  19. Norma Rolader says:

    Gorgeous and oh my the page covered eggs are so inspiring Thank you

  20. Betty Robinson says:

    I love your vignette. It makes me yearn for spring. You inspired me to try this in my kitchen.

  21. Norma Rolader says:

    Oh so lovely and awesome it only takes 10 mins

  22. Rhonda Hallstrom says:

    Flowers are always a good idea!! so pretty

  23. Barbara Chapman ~ French Ethereal says:

    Hello Yvonne, I really like your quick spring vignette! I am always looking for something easy to do to create a welcoming home. I like this and yes, I do need to bring home some more flowers! 🙂 Happily pinning and I tweeted this post already. Have a great week!

  24. Yvonne, I find you to be one awesome woman! I am so glad I found you! =) Will make these eggs and yet going to try with plastic eggs and see how this goes. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

  25. You always have the best tips and decor ‘helps’. Thank you! I just may have to do one or two of those book -age eggs! LOVE!

  26. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Yvonne, your tulips are so pretty! How nice of Bobby to bring these home for you! You have made such a beautiful Spring vignette! You always have such lovely things to share with us! Bless you!

  27. Hi love your vignette, I made the eggs and they look great. In a dish for Easter! Gave some to my grandaughter..

  28. Yvonne,
    I love reading your blog each morning, and have learned so much from your expertise and generosity! Thank you! I was wondering where you found your white, chippy ceramic candlesticks? I have looked everywhere for them!
    Thank you,

    1. CarolbinTX says:

      Try Hobby Lobby, I’m obsessed with candle holders and they have the best selection…look at them for a good long while, grab a candle from a shelf and make sure it’s level. I’ve also found them at Kohls, Kirklands and BB&B.

  29. I love all of this. It looks so beautiful. Can you do this also on an island? I have a three tiered tray on my kitchen table but I don’t want to many trays everywhere. Or maybe that isn’t a thing?

    Thank you!

    1. Oh, yes! I think you can do almost anything on an island you can do on a table!

  30. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Yvonne, your coffee table vignette with your gorgeous tulips is so pretty! I always love to see your vignettes as they are always so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this with us! You always make everything look so easy! Bless you!

  31. gayle eslinger says:

    Stacking dishes–is it just for show, or you doing this at every place setting? TY

    1. Sometimes just for pretty and sometimes I stack the dishes I’ll be using for dinner at each place setting. Playing with dishes is such a joy!

  32. Debre Wheeler says:

    What is the measurement of your round and rectangle baskets used for your vignettes? They are always so beautiful. I have a large coffee table and want to look for one similar to yours that is in proportion with my table and will hold similar items as yours.

    1. Hi, Debre I have all sizes. You really should measure you table or where you are going to put the vignette and find a basket that works with those measurements!

  33. CarolbinTX says:

    I’ve embraced the vignette! I love all of your ideas! I bought some artificial tulips yesterday, but I’m going to look for fresh ones this week too! I’m waiting to buy new couches before I invest in a coffee table, but I’ve always had issues with decor placed there…it always gets moved to watch tv and lounging. That’s ok, I have other surfaces!

    1. Here’s a great idea. Find a pretty low basket and fill it with decorative orbs or something low. Hope this tips helps.

  34. Where did you get the blue tile coasters? I especially like the one on top!

    1. Hi Barb, I’ve had them for years. I picked them up locally. Sorry I don’t have a source.

  35. Elizabeth Elarbee says:

    Yvonne, I follow you every single day. So many amazing posts and ideas. I just love your style.
    Thank you,

  36. Yvonne, your spring vignette is absolutely beautiful! Those tulips are gorgeous and add such a pretty pop of color. I’m so anxious for spring to arrive! I hope you have a most blessed day!

  37. Lauri Palmer says:

    Where did you find that lovely white basket? Thanks.

    I’m new to your website! I love ❤️ it! I have a lot to learn from you!