I am a “shelter” blogger. A term used to describe bloggers who write about anything related to home. And I think it’s a pretty accurate title. For me, the word shelter speaks of all things home, a sanctuary away from the world and protection all that is harmful. I spend most of my day almost everyday immersed in the beautiful world of home decor. And I love it. I hear readers and clients talk their forever home.  StoneGable is not my “forever home”  Today, let’s talk about our true shelter…our true forever home.

StoneGable really is my dream home. I held onto plans for it for years and years until my Bobby said one day, “What do you think about building another home”? I went straight to my desk drawer and pulled out the plans for StoneGable. Yes, I had been planning this home I love for a long, long time… before anyone really knew.

In today’s vernacular StoneGable is my “forever home”. 

StoneGable is a very special place. It’s as if it has a personality and life of its own. People are drawn to my home and if you come you can almost feel our big wraparound porch giving you a hug and ushering your inside!

I have poured my creative power, decorating sense, creativity, love, hard work, and lots of $$$$ into this place we call home.

Creating a home that is welcoming and gracious and warm and beautiful has always been a very important part of my life. And I thrive and revel in the ability to do so. I LOVE this house and almost everything about it and everything I’ve put in it but it does not compare to my real forever home, my true shelter. Not one little bit! 


Our real refuge, sanctuary, hiding place and forever home is God. God Himself!

In ancient times a city would have to be fortified to defend itself from attack. And inside the wall of the city was a fortress with a great and strong tower (migdal in Hebrew), hight and lifted up.

In times of trouble, the people of a fortified city would run into the tower to be high and away from the trouble below. In the tower were safety and shelter.

In Pro 18:10 it is the name of God Himself that is a strong tower, a migdal, to the righteous. I talk a lot about what the “name of God” really means. In ancient times the character of a person connected with their names. And they protected their names fiercely! Who they were WAS their name.

In God’s case when we speak about his name we are talking about His character. All Powerful, All Knowing, All Present, Eternal, Incomprehensible, Self-Existent, Self-Sufficient, Infinite, Transcendent, Sovereign, Holy, Righteous, Just, Merciful, Long-Suffering, Wise, Loving, Good, Wrathful, Truthful, Faithful, Jealous…

Now, what would you rather have as your eternal shelter, the home you live in now or the name of God the strong tower? Really, a no-brainer isn’t it?

This makes me think if my forever home is God Himself shouldn’t I spend more time knowing and obeying and loving and abiding in Him than I spend time on my earthly home? Hmmmmm! This is very convicting to me.

Our homes are important and having a shelter that feels safe and a joy to spend time in is not frivolous. But how much more important is our “forever” home?

Selah (stop and meditate) on that thought!

Memorization verse this week…



To help you understand the names of God and what that tells us about who He is you can see a three part series HERE, HERE, and HERE.

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  1. For a couple of years I wrote a blog entitled “Last home before heaven.” I truly do look forward to my last home IN heaven. Thank you for your encouraging post.
    Sue P.

  2. Angie Chadwick says:

    Hi Yvonne. I love the Sunday Posts. I live in a very godless state in Australia and my home has also now become my high tower and safe place with God. Angie

  3. Esther Bayer says:

    AMEN!What a blessing it was to open your email today..a great message of our eternal home waiting for us,thank you so much.Blessings,Esther

  4. Dianne Miley says:

    Good morning, Yvonne,
    You are truly an inspiration in so many ways! I’m grateful to have met you at Haven. I felt a sisterhood with you without even drawing a ? in the sand. ?

  5. I sure enjoy all your posts, but especially your Sunday posts.

  6. Celia Albert says:

    This was a beautiful post Yvonne! I enjoy all of your posts and admire you, your faith and abilities a lot. You’re a wonderful writer as well as talented with decorating and homemaking, thank you!

  7. I always enjoy your Sunday posts. I had a moment this week when I was feeling kinda down and remembered a bible study where we learned that we can never be truly satisfied on this earth because it is not our forever home. We are always longing for heaven. It was such a pleasure meeting you at Haven!

  8. What a beautiful image your words and photo have created for me to envision me running to my Shelter in a true crisis. Just at the right time God draws me to His Words to apply to my life. Throughout my days I often need a stronghold. Time and time again He shows me He is my strength and protection. I get afraid. But I do run to Him.
    Thank you for including verses. I’ve memorized many but even so it is good to review them and put them into my heart for when I need them. I appreciate your hard work on my behalf. I don’t often tell you that!!

  9. Julie Briones says:

    Great study, Yvonne. Love the way you used the analogy of being a home blogger, and the Lord/Heaven being our Forever Home. <3 Have a great week!

  10. Vanessa Richardson says:

    Dear Yvonne,
    Thank you for sharing the spiritual aspect of our homes(shelters). It was really wonderful!
    Our church holds a ladies seminar every fall and our theme this year is about God being our shelter in the time of storm.As I looked over your devotional and beautiful lighthouse picture I couldn’t help but think” Is there anything here we can incorporate into our seminar?
    I love your Blog and all your beautiful pictures of your lovely home! God bless you! Vanessa

  11. Caroline Martone says:

    This was so wonderful! I am a Christian and did not know that when I signed up for this newsletter/blog recently to enhance my love for design, that there would be Christian content. What a blessing!

  12. Yvonne, I just shared this Masterpiece on my Facebook. When I think of you, I feel you get me! We just had six days of hosting grandkids; then the adults came for the weekend. We shared Wisconsin activiites: boogie boarding on Lake Michigan, canoeing, swimming, free parks, etc.. but this morning, I have my lists out improving our hospitality. We are in need of daybeds, etc to make sure everyone can get a good sleep. But my heart home for my soul is in God. Jesus! We could not get everyone to come to church with us. My duty is to set the example and pray! God bless you richly!

  13. I feel blessed just to have somehow found your site.
    I really am inspired by reading it and will certainly share with my bible study buddies.
    Thank you for sharing your gifts.