Please read to the bottom of this post… I need your input!

I hope you are enjoying StoneGable’s new header? It’s part of a mini makeover to update and bring a fresh new look to my blog! I’ve been wanting to have more of a “brand” presence in the blogging community and one that you, my fabulous readers, can pick out and associate with all that StoneGable is and hopes to be! If this sounds lofty… well, it is! I am all about and committed to making StoneGable the very best blog/brand it can be! And this I do with YOU in mind! 

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 10.10.23 PM


I know some of you might have liked the images at the top of the page and the old StoneGable logo… and so did I. But, I think a fresher, less cluttered looks is soft and pleasing to the eyes. There are enough images “below the fold”. 

Let me tell you about the elements of the header and what they stand for…

The gray pillow ticking is a nod to the big influence of farmhouse style you will find here! I love the way it gently unfolds across the top of the page!!!!

The name “StoneGable” is written in a modern sweeping script in a soft blue/gray color. I like the movement of the Aura Blue script and the updated way it portrays my brand. StoneGable is a forward thinking, big idea, lots of inspiration blog. And the lettering says that in a not so subtle way! 

The grey/blue/white and limestone colors associated with my StoneGable represent the colors of the limestone gable on the front of our home. These are the true colors of StoneGable!

The nest symbolizes “home”. We who love all things home are big time nesters! And what would a nest be without a few eggs! They represent inspiration, creativity and love! All values to be hatched and nurtured to create a warm, welcoming and beautiful home!


There are still a few more changes to come… very small actually! But I’ll let you know what to look for!

Now, let’s talk about something very practical. Some of you might be experiencing a “wonky” or “weird” header. I got lots of email from concerned readers who were surprised by the look of my header. If you have a wonky header, don’t worry! After a frantic email to my blog designer, she informed me that some of you (including me) may need to do a HARD REFRESH.

SO SO easy to do.  On a Mac, press your command key + shift key + “r” key (On Windows press control + f5)…. You can do that right now!

Voila! Now you should be able to see my pretty new header and it should look normal and not all wonky all over the top of the page!

Now, let’s talk!!! I’m counting on you to give me lots of ideas about what you would like to see on StoneGable this fall. Speak up… I’m listening. Let me know in the comment section!

And I’ll be posting this fall with you in mind!


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  1. Love your new header! High five on that one:). I can’t get enough of your tablescapes and truly just decorating in any and all areas of the home. I am seriously addicted:). Thanks so much for all your hard work. Xoxo

  2. New header is great! Change is good. I am surprised it isn’t black and white since you feature so much of those two colors in your nest. No matter. Just delighted to have your daily post!!!!!!!!!

    I continually ask for a series on scare crows. They would add so much to any entryway, porch, garden etc. I know you are in Lancaster and must see plenty. I am NOT looking for the Michael’s typical on a stick scare crow. I want some ideals on how to make them other than stuffing panty hose. Give us some Etsy sites selling them! I know you can do this. Any thing you set out to do, is done well. Scare crows are overlooked. My home is registered HABITATE FOR WILDLIFE so I am not wanting to SCARE wildlife, just add another dimension to decorating. Thanks!

  3. Love it Yvonne! I noticed the nest a few days ago and loved. I love the blog and your unique mix of all things and your faith mixed in. So happy you have decided to share your God given talents with the rest of us. I look forward to your posts with my coffee each morning! God bless!

  4. The new header is stunning in its simplicity and eye appeal. Some suggestions for the fall – Fall Menus & Recipes, Cleaning/Preparing the house for Fall (pre-decorating), Storing Fall Decor when transitioning to Christmas, and (my favorite) more Front Porch Decor ideas. Many thanks for your inspiration.

  5. I have a tablet and have difficulty opening your mail. I do enjoy reading them on Facebook. Love your decorating and your tips!

      1. I use Chrome and also have difficulty. Haven’t been able to see the new header yet, but I’m looking forward to it! 🙂

    1. New header looks the same on my MAC as on iPad. So, I haven’t had any difficulties. BTW…love, love, love the new look. Thank you for all of the wonderful creative ideas that you post. I always look forward to your emails.

  6. Love the new header, love your blog, love the content you share with your readers. You truly are an inspiration and I incorporate so much of your insight and style into my own home. My style has evolved over the years due to your posts. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Enjoy this day!

  7. Ah! I thought it was just my silly computer that wasn’t allowing me to see the entire logo at the top! Thanks for the tip, control/shift/R. I did it and now I can see the entire thing. I am loving your new look, it’s so soft and cozy. Happy Friday! I also can’t wait for your book. Please keep us updated on that! It’ll probably be my “coffee table” book!

  8. I love your blog Yvonne. I loved it with the other header and I love this one just the same and especially since we now know what it represents to you. In addition to all of the wonderful things you post and teach us, I would love to see more of your mantel and also your master bedroom. I love all of the rooms in your home and have come to love the farmhouse style through Stonegable. It’s like an old friend – you just feel at home.

    1. MOre mantel, got it!!!! As for the bedroom it’s still one of the very last rooms to be made over! I will start working on it in the fall… with posts and pictures!

  9. I would like to see ideas on wall decor. I can’t seem to get beyond a picture centered on the wall! Shutters don’t really work for me (as much as I love yours) because we have plantation shutters on every window. Love your new look!

  10. LOVE your new header! I didn’t realize it was supposed to be ticking stripe – I thought it was beadboard -which also works well with farmhouse style! Your tablescaping days are my favorites. I think you are THE BEST tablescaper in blogland. I also enjoy your vingette and decorating tips and wreath DIYs. Thank you for your Sunday blogs. I appreciate that you’re sharing your faith in a real, practical way on a top notch blog. I look forward to reading your blog every day.

  11. Yvonne,
    I love the new header–especially the blue and white color. One of the biggest things I love about you is your creative ability to show us a truly amazing craft that is amazing and yet easy to do. Like the burlap candle holders from tuna cans!! More, more!!

    I also love to see your beautiful home and how you’ve decorated it, inside and out–porches and doors included–everything!

    I love your tablescapes and dishes, too.
    Thanks for asking,

  12. I like the header as shown in this picture where the subscribe area is to the right of your name. I think it is more streamlined and sophisticated than how it is appearing on my screen.

    On my screen the subscribe area is underneath the blog name and so it looks like a ginormous box that takes up the whole screen. That could be because I only have a 17″ screen but not sure. Also, I understand the nest part because you explained it in this post but I’m not sure others who do not know why you have it there would understand that part as it doesn’t have anything to do with stones or gables. I like the colors but like someone else said, I’m surprised because it’s not your normal color palette. Love the lettering though…it’s GORGEOUS! Over all I like the new style and can’t wait to see it all put together. I love all your posts they are full of lots of good ideas and information, with a ton of beautiful pictures.

  13. Yvonne, I absolutely LOVE your new header… it epitomizes StoneGable!!! You have always inspired me to try new decorating ideas in my home that fit my rather traditional/country/French style. I particularly like seeing your kitchen and tablescape ideas, but look forward every morning to reading your blog with my morning cup of coffee no matter the subject. Just keep the ideas coming…we love you just the way you are!

  14. Yvonne,
    Love the new “look” at Stone Gable – so farmhouse style! Thanks for the reset tip – I did it and it worked! As for the fall, I would love to see fall tablescapes and decor both inside and out (doors/porches). So many times the fall decor in the stores is a little much. I would love to see you incorporate your style and still decorate for fall. I would also enjoy fall crafts. Thanks for the inspiration you share each day – it’s such a blessing!
    Enjoy the weekend,

  15. Yvonne,
    I love, love, love the nest! Your new header is light and fun and fresh! It is So YOU! It is my favorite of all the ones you have had before. I love your blog just as it is. I think every post is awesome but I have to say if you wanted to do more tablescapes I would be a happy girl! Shoot, I would be happy just to look at pictures of your dish closet!

    I do want to say, though, as I am typing this comment I had to put my glasses on to see because the font color is so light. If you could make that a little darker it would be nice but it’s not a big deal. Just thought I would mention it.

  16. Yvonne,
    Your new webpage looks fantastic! I just love seeing what you feature everyday. I look forward to it. Thanks for all your hard work.

    Houston, TX

  17. I really loved your old header. It was the best of all the blogs I look at. I could pick it out anywhere else. I will still really enjoy your site no matter what the header.

  18. Love the new header! The old was nice too but it felt a little too formal for farmhouse. The new one is pleasing to the eye and represents you so much better!
    I would love to see some posts on how to pick out a rug for living room/dining room. I never know what patterns or colors are best and your ideas are always so helpful. I love your ideas for vignettes, holiday/seasonal decor, accessorizing, and hope they keep coming. I have a smaller home and would love some ideas for decorating smaller spaces that are both practical (storage and utility-wise) and still beautiful.
    I look forward to your fall ideas and can’t wait to see what you have in store!

  19. I too thought it was headboard. Love the nest and the speckled eggs. Change is good. I would like to read more about scale.



  21. Love your Tablescapes best your clean look,do not enjoy that bloggers are joining together and you see the same thing
    On each blog.Please you were perfect on your blog and do not need the change of other bloggers influence.
    It causes me to just unsubscribe from them
    I think you should not change as you had the best blog out there why try to incorporate others and change from you which
    Is what has created a successful blog.
    If we are interested in other bloggers then we join them,I have recently unsubscribe to six others because they all ran together
    Thank you for allowing me to share my opinion .Your sight is awesome

  22. I enjoy all of your posts and read them each day. I especially appreciate your Sunday thoughts! A larger or bolder font would be helpful to make reading your blog even more pleasant.

  23. Hi Yvonne! I love your new look! Very up to date for your farmhouse look. I would like to see how you store all your beautiful decor. I have lots of decor for the different seasons, and also everyday decor. I like to switch things up like you, and often! I would love to see how you store and organize your decor. I believe I read you have a basement (unfortunately, here in Texas, basements are very rare). I do have two storage sheds, one for Christmas, the other is used for yard work equipment and tools. But any organizational tips would be very much appreciated. Also, I have to agree, your tablescapes are fabulous! More on that would be awesome! Can’t wait to see your master bedroom come together!

  24. I also enjoyed the recipes for the week that you used to publish. Don’t see that as often now. Love the new header. My biggest question is why the first post I receive (in Chrome) I can’t open (says the website doesn’t exist), but a second one comes the next day and I can open that just fine… just a little frustrating when I am anxious to see your latest post!

  25. I loved your old header — so bright and cheerful. This one is rather dull. Sorry. If I was “blog browsing” and only looking at headers, I would go right past this one, but I absolutely would have “clicked” on your old one. Also, I tend to turn the other way when I see nests; just don’t care for them, especially when combined with dishes. I know how you love them and use them often.

  26. Love the new header. I returned home late yesterday afternoon after a wonderful motorcycle ride and decided to open my e-mail to find you had changed your header. Love it …looks like something I would have chosen if I were doing a blog. The colors,script and the nest are represented of something new and very fresh. Very much in style NOW. Love your your blog and look at it for inspiration.
    Thank you for all you do

  27. Hi Yvonne,
    Change is always nice, especially when it comes to decorating,. There are many who love your new header but for me and my older eyes, it seems to pale out ..For my first glance I thought the ticking was headboard, and everything pales out, but then again it may be my eyes, even the font as I am commenting is pale ???? Or just Maybe it may be my laptop? LOVE LOVE LOVE all that you do but somehow I think that your header does not match your decorating style and photographs that you post.

  28. Stone Gable was the very FIRST blog I started following when I fell in love with your kitchen! The new header is fresh, serene and farmhouse-y and so pleasant to look at when I open my newsletter. Very nice!

  29. I love your new look it look great! I have not been following you for years and I knew right off that the nest had to do with home and the font being a modern hand s riot font. And your color is the color of a room in your home. The back drop did reminded me of beadboard. But after you said gray ticking I can see that now. You can get that look if you Darken your lines a little with hue and saturation , or work with fill lines depending on the program your using photoshop or illustrator.?
    I think you have a good balance of table scapes, decorating, recipes, gardening, and DIY . Would like to see mantel ideas as well, or I have a sofa table next to a wall and I use table and wall as my mantel as this home does not have a fire place?, or the next time you talk about the coffee bar how about a receip or two for home made creamer with flavor?.
    Just some food for thought. Have a Blessed day!
    Love your blog and friendship.
    Love ya!

  30. Love the new header! But then again I love all your post. Would be interested in how you store all your beautiful things, most of us have limited space.

  31. I too liked your previous header. It is what drew me to your blog a few months ago. I like to get a glimpse of what I will find in a blog from the header pictures. So many bloggers are using the more generic, cleaner look, which is nice, but tells me little about the blog itself.
    Having said all of that, I love reading your blog, and will continue to do so no matter what the header looks like! Your decorating style is the best, and you offer such good ideas. You also cover a wide spectrum of topics from cleaning, to potato salad recipes, and I try just about everything! (Btw, the potato salad IS the best?)
    So keep up the good work. You have such a gift!

  32. Yvonne: I love your new look. So neat and clean.

    I would like decorating posts. We just
    got new living room furniture in grey and white.
    Husband painted the bottom of the walls grey and
    the tops white.
    Need to have some ideas as what to put on the walls.
    Our old walls had all maroon items.

    We have to get used to the lighter colors.

    Need to decide if I want to add black things into the

    Enjoy your beautiful new blog.

    Denise Lamb

  33. Any thing Farm Fresh, Fall Decorating or some beautiful fall pictures of Lancaster…PA is breathtaking in the fall. Oh and always love your recipes 🙂 Great new look, stylin’ just like you! God Bless♡

  34. Even after a hard refresh, my Mac still shows the “Free Email Updates” box cutting off “ble” from Gable. I guess it will work itself out with time! Even though I’ve always loved everything about Stone Gable, and each time you change something I find it a little sad, I do love your new header as well! (Can you guess I don’t like change???)

    1. Rhonda do you have your zoom on? I have mine set to 125% and it cuts that part off too, but if I change it to 100% everything looks right.

  35. I’m loving your new look, Yvonne, especially the sweet little nest.

    Since you live in Lancaster, I would love to see stories or photos of what’s going on in the area. Maybe your visits to some cute antique stores?

  36. Love the beadboard, the nest, the eggs, the eclectic whimsical font. All an A+. I will give you this feedback. When I get the SG email and it says “read more here” there is always an error and “page not found” comes up in a new window. You can ask your web guru about that.
    What do I want to see in the Fall? I’m a fall traditionalist – so for me, anything beautiful and fall’ish is what I wish to see. And, some good yummy fall-type soups. I love soup and have a zillion recipes but it’s always great to find something new.
    Beautiful blog, Yvonne.

    1. I think I emailed you regarding what Susan is talking about. Many times when I click on “read more”, there is NO WAY I can figure out how to get into the most exciting part. I’m all cranked up to “read more”. You are a delight and much more. Like others, I love your Sunday blog. I read it to my husband. Share time. Liked some of the suggestions. Some I would have never thoguht of because your blog is, what I look forward to.”

  37. Yvonne – Love, love, love the new header! Two of favorite things – nests and beadboard. Thank you for all you give and sharing your never ending talent. Your blog is a regular, just love the variety of ideas, decorating and food posted. You never know what you’ll see, but it’s always interesting and fun!

  38. I like the new header – it’s fresh and simple, but elegant. Love the font. I noticed the nest first (and knew that would be your description – see, your readers do know your priorities). Your refresh of the site reminds me that I need to do the same – and I need to apply myself to posting more often.

    One of the remarks was suggesting highlighting the surrounding area you live. I have to admit that stepping outside of our own door opens us up and shows people the community we embrace. If I post a picture or information about the place I live, it gets good attention. There are only so many ways we can show readers how we decorate our own houses, and we often get inspiration from those around us.

    I like your recipe features. The images are always well done, description of recipes are detailed.
    I really enjoy your Sunday posts. There have been weeks that reading them offered me more than the hour I spent at church. I’m not sure if you preach at your church – but you have so much to offer. Thank you.

  39. Yvonne, I can’t tell you how much I look forward to your posting each morning! I learned so much from your post regarding tips on house cleaning, and would love to see more posts on home and personal organization, tips on efficient usage of time, and on how you manage to get “it” all done? Many thanks!

  40. I love the new header. I am experiencing difficulty getting from your email to your website and have to go in via putting in your name to search. It says something about DNS server.

    I’m happy to hear about your branding. You are one of my favorite bloggers.
    .I would like to see this:
    Fall decorating in elegance and fall decorating in whimsy.
    Recipes some for crock pot and some cooked.
    Fall desserts and drinks

    I’d love to see one post that was all about an easy fall gathering for the ladies you know a tablescape, recipes for an easy get together, drinks..what you would do if you were inviting some friend an over. Include your favorite fragrances candles and maybe the type of music you might play. Also something you would include at the foyer to welcome your guests please. ( can you tell I need help?) I started my book club in 2009 during my son’s third of four deployments. Our birthday is in october and I admire having the ladies to my home.

  41. I love your blog because I too live in a farmhouse style house! I think your header could use a little more color, I do love the nest though. I really liked the old header as well, keep up the good work and I will keep reading and dreaming of all the things I could do if I had the time. I prefer a modern farmhouse with a little less clutter and a few well chosen pieces and decorating for the seasons with a less is more mentality. Ideas geared toward a more” mature” shall we say age group. As a sandwich generation parent I don’t feel I have the same desire or energy to be crafty or do time consuming decorating like I did when I was younger.

  42. The new look is so pretty and fresh, love it! I would like to see something on storing seasonal decor, and purging it too. I have so much it is threatening to take over. Loved the recent post on finding your decor style too. Keep up the great work you are doing.

  43. More than the new redesign of the blog, what I think makes your blog so special is your heartfelt desire to ALWAYS think of us, your readers. You are so caring, thoughtful, positive…….that is what attracts me to your blog. Of course,I love all your design inspiration and recipes, but it is YOU that sets your blog apart from others……at least for me. I also really, really like your Sunday posts. Your Christian beliefs are such a blessing. Thank you!

  44. Very nice header…I think change is always good as it reinvigorates! Love a lot on your blog, my favorites are the know your style posts, anything kitchen and seasonal decorating! I agree that some local pictures and stories would be nice…because I also live in Pa. And love it!

  45. Either one of the headers are inviting….you got me at the header when I first looked at your blog….love it thanks and good luck

  46. I have windows on my computer, so I felt as if I was playing the game of “Twister” with my fingers! I still had the wonky heading up top tho! However………..however you do it……..however it comes……….I will take it because you are without a doubt, my favorite Blog!

  47. Happy Friday Yvonne!
    I’ve thought about the request you put out to your readers for suggestions of new blog subjects.
    What comes to mind is how every time you’re going to build a vignette you tell us about looking through your dish closet and playing with your collections of dishes to come up with the combination for your new display. That makes me giddy! It never fails to bring thoughts of how I would love it if you gave us a peek into your dish closet to see what your collection looks like en masse, and to see how you store all your beautiful treasures! It would be fun to hear more about how you have collected your dishware, what you think about when purchasing new pieces (such as: do I buy a full set or just four dessert plates, etc.)
    …Just a thought!
    Love your blog, and can’t wait to read every new post you write!
    Have a great weekend!

  48. Love your new header! I receive two posts each day~one that will open and one that won’t. Don’t know why.
    I, too, would like to see more on wall decorating.

  49. I think it’s very pretty I love the soft tones and the gentle feel… it is nice. good job. I have been wanting to do a ‘new site too’ but can’t afford the help right now.

  50. Yvonne, I admit I liked your other header but what is important is the quality of your posts. My frustration now is that I did the refresh and I still can’t get the new header to open properly. I can see it when I first open my email. When I click on “read more” it goes to the next screen as usual but there is where it is a mess. It definitely is Wonky. When I scroll down it appears again and there I can see the new header. I know this is not how you intended for it to be viewed. I have Windows. Any suggestions? I love your blog and want to continue viewing it.

  51. Yvonne,
    As some others have mentioned, the background of your header looks like bead-board to me, too. Would not have known it was ticking if you had not said so…..A good many blogs these days are going with the very light fonts, and it IS hard to read them, especially if it is a link to something.

    I have always loved your blog from the first time I stumbled upon it! So diverse, yet so practical. Also, the Sunday posts are just my way to start the next week, and I look so forward to them. At times, I forward them to friends and family as they may touch a chord in something going on with us. The one thing I do not look forward to is THE SCOOP…..Sorry, I just don’t follow that any longer.

    I too, would love a look into your dish closets (s) in all its glory! LOL!!! I know you have touched on seasonal decor storage in the past, but would love a glimpse into the area where that is kept too! You know….”inquiring minds want to know!”……I know you are one busy lady, but I have always wanted to know/see what a typical day is for you….either in a journal, or a once a week post where you pick out just one day and write about it. To know that you are human, just like me….lol….and get splinters or bruises, paint in your hair or a recipe just did not turn out like you thought it would….small, seemingly insignificant events. No matter what, I LOVE your blog and look forward to the posts every day!

    Good work and God Bless!

  52. Love your blog and the new header! Agree with others that the colors could be a little darker for my old eyes! Would love to see more cleaning, preparing, organizing, storage and purging of fall decor.

    Thanks for being a bright spot in my day?.

  53. I really liked your old header. It seemed to stand out more to my eyes. I’m sure I will get used to the new one with time. I love everything that you do. I really am drawn to your decorating style and love all the tips you share. It’s nice that you cover everything from decorating to crafts to cleaning and recipes. Your blog is one of my favorites and I look forward to it every day.

  54. Love it – actually looks friendlier and countrified but still dignified. I love the script. Want to search for it and use it with my business.

  55. Loved your header! My first thought was wainscoting! I love ticking as well! You know they said less is more!!!
    Keep it up! Love your blog!!!

  56. Hi Yvonne,

    I am still experiencing a wonky header (same as described by Lizet, above). I tried the hard refresh but nothing changed. I have a Mac and use Chrome. I do think it’s lovely though! 🙂

    On another note, I am wondering if you or any of your readers might be able to help me with a problem: I have always LOVED your blog, but I am sad to report that I am not reading it as much because I have such a difficult time loading and scrolling through content (loading is impossibly slow and scrolling is jerky to non-existent). I use Chrome and I have the same problem with any blog that has lots of advertising/sponsors and requires that I click through to read posts in their entirety (I don’t mean that as a criticism – just describing the problem). I have resisted commenting because it could very easily be a problem on my end that I don’t know how to fix. It’s just very frustrating to read and as a result I have really cut back on reading some of what have always been my favorite blogs. To fellow readers of this blog, have any of you had the same experience and have you found a way to make it better? It doesn’t seem to be as noticeable if I switch to Safari, but I prefer to use Chrome.

    Any help would be very much appreciated! I miss making your blog a part of my daily routine.

    1. Kallie, it’s not the ads… ads are very small files. It the tons of images. Yes, I know my blog is slow. But it’s about normal for a high density image rich blog. There is only one thing I can do to make it faster… use less images. And I hope my readers think my images are worth the wait. Thanks!

  57. Why of course we LOVE it! Who doesn’t love to see a redecorate? Whether it’s a room, a house or a blog- we all love a fresh, new look! I think it looks great! i especially love the time and thought you put into adding the elements that define who you are and want to be. We may never exactly know what each and every element stands for (like that the eggs in the nest are for inspiration, creativity and love) but we will surely “get” the overall feeling of authenticity of your ‘mission’ and THAT alone will come across as a pleasant experience for us readers. It is obvious you have put you heart into this redesign and it shows. Just as I am sure your home is a cozy place for your guests at home, we all will continue to love to ‘visit’ your blog, for sure. Nice job and thanks for sharing your inspiration for all things home with us who are less inclined!

  58. Oh oh oh oh oh! I almost forgot! I wanted to add that while I do acknowledge that this is certainly a business for you, please, please please don’t go crazy with continually trying to out do your self. Don let ‘the numbers’ dictate the content of your blog- it will be the kiss of death (I think) if you turn this blog into a money making machine just to improve your numbers. Please don’t start to ‘sell’ us stuff that you have worked out a deal with a supplier so that you get a kickback for a product that is sorta like something you have in your home and try to convince us it’s the same and that we should jump on that bandwagon and buy it. Your blog, for me, is not duplicating each and every exact element you use in your home into MY home, but taking notes on WHY you do certain things to you home and less about how. Just my two cents here- I have left many blog for this reason and would hate to see yours go this route. We love you just the way you are!

    1. JOANNE!!!!! My blog is so so much more than that to me! It will remain just as it is… hopefully better. I am always making decisions with my readers in mind.
      I have such a passion for StoneGable!!!!

  59. Yes… I too love what you already do… sometimes if it isn’t broke you don’t have to fix it.
    That said, I think your new header if fresh and beautiful. I would like recipes, and
    crafts and your tables are beautiful. I always read your Sunday lessons… I love Jesus too =)
    It so fun to watch you decorate. I have went back to neutrals and added some black just
    because I loved your dining room ! I also searched high and low until I found material
    to make me a bird pillow… we have twinkies now =) I live in the deep south and so
    no one will ever notice. Thanks for your hard work… and Good job !!

  60. I think it’s beautiful, and a well thought design! Each of the elements means something to you, and about Stonegable. I did love your pictures, but completely understand why you did it. It looks marvelous, Yvonne:)

  61. I am going to have to get reacquainted with your beautiful blog…when you changed the format awhile back, it was more difficult for me to read it and I was a daily reader because it was a favorite of mine.

  62. I love your new header and truly enjoy following your blog. The rooms in your home are beautiful but they also project a feeling of warmth and elegance. You have managed to not only create beautiful rooms, but rooms that make you want to cone in and sit for a while. Some rooms can be beautiful but you feel nothing when you look at them. I love that you post often, I have followed some blogs who only post every month or two. I realize people take vacations,have family emergencies that they can’t always post. I appreciate your dedication to your blog, I honestly feel you work very hard at making your blog the very best. Your time and effort are so appreciated. A very loyal follower.

  63. Yvonne, The new header is so fresh, modern and happy! I think it’s important to update now & then so things don’t get dated & stale. Of course you are my go-to inspiration for tablescapes & your shower luncheon inspired a ladies lunch I gave for my Mom and he friends. Your chicken salad in puffed pastry was a hit!
    I enjoy your recipes, décor tips, but can I say I so envy your talented husband. I don’t have a Bobby. I have a Buzz who is great mechanically, but forget the painting, caulking, carpentry. Oy, disaster. Would it be possible for Bobby to occasional do a tutorial on how to paint like a pro? I live in FL & we have knock down textured walls which are a nightmare to ‘cut in’. Can your Bobby pass along any tips?
    Thanks for all you do to serve up hearty portions of inspiration everyday.

  64. Stonegable is one of my top 10 blogs! Your photos are vibrant, your story line doesn’t snow the reader, your ideas and simple changes are always lovely. As much as I like change to me personally I like the vibrant color photos you switched up every season at the header. I gravitate to color and even though your header is sweet I don’t feel your happy colorful self coming thru it. But who am I? Just another reader offering her own personal love of images. Agree…surprised that black, white & neutrals weren’t your theme change.

  65. Hi Yvonne,
    I stumbled across your website late last year and have been hooked ever since! It was your old header that made me curious to explore more because it gave a glimpse of some of your beautiful creations. With that said, I’m thrilled to have found you and will be happy with any header you choose. I especially enjoy your tablescapes, vignettes and decorating ideas for each season. I have collected several plates (and other stuff) but now I need your help in figuring where to store these plates! Keep up the good work — you are such an inspiration!

  66. I LOVE the new look and everything about your blog! I still could use help with organizing and how to decorate/organize a open china hutch. Also, I just bought a sectional(my husband just loved it and I couldn’t say no). I tried to find a neutral with clean lines and a modern farmhouse feel. I really love it but finding a hard time arranging it. I know I just have to play with it some to get the configuration but some post on sectionals would be great! Thanks for every thing you do! 🙂

  67. I am in the minority, but you did ask for opinions. Your old header caught my attention, brought me back to your blog and I liked your postings so much I subscribed, and look forward to reading your blog. The new header……may be my eyesight, but the ticking/beadboard/stripes are too busy and bother my eyes, the soft color fades on my monitor, it is hard to focus on, and I doubt I would ever have ventured past the heading to discover the richness within. Since I really enjoy reading your posts, The heading doesnt matter to me…….but I really liked your old one better…….

  68. Hi Yvonne,
    I stumbled across your website late last year and have been hooked ever since! It was your old header that made me curious to explore more because it gave a glimpse of some of your beautiful creations. With that said, I’m thrilled to have found you and will be happy with any header you choose. I especially enjoy your tablescapes, vignettes and decorating ideas for each season. I have collected several plates (and other stuff) but now I need your help in figuring where to store these plates! Keep up the good work — you are such an inspiration!

  69. Love everything you do. Can spot your style on Pinterest right away! Is there a search option for your blog?

  70. Love your new header, Yvonne! So nice, clean & crisp! Besides your tips, tablescapes, & DIY’s , I would like to see more of your yummy recipes for Fall & Winter. Maybe even a Christmas home tour. Keep up the good work! Love your Blog!,

  71. I absolutely loved your old header!!! Changing to the softer, newer look, to me, says I want to look like other blogs. I loved the look of the real pictures. It told me a lot about your site. You are my favorite blogger, enjoy all your post.
    That said, I do appreciate what the new header means to you, how you chose each element to make a statement about who you are. However it looks, won’t change the fact that your blog is the most re-pinned on my Pinterest boards. Thank you for all your hard work and your open heart.

  72. Love the new header! I am totally addicted to your blog, it is so warm, inviting & just fun to read. I have learned so much from the tutorials & decorating tips. Thank you for sharing your home & your knowledge! A post or two on how you store, organize & protect all those beautiful things would be great.

  73. Hi Yvonne, I too have gone through the heart-wrenching, hair tearing, lay awake at night worrying about my website and blogs,,, ESPECIALLY when my media helpers forced me kicking and screaming into a periodic refresh. I found myself in a love/hate relationship with every re-vamp I’ve gone through, only to end up completely smitten with my “new” design each time it evolved. Though we are in totally different fields, I love my home (Foxglove Farm) and decorating too and have enjoyed you lovely blog for years. You have a marvelous eye for beauty and detail, your new header is fresh and lovely and I pray the Lord guide you and prosper the journey you’re on.
    Warm Wags,
    terry ellen cross

  74. Maybe it’s because I am using a tablet, but there is an ad at the top of your page . I, too, thought the background was beadboard, not ticking and think the website Sheila, sent with the header not so large looks great. All that being said, I LOVE your blog, your enthusiasm and everything you are so kind to share. THANK YOU!!!

  75. Love your new header. My husband and I have been in our new home for a year. I have a very small kitchen, tho okay for the 2 of us, small pantry closet with 5 shelves, a living room/dining room combo that needs a way to divide without too much money or effort. I have a crafts room that needs ideas for storage. I also have a very large master bedroom that needs ways to make it inviting. My husband and I are talking about maybe a bookcases headboard or (and more what I want) a dressing table and shelves behind the bed that makes the bedroom feel smaller and more intaimate

  76. Yvonne: I will bet that this post has received the most comments ever! Congratulations! I, too, a longtime follower, love your blog more than any other.
    Would you possibly share your Web Designer? I have had my header for years and am so tired of it. My style has changed, thanks to many of your wonderful ideas and it just isn’t me anymore’ so it really needs a change to a cleaner, lighter look! Thank you!
    And BTW, I agree with all the POSITIVE bloggers who commented above who all love your blog! I like them better!
    Joy of The

  77. Hi Yvonne, I’ve been following your blog for years but this is the first time I’ve posted a comment. Thank you for all the hard work you put into your blog–us faithful readers appreciate all that you do. I’ve always loved your entertaining/tablescape ideas as well as recipes. I would love to see more posts about those topics. Other areas I find helpful or inspiring include porch/patio decorating, farmhouse styles and your ministry posts. Thank you for all positive and uplifting ideas!

  78. Good Morning Yvonne…….

    I too think your new header is lovely….but I was over the moon with the old one! It just stood out and demanded your attention! But for me, its the contents of your blog that keeps me coming back! I love everything you do, your idea’s and ideals……so keep doing what you do fellow “Pennsie”…..I will be there with bells on!

  79. Your new header is very attractive. I also used to have problems loading your blog and didn’t visit as often as I would have liked because it took to long. I had a 3G network, but just upgraded to 4G and now it’s just fine. I do like being able to “read more” on the specific article I’m interested in. But to be honest, I feel a lot of blogs have become more of a business today with all the advertising. I understand why, but miss the day when there were no distractions. I’ve always enjoyed your great recipes and decorating tips and now can get them quickly. Thanks for all your hard work!

  80. thank you for the info on how to fix the header, very lovely indeed! I enjoy your site so much from tablescapes to pillow placement. You are the best

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