Welcome to the back half of StoneGable and the LOVE TO bHOME FALL TOUR! I’ve decorated the family room, breakfast nook, and kitchen with tads and touches of fall and I can’t wait to share it with you! Fall is such a special time here in Lancaster County. Much of the land is bucolic fields of dried cornstalks, pumpkins and mums! The trees are just starting to show off their autumnal finery too! Not to be outdone by nature, my home is decked in Lancaster’s autumnal bounty! Welcome to my fall home…


Today on our podcast Decorating Tips And Tricks we are sharing 10 MINUTE DECORATING IDEAS! Get out your listening ears because we have tons of ideas for you!!! So let’s get started…

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If you are coming from Bree at Rooms For Rent I’m sure you had a beautiful visit. Bree is one of the most delightful bloggers I know!!! And her home is such a sweet reflection of her!

I like to decorate with the naturals from around my home and this year the mums were absolutely spectacular!

Let’s start in the breakfast nook between the family room and kitchen.


Across from the breakfast nook table are our bar and open shelves. I like to change up the things on the shelves seasonally! This year I kept the selves very light with touches of galvanized metal and a few sprigs of bittersweet!


I always say that my kitchen is the workhorse of my home! 


One of the most asked questions about my home is about this DAILY GRIND sign. Unfortunately, I got it at a local shop and have not seen it anywhere else. Have you seen it?

Now come on into the family room…



I hope you have enjoyed seeing the “back half” of my home! If you would like to see the foyer, living room and dining room…

WELCOMING HOME FALL TOUR- Come on in and look around my home is decked out for fall. Lots of ideas and inspiration!

click HERE.

Now, why don’t you go to my lovely friend Lidy at FRENCH GARDEN HOME. And a big THANK YOU to Lidy for putting this tour together. Her home is Fall French Perfection! Tour it HERE.

Thursday 9/21



Edith & Evelyn


Rooms for Rent



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  1. kay quinton says:

    i love everthing you do wish i could do this . I live over the pond and do not have storage here

  2. Shirley@Housepitality Designs says:

    The beautiful season of Fall is certainly a very special one at StoneGable. StoneGable being surrounded by the glorious fields of the bounty of Fall. As soon as you walk up to the steps, you feel a blanket of warmth surrounding you and when you enter the doors, you are greeted by the happiest of people!! Love the beautifully decorated Fall rooms and gorgeous details of StoneGable! Happy Fall to you and Bobby!

  3. Marilyn S. says:

    Beautiful job. Can you tell us about the topiaries in the breakfast nook? Oh , World Market has a coffee sign that is similar to yours.

  4. Your house looks beautiful with all the white you display in many textures. I love how the bittersweet stands out against the neutral colors.

  5. Your home is lovely. Thanks for all the inspiration. Enjoy your day.

  6. That leopard print pumpkin is so fun! You gotta love pumpkins!

  7. I love it! Your home is so lovely.

  8. Norma Rolader says:

    Thank you for allowing us into your beautiful home It is spectacular the colors, textures…oh I could just go on God bless

  9. Marilyn Gillis says:

    Really beautiful!!! Live all the while! Very classy

  10. Karen VanLoo says:

    I look forward to this time of year more than any other. After a long and very hot summer it’s so nice and refreshing to see your home starting to look like Fall! I am going to start decorating next week, and our weather looks to be cooling off just a little (which helps my mood) thank goodness! I have to put away some of my “regular” decor to make room for Fall so I put things away in plastic containers with lids and we put them in storage. They will stay there until after Christmas! That way my house isn’t too cluttered during the holiday season, which I consider that to be from October – December with Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas! I love it all.

  11. You always inspire me. I knew a coffee shop by the name of The Daily Grind in Columbia. Thinking about your sign as I say this!

    Have a wonderful day!

  12. Yvonne I love the way you put everything together. Your home is so beautiful just like you!! Hope you are well! xo

  13. Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors says:

    Everything looks just beautiful! Happy Fall!

  14. I love this time of year even if it is going to be almost 90 today!! Too hot for NC! Can you tell me where the light fixture above your breakfast nook came from? Also, the lovely clotche with the pumpkins beneath? I’d love to grab both for myself!

  15. what is the two potted plants with the very tall skinny stems. I love them!!!!!!

  16. Your home is so beautiful with the pop of fall colors and the neutral decor. I love to see your ideas and incorporate some of them into my home. You are such an inspiration and love to spend time on your blog.

  17. I love the bursts of orange color amid the neutral backdrop of your home! The photographs are lovely, and I really like the sisal rug you added to your breakfast area, too.

  18. Mary Stevens says:

    Love your home!!!

  19. Theresa at Winterberry Lane says:

    Thank you for giving us a fall tour of Stone Gable, your home is very warm and in viting. I love your adorable textured pumpkins on the mantle in your family room. Have a great day ????

  20. FrenchGardenHouse says:

    Yvonne, your home is fall perfection! Little touches of fall together with your neutrals make for a very happy, inviting home. Happy fall, friend, it’s a joy to be on this bHome Fall Tour with you! Xo Lidy

  21. I found the Daily Ground coffee sign on the World Market website. I don’t know if it is the exact same but if not it is very close to a match

    1. Wow! thanks!!! So many readers ask me where to get this sign and because I found it at a local shop I don’t have a source for them.

  22. The log slices as pumpkin stands are adorable

  23. I love how you’ve decorated your home for fall! I love how you used white pumpkins and mums. Do you leave the mums in the container they came in and just put them inside your containers? Do you water them there or take them outside? Love your blog!

  24. Debbie Walker says:

    Your seasonal touches in and around your home are ALWAYS a favorite!
    Loved the beach colored pumpkins on plush pumpkins site!

  25. Katherine says:

    Fall at Stone Gable = delicious! You do have THE BEST mums in your area – that golden orange is just incredible–

  26. Signe Garpestad says:

    Such sweet,lovely Autumn decorations…Mums are a nice addition to your decor.

  27. Beautiful fall decor! It is so unseasonably warm here in Wisconsin yet (supposed to be almost 90 tomorrow) that I’m having a difficult time getting in the mood for fall decorating. Thanks for the ideas you’ve given to motivate me.

    1. It’s very warm here today too! No matter the weather when the calendar says September I’m in the mood for fall!

  28. Your vignettes are always an inspiration. Your dotted pumpkin is so unique.

  29. Love the cloche and everything else.

  30. love your beautiful kitchen…and your lovely family room, autumn loveliness!

  31. Your home is always lovely and looks ready for fall. So inviting! I always love your recipes too.

  32. Beth Pozzini Putz says:

    I LOVE IT ALL!!!! I noticed you’ve gotten your new refrigerator❤ YAY! Where do you keep your chairs and rugs (and sometimes furniture pieces) when they’re not in use? I need an additional climate controlled garage bay to put all my stuff in!! But I don’t have extra chairs, rugs or furniture! I so love how you change everything up…it never gets boring or you never grow tired of it. I love the chairs at your breakfast nook table! I also love your other ones too. To say I aspire to have my kitchen emulate yours is an understatement! I just love your beautiful home, thank you for sharing your talents with us, and inviting us in.??


    1. Hi Beth, I have a basement that is the same footprint as my home. It holds a lot of things I don’t use. Maybe someday I’ll take everyone down there for a peek!

  33. Your Fall décor is so lovely. Your whole house is just beautiful! I always look forward to your daily posts and the Sunday post is always Special! Thank you for such a great blog.

  34. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    As usual, Yvonne, your have done such a lovely job of decorating your gorgeous home with “fall”! Thanks for sharing with us! Have a blessed day!

  35. Nicole Jones says:

    I’m new to Stone Gables….found you through one of the Fall Home Tour Blog Hops….I just love your home. Beautiful and inviting! I have a question about the mantle – those lovely candlestick lamps? Are they functional? I can’t spot a cord….I LOVE the symmetry and height they bring to the mantle! Scrolling through old blog posts I saw how you transformed that clock – AMAZING! Thanks for posting tutorials on the blog!

    1. Hi Nicole, I’m so thrilled you found me! And isn’t the bHome tour amazing!!! The candlestick lamps are functional. I have outlets on the mantel to plug them in. YOu can’t spot a cord because I tuck it to the back and behind things.

      1. Brilliant! Love it! Thank you!

  36. Angelina @ Peonies & Orange Blossoms says:

    Your Fall home is beautiful, as always!

  37. Lovely. Thanks for inviting us into your home.

  38. marian zimmerman says:

    so lovely, sweet, and charming

  39. Very pretty and understated.

  40. The pheasant feathers are beautiful! And “Mickey Mantle” is becoming quite the courageous little mantle mouse 🙂

  41. Karen VanLoo says:

    Oh I went back for a second look, and now I notice your new refrigerator! I just ordered a new French door fridge last week, and can’t wait to get it! I had a side-by-side and it’s older and the handles are discolored, the ice maker doesn’t work properly so I am super excited. The new refrigerator is going to update my whole kitchen. In the last three years we have replaced every other appliance, installed new granite counters, and a new farm sink. We’re getting there, but upgrades to the kitchen are the best because that’s where we love to hang out. Congrats on your new beautiful fridge!

  42. Maria Awad says:

    What lovely vignettes you create! Love your home and enjoy your posts.

  43. mattsgramma says:

    Loved the fall tour ladies! Thank you so much.

  44. Lory at Designthusiasm says:

    Yvonne, this is just beautiful and I love seeing the evolution in your home! You’ve managed to find a way to maintain your voice and style, while still updating and keeping it fresh. The shelves are a particular fave of mine and I love all the white with just the right amount of pop with orange branches. Lovely!!

  45. I always love visiting your home..Your fall decor is stunning! You never disappoint…

  46. I get so much of my inspiration just looking at your pictures of your lovely home.

  47. Cindy Finter says:

    I love the use of mums in the house. I had never considered bringing them inside. Do they do well inside? I am curious to know if the ones in the white pots on the table and dining room counter are actually planted in the white pots or are they in another container sitting in the pots? What about drainage?

    Thank you,
    Blessings, Cindy

  48. I found your blog as I was looking on the internet to discover some ideas for fall decorating. You have such a beautiful home, where I know that Christ abides, due to the evidence of scripture. It truly looks like a place of peace and comfort. I will definitely be coming back again to take a look from time to time. God Bless!

  49. I didn’t think of using mums in the house; do they do well with the lighting?

  50. Yuvonne, your home is simply beautiful! I love your fall decor gives me inspiration to get in fall gear for my home.

    I found the daily grind coffee sign at Treasure memories across from the kitchen kettle village in Lancaster Pa. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home!

  51. Michele at Leisurely @ home says:

    I just love everything about your house, thank you for sharing.

  52. Hi my friend, the back half of SG is as beautiful as the front! Your special touch is in every room and nook and cranny. I miss you so much!!! Is there any time this coming week we could maybe get together???? Let me know, please!!! XOXO

  53. Vee Muller says:

    Loved the tours! I’m looking around my home now … need feathers and cloches and maybe more pumpkins!!

  54. So simply beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration!

  55. Katherine says:

    Just love the chamber pots for those gorgeous mums!

  56. Elizabeth Speicher says:

    Your home reflects Autumn in such a unique way, light, airy and charming. Thank you for allowing us to see all your hard work and decorating talent.

    My best friend has been looking for something similar to the metal bins with wooden lids that you have stacked so beautifully with gourds and pumpkins. Do you have any information on the manufacturer or purveyor of these? I would love to present her with a set for Christmas.

    You certainly have an eye for design

    With regards,
    Elizabeth Speicher

  57. I love your house! The link you provided is for three gray canisters with wood lids. Can you tell us where you found the three white stackable metal bins with wood lids? They are stacked on the island. I have been searching for the exact same bins!

    1. I found those white bins at a local shop. Sorry I can’t tell you more!

  58. Mary Gazda says:

    Love your style. My first introduction to you was in Cottage Home magazine. Could you tell me where you found the lovely pumpkin pillows that were in that article?