WELCOMING HOME FALL TOUR- Come on in and look around my home is decked out for fall. Lots of ideas and inspiration!

It’s time for a fall home tour! Are you ready for the Welcoming Fall Home Tour? Today I’m throwing opening the doors at StoneGable and welcoming you in to see the front half of my home decked out for fall! Our tour features warm and cozy and fall inspired decor. And you will see lots of that here! So, let’s get started…


A big fall W E L C O M E  to you if you are coming from LIFE ON VIRGINIA STREET.  I’m so glad you stopped by! Sarah’s home is BEAUTIFUL and serene. Oh, I wish my office could be as neat as her’s!

I’m sharing the front part of StoneGable. It’s my living room, foyer, and dining room. This part of our home is very bright and sunlight pours in through the large windows.

Let’s start our fall tour in the living room. As you can see there are lots of windows! Even on the most cloudy day, this room is bright! 

For fall, I added some rusts and yellows and gray. The fall elements in my home mimic what I see outside. Lots of organics (or faux organics). 

There is such a decor “dance” going on in the front part of my home! I live in a farmhouse that is a bit formal. And if left to my own natural tendencies I decorate a bit on the classic, if not formal, side! However, I love my rooms to look a bit lived in and welcoming.

I call this style refined farmhouse. It’s a comfortable mix of refined and a tad rustic.

Cozy! You can usually find our cat Hobbes sitting on the back of the sofa snuggled in the throws. He must have been out mousing when I took these pictures.

With each new season, I add a couple pillow to my ever growing pillow collection. This year I fell in love with a big, tribal motif, embroidered pillow from Pottery Barn. I thought it gave a nod to the autumnal season without being too pumpkiny.

And I added a complimentary plaid throw to my sofa too!

Next week I’ll be sharing the best pillow I’ve found for fall, including the ones on my sofa.

I dare say we have the prettiest mums here in Lancaster County! My fall decorating would not be complete without them. Driving along many of the country roads I can see fields and fields of mums!

Instead of a vignette in the basket on the coffee table, I added a big mum in a large white bowl.

Many decorators shy away from orange. I LOVE it! I think orange looks best when added to a room that has a lot of white in it. And using orange very judiciously will make it POP!

Another pop of orange. The velvet pumpkin is fall perfection! You can see how I used my gorgeous Love Feast Shop velvet pumpkins HERE. And you can see more about them HERE. Each velvet pumpkin is truly a work of art!

Don’t forget to decorate with baskets filled with soft pillows and warm throws. 

The foyer sits between the living room and the dining room and that is where we will move our fall tour! It’s large and open and I love to decorate it for each season! But fall is by far my favorite!

Here’s what you see when you walk in the front door of StoneGable. For those of you with “eagle eyes” you will notice the track of my stair chair. I am still in an aircast for most of the day and still have difficulty walking up stairs. It’s a slow road but I’m getting better!

I lit the candles in this part of my home so in some of the images you will see the candles glowing.

The red maple branches are from the trees that line our croquet lawn. Red maples are one of the first trees to show off their beautiful autumn colors!


Here is a picture standing in the dining room by the bar cart looking into the foyer and living room. Thought you would like to see this perspective.

The last stop on our fall tour is our dining room

The dining room at StoneGable has been featured in magazines more than any other room in my home. It’s a happy mix of classic neutrals, upscale decor, and farmhouse charm. It is a DIY and thrifted room if there ever was one! We have laid hardwood floors, painted the walls, refitted the chippy shutters, installed the chandy, painted the sideboard, upholstered and painted chairs, made slipcovers from painters drop cloths and found lots of items from vintage and antique shops!

The rug is actually an indoor/outdoor rug and it has held up wonderfully! The concrete table was our splurge a couple years ago. And I have not regretted it for one second!


The dining room is also the room with the most light. I’d have a glass house if I could. I love lots of windows and light!


For a bit of whimsy the word “F A L L” is written in big block letters across the dining room table.

The lantern is filled with an urn full of cut brambles. I love finding bits and pieces of organics to stick in little vases and containers. I should have a bumper sticker on the back of my car that reads, “This car stops for sticks and twigs”.

The feathers in the pottery jar and creamer on the buffet were from several pheasants my son in law Jonathan got on a hunting trip! We love pheasant but not the buck shot!


Here’s looking from the living room through the foyer and into the dining room.

Thank you so much for stopping by StoneGable. I hope I have given you lots of ideas and fall inspiration! 

Now, please stop by my dear friend Lidy from FRENCH GARDEN HOUSE. Her home is swoon-worthy and she is the sweetest! I’m sure you are in for quite a fall treat!

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  1. Enjoyed your fall home tour Yvonne. I need to get in gear; thanks for the inspiration. Hope you will soon be bounding up your staircase boot free. Continued prayers for a complete and total recovery.

  2. Beautiful fall home tour! You have combined all those different elements so very well! Thanks for sharing your home with us!

  3. Gorgeous! I love your orange mums. I bought all orange and yellow this year for a change. Thanks for the gorgeous inspiration!

  4. Love your home. So cozy with all the fall touches you have added. Thanks for the tour, you always give me inspiration. Prayers for a complete recovery. Enjoy your day.

  5. I just love your home. The creams and whites you decorate with are my favorites. I notice you often use seeded eucalyptus. Where do you find that?

    I, too, live in Lancaster county and love to visit the Amish stands.

    1. Hi Liz! Don’t you love living in Lancaster County? Especially in the fall? I order my seeded eucalyptus from Petals With Style. I can’t find it at any Amish stands.

  6. Your home looks lovely! I love that you have added some pops of color with the mums and red branch leaves. I do like neutral colors but it’s starting to get a bit boring for me so seeing your added colors looks great!

  7. Beautiful! I am so excited for Fall. I will start decorating in a couple of weeks. We’re still having 90’s weather, and I am ready for the temperatures to cool down. It’s too early for real pumpkins, but I have a huge collection of wonderful faux ones I will get out soon. I love mums, and I am starting to see those in the stores and nurseries! YAY FALL!

  8. Fall in the StoneGable farmhouse is truly my favorite time of the year. You bring the lovely surroundings of the farmland that surrounds you in to your home as your home has a bucolic feel and I can just smell the wonderful tarts that you make in the oven. Happy Fall Yvonne!!!

  9. Oh my — so much to love in your decorating. That rust mum is is simply glorious – the eye is immediately drawn to it and the little bit of rust in the foliage in the demijohn echoes it so beautifully. Love the sweet little urn in the lantern on your dining room table. And the brambles! My children thought I was the only side of the road forager around!

  10. The colors of autumn blend beautifully with your neutral home! The tiered table in your living room looks quite ready for fall to arrive. Thanks for a lovely tour!

  11. Yvonne,
    Fall is also my favorite season! Love your warm, peaceful decor! Also, love the pop of color! My fall has been up for a week already and I know I have three months to enjoy the ambiance of falls rich colors!
    Thank you for letting us into your beautiful home!

  12. Yvonne, I feel like we are friends as I have my morning coffee “with” you everyday. I’ve just moved to Pennsylvania and have a whole house to decorate. I was hoping you could give me some hints about the best places to shop for home decor. I’m about an hour from Lancaster but willing to travel!
    We used to live 15 minutes from Lucketts. I regret I never invited you to lunch! Did you go into Leesburg to find a restaurant?

  13. Your touches of fall in your home are perfect. The splashes of orange make your rooms pop. Everything looks inviting and makes you want to spend time in each room. I cant wait to hear your podcast on color.

  14. Talk about swoon worthy!!
    And I am so glad that you mentioned the stairs track. You really don’t keep us informed well enough on your healing progress. A post on that would be much appreciated. ?

    1. I have progressed to the point that I can be out of the boot a couple hours a day. The fusion is 50-75% healed. I’m using a bone stimulator and hopefully I’ll be completely out of the boot by the end of October. I’ll start to swim (my favorite exercise) next week. Thanks for asking!

  15. Yvonne, I wish I could stop in for a fall visit! Your home is always welcoming, and just beautiful. I would love to sit in your gorgeous living room with you and share our hearts. I am inspired!! xo Lidy

  16. Absolutely stunning! I love the pop of orange against the neutrals, and all the texture! Makes me want to go shopping for new pillows and throws!!

  17. Stunning, Yvonne! Your home is meant for fall decor. I love all the textures, layers and that you used orange. I love how it stands out against your neutrals. So pretty!

  18. I love the way you decorate. I especially love your fall and holiday posts.
    Do you remember where you purchased that 3 tier tray? I love that!

    1. Hi Kathy,
      I was at a vintage/consignment shop a couple years ago and the door, to the room where items that had just come in were kept, was slightly opened. So of course, I had to peek in and see what else was there. I spied the tiered tray, went in, got it and would not let it out of my hands until the staff called the person consigning it and got a price for it. Sold! When you know, you know!

  19. Everything looks so beautiful! Rusty orange is my favorite color of mum. Can I ask where you got that lamp in your foyer with the round bottom of glass and looks like metal? Love it!

  20. Your home is always so beautifully decorated. I always look forward to your fall decor. It is one of my favorites. I love the fall season and love seeing what you do. I wish you were my neighbor so I could come visit.

  21. Your home is all so lovely and cozy. I love how you mixed all the fall colors to pop, but still give your rooms a light and neutral feel. Oh, to have leaves from a Maple tree like that!

    Looking forward to hearing your podcast on color.
    Do take care. I’ll pray right now that you heal up faster than expected.
    Happy fall!

  22. Yvonne every inch of your home is so inviting and gorgeous! You my friend know how to welcome fall! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! xo

  23. Your home is always lovely. I love the look of layered rugs, but fear they are a trip hazard. Are they secured by two sided tape, Velcro or just laying on top?

  24. Happy Fall my friend! Fall is truly MY facvorite season, I love everything about it! Your home is so beautifully dressed for Fall! What are the branches in the bottle in the living room??? Last post the bottle was empty waiting for something:) I posted my dining room today. Come onover:)

  25. As usual, Yvonne, your home is stunning! It is preciously & pricelessly curated and exudes grace and warmth. Thank you for the inspiration! I changed my colors up this year, and I don’t like it at all, so I’m going back to my oranges! My favorite piece is your three tiered floor stand loaded up and layered with the bounty!! I also have gotten crazy about the velvet pumpkins and have added more to my collection! My new ones have feathers!! Had I not been following you, I would never have looked for the pumpkins with the feathers! Just ADORABLE!!! From my home to yours, HAPPY FALL! Take care of yourself, I’m sorry you are still trying to heal!


  26. Stunning! I just love the sophisticated farmhouse look. Where did you find your living room sofa? And your dining room Chandliers?

  27. I have been gone from Pennsylvania since 1984 but I still miss the fall season there. Always so pretty and I think that is why I chose to be married there in late September 49 years ago.

  28. I just don’t have words for how beautiful this is. Everything you do flows so well together. If there were a prize for the best blog – it would have to be yours! I love it!

  29. Absolutely beautiful!!! I am in love with your home!! It is awesome the way you have it mixed with color, natural elements and the textures! Thank you for sharing your home with us and keep the great decor ideas coming God bless

  30. Loved the tour! Don’t know which part I loved the most … blankets, mums, baskets, lanterns … just everything!!!

  31. So pretty Yvonne. I look forward to your posts and breathe a sigh of delight when I am finally able to relax and admire your lovely home.

  32. What a fun tour. So many inspiration ideas too. Thank you for showing containers for the mums. I bought one with a basket but my mind went blank!!! I like what you used. These are pretty. I cannot remember if mine opened inside. Maybe I should put them in the sun for a bit each day!! Our growers couldn’t ship at regular mum time because of a heatwave but last weekend we had lots of pretty colors and sizes!
    Thank you also for sharing about your slow healing process and that there is an option for accessing areas in our homes that weren’t available in past times. I too shall pray for fusion. Healing.
    I know You’re able I know You can save through the fire through the fire with Your mighty hand but even if You don’t …my hope is You alone…give me the strength to be able to sing ….I will cling to You no matter what …?it is well with my soul it is well with my soul???MercyMe played as I was closing. Perfect words

  33. Yvonne, your home is absolutely gorgeous with its Fall decor! You have done such a lovely job at decorating. So glad you updated us with your progress on your ankle. I will keep you in my prayers for complete healing. Bless you!

  34. Yvonne, I ALWAYS love your home tours!!! Such beautiful detail in every room, I just love it! PS, Where did you get the large clock on the wall in your living room……is it a DIY?

  35. Everything is so pretty, as always. You always find the best pillows and throws! I just drove through PA down 81, I believe, on Wednesday, and I wondered if I were near where you lived. It’s a very pretty part of the country.

  36. So sorry to hear that you are still hurting. Continuing to pray for healing. I am so enjoying a softer, slower approach to Fall decorating, with you, this year. It is much more fun to add Fall a little at a time. Received a beautiful neutral embroidered pumpkin pillow and soft, neutral throw as birthday gifts. Also adding burlap, and created vignette with bleached pinecones, tiny faux green apples, pods, moss and walnuts in shells. The combination looks great in hurricane pedestal vase. Thanks for your gift of inspiring decor.

  37. The rust and grays look so pretty and I love a white pumpkin – yours look amazing! You have me inspired for Fall decorating, Yvonne. Happy weekend!

  38. What a bright, lovely home! And you just may be the “Goddess of Layering”. I’ve enjoyed exploring your recent posts, and look forward to the arrival of my first newsletter.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  39. I love all the light filling your rooms.My previous house had many tall and
    beautiful windows in the living and dining room, how I miss that house.

  40. Love all the beautiful light and fall touches in these rooms. I think my favorite room in your beautiful home is the entry. I love the huge area, the closets, the columns, and the stairs. Big enough to make a statement but small enough to redo easily. Thanks for sharing your home and ideas!

  41. Very nice home tour…your home is lovely. Fall is a gorgeous time of year in many areas of the country and mums are beautiful no matter where they are grown. Thankfully, they are abundantly available in most states. Thank you for sharing your home decorating ideas!

  42. Can you give us any information on that beautiful, colorful (blue/gold/rust), plaid throw that shows up in many of your photos? Those are the colors I would love to use in my mountain house.

  43. Such a beautiful tour! I had no idea you were still in your boot, I am amazed at how much you can done despite this setback! Your home is an ever-evolving inspiration to me. Many things in my house are ideas that I found on your blog. Thanks for sharing so freely and being such an encourager to many.

  44. Just planned to start my fall decorating today & decided to pop in & see how things were going at Stone Gable. So glad I did…This post makes me even more excited for fall! Is the beautiful mum in the crock repotted or just sitting in it? I am doing a fall themed bridal brunch & this would make a simple, beautiful centerpiece!

  45. Hi Yvonne,

    Your home is spectacular! Both beautiful and cozy. Could you please tell me where you purchased your lamp on entry table? I love the shade. It is so hard to find just the right lamp and then the shades are all boring. I have been looking for blue and white (possibly antique) lamps for my living room and have not found anything that is tall enough. Any ideas?

    Thanks for your time. Have a great weekend.

  46. Yvonne, your house is so gorgeous! Each time I visit I find something new to love. The orange pumpkin with feathers is so unique and artistic… what a find. Thank you for touring with us!!!

  47. Wow, your home is so beautiful! I also follow french garden house and your right it is swoon worthy. Still decorating, so fun to get new ideas. please enter me into the drawing.
    Thanks, Denise

  48. Wow, friend! Your home looks absolutely stunning styled for fall. I am in love with all the mums and pops of warmer tones. It looks so welcoming…magazine worthy!

    Much love,

  49. Could you please tell me where you got your beautiful wall clock in the living room…love it!
    Everything is gorgeous and inspiring me to bring fall in now. Prayers for swift recovery!

  50. Love how you have kept your decorations refined! Also, thanks for showing both close ups and distance shots. I feel like I could just walk through your pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  51. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home!! Love your style and enjoy your blog every day. Have used several of your ideas and tips for decorating. Love your light furniture but would never be able to keep it nice in my farm house.

  52. Love your gorgeous fall decor. The suzani pillow is really beautiful. The color scheme for my fall screen porch is yellow and black and I have been looking for a plaid throw just like the one on your sofa. Can you tell me where you got it?

  53. I love the light colors, but they look like they could be difficult to maintain in my household! 😉 Really, really love the overall look however. Seems strange but I already have several items that are shown in your pictures! I guess that shows I am the right “Neutral, classic, track”!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  54. Those beautiful red maple branches and huge basket of orange mums are my fav’s. I love the pops of color. This post will be Featured at the new Merry Monday party starting tonight! Your home is very welcoming and warm. Thank you for inviting us in.

  55. Yvonne, I never get tired of taking your tours, they are always absolutely beautiful to see. I just ponder…soak, soak and soak up the beauty of your home. You never cease to amaze us with all your beautiful decorating.

  56. There isn’t anything I don’t like. Lovely, inviting – a timeless neutral classic. Happy Fall Y’all. When can I visit for a cup of Earl Grey?

  57. Yes, you did give many wonderful ideas for fall. I love to many to list. Thank you so much, for helping to make our home almost as gorgeous as yours.

  58. I LOVE Fall…. and I was very excited to see your “Fall Preview” , until I quickly realized it was from last year? I was hoping to see fresh new decor……I guess if it’s too soon to decorate, you all should have held off until the season is here. I could have went back to archive previous years! Fresh is always best, as things change and new ideas evolve….. A bit premature….I will be waiting to see new Fall decorating in upcoming weeks,?. Until then, let’s enjoy final days of summer!!