Hey, friends! Did you know that the number one most important thing to know when you are decorating is to KNOW YOUR DECORATING STYLE? You need to name, know and understand your own unique style! This will help you IMMENSELY in so many ways…

When you know your decorating style and use the very smart and easy mental tool I’m sharing in my course HOW TO KNOW YOUR DECORATING STYLE you will know what will and won’t work in your home! Every single time!

And knowing your decorating style will keep you from making costly mistakes!

Are you afraid of making a mistake when you decorate? Everyone is! But knowing your decorating style will make you a much for confident home decorator!

Is shopping for new items for your home an overwhelming task? Does your home seem outdated and mismatched?

These are all common dilemmas we address in HOW TO KNOW YOUR DECORATING STYLE. Every single one of these issues can be vastly helped by knowing your style!

Here’s the thing… it’s not that you can’t decorate or that you are not a good decorator. YOU ARE! You just need to know a few very important things interior designers know! And I’m sharing them and more with you in my course HOW TO KNOW YOUR DECORATING STYLE.

You can create a beautiful home that is YOUR kind of beautiful! You can create rooms that are comfortable, inviting and attractive! You will be a great home decorator! Just practice what you are learning and watch your home transform little by little!

I’m passionate about teaching any home decorator who is interested in being a fabulous home decorator! That’s why I created StoneGable and why I created the HOW TO KNOW YOUR DECORATING STYLE course!

As a Memorial Day flash sale, I’m offering a $25.00 off discount code for my 10 module, work-at-your-own-speed, take-it-over-and-over again decorating course!

And when you join you will be invited to become part of an exclusive membership community called StoneGable Decorators on Facebook. You can ask me your decorating questions! Share your latest projects! Get advice from our group and see upcoming videos of me as we discuss different aspects of decorating!

Here’s just a part of a thread from our membership community…

VA- I’m really liking the look of wallpaper. Do u think wallpaper is here to stay?

Me- What a great question! I think wallpaper is IN and very on trend right now. There are so many new repositional wallpapers on the market. I love these. They can easily be taken down and reused. I don’t think any wallpaper is ever here to stay! Some things like marble are classics and resurge every now and then to become on trend or HOT. Some things like wallpaper come and go. Right now wallpaper is really trendy. Personally, I’m loving the new wallpaper I am seeing and planning on using the repositional kind on one wall in our upstairs hall.

Me- Here are a few guidelines for wallpapering. Don’t overdo it! Large rooms are not candidates for wallpaper but small rooms like bathrooms are. One wall of a hallway or an accent wall in a bedroom are perfectly wonderful when wallpapered. I hope I have answered your question.

VA- You have, thank you. Thinking about the hallway and like the idea of an accent wall wallpaper. Your course has been so practical requiring me to think and write down what I like. The homework has been an excellent source to get my creativity unstuck and give clarity to what styles I really like. Thank you!

Me- I’d love you to share your choices of wallpaper with the group!

I love love love this community of women who are learning their decorating style and how to transfer this knowledge into real, tangible and doable changes in their homes!

I’d want YOU to take advantage of the course HOW TO KNOW YOUR DECORATING STYLE and our amazing community too!

So, through Memorial Day I’m offering a $25.00 off code for the course!. Here’s the truth- your next decorating mistake will probably cost you more than the course!

To get the course at the discounted price go HERE and use the code FLASHSALE25 at checkout.

Hope to see you in our membership site!

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  1. Sharon Locker says:

    Hello, I’ve been trying to find your “know your decorating style course. Every time it takes me to another post instead of the actual course. Would you be able to send me a link to the course please? I would love some info on it. Thanks Sharon

    1. The course is backordered until the fall. I’ll let you know when the next round of classes are open.