Fall kitchen decorating has become so fun for me! So, come on in and see fall in my kitchen. I have so many ideas you can use in your home too!

Today is the ONE ROOM FALL TOUR! Yay!

I thought you might like to get a few fall kitchen decorating ideas a bit early this year so I’m sharing last year’s fall kitchen tour. I had lots of family over the weekend and they have decided to extend their stay.

So I’m sharing one of my best fall posts and hope you don’t mind seeing it again!

You are the best!


Just to refresh your memories, here is what our kitchen looked like before the renovation…


And here it is now…


The kitchen is not quite finished. There are still lots of little things that need to be done! So this week the workers will be back. And I’ll temporarily move the fall decor until they are done!


Here’s a look at our new kitchen and a few fall kitchen decorating ideas!


No matter where your kitchen is located in your home, keep the fall decorations and the color palette the same as the rest of your home.

I love, love, love the look of a cohesive home! And two of the biggest ways to create a gorgeous look no matter what season you are decorating for is to…

  • use the same color palette as the rest of your home
  • repeat the same fall elements throughout your home

My kitchen is white so it is easy to add almost any color to it when I decorate. But I also know that using the same color palette as the rest of the fall decor in my home will make a beautiful, pulled-together look! Even a color palette can be considered a repeated element.


I talk about my fall color palette in this year’s FALL HOME TOUR here.


Did you notice all the white pumpkins scattered about?

I call Lancaster County “pumpkin land”! As I drive there are fields and fields of pumpkins! Pumpkins fill roadside stands and farmer’s markets here!

So, I’ve used them liberally throughout our house. They are repeated fall decor. Subconsciously your eyes have been looking for them because they see white pumpkins as a repeated pattern in my home.

And repeated patterns make our minds perceive this as attractive!

THE IMPORTANCE OF RHYTHM IN DECORATING is a must-read! It explains the concepts of repeated patterns and more and will help you be a better decorator!

This best fall kitchen decorating tip is very important in our home since the kitchen can be seen from so many rooms! Keeping a sense of rhythm with fall decor creates a connected look!




Okay, this is a do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do tip!

I did go a bit overboard with the urn of hydrangeas. But I hope you will give me a wee bit of grace, after all this is the first time I’ve gotten to decorate my kitchen!

The point is to keep any decorations away from your working areas!

In this kitchen, I have A LOT of counter space!!!!


So leaving my workspaces open is pretty easy to do!

The last thing I want when making a meal is to fight with my fall decor! Or get it splattered or greasy! UGH!

I put fall decor in the corners of my kitchen that are not heavily used!




I think the prettiest fall decorations are those from nature!

Let them be the stars of your favorite room!

Here are a few favorite natural fall things to use in your home…

  • pumpkins
  • acorns
  • colorful leaves and branches
  • pinecones
  • gourds
  • Indian corn
  • dried sunflowers

BRINGING THE OUTDOORS INSIDE is a post of my top 10 favorite fall naturals and how to use them in your decor. So many good fall decorating ideas in that post!



I really believe this about any season! But let’s talk fall!

Start with just a few repeated fall natural elements and build them up and change them as we move into October.

By mid to the end of October my real pumpkins have seen better days so I remove most of them. I only keep a few faux pumpkins out.

As fall moves towards Thanksgiving I love to decorate with deer sheds and turkey feathers and even a bit of snow. Also lots of pinecones, candles, and lanterns!

One big advantage of decorating this way is by the time Christmas rolls around I have almost no decorations to put away!

My kitchen is a big new decorating adventure! I hope you have enjoyed seeing it decorated for fall!

a big urn of green hydrangeas sitting on a kitchen counter
basket and pumpkins in the corner of a kitchen

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  1. Love the new kitchen — especially the glass doors!

    1. Thanks, Peggy. They look so pretty in the evening. There are lights in them and they have a soft glow. Just enough light in the kitchen after dinner.

  2. Yvonne, your new kitchen is a home run! I like your hydrangeas but like you say, keep those decorations far from cooking and prep areas. I don’t have much counter space so decorations must be easy to move. Enjoy your new kitchen!

  3. Joyce Kennard says:

    Beautiful, love the white. I love the area rug you are using. Do you mind sharing where you got it?

    1. joyce Kennard says:

      Thanks for the reply, need something like this for my kitchen. Your new home is beautiful, wish I had you here to help this 77 year old woman update, lol Stay Safe

  4. Melanie Winter says:

    Yvonne. Your new kitchen is beautiful and so bright! I love it. The simple fall touches are beautiful as well! We are about to embark on redoing our kitchen. We are making changes similar to those you made. Can I ask where did you move your microwave? I want to remove ours as well and have a decorative hood. I’m considering putting the microwave I our pantry.
    Thank you Yvonne!

    1. Hi Melanie that is exactly where we put our microwave! In the pantry next to the refrigerator.

  5. Teresa Wilson says:

    Great taste & beautiful home!!! Always love your decorating ideas.

  6. I really like your new kitchen. We are in the process of planning our kitchen renovation and you have the stove I want! Would you mind sharing the make and model of it? Is it a gas stove top and electric oven?

    1. THis is a dream stove! It’s from the GE Cafe Collection. And if fit in the profile of our old stove! Yay! Six burners are gas and two electric ovens. I like to cook with gas on the stovetop and electric keeps the temp more even in the ovens. You can see our model here:https://rstyle.me/+H-rwXWeDCEqXQpCKJ0XjHA

      1. Thank you so much. This is exactly what I had in mind.

  7. Love your new kitchen! Hard to believe its the same one from your before photos. I decorated my kitchen this weekend using your tips for natural decorating. Weather was beautiful so I got a long walk in too – win win.

  8. Karen VanLoo says:

    Absolutely gorgeous, Yvonne! I don’t see a lot of Fall colors where I live (way late in November) but I am sure your trees outside are gorgeous when the leaves start turning. That just makes your kitchen even more beautiful I am sure. I am in LOVE with your new kitchen!

    1. Thanks, Karen! Over the years I think our leaves start turning later ane later. I just said to Bobby yesterday that I can see the very tops of our trees turning. I can’t wait!!! Fall is beautiful here!

  9. I love getting your email every day and the decorating tips you share. However, I have trouble seeing your photos. All the white things run together and I can’t see a lot of detail. Is it the photo or my computer I wonder.

    1. Hi Sandy, white is very hard to photograph. And we have so much light streaming into our home. Photographing it is a big learning curve. Hopefully,I’ll get better at it!

    1. Hi Jane, our farmhouse sink is a new-ish material called composite. It’s granite dust and other things. It is antibacterial, non-scratch and dent. And washes up with soap and water.

  10. Shannon Newell says:

    Just wondering . . . where is your microwave?

      1. Diane Richmond says:

        I was wondering that, too. Hovering in your face is a terrible place to have it 🙂 I’m glad you have room in the pantry. I had to get creative with mine, too, to keep some counter space. Well, it’s beautiful as always, Yvonne!

  11. You lucky girl, it is a beautiful kitchen! What color paint did you us on the cabinet and walls?

    1. Thanks, Pam. Everything is painted Simply White by Benjamin Moore. Since the cabinets are semi-gloss and the walls are flat the paint looks a little different but works together.

  12. Debbie Longhenry says:

    Love your new home and of course your beautiful decorating! Wondering make and model of quartz countertops please? Love how you modified them to one level. Big improvement! Thank you!

    1. I’m not sure about the make but the color is “ultra white”. Hope this helps.

      1. Is your countertop Callacutta Ultra? We just had white cabinets installed and I’m trying to decide on our countertops.

        1. The countertops are quartz. And the quartz is called Ultra White. It works PERFECTLY with Simply White paint by Benjamin Moore.

  13. Lovely, Wonderful! Perfect! The way it simply flows into the other rooms is magical. And the counterspace is to die for. It is so airy. You have done such a brilliant refuinish!

  14. Rosanne Toro says:

    Congratulations! You have successfully brought the magic of Stonegable to Tanglewood! Could you tell us details and sources of your kitchen renovation, especially the lovely backsplash tile?

    1. I’ll be doing a post on the kitchen sources later this year. The backsplash is Calcutta Gold marble in a basketweave pattern.

  15. The hydrangeas are definitely the star in your kitchen!! Beautiful ⭐️

  16. Miche Ortega says:

    Your kitchen is stellar, Yvonne, and the fall decorations are just beautiful! So cozy with so much texture. Thank you for the invite. I thoroughly enjoy your posts.

  17. Your kitchen is beautiful! Would you mind sharing where you purchased your light that is over your kitchen table?

  18. Your kitchen turned out beautiful.I love how light and bright it is.I’m sure you are happy it is done.On another note,I see you solved you curtain rod issue in the living room and changed out the short rod to one that goes the length of the window, looks much better !

  19. Your fall kitchen looks amazing… just like the rest of the house. Love the hardware you chose, and the backsplash looks great, too! I think the urn of hydrangeas is perfect… you needed a statement piece on those counters! Pinned!

  20. Thanks for sharing your new Fall Kitchen! I am noticing what looks like your concrete table. I had thought that your beloved table didn’t make the move. So glad to see it again! I’m thinking that some copper or wood type dishes might look really “Fallish” in those beautiful glass front cabinets. Hmm…

    1. Hi Deb, it’s not the same concrete table. The one in our StoneGable home was way too big to fit in our Tanglewood dining area! I found another concrete table that is a lot smaller but perfect for our home now!

  21. Love how light and bright your kitchen is. It turned out beautifully and the urn of hydrangeas looks perfect!

  22. Your kitchen is GORGEOUS! Wishing you many happy years enjoying the beautiful space with your family and friends!

  23. Your kitchen is a DREAM! May I ask how you protected your beautiful wood floors when the appliances were moved in and out? I have new appliances being delivered this Friday and I am dreading the move of the old and new ones over my wood floors! Thank you, Yvonne.

    1. The people who brought my range in the house brought it in covered up and on a hand dolly. No problem at all!

  24. Absolutely a knockout kitchen. I love the way it flows with the house, every angle is perfect. This was definitely worth the wait.

  25. I love the baby boos in the glass cupboard! So fun to change out as the seasons change. Beautiful pops of color,

  26. I so love your kitchen! Love the backsplash and love the wicker chandelier! I want desparately to have my kitchen cabinets painted white. Are you happy with the way your cabinets were painted? I live about 1 1/2 hours from you and would definitely consider contacting your painters when the time comes. (Hopefully sooner rather than later! :))

    1. I am thrilled with the kitchen cabinets. TWO DUDES in Lancaster Pa have painted every wall and mill work at Tanglewood and have also painted the kithen cabinets at StoneGable. I HIGHLY recommend them.

  27. Laura Corbett says:

    Absolutely stunning! I love your kitchen, especially with the nice touch of Fall!

  28. Your kitchen is lovely and the touch of fall is perfect! Your blog is a favorite of mine and I have learned so much from you……thank you! Might i ask where you purchased the fall stems tucked into your basket?

    1. Hi Verna, I’m so happy you are learning! That is one of my biggest passions to teach home decorators easy to do design concept. The stems came from a local shop. Sorry I don’t have a source.

  29. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

    So beautiful. You’re so talented. Thank you for the inspiration. Where did you purchase your bar stools?

  30. Gail Mount says:

    Love your kitchen

  31. Beautiful kitchen. LOVE the backsplash!!! Do you have an opinion on a good dishwasher? I need a new one and don’t know where to begin in terms of quality. I can’t afford the most expensive but want a good one. Anyway….beautiful job on the kitchen!

    1. Hi Toni, sorry I don’t. We kept our dishwasher. It was new when we moved in.

  32. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Yvonne, thanks for sharing your gorgeous kitchen with us! Your “fall” touches are so pretty! Glad most of the work in your kitchen is finished! Enjoy! Have a blessed week!

    1. Kathy Menold says:

      Yvonne,Your autumn decor in your new home reflects a calm and soothing atmosphere which I think is just what you need after a chaotic and stressful year. Many of us can identify with a need to simplify our homes as we move into a new season. Your home is lovely and I wish you many years of Gods blessings for your family.
      May you all stay healthy, safe and happy in mind ,body and soul.

  33. Theresa Sexton says:

    Yvonne, your new kitchen is beautiful. I’m choosing cabinets, tile and hardware for a new kitchen and I think it will look very similar to yours. I will use SW extra white painted cabinets and classic white subway tile. My floors are medium brown wood. I’m also using commercial appliances (hubby’s choice). I have a few pretty important decisions to make and I would really appreciate your thoughts. First, for the shaker cabinets, did you use the 2″ or 3″ style? Next I’m wondering about the finishing style of your kitchen drawers. I assumed I would have the top drawer in a drawer stack solid and the others finished with the 2″ or 3″ style now I’m not sure. Do you have any suggestions?

  34. Sharonbutler says:

    How lovely .So happy for you and Bobby. What a treat it must be to wake up every morning in your home.Hoping you have many happy and healthy years together there.lots of love

  35. Your kitchen is stunning! And you did not go overboard on the hydrangeas—perfection. You have given me so many ideas through the years. I miss you on the podcast. Thank you for all you do!

    1. Hi Marie! I’m so glad you are inspired by StoneGable. I miss the podcast too but I just can’t do everything!

  36. Sherli Morgan says:

    The kitchen changes are great. I particularly like the wooden piece on the bottom of the hood vent. Looks amazing. Not finished yet you said – can’t wait to see the final product.


  37. Kathy Lust says:

    What a beautiful kitchen, Yvonne! Your ideas are always so inspiring and your house looks to crispy comfortable! I am just wondering, could you share a close up picture of the backsplash tile in your new kitchen? I love the subtle texture appearance. It looks like marble.? I’m looking forward to your next post!

    1. Yes, the backsplash is marble. Calcutta gold marble. And the pattern is basketweave. Thanks for your lovely comment!

  38. Wow, I love your new kitchen! I really liked your old kitchen at Stone Gable too – it was so comfy and warm – but this one is simply elegant and crisp. Really loving that look right now.

    1. Thanks, Jamie. I loved my StoneGable kitchen and it fit my farmhouse. This home is way more contemporary so this kitchen fits it! You are so observant! Happy Fall!

  39. Jennifer Mundell says:

    Could you please share with me which brand range you purchases. Also did you have to touch up to much paint after your contractors were done in your kitchen remodel?
    Thank you I love your site.

  40. You have created a lovely space!!! The back splash is stunning and the two pendant lights are like the candles on the cake. Your use of simple Fall touches looks so elegant.
    Love it:)

  41. Would you share the source of your backsplash tile? I’ve been looking for something just like it. I love basketweave, but most has the darker small square dot that makes it look too busy for my kitchen.

    1. Hi Laura, I don’t know the maker offhand. However, I know it’s Calcutta God marble. I’m sure most tile places have this basketweave. It’s pretty classic. We love our choice. The grout is white to work with the lighter marble. Hope this helps.

  42. We are remodeling our kitchen and have the same countertops! And we have white cabinets. I’ve been struggling with choosing a backsplash. I love your backsplash! Did you choose honed or polished? What made you decide on basketweave over subway or herringbone? Are you still in love with your choice? As you know, it’s all costly and will be there a long time. I absolutely love everything you do!

    1. Hi Tina, Oh how fun to remodel! I chose honed Calcutta Gold marble. Because my kitchen is all white I needed something with some detail in it. So I chose the basketweave backsplash. For me, subway tile is overdone and herringbone is too busy.Hope this helps.

      1. Thank you! This is my first white kitchen and backsplash is my last decision. I have to say I have really struggled with making a decision. I hadn’t even considered basket weave, but I feel like you are right regarding subway and herringbone. Those are the two options everyone tells me to use but I just haven’t been able to commit. Once again, you are the queen of design! I need to start searching basket weave tile! Have a Very Happy Thanksgiving!

  43. Yvonne, your new kitchen is bright and beautiful. But one question— where are you hiding your microwave?!

  44. I have followed you for many years (you were the first blog I ever followed) and I have never been disappointed. You have only gotten better. Thank you for sharing your talents!!! Please don’t stop!!!!

    1. I have no plans to stop. I’m thrilled you are enjoying StoneGable. Thanks for letting me know.

  45. Laura Gill says:

    I love your new kitchen! we just finished our new renovation also and are having a ball dreaming of Fall/Christmas decorating. really enjoy your articles, thank you

  46. Your oak hardwood floors are beautiful! With all the windows and light, how do you prevent the floors from fading around the perimeter of the rugs?

    1. I’ve not had a problem with that. Sorry, I’m not sure what to do. You might want to google that question!

  47. Hello,.
    Can you please tell me about your dining room table? I absolutely adore it!


  48. Why did you change your format? The old one was much easier to navigate. Can’t find anything now and way too many annoying advertisements.

  49. I love all your fall decorations! Can’t wait to start putting mine out. A question about your kitchen cabinets. What color of white did you paint them? My cabinets are sort of a cherry color too and I’d like to change to white. Yours look fabulous.

  50. Nora Nikkel says:

    Very nice. I have the frosted leaved picks & garlands in my home. they are so versatile I leave them up in a different way year around.

  51. Hey Ivonne, i LOVE your Blog! Never before thought about white pumpkins but this year I will add them to my fall decoration!

    Best wishes to you and your family. Stay healthy!

    Love, Heike

  52. Nancy Drew says:

    Love your kitchen Yvonne! Could you share where you got your bar stools and dining table chairs? Love them!

  53. Hi Yvonne, I was very inspired of your ideas and got a lot of white pumpkins. They got golden stripes and dots and look Georgetown. Thank you for that idea!

    1. I saw your correction “gorgeous” That spell check often works against us.I’m so thrilled you found inspiration and those pumpkins!

  54. Sorry, I meant „georgeous“ not Georgetown ?

    I also filled an old basket with fake autumn flowers and coloured leaves. Wonderful inspiration from your blog!

    Wishing you a healthy week,

    Best wishes from Germany

  55. Marilynn Vannelli says:

    I have been following you for some time now. My favorite season is fall, and my favorite fall decorating idea is to place white pumpkins wherever I can! Some are real and some are ceramic, but they all look beautiful in our home!

  56. Yvonne,
    Wow, I am in love with your kitchen. I want to have my cabinets painted, do you mind sharing what paint you used and what color?

    1. Hi Beverly, Our cabinets, like the rest of our home, is painted Benjamin Moore Simply White.