1FABULOUS FALL FRONT PORCH- Create a welcoming Autumnal front porch or door that is filled with beautiful and saturated fall elements. I'll show you how!

Fabulous fall front porch! We all want one and they are a big Autumnal welcome to all who pass by.  Lots of saturated fall colors, stacked pumpkins, mums and Indian corn. These elements are all mixed together with a touch of antique tartan to give my front door and porch a big punch of fall! Welcome fall and all! We’ve been waiting for you!

Today on Decorating Tips And Tricks we are talking about CURB APPEAL AND HOW TO GET IT. What a perfect topic for today’s’ post! 

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Now let’s make our homes have lots of fall curb appeal!

The day I took these images it was pouring buckets and buckets. Actually, most of them I took from the car. And here’s a little insight to just what a blogger will go to get pictures. I drove my car around my front lawn, rolled down the window and shot the pictures from the driver’s seat of the car!  

The best time to take outdoor pictures is when it is cloudy, but this puts a whole new spin on taking pictures! The rain made everything looks so vibrant!

An Indian Corn Wreath makes such a big statement on the front door! You can make this wreath too! Click HERE for the tutorial!

It’s having a bad hair day… just like me! The rain puffed up the husks!


A leafy garland frames the door and little pumpkins sit on the ledge of the transom!


On a trip to Savannah (oh, I love this girly city and get back when I can) I noticed initials on the transoms of many front doors. And of course, I fell in love with this personal detail. So I ordered a frosted letter cling on “P” for our last name. It has held up for years. And every time I look at it I remember my second favorite city!

This image gives you a good look at the faux leaf and bittersweet garland. The garland came from a local shop.


I filled the porch urns and galvanized buckets with mums, flowering cabbage, and pumpkins! 



This little chair was my great grandmothers. I painted it a chippy black and moved my pumpkin totem to the chair. 



One of the best things we (and when I say “we” I mean Bobby) did this fall was to put hooks in the ceiling of the porch so we can hang these lanterns!

I have battery operated candles on timers so they go on at dusk and stay on until we go to bed.  I love the little glow they give off at night!

FALL CURB APPREAL- An Autumnal welcome to all who pass by!




I’d love to hear how you decorate your front door for fall! 

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  1. JILL NELSON says:

    Fall is my FAVORITE time to decorate! However, as I was reading this post, all I could thing about is what the neighbors of bloggers must think!! To see the house decorated for fall (even if just for pictures) when it’s 90+ degrees with sunny, balmy skies (which I’m sure reappeared after your rain storm 🙂 LOL I’m grateful you decorate out of season for the rest of us though…keep these beautiful posts full of inspiration coming in time for me to copy them!!!!

    1. You get it Jill! So many readers almost scold me for decorating so early. It’s all about giving them time to get inspired! We don’t have neighbors, but I bet the people driving by in cars might think I’m a little crazy!

      1. nancy limestall says:

        I am looking for the cling on letters for my transom…where can I get them ?

  2. Betty in Arlington says:

    Love your style. Wish I had a house with an open porch! I am decorating my niece’s home blocks away!

  3. Lovely! I’m waiting until the beginning of September to do my front porch. Those lanterns really do add a nice touch and how convenient is it to have battery operated lights with a timer?

  4. Karen VanLoo says:

    I’m so inspired by this! My front porch needs a good cleaning right now, it’s just been way too hot to do much outside except keep the flowers watered. In the next couple of weeks I plan to wash the entire porch down, including cleaning the windows, and my furniture. I have two black rocking chairs, and a black bench by the door. They just get filthy! I want to clean everything so it’s ready to start decorating for Fall in about five-six weeks. I wait until closer to the end of September/first part of October but I’m excited! My favorite thing you own is your tartan throw, and I have one just like it! I love to throw it over one of my rocking chairs so I can copy the look. Love this! At this point, I would even settle for a cloudy rainy day – bring it on!

    1. When you are done cleaning your porch do you want to come and clean mine? lol!

    2. Where did the throw come from? I love it, but can’t find one similar anywhere! Please share the source. Thank you!

      1. Hi Lisa, the throw is also known as a “car rug” is an Ancient Buchanan Wool Tartan. I found it on eBay. But you get what you pay for. Make sure it is Scottish and is wool. Hope this helps.

  5. Karen VanLoo says:

    Oh! I also LOVE those hanging lanterns. I never thought of hanging them from the porch like that. I just might have to do that!

  6. Love decorating for fall and I am ready. Our nights are getting cooler in the Midwest and the mums are out. Just waiting for the pumpkins to arrive. Your ideas inspire me.

  7. genie steger says:

    i love your lanterns hanging from the porch and the idea of battery timer lights!!!!!!

  8. Love your porch!! Your ideas always inspire me to get going. If only I had a porch like yours. Enjoy the weekend, thanks again for sharing!

  9. I was anxious to see a photo of your hanging lanterns, after you mentioned them on the podcast. They definitely add a welcoming look to your front entrance!

    1. Thanks for listening to Decorating Tips And Tricks. I hope you are enjoying it!

  10. beautiful front porch…autumn!

  11. Jeanette Duke says:

    ?Well, everything looks beautiful and the pics on that very cloudy turned out incredible! Beautiful colors! I hope you didn’t mess up your lawn taking those pics! Hubby wouldn’t be happy!

    1. We live out in the country. Our lawn will survive! And Bobby, he soooooo seldom gets his under Gutches in a bunch!

  12. Love how you pulled together the porch!

  13. Fall is the best time of the year! Your front porch looks so welcoming and inviting. I would like to come and sit awhile and enjoy the country view. Have a great weekend.

  14. I love your porch and how you decorated it for fall. I love to use mums to decorate my front entry.

  15. Hello Yvonne, I have a funny story for you! I was so crazy about your beautiful throw, I found a less expensive one last year that looked similar. I did all my fall porch decorating. I caked it about a week later and mice had been in my throw pulling and chewing pieces of it to make a nest I guess! I too live out in the country. I was so aggravated but I hand washed the throw and will use it again this year. Where is my cat when I need him?

  16. nancy limestall says:

    Where can I get the cling on alphabet letters for my transom, please ?

  17. I just opened the Fall Cottage Journal at my friends and there just a few pages in was the most beautiful home and a wonderful story, I told my friend “this is my blog friend’s beautiful home that she shares with me and thousands of others”. It was a great tribute to you, so happy you were able to be chosen for this special edition.

  18. Anne Marie says:

    Beautiful porch – never too early for fall decor!

  19. I’m anxious for fall decorating..even though we don’t have a true fall in Texas..love your porch and have some great ideas to “borrow”…thank you….

  20. I know the birds would go after the corn on a wreath like that on my front door. They even pecked at my faux eggs in one wreath destroying them. I’ll be curious if that happens. I sure hope not as it is so cute! Love it.

  21. Brenda Grisham says:

    OK, now I know I am behind. I just finished watering the flowers on the porch for summer. I, too, would live the source of the letters on your transom windows. It was a new and novel idea to me. Thanks.

  22. Well Yvonne you have captured one of the most beautiful fall porches I’ve seen and of course IT’S YOUR’S!! Not doubt you are a whiz in the decorating world. Not to mention Ann over at On Sutton Place she is so talented as well. You’ve definitely given me the itch to drag out my Rubbermaid containers and get started decorating. Fall is my favorite time of year along with Spring. You mentioned Savannah, such a wonderful and beautiful place to visit. I have so many fond memories of our visit and would like to go back. I loved watching Paula Deen and miss her so much she was indeed a southern lady.

  23. Deb Gregory says:

    This makes me want to decorate NOW for fall!!!! Love it!

  24. A truly beautiful front porch! Love the lanterns with battery operated lights. What a brilliant idea!

  25. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Yvonne, you have done a wonderful job of decorating your front porch! It’s so beautiful! Thanks for sharing with all of us! Blessings!

  26. Your pictures turned out great and your porch looks very inviting.
    I do a wreath and mums, so hot and humid in Florida,I don’t even
    go out.Fall will be delayed a bit as I am flying to NJ today to see my
    new granddaughter and help my daughter till the end of September.

  27. Front porch is awesome! Love the lanterns!

  28. So beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration. IS there a source for the frosted cling letters? They are a perfect way to personalize your front door!

  29. I’ve been to Savannah and love the city as well. I never thought to put a monogram on the window by our front door as a nod to the city but I’ll definitely do it now. Now just to find the letter 🙂

  30. Courtney @ Pop It Up Girl says:

    LOVE this! Such a festive porch! Not a detail spared! I featured this today on my blog if you’d like to come take a look. Thanks for inspiring so many!


  31. Yvonne, I love your stone house. But I noticed something in one of the pictures, did you realize there is white paint overspray on your beautiful stone gable?