INDIAN CORN WREATH DIY-This is a GORGEOUS wreath and so so easy to make!


I’ve wanted to make this wreath for years. And finally… I did!  This is an absolutely GORGEOUS, stunning, beauty! So full of autumnal color and texture and so so easy to make!  My INDIAN CORN WREATH took about 30 minutes from start to finish. If you make one thing this fall, this should be it! It will look fabulous on your front door, from your walk, from the road… even going by it in a car!!! It’s not shy or demure… but offers a huge does of fall beauty and a hearty fall welcome!

Let’s get started and make a wreath that will last until Thanksgiving… and for years to come!


I made a quick trip to my local Amish greenhouse to pick up about 40 multi-colored Indian corn! The cost for a 15 inch straw wreath was about $40.00. Not bad at all for all the WOW factor!

This wreath can be made smaller… just decide what would look best on your front door!

Let’s get started!


Here’s a few tips that might help you…

  • choose different colored mini corn
  • glue the corn next to eachother
  • line up the tips of the corn to make the wreath look even
  • because not all corn is the same length, vary them
  • if the corn husks break off from the corn, hot glue them back on
  • keep the plastic wrapping on the straw wreath so it’s not messy

INDIAN CORN WREATH DIY- different color

I’m so thrilled with how this wreath turned out! It really is magnificent!

INDIAN CORN WREATH DIY- beautiful colors-close up of


To keep the wreath from year to year it must be stored in a “mouse-free” zone or double bagged in a thick industrial garbage bag and tied together tightly! If you hang the wreath outside, make sure it it totally dry before putting it in any plastic bag.

I’ll be keeping mine for a few years, so I’ll make sure to make it “mouse proof”!

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  1. Beautiful! I’ve also wanted to make one of these for years and have never done it. This wreath is perfect for October and even better for November for Thanksgiving.

    I have Indian corn that I still use that I purchased when I first started decorating our home in the mid-90’s. If it is kept in a dry place it will last and last!

  2. This wreath would look great on my front door, but I’m going to have to have more than the four ears of corn that are currently there.

      1. Wasn’t sure how to leave a comment so I’m using your comment,hope you don’t mind?!My name Yvonne also and this is soooo beautiful,i will be making one! Thanks

  3. Hi Yvonne – Did you wet and fluff the husks of your corn? They look so much more open, and even whiter, than when you started.
    It is a Lovely wreath and definitely showy for the door. Thank you!

  4. Yvonne,
    I do believe this is one of the most beautiful wreaths I’ve ever seen! The colors are absolutely magnificent and I can’t believe the simplicity! Thank you so much for sharing this project. You can bet I will be purchasing my supplies and making my own wreath this weekend!

    Thanks again!

  5. Beautiful but did you do anything to the corn?? I bought the 3 in a bundle and tied them up pretty to our front door, and we had a windy night and heard banging so hubby said you are going to have to do something with that corn…. HA come morning it was a blue jay eating it, and he had nearly 1.5 of the corn eaten and sat in the tree in the yard and yelled at me when I went out. Darn birds! LOl OH well now have to find another wreath or something to put up. Don’t want to spend a lot and don’t have many supplies left. lol

  6. Yvonne, I love your Indian Corn wreath! Love how simple the materials are and yet make such a big impact. This is a DIY that even I could tackle, so thanks for sharing it! I also love that it can be reused from year to year.

  7. I’ll have to search the internet for mini-corn cobs; we don’t have any craft stores near us and the corn at the grocery store is outrageously priced. This is such a beautiful decoration. What a simple and perfect idea for Fall. Thank you for sharing it.

  8. Beautiful! I know what I’ll be doing today! What type of hanger did you attach to the wreath and to your door be able to display the wreath?

    1. Hi Fran! I have a hook anchored into my door and the straw wreath hangs from it. I did not use an extra hanger on the back of the wreath because I can sorta stick the hook right into the straw form and it holds just fine!

  9. Absolutely, positively beautiful. What “WOW” factor!

    When I was a new mom, my uncle gave me some mini corn he’d grown in his garden. I loved having it to use in my cornucopia. I’ve stored that corn from year to year, and I’m still using it–24 years later! If you keep your wreath mouse-proof, I predict it’ll last a long time!

  10. Love that wreath!!!! Years ago I made a small individual Indian corn kernel wreath for my mom. Yvonne, you do live in the perfect place, farmers market & stands for your autumnal decor. Happy Fall, Kathleen in Az

  11. That is stunning on your front door! Sometimes the simplicity can be all the eye candy you need. Will double bagging in industrial garbage bags really keep the mice out?

  12. How beautifully Fall Yvonne. I made something similar a few years ago, it was so pretty… all the Fall colours . The it started… it’d awake to find corn on the entry floor… hmmm. Then I saw them… birds and a squirrel. They were making a meal out of my wreath. Hahaha… I will admire your this season 🙂
    Happy today!
    Hugs, Gee

  13. Oh wow – this wreath has been on my list of to-dos for years. Now I really just have to get it done. Looks fabulous against a dark door- which we have. I’m so inspired now.

  14. can you tell me how much you paid for you corn? at my little store they have 3 ears for $1.99. would like to know if that is a good price. your wreath looks so pretty. fall is my favorite decorating time but not the fall weather.

  15. wow! what a statement that wreath makes. i would love to make one….maybe not for this year as i already have my wreaths planned for the fall and into the holiday season. one question: what kind of glue gun and glue sticks did you use? mine is just one i picked up at Wal Mart and the glue doesn’t seem to hold very well….i’m wondering if you used some kind of “super glue” sticks to make the corn stay on the wreath.

    thank you for this gorgeous inspiration…i’ll be pinning it!

  16. Lovely….. I have made similar wreaths and displays with the mini corn myself. They are usually enjoyed by our squirrel inhabitants and have to be replaced by something a wee less edible. LOL It doesn’t stop me from putting them up each year … Enjoy the fall!

  17. Yvonne, your wreath is gorgeous! I’m referring back to it today, after I went & purchased the corn with a gift card to my favorite nursery from my son & d-i-l. Now I can show them the beautiful creation that came from their thoughtful gift….thanks so much for your inspiration!!

    1. The door was a happy mistake. It was supposed to be “graphite grey” from Lowe’s but when we got it home it certainly was not the right color. But we loved it so much that we kept it!

  18. HI i was wondering if i could use the 2 toned yellow sweet corn? Where i live they don’t carry any colored corn. Will the yellow corn keep as long as the one you used for your?

    Thank you!


  19. Spray the corn with a can of clear paint to keep the critters,. It will also have a great shine and keeps for years.

  20. Yvonne, I am so excited to make this wreath!! Thank you so much for posting it!!! My biggest concern is that we are kind of woodsy and have lots of animals…from bunnies to birds of all kinds to woodchucks , deer, coyotes, squirrels and tons of chipmunks. I am assuming most of those but the birds will not climb as high as the wreath. I am going to try spraying it with clear paint. What is your suggestion for the absolute best way to keep the mice away when stored. We have tons of mice, especially during the winter. Would a plastic tight covered box work and put it in the attic?


    1. I don’t think you have to worry about the mice as long as it’s hanging on your front door. When you store it, make sure it’s in very heavy plastic with no openings. Just make sure the wreath is completely dry when you bring it in. If it’s the least bit damp it might get moldy in the plastic.

  21. I will be making this wreath , however I have tried to determine the size of the straw wreath , can you provide the size you used , as I would like to make a large wreath , like yours , thanks

    1. Gosh, I would not know! Mini corn varies in size. You might want to take your wreath along with you when you buy your corn to see about how many you might need. I hope you make this wreath… you will love it!

  22. Your Indian corn wreaths beauty just took my breath away!!! i went to a fall festival last weekend & couldn’t get your wreath out of my head so when i came across a vendor selling indian corn i bought a ton! all i need is a hot glue gun which ill purchase later today and i hope to wow my front door with this wreath! thank you (with all my heart) for sharing how i can do it myself! i love your style!!

  23. My wreath looks really sparse, used 20 corns, bought 25. Couldn’t fit another ear on it. Maybe I should reglue closer towards the inner of the straw wreath??

  24. HI Yvonne!

    I love this wreath. Bought everything and I am having a lot of trouble getting my corn to stay on the straw wreath form. Any helpful hints? What am I doing wrong?



  25. Hi!
    Love this wreath! Planning on making it this week. Wish I had seen this a little sooner. Oh well 🙂
    Can you tell me….. Are these mini corn? What size (inches) would you say they are?

  26. I love how the color of the door enhances the beauty of the wreath. I’m also obsessed with the gold/brass? pineapple medallion on the front of the door. I have to ask…do you have a tip on where one might locate the medallion? Also in my view the door appears to be a matte black is that correct?

  27. I really like this wreath! I am new to your blog, but have already found a couple of very informative and fun ideas! Thanks so much. 🙂

  28. Your wreath is gorgeous and I would love to make one BUT I live in Denham Springs Louisiana. I was lucky we never got water in the house but we could not get out because we were surrounded by high water. I have been flooded like that before and lost everything so I feel really bad for those people. Our Hobby Lobby and Michaels and a wholesale floral store had water to their roofs so I am sure none will be open by Thanksgiving. I need the name of a good company on line where I can go to purchase the indian
    corn. Our places where I could get the real corn were also flooded out and I did try one place for dried corn on the internet but they were sold out of the small quantities. Thanks for any help you can give me.

    1. Bless your dear heart, Grandmawrinkles! I am praying for you! If you send me an email with your address I’ll send you a fall care package of goodies. Email me your email address. Sending prayers and love your way! Hugs, Yvonne

  29. We have this corn growing in our garden….the variety is called “Indian Fingers”. Wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it. I sure know now. I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it!!!!! Once again you’ve given me a gorgeous project I can actually do. Thanks a million. You are the best.

  30. What size straw wreath did you use?? I counted about 40 ears of corn so 3/$2 makes the wreath very reasonable. Also, does any rain get on yours? Although my door is covered winds blow the rains ( we aren’t talking much here–average for a YEAR is 5″ and we’ve been in a drought til this year–so would that direct hit of water cause a problem? It doesn’t with any other wreath and I always have a wreath on the door. Do I look back to this post for the answer??

  31. Love it and would love to make one. One prob. I don’t have an Amish greenhouse near me to purchase the corn. Do you know of any other places that would sell it?

  32. Hi!

    Do you mind sharing the name of the greenhouse you got the ears of corn from? If you can believe this, I have gone to two local nurseries, searched the Internet, Amazon, and Etsy, and nobody sells enough many Indian ears of corn. They usually just sell the seeds. And those places that do sell the actual ears of corn are already sold out ( at least as far as I have been able to determine).


    1. Hi Aileen, I’m not sure about cleaning them. You could try to bleach one with a mild water/bleach combo and then let it dry. I have a feeling the corn is not dirty but probably has been stained by mildew. Fluff them by hand.

  33. We varnished ours with shellac. Therefore, thus far have been lucky that the birds, squirrels, mice, raccoons, etc. have not bothered our Indian Corn Wreath. Did you use any type of backing to apply your corn? For example, cardboard cut in the round?