pretty Christmas arrangement of greens, Christmas balls and garland

Styling a Christmas centerpiece is not only easy but I made this one in less than 20 minutes! Just dig out what you have and get creative. I’ll show you how I made this Christmas centerpiece from start to finish! Ready?

Today is 20 MINUTE DECORATING, THE CHRISTMAS EDITION! My blogging friends and I are sharing great Christmas decorating ideas that will take 20 minutes or less to make! Make sure to check out all the creative and easy decorating ideas at the end of the post!

Thank you Lory, at Desinthusiam for organizing this fun group!

Christmas centerpiece on a buffet

This Christmas arrangement is so so easy to put together. Just follow these step-by-step instructions and you will be able to make a beautiful Christmas arrangement! And once you feel comfortable making one, there are so many variations!!!!

Let’s get started!


long baskets sitting on a buffet

The first thing is to find a base for the centerpiece. I had these double baskets already sitting on my buffet so I used them.

Here are other things you might use as a base for your 20-minute Christmas centerpiece…

  • dough bowl
  • large platter
  • pedestal bowl
  • table runner


basket filled with flocked Christmas greens

I had to dig around the basement which is full of unpacked boxes to find just a few things I could use to put to make this arrangement!

I found some flocked greens in a long box with other white-ish Christmas sprays. And because I did not want to dig in the boxes in the back of the basement those flocked greens became the base of the arrangement.

Here are some other things to use as a base in your arrangement…

  • live greens
  • boxwood
  • faux greens
  • magnolia branches
  • any other evergreen


wooden beads

I love to see something hanging over the edge of an arrangement! It adds an element of drama!

I used a string of large wooden beads and treaded it through the greens making sure to drape it over the edge of the basket.

greens in a basket

Here’s a WOODEN BEAD GARLAND DIY to make your own string of beads.

Here are other options you can use…

  • ribbon
  • felt ball garland
  • star garland
  • berry garland
  • tiny pinecone garland
  • glass bead garland


collection of mercury glass Christmas balls

The next item I added to the Christmas arrangement was silver mercury glass balls. I just happened to see them first in the basement full of boxes!

I found a plastic container filled with all the mercury balls I have collected over the years so I picked out the largest ones first and arranged them on the greens.

christmas balls in frosted evergreens

Then I nestled some of the smaller mercury glass balls together in the greens too! They look best grouped together.

This is not rocket science. I just added ornaments where there were empty spaces in the greens.

beautiful Christmas arrangement

You might also use…

  • pinecones
  • willow balls
  • any kind of ornament
  • big jingle bells
  • small wrapped gifts


tiny frosted pinecones

This is always my favorite part of any arrangement. I’m a self-proclaimed embellishment queen and this is the fun part for me.

Fluff and filler is anything organic that will fill in bare spots in an arrangement.

The purpose of fluff and filler is to soften the look of an arrangement and blur its lines a bit. Fluff and filler also add texture and an extra layer of interest!

In the long box filled with white-ish sprays, I found these frosted pinecones so I cut the spray apart and made smaller groupings of pinecones. I added them here and there to the holiday arrangement.

Christmas arrangement in a basket

Just think of all the options! And styling this Christmas centerpiece was so so easy and I made it in under 20 minutes!

Now, it’s your turn! Rummage through your Christmas decor and find the element to make a pretty Christmas centerpiece!

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  1. The wooden bead link is taking me to a lamp website. Can you tell me more about where to get these wooden beads? Thanks

  2. Julie Peper says:

    Yvonne — darling Christmas basket!! Would you mind sharing where you purchased those beautifully textured baskets?

    God bless your Christmas season!


  3. Beautifully done and I may have to sprinkle a few similar arrangements around here this season!

  4. Greens can go a long way in decorating and are easy to create a centerpiece or to put in a vase.I love the natural look of your centerpiece.

    1. Thanks, Doreen! I love decorating with faux greens. I do love the smell of live greens but not all the clean up involved!

  5. I am unable to pin anything from this great Stonegable post or from yesterdays. Pinning from other sites is working fine.

    1. Hi Angie, You can pin MY images but you must go to the other sites to pin other people’s images. It’s just how Pinterest is done.

  6. Teddee Grace says:

    Love your quick centerpiece. I think sometimes, when options are limited because we can’t access everything easily, we are even more creative. This is lovely. Good luck with the rest of your unpacking!

  7. It’s beautiful! I would never have thought of using a non Christmas piece (wood beads) in my arrangement put it sets it off perfectly. And….that…is why we come to you, our decorating goddess!

  8. I love this idea! So simple, but stunning. I have some old Shiny Bright ornaments from my grandma and this would be a lovely way to showcase them. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Yvonne, thanks for giving us such a cute arrangement! You are busy trying to get settled in your gorgeous new home and yet you took time to give us this lovely arrangement which can be so easily put together! You are such an amazing lady and always have us at heart! Thank you for being so special. Bless you and enjoy your gorgeous new home! So happy for you and Bobby!

  10. I love this Christmas centerpiece/arrangement. I think I will make one like this for our home. You often amazes me with your classy, glamorous creativity. Thanks for sharing

    1. I had a huge giggle over your comment Ivory! I’m so thrilled you think I am classy and glamorous!