I’m such a Christmas person. No Grinch here!!!! I’m always trying new ways to decorate for Christmas. Different colors, different arrangements, different mantels. So I thought I’d put together a “montage” of sorts of my best Christmas mantel ideas in the last four years! This is going to be fun!


The first thing I decorate every Christmas season is the mantel in the family room. Let’s start at 2014 …

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2014 was a Farmhouse Christmas and the mantel reflected it! Simple, slightly rustic and streamlined!

I made my first banner for the 2014 Christmas mantel. You can see how easy it is to make HERE.

Such easy decor. An old window and a simple faux pine wreath. Lots of pinecones and these darling snowflakes I use almost every year!

And trees! I must admit I have a penchant for trees and there has been a small tree farm of faux Christmas trees growing in my basement for over a decade!


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2015 was still farmhouse inspired. But I added a little more color and Christmas lights!

The vintage window returned as did some of the pinecones and the wreath from the year before.

Doesn’t the wreath look a lot different? It’s so easy to completely change the look of a faux wreath from year to year. Click HERE to see how. I was really into red plaid! Who isn’t, right?


2015 was the “year of stars”. I got a Cricket cutting machine (see it HERE ) and cut out thousands of stars. Some tiny for garland and some larger with holes in the center so the lights from strings of lights could show through.

I just may have to bring those stars back again next year. They were my favorite!


With the Cricket I also cut out cling on letters to create the words “Merry” and “Christmas” to grace a couple platters I hung on the chippy back mantel shutter.

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2016 was the year of I painted an old clock to go above the mantel. The stars made another appearing across the mantel and draped over a large faux tree. I also got much better at photographing Christmas lights.

I also found an ingenious way to hang Christmas stocking across a mantel. To see how easy it is click HERE.

And tree on the mantel again. Oh, I love trees!


I also introduced black and white to my decor. Black and white with red looks so pretty and crisp. This is by far my favorite Christmas color combination!

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This year the Christmas mantel took on a snowy white look. Much different from year’s past!

The inspiration for this mantel came from the white trees I found at a local decor shop. If you live near Lancaster County Pa you might want to check out Cocalico Designs on Rout 30. 

I hung the stockings on a birch log this year. 



And this year I brought back pinecones in a big way!

From simple farmhouse to white and wonderful, every Christmas there is something new on my mantel!

I hope you have enjoyed perusing how the mantel at StoneGable changed its Christmas look over the last four year!

And what about 2018? Well, I think black and white will be showing up in a big, big way!

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  1. Norma Rolader says:

    Oh my thank you for sharing your Christmas past every year was beautiful God bless
    Merry Christmas to you and your family

    1. Hi Norma, God bless you too and show Himself in magnificent ways to you and your family this Christmas! Hugs!

  2. mattsgramma says:

    Lovely perusing here Yvonne.

  3. Nora Vassar says:

    2017 is definitely my favorite. I love the flocked miniature trees and the warmth of the white. Merry Christmas!

  4. Sherry Tomaselli says:

    You are truly talented!! I loved each of your mantels but I love Christmas stockings so 2016 was my favorite. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us.

  5. I like them all…very pretty ! Merry Christmas

  6. What a fun idea to go back and see what you did with your mantel decor. We always need to tweak things so we keep our creative juices flowing. I love trying new things and getting inspiration from you are on the top of my list. I always start my day reading your blog and a cup of coffee. Merry Christmas??

  7. Wow! What beautiful mantles! I love how you transitioned from one to another! You are so very inspirational! I do my mantle first also but it’s always the same. You just gave me some great ideas for next year! Thank you!

  8. Yvonne,

    All of your mantels are lovely! I am partial to decorating with red at Christmas, also! I am enjoying my coffee with you, as usual. Thanks for entertaining me!


    1. Having coffee with you Bunny! This is our daily coffee break together.

  9. They are all gorgeous- I can’t pick a favorite one because I love them all!

    1. I’m glad to hear you say that Marty. Each mantel is like my favorite child. They are all my favs!

  10. Every look is beautiful but I think the 2015 look with the stars is my favorite. Lots of pretty inspiration!
    Merry Christmas, Yvonne!

    1. I have to say I really loved those stars and have kept them. I’m sure they will pop up again for Christmas!

  11. I tried to pick my favorite mantle. The verdict: ALL. OF THEM. Thank you for the ideas.

  12. I’m so excited that I’m finally getting a fireplace after 30 years! The destruction will be worth it and I will have your great ideas,

  13. Sherilyn Jennings says:

    I took your advice Yvonne and am buying some really good quality faux greenery. I found the cutest little Christmas trees at one of our local shops. They are very realistic and were half price. I’m loving them!

  14. Lana Nicol says:

    Always inspiring, thank you!

  15. Yvonne you have the best mantels I love them all so much so. Several years ago i painted several shutters for my mantel. They are on my mantel all year round and i just decorate around them.

  16. Dawn Johnson says:

    Thank you for the mantel ideas! I know I have some of those items or similar ones around here somewhere! I must get more organized , with that I’m sure it is easier to decorate, sometimes it gets overwhelming. Yvonne how do you organize when it’s time to take it all down till next year? By color, item, etc? I would love to see a post on that, please…
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  17. better and better each year . You’ve inspired me to use more greenery !

  18. I don’t know if I could pick a favorite of all of your mantels – I love them all! And the way you found to hang the stockings – perfection!!!

  19. You are right. The Christmas Stocking Bar (Branch) IS ingenious!! What beautiful mantels though the years. I kept looking for “Mickey Mantle”. I guess he was snuggled away, safely hidden and enjoying the warmth of your love filled Holiday Home.

  20. Beth Brown says:

    I love them all but you can never go wrong with the beautiful red added to Christmas decor!

  21. Love all your mantels – I just changed ours up this year with an old window from our house, a rope with Merry Christmas going across it, greens and white lights on the mantel with pinecones too. I do have a question, after the holidays I am white washing our fireplace which is red/black brick. I need to brighten up the room and thought this would be a good start. I have seem many tutorials but wanted to ask you if you had white washed yours? I love the softness of it. Thanks for sharing your home it always look beautiful. I always find many inspirations from your posts.

    Merry Christmas,

  22. Another person sipping coffee and reading your blog….love your style..Have copied many ideas. In too take pictures every year and “tweak” it the next. Everything looks New in a different way or area. But always something new for inspiration….keep on inspiring.

  23. So many beautiful and creative ideas!

  24. Maggie Nelson says:

    I love them all and like you I try something different each year and love the idea to add white lights to the garland . I like it a lot and I will try it. Thank you! You are the best!

  25. love the “woodsy” looks of this year’s mantle very Christmas!

  26. Vee Muller says:

    2015 is my fab! Christmas needs color!

  27. Katherine says:

    I am continually impressed by your creativity!

  28. Rosalinda says:

    I like the simplicity of your décor & the quiet elegance it exudes.

  29. Rosalinda says:

    I especially like the look of simplicity & quiet elegance of your work.

  30. Paulette Beal says:

    I loved your “YEAR OF THE STARTS” – Even if it is retro back 3 years – I’d like to try it next year.
    As always enjoy your blog, podcasts and glad too for your wonderful ideas.

  31. I like them all esp. the fresh and simple 2014

  32. All the mantles are lovely but I’m partial to the black and white.

  33. June Gerstner says:

    Yvonne, 2016 was my most favorite year of all. I love the black and white with a touch of red. Even your big tree was fabulous that year with the Chinese lanterns…absolutely unique!

  34. Love all your mantels but find the previous years even more beautiful than this year’s….Someone mentioned how to pack away your items….Could you do a blog on that? organization seems to have passed me by…but not you!!!! thank you so much for sharing all your gifts and talents that the Lord has blessed you with.

    1. Hi Marty, I won’t have time to do a post on putting away Christmas things this year. I’m already scheduled. But next year be looking for one!

  35. Sue O'Quinn says:

    Beautiful mantels through the years. You have such great style.

  36. I love the birch branch for your stockings! I’m looking for 2 heavy stocking holders so I can copy your idea!

  37. Yvonne – I am continually amazed and delighted by your festive flair and charming decor. It’s always “just right”! I am hard-pressed to find a favorite among your annual holiday mantels – they are all lovely. I so look forward to and thoroughly enjoy your blog posts. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  38. Loved to see how you changed up, but re-used some pieces from year to year. Definitely gave me some ideas for next year.

  39. Laura Harrie says:

    Love every year’s Christmas mantles. Each one is beautiful!

  40. Always inspired by your blog!

  41. Beautiful Yvonne! I love your snowy mantel! Thanks for sharing your awesome ideas!

  42. I truly enjoyed your post today, beautiful mantel décor throughout the years, I too love to repurpose items and move them around the house, what a difference it can make.

  43. I think it was lots of fun to look at mantels this way. I noticed details I had missed. What striking and yet all different mantels you’ve designed. I thought those stars were metal but you made them. The fun sweater stockings. Everything each year has been a treat to review. Thank you!!

  44. Beautiful evolution of ideas…I used to wait and see what my favorite holiday shops had for new trends for Christmas décor..but after reading your blogs.I’m deciding my own trend….and now can shop all year for it..I’m one who sees it everyday..why shouldn’t it be beautiful for me too? Thanks again Yvonne..and Merry Chrstmas!

  45. Susan Bush says:

    Every mantel is as charming as the prior years! It’s so hard to decide a favorite since they are all so beautiful. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  46. Kathy Adams says:

    I also plan to use a black and white with Red accents next year! But not for me. It’s for our WOMENS Christmas Tea held every year in December! Do you have suggestions about best places to buy ribbons and material that is not too expensive? I decorate 15 tables (used 3 times each over 3 Tea’s). Also fills the walls, decorate the entry and the stage. So, I have a lot of areas to decorate! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for next year!

    1. I know real ribbon is an expense, but it can be used year after year! I find most of my ribbon at big box craft stores, local shops and on Amazon.

  47. mary loughlin says:

    I’m n love with that red plaid!

  48. Denise carlson says:

    If you don’t have a mantle punt, any flat surface will do. I have a shelf above the closet in the foyer and I climb up and down the ladder to decorate .That’s my mantle, it can be seen from the dinning room and kitchen and I try to make it different every year.