How To Update An Old Wreath


UPDATING AND REPURPOSING AN OLD CHRISTMAS WREATH- Don't throw away your old tired faux Christmas wreaths... make them over! YOU can do this!

Christmas decorating is one of my favorite things to do. Especially when I can take an old decoration and give it a second and fabulous life! This year’s decorations are all about using what I have. I’m especially fond of wreaths! So I’ll be using lots and lots in my Christmas decor this year! Making a pretty, lush wreath is easy! I’ll show you how…

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Today’s post is one of my biggest Christmas diy posts on Pinterest. If you have an old wreath hanging around your basement, attic or garage you will find this post very helpful! Or if you want to change the style of a wreath you will find this post helps you to make a new looking wreath!

Here is the wreath I used from last year. Not in bad shape, but not the style I’m looking for. 

REPURPOSING A CHRISTMAS WREATH- Easy way to make an old wreath new and beautiful again!

This year’s Christmas decor is more traditional and less farmhouse. So I took my pine wreath and started adding!

REPURPOSING A CHRISTMAS WREATH- Easy way to make an old wreath new and beautiful again!

  1. I like to gather up my  supplies. I always start with things I might use. I really don’t know until I start working with a wreath exactly what elements I’ll use. So I gather a “collection”.
  2. I have tons of old greens on picks and cut up garland. I just keep reusing it year after year. (Here’s a little tip: I buy 6 new good quality greens every year and mix them with the old. I also throw away my oldest and worst looking greens.  I love good faux! I used to use all fresh, but I can’t stand when the begin to drop!)
  3. Because this wreath will be used indoors on the mantle I don’t have to glue the greens into the wreath. This will save both the greens and the wreath for future use. I intertwine the greens into the pine wreath. Keep adding different greens into your old wreath. Until you get the look you want.

As you can see, the wreath is so much fuller and has many different kinds of green woven into the original pine.

The next thing I did was make a loopy bow and attach it to the wreath with a thin wire. You might like to see my post on MAKING A CHRISTMAS BOW. I got this ribbon at Costco.

Then I took long stems of frosted red berries and laced them through the greens into position. 

REPURPOSING A CHRISTMAS WREATH- Easy way to make an old wreath new and beautiful again!

Before I put the rest of the decorations on the wreath I hung it on the window on the mantle.

To hang the wreath, I took a length of ribbon and looped it through the metal rim in the back of the wreath and stapled the ribbon to itself securely! This made a nice ribbon to hang the wreath from.

REPURPOSING A CHRISTMAS WREATH- Easy way to make an old wreath new and beautiful again!

Once the wreath was hung I fluffed the bow and repositioned the berries and  tucked snowy pinecone and stars into the wreath. This year’s decor has lots of stars!

EASY PEASY! A new wreath from an old one!

REPURPOSING A CHRISTMAS WREATH- Easy way to make an old wreath new and beautiful again!

With a totally different look!

REPURPOSING A CHRISTMAS WREATH- Easy way to make an old wreath new and beautiful again!

Because I didn’t glue anything together I’ll be able to take this wreath apart and use all the part again!

If you want to see the rest of the mantle click HERE!

Now get busy! Get out an old wreath and some greens and see what you can come up with! I bet it will be spectacular!




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UPDATING AND REPURPOSING AN OLD CHRISTMAS WREATH- Don't throw away your old tired faux Christmas wreaths... make them over! YOU can do this!

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  1. Great reuse of previously owned items. Thanks for sharing.

    1. charlsey popp says:


  2. Your repurpose wreath is gorgeous. Love the bow, plaid is my favorite! The stars are delightful! Did you make them, Yvonne or buy them? Thanks for sharing this easy peasy DIY.

    1. I bought unfinished wooden stars at my local ACMoore and painted them. So easy!

  3. That is exactly the look I was going for. So pretty and well done! Thank you

  4. Nancy Marino says:

    Thanks for more inspiration Yvonne. I have several wreath I have collected this year and need to pull them out to freshen up. The diy ideas are so much more special than anything I have seen in the stores and the prices are huge! My biggest challenge is making bows, but with practice and the tutorial you did another year they are looking better.

  5. Anne Marie says:

    Lovely wreath – you always amaze me!

  6. Erica Thomas says:

    Love the ribbon. My abortive thing is to repurpose my greens too. I love the frosted berries the look elegant. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Great tips about faux greens. Love the wreath! Thx for sharing. Have a great weekend, Yvonne!

  8. Julie H from Michigan says:

    Love the stars!

  9. I always take apart my un-used decorations and try to create something different. It is fun to change things up a bit. Your wreath is beautiful.

  10. Tracy Longhenry says:

    I love the window behind the wreaths–it really frames it!

  11. Great idea to re-use what we already have!

  12. Such a delightful design..!!!

  13. You are so creative. I love the fact that you reuse items also. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  14. Karen VanLoo says:

    I love the stars too! Love the idea of freshening up something you already have. Great idea!

  15. Very pretty wreath! I love the asymmetrical look on wreaths. It’s a great way to update a wreath. And, displaying it on an old window frame adds extra charm.

  16. Awesome! Love the stars of course!

  17. Thanks for the tips here – my wreath was looking a little forlorn so these tweaking tips will make all better. as always – thanks for the ideas and sharing your home – xx-hb

  18. Beautiful! The frosted berry sprigs are really terrific! And I, too, love the wired ribbon at Costco and BJ’s – it is an unbeatable value! I collect it at Christmas and Easter when they have plenty of stock to choose from so I have it on hand to use all year.

    1. I get new ribbon every year from Costco! And I get it early because it goes fast!

  19. I like wreaths too….easy to do over !

  20. Lanita Anderson says:

    Thanks for the great ideas on repurposing old Christmas wreaths…. I love to repurpose wreaths from one season to the next and love getting new ideas. I particularly like the idea of adding additional greenery – I hadn’t thought about that before! But what a difference in made in your wreath – not only a fuller look, but almost made it look like a different texture. I love the transformation!

  21. Your wreath looks gorgeous now!

  22. Marcy Leonard says:

    Thanks for the jumpstart! I just pulled the lid off a bin yesterday to find three old squished wreaths and wondered what did I save these for!

  23. I have held on to your tutuorial on bow making for weeks. I’m afraid to begin. I love your “A thrill of hope…”.

  24. Your “new” wreath is a beauty. I change my wreaths up every year as well. It keeps things fresh!

  25. Beautiful!Thanks for the tips.

  26. I love the idea of reusing old wreaths. Great idea to add other greens! Thanks!

  27. beverly e says:

    The “new” wreath is beautiful. Thanks for these helpful tips!

  28. Carol Elkins says:

    Great ideas to bring new life to my old wreaths. I love the addition of the stars!

  29. Tristy R. says:

    I love decorating with stars this year too! Great ideas for making old things new again. I enjoy the way you incorporate natural items with a touch of elegance.

  30. For sure, everyone loves those little stars. I always re-vamp my wreath and change it up a little. Thanks for posting additional pictures from other websites so we get new ideas.

  31. Joyce Meyers says:

    Love the pink and gold. I’m thinking pink and copper for Valentine’s Day this year.

  32. What lovely wreaths–both designs…I do like your stars and stsr garland! I tend to keep the same look but now you have inspired me. I’m going to remove the trimmings from my wreaths before I put them away in January so in the Fall the will be ready for pretty new looks!

  33. Sheila Gunderson says:

    The bow makes it..thanks for the bow making tutorial!

  34. Looks beautiful. Hoping to do the same to one of mine.?

  35. Nancy of Lake Stevens says:

    Yvonne, You always have the greatest ideas. Your brain must be going non-stop. When do you get any sleep? Thank you for all the wonderful ideas that you so graciously share.

  36. Marilyn Gillis says:

    TOTALLY inspired a d I’ve got two old wreaths I had nit used in a while as the looked a little… Aged. I love buying picks and use them all over the house… I’m on this wreath refurbishment!

  37. Beautiful wreath! I’ll just tell you…..I’m going to copy this one! Merry Christmas Pam

  38. I love reinventing things.Great
    idea with the wreath,looks beautiful.

  39. I love re-purposing what I have on hand. This year I took time to switch things up a bit with my holiday decorating and I love the changes.

    Thanks for reminding me to keep those little snippets of this and that tucked away…never know when you need something.

  40. I love the wreath! The plaid bow is what I love the most! I am crushing on plaid this year!!!

  41. Geraldine Hardy says:

    Will be repurposed my old weath just need to buy some ribbon and different color balls great idea

  42. Love your ideas…I love repurposing things I have 😉

  43. We learned repurposing at an early age. Something I do everyday. Love to get your great ideas.

  44. Great work! Thank you for the instructions!

  45. Thank you for sharing this DIY repurpose.

  46. Norma Rolader says:

    I love the wreath and thank you for showing how to update a wreath