A Christmas Coffee Bar Your Family And Guest Will Love

Christmas overnight guests will love waking up to their favorite coffee and some delicious baked goods, And you will love how easy it is to assemble this self-serve Christmas Coffee Bar. I’ll show you how.

Christmas Coffee bar

Are you having family or guests stay in your home during the holidays? Me too? Then you will know that getting breakfast on the table can be a scramble, especially if you are used to easing into the day. When my children were home, I got up every morning at 5:15 and made a hot breakfast for our family. So when they flew the nest and started young families of their own, it dawned on me one day that I did not have to get up at 5:15 anymore. Yay!

When I have family overnight during the holidays, cooking and tending to them is a joy. One thing I realized, though, is I need sleep! So, I try to keep my normal bedtime and wake-up time (6:30 am) to have good energy for the day.

We have out-of-town family that celebrate most holidays with us, and over the decades, I found lots of little ways to enjoy them and make their visit memorable without making lots of extra work for me. That gives me the energy and focus to join in all the fun.

One of my favorite things to do when we have people stay overnight is to create a seasonal coffee bar. It’s self-serve and does not take much time to assemble before I go to bed. My guests love it! And I don’t have to rush to get breakfast on the table right away.

Here are some tips for creating a Christmas coffee bar that your guests will love and you will too!

Choose The Right Area

CHRISTMAS COFFEE BAR- food on the end of the bar

It’s important to choose an area in your kitchen that will not be in the way of meal prep, and your guests can access it easily and not create a people-traffic jam.

This Christmas, I will move my coffee maker to the end of our island when I set up the coffee bar. It allows our family to access the coffee and goodies easily and keeps them out of the area where I cook.

After breakfast, I’ll move the coffee maker and the platter that holds the coffee, sugar, and cream to where its home is on the counter by the refrigerator.

It’s All About The Coffee Maker

reindeer on the Christmas coffee bar with coffee bar

I had two blogging friends stay with me earlier in December, and we all drank different coffee.

Thank heavens for my coffee maker! A Keurig coffee maker is a wonder! It’s an in-home barista! Everyone can have their favorite hot coffee, iced coffee, hot tea, iced tea, hot cider, chai latte, and other assorted lattes. There are so many flavors! It’s fun to see people try something new to them and find a new favorite.

We love Starbucks Christmas coffee blend, and I like Gingerbread coffee during the Christmas season.

My one friend liked our coffee maker so much that she texted me when she got home and asked which Keurig I had. You can see it HERE.

Create A Color Story

CHRISTMAS COFFEE BAR- trees and plaid on dishware

No matter what you decorate, it will always look so much nicer if you create a color palette. Even when assembling a coffee bar!

For this little coffee bar, I used lots of white with a little green and a red. For me, red and green look best with lots of white.

I tied the colors together using green boxwood wreaths and a festive Christmas arrangement of red, green, and white flowers.

What To Serve


Really, the sky’s the limit! You can create a Christmas coffee bar that has delicious holiday sweet bread and some fruit, or you can serve something hot like a quiche and not make breakfast.

On this Christmas coffee bar, I served some gourmet blueberry muffins, little cream puffs, and meringue kisses, as well as pears, yogurt, and a holiday granola. I already made a gingerbread and my favorite Cranberry Orange cake in a loaf pans. They are in the freezer, and I’ll bring them out when our family comes later this week for Christmas.


If you don’t want to bake, grab something from the bakery at your local grocery store! I find people, even those who do not have a sweet tooth, enjoy a treat.

I almost always serve fruit on the coffee bar. Fruit like pears and apples that brown easily are served whole with a paring knife nearby. I find when one person starts cutting the fruit, others will request a piece.

Add A Bit Of The Season

Celebrate the season by adding items that give a special nod to the holidays.


CHRISTMAS COFFEE BAR- mugs with napkins

For the Christmas coffee bar, I tucked cloth napkins with little green trees on them into white coffee mugs. I like to do this no matter the season. When our family comes for Christmas, I’ll add a candy cane to each mug as well.

I like to choose cloth napkins that are easy to launder and don’t need ironing. I think cloth napkins make a simple coffee bar seem more special.

However, from time to time, I have used pretty seasonal paper napkins.

Plates And Bowls

This year, I’m using small melamine plates with a Christmas tree design and that match the napkins. I found them at Target last year but have not seen them on their site.

CHRISTMAS COFFEE BAR-plaid dishes and dishes with Christmas trees

Small plaid melamine bowl are on the bar to hold the yogurt and granola. Sorry, I don’t see them in stock anymore, either. Mixing and matching plaid with other Christmas motifs look so festive.

I use my melamine dishware right along with our breakable dishes. They play so nicely together!

Boxwood Wreath

CHRISTMAS COFFEE BAR-boxwood wreaths

This year I added a bit of greenery by with boxwood wreath placed at the base of the pedestal dish with the sweet treats and bowl holding the pears.

I try not to go too overboard with Christmas decor on the coffee bar. Just a little bit of decor, such as greenery, creates a pretty seasonal look.

CHRISTMAS COFFEE BAR-boxwood wreaths under the food

Other Dishes And Serving Pieces


To keep the Christmas coffee bar merry and bright and light, I used white mugs and serving dishes. I’m a huge white dish fan. A large white pedestal dish holds the goodies, and a wide soup bowl holds the green pears.

top view of coffee bar

It’s almost Christmas! Make mornings less stressful and more delicious! Even if you don’t have overnight family in your home for Christmas, you might like to treat yourself to a pretty, festive coffee bar to start your Christmas morning.

Merry Christmas, friends! I pray you and your home will be filled with a merry spirit, comfort, and joy!


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  1. Wonderful ideas for making mornings less stressful. Thank you! Is there a recipe for the Christmas granola you mentioned?

  2. Julie Briones says:

    I was so excited to see your coffee bar post at Tuesday Turn About! And I’m loving my new coffee machine! Your post will be one of my features at this week’s party… sharing as a Christmas to winter coffee station! Pinned!

    1. Just added three posts to your fun Tuesday Turn About! Thanks so much for the feature, friend.