Thanksgiving Morning Coffee Bar Your Overnight Guest Will Absolutely Love

Make Thanksgiving morning easier for you and scrumptious for your guests. Create a festive and delicious self-serve Thanksgiving coffee bar where family and guests can linger and enjoy their first morning cup of coffee.

1 THANKSGIVING COFFEE BAR- white coffee cup- hero

For some odd reason, my husband Bobby and brother-in-law Jim think holidays are days for fixing things like the electrical outlet in the kitchen that hasn’t worked for six months. Or for pulling out the refrigerator and collecting the accumulation of toys the cat scooted under it. And if they are not doing fix-it jobs, they are making huge, elaborate breakfasts for everyone in our house.

All of this while I’m trying to stuff the bird, get it into the oven, and do a hundred other things to have a gorgeous holiday meal on the table by 4:30.

Bobby and I had a little discussion a few years ago about holiday mornings. It basically went like this: Honey, I love you, but the kitchen is off-limits! Thanksgiving mornings are still hectic, and there might still be something that does not work in the kitchen, but our family and guests are happy because they come down to a pretty and yummy coffee bar. And I’m happy that I can make Thanksgiving dinner in peace.

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A coffee bar is a beautiful thing on Thanksgiving morning. Or really, any morning you have early or overnight guests.

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Welcome to all coming from WM Design House. Wendy has a beautiful blog! She set a stunning table outside! And she showed us how. Wow!

And welcome, all! I’m so glad you are here.

We love having company over the holidays. Our home is busy and bustling, and it feels like the kitchen is never closed. Thanksgiving is especially challenging, especially in the morning.

THANKSGIVING COFFEE BAR- napkins tucked into a coffee mug

One Thanksgiving years ago, I decided to put out a self-serve coffee bar (we are all big coffee drinkers) and a few goodies so overnight family could help themselves when they came down in the morning. It worked wonderfully! Everyone loved the coffee, food, and the leisurely way we could all be together.

Here’s how I set up our Thanksgiving Coffee Bar…

The Coffee

This year I moved the coffee bar, including the Keurig, to the end of our large island. It’s away from all the prep areas in the kitchen yet close enough for me to feel part of all the conversations.

We love our Keurig. I keep all the various types of coffee pods in a white ceramic container with a wooden lid. The Keurig has many different brew selections, so there is something for everyone on Thanksgiving morning. Coffee is served with sugar and cream and a little shaker of cinnamon next to the coffee pot.

A Thanksgiving coffee bar should be simple enough to set up in a few minutes and yet be special for the holiday or occasion.

I usually like to set up the coffee bar, except for things from the refrigerator, the night before. I cover baked goods with plastic wrap to keep them fresh.

If someone asks to help while I’m setting things up, I say YES! Many hands make like work.

Mugs And Cloth Napkins

I like to use white mugs on our coffee bar. They go with everything and hold a nice big cup of coffee. The exception is Christmas. I have pretty red plaid mugs I use on our Christmas coffee bars.

THANKSGIVING COFFEE BAR- brown and white napkins

On our Thanksgiving coffee bar, I used pretty brown and white cloth napkins. They remind me of transferware. I recently have been a bit dried orange obsessed. So I thought I’d use them to decorate the coffee bar. They are actually edible and delicious! You might like to read How To Dry Oranges So They Retain Their Vibrant Color.

I love their bright color against the napkins. It’s fun to have something unexpected on the coffee bar to start a conversation. One Thanksgiving, I put a bowl of truffles out and my guests loved that. Truffles and coffee for breakfast, who knew!

Tucking napkins in the mugs along with a spoon is a signature Tanglewood House look. To add a bit of warmth to the Thanksgiving coffee bar, I put the mugs on a vintage breadboard. I also added a candle in a nubby brown glass container for some late fall ambiance and a lovely fall aroma.

THANKSGIVING COFFEE BAR- napkins tucked into a coffee mug


I have a few different Thanksgiving salad/dessert dishes. This year I chose the white turkey plates for the coffee bar. These plates are just big enough to hold a muffin and some fruit. YUM!


In past years, I have used attractive paper plates. I like to change things up.


For me, flowers make everything more special. Especially on this favorite holiday. I put two bunches of grocery store flowers in my favorite vase and used them in the background of the coffee bar.

THANKSGIVING COFFEE BAR- fall inspired flowers

Flowers are such a treat. Use them in an attractive vase.


This year, a few of our pumpkins still looked nice-ish, so I used one orange and a couple of little white baby boo pumpkins on the coffee bar.


Pumpkins are not a must on a Thanksgiving Coffee Bar, but this will be the last time I will use them until next year!

Food On The Coffee Bar

THANKSGIVING COFFEE BAR- mufins and chocolate croissants on a gold pedestal plate

Along with the coffee, I like to serve something sweet and sometimes something a little more substantial.


For this Thanksgiving, I bought banana muffins with a streusel topping and chocolate croissants that I found at our local farmers market. I’m serving pears and clementines with them. If people want more, I have organic yogurt and granola I can pull out of the refrigerator and put on the bar.

Since our family will be here for a few overnights, I’ll put leftover pumpkin pie on the coffee bar the day after Thanksgiving! Oh, yum!

We might slice artisan bread and get out the toaster so everyone can make themselves a piece of toast that they can slather with Amish butter and assorted jams.

I’m also making a couple recipes our family loves to put in the freezer and get them out as needed. You might like to try these recipes too…

Amazing Sour Cream Scones

Delicious Streusel Topped Banana Bread

Butter Topped Beer Bread- so delicious toasted


An easy coffee bar is a Thanksgiving gift! I hope you will set one up for Thanksgiving morning in your home.

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  1. Love every post you do.So happy I found you I would like to know the brand or where you found the coffee Table in your living room? My house has changed after I found your website.I am so happy with the change I have to be your best friend on your blog Thanks very much

  2. What a wonderful idea. Just brilliant. And pretty, too. Blessings to you.

  3. Laura Ingalls Gunn says:

    Yvonne, I had to chuckle as I thought I was the only one who had a husband who wants to “Turn the water off so I can look at the shower.” I absolutely LOVE your coffee bar. It’s such a great way to prepare for a busy day. I am so inspired.

  4. Love your coffee bar and how you always add such pretty elements to it. Everything looks so pretty and so inviting and delicious. I need to remember to add some fruit to mine, I never think of that. Your dried fruit is so pretty, I need to try your recipe to make some too. Great ideas and tips for a special coffee bar for guests.

  5. Debra@CommonGround says:

    so funny to hear about your hubby’s Mr. Fix-it and his brother in the kitchen. Trying to help, but how about another time? Your coffee and breakfast bar is the perfect answer to keep things easier during dinner prep time. Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving, Yvonne!

  6. I can totally relate to this scenario because my Dad does the same thing. He makes the cinnamon rolls for breakfast and there are flour and related baking items scattered everywhere! I’m going to send this totally genius idea to my Mom. She will be so excited to have finally found a solution that works for everyone and drastically cuts down on the mess 😉 Hope you and your family have the happiest Thanksgiving, CoCo

    1. Happy Thanksgiving, Coco! Yes, this will probably helpful for your mom and hopefully for you too! However, those cinnamon rolls sound divine!

  7. What a wonderful idea Yvonne, I can see why your guests love it!

  8. Yvonne, this is such a wonderful idea. Sharing this idea with friends too! Would you mind sharing where I can get some of those beautiful white mugs? Thank you. Wishing you and your family a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks for sharing, Lynn! Look at the bottom of the post I just added a shopping guide.

  9. I live solo, and for past year – thanks to your inspiration – I’ ve enjoyed a lovely kitchen-counter coffee bar on a silver tray. Love your comforting seasonal touches to start the day!

  10. Dear Yvonne,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing all your wonderful ideas. Be blessed this Thanksgiving!

  11. We too love Amish butter! I found a good source for down here in Texas – in a small town not far from us is a cute produce stand that sells it. You have to catch it quick as they run out soon after getting their shipment.

    1. Wow! Do you have Amish in Texas or is it shipped to you? Our Amish butter is local. Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Your coffee bar is beautiful, of course! Lucky guests! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  13. Dear Yvonne,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing all your wonderful ideas. Be blessed this Thanksgiving and enjoy your family!

  14. Lora Bloomquist says:

    I love this idea! Now if we only had enough room in our house for overnight guests:( Maybe someday. Enjoy your sweet family time over Thanksgiving!

  15. Kristin | White Arrows Home says:

    Such a great idea to make breakfast still special, but keep everyone out of the way! Beautiful and Brilliant!

  16. So glad for this reminder to have something ready Thanksgiving morning for our out of town family. I never even thought of it and it will make the rest of the day easier. I do think I’ll pick up some paper plates so the dishwasher stays empty for the Big Meal.

  17. Cindy@CountyRoad407 says:

    My mom is the usual culprit in our kitchen. She likes to be in the thick of things but is never cooking. I’m constantly asking her to sit at the bar or table.
    Thank you for sharing this fantastic and beautiful idea. I’m not a coffee drinker nor do we have guests but I’d love to do this for my family. They all LOVE coffee and I have a barista that can help. They’re going to be so surprised and love it too.
    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with no handymen in sight. 😉

  18. Wendy McMonigle says:

    What a beautiful way to start the day. I love the sweet white turkey plates and your touches with the dried oranges.

  19. Michelle | Thistle Key Lane says:

    I love this idea to keep guests entertained in the morning! Your turkey plates are perfect and I agree the napkins look like transferware! It’s good that I don’t have a source for Amish butter, because The Mister would devour it without feeling one bit guilty! 😊

    1. Hi Michelle, Thank you for you lovely comments. Yes, Amish butter is the best!

  20. Lynne | My Family Thyme says:

    Yvonne, your coffee bar is beautiful! What a fabulous treat for your guests and a great way to keep your kitchen clean for Thanksgiving prep! Best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful Thanksgiving!