Use What You Have Fall Home Tour

We all love home tours! So today, I’m opening up our home so you can see how I used what I had to decorate our home for fall. Lots of easy-to-do ideas. Let’s get fall-inspired!

Hey Friends, as I prepare for two home tours coming up very soon, I thought you would like to see last year’s Fall Home Tour! Enjoy!

Welcome to the Use What You Have Fall Home Tour! StoneGable has been on tour in the fall for over 10 years! And during those years, I’ve accumulated lots and lots of pretty fall decor!

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So this year, I am using what I have in my fall stash to decorate our home.

Come in, let’s start in the foyer.

This year I gathered up the best of my fall decor stash in the basement, along with some beautiful organics and just a couple of new things to create a welcoming fall home!

The wreath on the front door is one new item this fall! I found it at a local shop and could not resist it! It’s big and off-white and loaded with faux-dried silver dollars. It’s a neutral alternative to the colorful fall wreaths I most often hang on the front door.

Here is the FALL LEAF WREATH I made last year. It is one of my most popular pins on Pinterest because it is so so easy to make.

Fall starts at the front door and moves into our foyer.

The backbone of my fall decor is items from our yard and the Amish greenhouse down the road! Beautiful fall organics! Do you use things like pumpkins and gourds and seasonal flowers and the bounty growing this time of year? It is a lovely way to decorate our fall homes!

Hydrangeas are ready to bring in and dry! It just wouldn’t be fall without drying hydrangeas in our home. I literally bring in armfuls of these beautiful blooms!

Drying hydrangeas is the easiest thing to do! I found two drying methods I like the best. The trick is to know when to cut hydrangeas and bring them inside! You might like to see HOW TO DRY HYDRANGEAS THE EASY WAY.

These hydrangeas will stay in the foyer until I decorate for Christmas.

I love the coziness and golden ambiance of candlelight in the fall. So our fall tour features many different candles, candleholders, and lanterns. As the evening gets shorter in the fall, the beautiful soft light from candles creates a golden warmth!

Up from the basement came velvet pumpkins and acorns this year!

I am so excited to reprise them. They have not made an appearance in five years! How time flies. I chose the pumpkins with more saturated fall colors. The neutral velvet pumpkins in the basement will have to wait for another fall season.

Let’s chat about color palette for a minute. It’s one of my favorite subjects because of color’s ability to be totally transformative! Colors working together in a room create cohesiveness, flow, and great beauty!

This year you will see a much looser fall color palette in our home. I usually like a very tight color palette but this fall I wanted to celebrate lots of fall colors.

So you could say that this tour is a mash-up of so many things I love about fall!

Here is one of my favorite posts. HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT COLOR PALETTE FOR YOUR WHOLE HOME is another huge post with tons of information and decorating lightbulb moments that will help you decorate your home.

I switched out my more summery baskets and totes for a very sturdy basket with lots of pretty blond, caramel, and brown hues. I keep my grab-and-go baskets on this vertical coat rack in the foyer but this fall the baskets hanging there are just for looking pretty.

Let’s head down the hall towards the living room.

Our hall is very long and wide and opens up to our living room. We put a bookcase where the hall end and the living room begins. You can see it on the right side of the image below.

Two of the joys of living at the Tanglewood House are how open it is and the windows. There are lots of them!

Those joys also cause a challenge for me. Because wall space is at a premium finding room to place furniture like the bookcase means being very creative!

I love bookshelves! Not for books as much as a place to display the pretty decor I’ve collected. So finding a home for this bookcase is a big decor win.

Quite a few years ago, I came up with a no-fail system for decorating bookshelves with or without books. And it works every time!

If you have bookshelves in your home, you might like to read HOW TO DECORATE A BOOKSHELF. I share my bookshelf decorating system and more!

Look for an upcoming post to see how I decorated the bookcase for fall.

And here’s the first peek at our latest project…

I’m so excited about this almost-done project.

After 3 years of living with a big golden oak staircase and loft, Bobby finally painted it.

Bobby and our son Christopher came up with a way to paint the golden oak and get rid of the tale-tell grain!

A stair runner is coming in three weeks, and as soon as it is installed, I’ll show you a very easy DIY for getting rid of golden oak grain and how we painted our big set of stairs!

Let’s walk past the bookcase and into the living room.

The buffet decor is pretty simple and calm. This buffet just begs to be the center of attention in our living room. But there should be only one focal point in a room, and the buffet is not it. So I really try to use an edited hand when decorating the buffet!

This fall, the buffet offers a bit of calm in a room that has a lot of fall decor and color!

The only nod to fall on the buffet is a candle ring with fall elements!

I’ve slowly been adding a little more black to our home. Black has a wonderful grounding effect on white. And black and white is a big classic.

Besides the bookcase and the stairs, there is a little smattering of black in every room of our home. But only a little because a little black goes a long way!

Did you know our eyes LOVE when we use repeated things in a room? They see this connection as very, very attractive. And our eyes love it even more if those repeated things are placed around the room!

This is a design principle called Rhythm. It is one of the easiest ways we can make a room look gorgeous!!!

If you look around my fall home, I use rhythm and repetition liberally!

Here are just a few repeated elements scattered in different places in our home to create rhythm…

  • the color black
  • and the color orange, brown, and green
  • pumpkins
  • faux fall leaves
  • nubby textures
  • round shapes
  • candles
  • gourds

I’m a huge fan of decorating with the principles of rhythm and repetition! If you want to learn this designer secret, you can read RHYTHM, AN IMPORTANT ELEMENT OF DESIGN. I promise it will help you to be a better decorator!

Lately, I’m been a bit obsessed with drink tables!

A little bright orange velvet pumpkin sits on a little table next to the sofa. I’ve started to get these versatile tables to put next to seating in our living room and sunroom that don’t have a convenient place to put down a drink!

What a game-changer! These drink tables are handy and adorable!

The pillows on the spindle chairs are my favorite fall pillows! I got these pillows years ago, but they are still in very good condition.

These stylish lumbars are embellished with pretty heavy embroidery, which keeps the brown pillow from looking too heavy.

A lumbar pillow is a great idea to add to a chair.

I often get asked what to do with a pillow when people want to sit in a chair. Most of the time, people don’t mind lumbar pillows. They actually feel comfortable if tucked into the middle of their backs.

Before my guests sit down, I tell them to toss the pillow on the floor. And then they can use the pillow or not.

Next to the spindle chair is a large glass jug with a couple faux fall oak branches in it.

I haven’t used this jug in ages and ages.

I am very pro faux flowers, plants, and branches! Right now, the leaves on the trees have not started turning their autumnal colors. So finding fall colored faux branches is a decorating blessing!

I’ve decorated with real branches of fall-colored leaves in the past, but they only last a day before the leaves start to shrivel. They look so pretty on fall tours, but they just don’t last! That’s why I gladly opt for using faux!

All the long-stemmed faux branches are stored in the basement in a tall kitchen trash can with a garbage bag over them. This keeps my faux branches almost dust-free.

I’m very picky when it comes to faux fall leaves. When they are realistic looking, I think they add beauty and interest to fall decor. But fake-looking fakes look… fake!

Faux flowers and branches are an investment. And the investment pays off by being able to use them year after year!

Buy the best quality faux anything you can and buy and make sure they are on sale. I found these oak branches on sale after the fall season at the Pottery Barn. They carry beautiful quality faux.

The mantel is the fall focal point of our living room. It’s the first thing to get noticed in the room.

I usually keep our mantel uncluttered. The fireplace area is quite symmetrical. Symmetry is another thing our eyes love and are drawn to! When you want a way to easily make a room look lovely, add a bit of symmetry. It’s part of the decorating principle of balance. You can read more about WHY BALANCE IS SO IMPORTANT WHEN YOU DECORATE.

This year I added a trio of brass candlesticks with burnt orange candles to the ends of the mantel. Next to them, I placed white ginger jar containers holding faux green branches with burnt orange berries.

I use these greens often. They seem to make anything I put them in look better!

You might like to read EASY FALL MANTEL IDEAS. This is a huge post with everything you will need to know to help you create the perfect mantel every single time! It’s really a must-read!

In the center of the living room is our new upholstered coffee table.

The upholstered coffee table also works as extra seating. It’s quite versatile.

Have you ever thought about adding an upholstered coffee table to your living room or family room? Here is a post, THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT UPHOLSTERED COFFEE TABLES. It also has lots of links to help you find great upholstered ottomans and coffee tables.

On the table is an arrangement and a velvet pumpkin.

For fall, real pumpkins and tiny dried gourds are arranged around real deer sheds, and a candle in a gold-tone hammered bowl.

Another velvet pumpkin sits near the arrangement on the upholstered coffee table.

This velvet pumpkin has a collar of feathers! I just love the feathers! So far, our little cat Teddy has let them alone.

However, I have found him carrying the tiniest orange velvet pumpkin around. He usually likes to carry golf balls. But fall is for pumpkins, and he’s changing his toy of choice for the fall season! The tiny orange pumpkin is now decorating a place Teddy can’t get to!

The Curlcue Chest lives on a little wall that is just the right size for it! This piece of furniture, more than any other in our home, represents the StoneGable style. I think it has a comfortable elegance and is one of a kind. These are good things to strive for in a home.

The simplest fall velvet pumpkin arrangement sits on the Curlacue.

Because velvet pumpkins are heavy and they have a plush nap, they easily stay where I put them. All I had to do is add brambly bits and pieces, a handful of pods, and a few blond-colored leaves, and… voila! A velvet pumpkin arrangement!

Do you save the stem from any real pumpkins you use in the fall? I do! Just look at how much more beautiful these velvet pumpkins look with real stems!

And popping off the stem of a pumpkin is easy, especially when it is the end of the fall season.

Here’s how to pop off the stem of a pumpkin, big, little, and anywhere in between. Put pressure near the base of the pumpkin stem with your thumb and push the stem away from you. If your pumpkin is not too fresh, the stem should pop right off.

If your pumpkin is too fresh, you can put it outside and wait until it is a bit mushy and then pop off the stem, or you can cut the stem out.

Just make sure to keep pumpkin stems in a dry location with lots of circulation until they are completely dried out. Then store them until next fall.

To add real pumpkin stems to a faux pumpkin, remove the faux stem and glue the real pumpkin stem on the faux pumpkin. I like to use hot glue.

Faux pumpkins with real stems are so much more realistic and pretty!

THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO FALL CENTERPIECES is a guidebook filled with lots of designer secrets and ideas for creating beautiful fall centerpieces.

Let’s head over to the dining area. It’s just a few steps away from the Curlacue Chest!

We don’t have a big formal dining room in our downsized forever home. We have a dining area. This is the most open room in our home.

The dining area has a cozy vibe! If you have a dining room on the smaller side, you might like to read 6 TIPS FOR DECORATING A SMALL DINING ROOM.

Here’s a closer look at the tabletop…

When I started to decorate this area, I really had no plan! I found the big jar with the metal work around it at a local shop, and it was my starting point!

Then I brought up fall decor from the basement and began to play. I added and edited decor until the table arrangement felt balanced and filled with fall elements! Decorating is all about adding and editing. It takes time and is worth the effort!

Here in Amish country, we can get all kinds of pumpkins at Amish farms and greenhouses. And they are so so inexpensive!

When the weather gets cooler, I’ll take the pumpkins like the green one out to sleep in the garage overnight. This will extend the life of the pumpkin!

There are a few tricks for keeping pumpkins looking their best! You can find them in 8 TIPS FOR KEEPING PUMPKINS FRESH. I’ve been using these tips for years, and they work!

When my son-in-law Jonathan goes pheasant hunting, he saves the pheasant tail feathers for me! I usually use them later in the fall season, closer to Thanksgiving. But while I was in the basement rummaging around for fall decor, I found them and decided to use them early this year.

The glass cylinder the feathers are in has no bottom, so I stood it on a wood round to add height and give it a rustic look. I think this is such a handsome and simple way to display feathers!

The seedy faux flower heads are perfect for fall decorating.

When splurging on faux flowers, I like to buy enough of one kind to create a full look in a vase. I don’t like skimpy-looking arrangements! I used 12 of these interesting seedy flowers in the glass jar.

Have you ever mixed real and faux flowers together? It’s a great way to bulk up real flowers! And when great faux flowers are mixed in with the real thing, it gives faux blooms more cred!

I’m fussy about making faux flowers, plants, and branches look as real as possible. HOW TO MAKE FAUX FLOWER LOOK MORE REAL is a reader favorite.

Did you know StoneGable has opened online Fall Harvest Shops filled with everything you need for decorating your home this fall?

There are hundreds of items I’ve handpicked with you in mind!

fall harvest shops

To shop for what you need or browse and get lots of fall decorating ideas, go HERE.

Our tour today is coming to an end, but my FALL HOME TOUR is not over! Mark your calendars for Monday, September 26th. That is when our front door will be wide open again for part 2 of the Use What You Have Fall Home Tour!

I’m so thrilled you came to visit today!

The next home on our Fall Home Tour is Shiplap and Shells. Kim has a beautifully eclectic style and a home that is filled with one treasure after another. Make sure to visit her fall home tour.

Happy Fall, and I hope you are leaving with a fall idea or two to use in your home!

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  1. I am happy to hear about the ability to paint oak and not have the grain show. Can you please share the technique?

    1. When the runner is installed in a few weeks I’ll share the whole makeover including how to get rid of oak grain.

  2. The black lantern display in your living room is a stunner! I have a number of them in our home and on the porch, and we just love them. It does keep my husband busy putting in the batteries. I’d like to add that it is refreshing to see the beautiful simplicity in your decor. I have always kept things simple myself. Although I’m not a minimalist, I must say that I have become very selective about what blogs I subscribe to. Many push too much consumerism and not enough creativity.

    1. I’m so happy and honored you are enjoying StoneGable and are a subscriber! Thank you! Did you know that the number 1 question bloggers are asked? It’s, “where did you get that”? So many of us share where we got the items in our homes and give our readers suggestions for other items that fit our style to help them. It takes hours and hours to find decor on the market that works with a certain style. It may give us a little bit of cash but it is very time consuming! Hope this helps explain why we share affiliate links on our blogs.

  3. Thank you for sharing your lovely ideas. I can’t wait to transform my rooms into fall. Your ideas are fresh and always creative. I love the use what you have this year. I did add a few new pillow covers with some deep oranges and texture. So excited now to get started. Thank you for sharing once again.

  4. Julia@Cuckoo4Design says:

    Love the idea of keeping the real pumpkin stems for the faux pumpkins. And thanks for sharing your beautiful home. Such a lovely tour.

  5. Your home looks lovely for fall.

  6. As usual your home is decorated to perfectial. I always love that you share your design talent in every single post. There are so many wonderful lessons in todays tour. Thanks tons for joining again this season. I always look forward to your tours and can’t wait to see part 2.

    1. Marty, it is such a pleasure being a part of your amazing tours! Thank you for including me! xo

  7. How exciting about the stairs!! Your home is so lovely for Fall. I like that you took down the tobacco basket above the mantle. It seems to make the fireplace area tighter visually. And I love how you use black in your spaces! Your tours are always inspiring.

  8. What a lovely tour! I adore all of your fall touches. It/’s nice to see how you reuse existing decor.

  9. As always, your home is stunning! I love the way your fall decor pops against the white background. You have so many beautiful accessories that fit right into the style of your lovely home. So much inspiration!

    1. Hi Shelley, Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I’m off to see your beautiful home now!

  10. Beautiful, as always! I love that you used what you already had this year! And, I spied that gorgeous wreath at our favorite local shop and if I hadn’t already picked up a new fall wreath elsewhere, it would have been in my cart!! Happy Fall, friend!

    1. Oh, isn’t the wreath so pretty! We need to make a date and visit our favorite shop and have lunch! Happy Fall!

    1. Thanks, Kristin! I’m heading over to your home today. Always such a treat!

  11. I so enjoying your touring your beautiful fall home today. Love the idea of using what you have…I’m a big believer in that philosophy as well. The feathers displayed in the glass are so pretty. I just found some at Vintage Market Days a few weeks ago and wasn’t sure how I was going to use them yet. Thanks for the idea! Can’t wait to see your staircase makeover. Ours is on my to-do list! Pinned!

    1. Thanks, AnnMarie! What a great fall tour we are on! I love your use of naturals and organics for fall! Happy Fall!

  12. Everything looks stunning!! Where are your orange velvet pumpkins from, if you don’t mind me asking?

  13. I think the fall decor is my favorite time of year in your home. It’s so warm and inviting and the colors are so striking against the white. Enjoy!

  14. What a beautiful home tour! Love all the touches of fall. What a great idea to save the stems of real pumpkins! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Lori, it was a delight coming to your lovely fall home! Thanks for stopping by mine. Happy fall!

  15. Love, love, love your fall home tour! When can we see a picture of your new cat Teddy? Always loved it when Hobbs was in a picture.

    1. Teddy is a shy little thing. He looks exactly like Hobbes but lighter in color.

  16. Gorgeous as always Yvonne! You always put together the most beautiful, simple vignettes. I love how everything flows so perfectly. Happy Fall!

  17. I can’t tell you what a joy it is to tour your home every season Yvonne. You give me so much inspiration! I’m in love with the wreath on your front door and of course, am a huge fan of drying hydrangeas. Yours are gorgeous. I’ve been looking for a light fixture like the one above your dining table. It brings the perfect amount of texture to your fall space. Absolutely lovely my friend.

  18. I love your fall tour using mostly items you already have! I am hoping to get some fall decorating going in this next week or so, and I am planning to adapt your pumpkin and gourd basket on my coffee table and build out from there. We have a little crop of orange pumpkins in our garden so this year orange is going into our fall decor.

    Thanks for your tip about storing the tall faux leaves, covered with a garbage bag, in a tall kitchen trash can. I bought some beautiful tall cherry blossoms last spring and have them stuck out of the way, but that is definitely a simple solution that would keep them from getting crushed, chewed by a cat, or dusty.

  19. Yvonne!! Your fall decor is STUNNING! I love the vibrant hues and warm neutrals against all of that glorious white! Just so gorgeous, your styling always inspires me! And I al totally pro faux too haha! Happy Fall! xo

    1. Tamara, I am such a fan of your beautiful home! So your comments mean so much to me! Happy Fall!

  20. Your home looks stunning as always, Yvonne! I love your use of color for this season. It’s cozy but still bright and cheerful with all of the white. So wonderful to be on this tour with you – Happy fall!!?

  21. OH my, your fall home tour is absolutely gorgeous! I love that you are using decor you have…I too have so much fall decor that I’ve accumulated over the years, and I love to see it year after year…it feels like Christmas!

    1. I know! Working with fall decor I have is a bit like seeing an old friend! Happy Fall!

  22. Jude Degen says:

    I love the curtains in your sun room…..the ones that are a neutral color with dots or french knots. Where did you get them?

  23. Teddee Grace says:

    So pretty! I love the addition of the fall colors and black and both the tray and compote on the curlicue chest are truly inspirational!

  24. So many lovely ideas and things to pin – my Pinterest board is full of Stonegable beauty! I’m looking forward to your next wreath creation, too. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous home

  25. Love your decor this year, and I especially love that you shopped your house for the majority of it! I’ve did the same this year, and with the addition of a few pumpkins from a local farmer I’m loving it. I’ve also gathered some hydrangeas to dry, put out my pheasant feathers, and walked my yard for a few branches and gatherings. Feels good to not spend a lot of money but still have a beautiful home, doesn’t it?

  26. I’m a long-time subscriber and I have to say that I’m finding that bloggers are adding so much more content to their sites that it becomes overwhelming and frustrating. I long for the days when I went to a blog I love and found the one thing that was in the title and voila it came right up but now I feel like it’s a needle in a haystack. Navigating through the various other blogs, timelines and subjects is time-consuming and I honestly have been unsubscribing from many. Am I the only one that feels this way? Please life is complicated enough let’s keep it more simple! have a wonderful day and blessed Thanksgiving and thanks for all you hard work and inspiration.

    1. I so understand you, Dianne! I long for those days too. To stay compliant with Google, the law and other agencies things have changed. And creating a blog is so much more expensive now. I call those good old blogging days the Wild West of blogging. We could do whatever we wanted and it was mostly free! Those days are long gone. However, I think the content is better now and so much more research goes into making each post helpful. And I can actually make a living at something I love and am so passionate about. I hope my readers can filter things out and enjoy all the information and beautiful images I post every day!
      On another note: I would so appreciate it if you did not ask others to pile on! I know most of us feel the way you do but asking other to voice something you have said is frustrating and defeating, especially when there is little I can do about it. Thanks for understanding.

  27. Julie Briones says:

    I can’t believe I didn’t comment on this post last year! I can’t wait to see what you do this year! Love the pheasant feathers in the glass vase. I bought some last year… we’ll see if they end up being used this year! And I love that your velvet pumpkins made were used! ALWAYS love those, you know! 😉 Pinned!