8 Designer Tips To Create A More Elevated Fall Look In Your Home

Make fall decorating simple by elevating your home’s look for fall. Here are 8 easy and designer ideas for creating a beautiful fall home.

large velvet pumpkin with feathers around the neck.

Are you ready for an easy and more simple way to decorate for fall? Create an elevated fall look for your home with these eight designer tips

What Is Elevated Decor

hydrangeas in an urn

Elevated decor is not just for designers or the rich and famous! No matter your style, you can make your home look more curated and refined. Elevating your decor means a few things. Mostly, it means intentionally choosing the best items to put alongside your everyday decor.

It’s also choosing simplicity over more stuff. You want to infer the autumnal season in your home through color, the best of what the season has to offer, and using a very edited hand when you decorate. The eight designer tips below will help you elevate your fall decor.

Give A Nod To The Season


When it comes to giving your fall decor an elevated or more sophisticated look, it’s all about making the most of your furnishings and swapping out some accent decor for beautiful fall-inspired items. You can use what you have, but choose only the very best of your fall decor. Be subtle with your approach to fall.

Giving a nod to the season speaks of Less Is Best Decorating. A bowl of real pumpkins in the living room, a beautiful fall centerpiece in the dining room, or a trio of candlesticks with burnt orange candles on the mantel will work with what you already have and give a hint of the fall season at hand.

Beware of overdecorating. It is the arch enemy of an elevated look. If an area in your home screams its fall, then you have crossed from a cultivated look to fall clutter. It’s better to walk into a room and see one or two accents that give you a tasteful clue to the season.

Elevated fall decorating is also easy! It’s so simple to change up a few items in your home instead of dragging the blue fall bin from the basement and decorating with everything in it.

Decorate With Real Fall Organics

pumpkins in a bowl

If you want to refine your look this fall, opt for using iconic organics of the season instead of tchotchkes like carved pumpkins, scarecrows, or ghosts and ghouls. We want to stay away from fall-themed decor and embrace more of the things we find outside.

When possible, choose the real thing over faux. Even a humble mum that is real looks better than a fake one. Also, think about using dried organics in your home. A bowl of dried gourds or a vase of dried hydrangeas will have a beautiful fall impact on your decor.

Saying that you may not live in an area that grows mums, or you may not be able to find those darling baby boo pumpkins early in the fall season. Or you may want to put branches with fall leaves in an urn on a table. In those cases, use the best faux you can find! A really good fake can give the illusion of the real thing. And these beautiful faux fall organics are considered elevated fall decor. But only use one great faux thing per room.

Stay away from cheap fakes and theme-y fall decor because they can look too stagey. Instead, choose natural fall elements to decorate with.

Add One Items That Look Expensive To A Room

Another way to elevate fall decor in a room is to find beautiful items that look expensive but aren’t. A small gold box filled with matches beside a fall candle. A silver bowl filled with acorns, a blown glass pumpkin on a stack of books. Adding just one luxury-looking item can instantly elevate a room.

Choose Your Fall Color Palette Wisely

Color has the powerful ability of communication! Use it for decorating good and not decorating evil! Just a little bit of fall’s beautiful colors can transform your home.

Fall has so many colors. Some bright and bold and even a little harsh. But fall also has soft and muted colors like burgundy, burnt orange, latte, and honey yellow. We should strive to imply fall through colors and not scream it with theme-y decor.

Do you avoid using orange, especially if it is the color of a bright pumpkin orange when you decorate for fall? I avoid that pumpkin orange, too! However, a beautiful burnt orange or soft, muddy coral can work with many color palettes to elevate our fall decor.

If you have blue and white decor, a deep burnt orange sweater pillow will look gorgeous in your fall home because blue and orange are complementary colors.

Use A Little Black

A little bit of black is good for almost any room. You might want to use a bit of black to upscale a fall look. Choose a pair of black candlesticks and mix them with other gold, silver, or wood-tone candleholders. Black is a sophisticated color. Just use a touch because you don’t want to add too much black and look Halloween-ish.

Use Pumpkins In A Different Way

Pumpkins are iconic fall decor. They should be a part of your fall decor if you like them. Most of us who are looking for an elevated fall look shy away from using bright orange pumpkins. I agree! But that does not mean we should get rid of pumpkins altogether!

White Pumpkins (Or Great Fakes)

I must admit, white pumpkins are my fall love language! Especially if they are the real thing and small. A bowl of white pumpkins is a classy statement that is tucked into any fall decor.

Heirloom Pumpkins (Or Great Fakes)

Just by the very nature of the name, heirloom pumpkins are perfect for elevated fall decor. They come in subtle colors like soft, muted greens, muddied corals, and more. And they often come in interesting shapes. These pumpkins will make a big statement in your fall home.

Luxe Pumpkins

Pumpkins made from materials like velvet, wool, or linen can be used sparingly in elevated fall decor. Group them with other fall elements like white pumpkins or pinecones. Just keep it simple.

Upgrade Your Textiles And Add Texture

fall living room

Because less is best when you are looking for a more elevated look for fall, texture, and textiles play a very important role in implying fall in your home. Things like baskets, nubby wool, warm wood, or luxuries like cashmere will make your home feel and look more warm and inviting. We feel texture with our eyes. Lots of texture translates to cozy, and isn’t that what we want in fall decor?

Infuse Your Home With Fall Aromas


Our fall homes should involve our senses! Make sure to fill your home with beautiful aromas we associate with autumn. Cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, apple, and pumpkin, to name a few. Our sense of smell has strong ties to our memories. So, if our homes have some of these toasty aromas floating through the air, our homes will feel and smell like fall.

I think the aroma that tells our mind it’s fall is far more powerful than a pumpkin we can see.

Choose beautiful-smelling candles in attractive containers with no writing on them.

There are many ways to add fall aromas to our home. Use candles, mists, essential oils, and diffusers. You can also make up your own simmer potpourri or, even better, bake a delicious fall goodie.

big vase of hydrangeas drying

No matter your home’s style, you can refine and elevate your fall decor. This will make decorating simpler and make your home look a little more curated this season.

Happy Fall Decorating!

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  1. Hi Yvonne!
    Thanks for the great advice on Fall deco and elevated styling. I tended to fall into the ” lets overdo it” category until I discovered your blog. I must say one or two vignettes per room is a lot easier to pull together ( and put away when the season is over) than dragging tons of tchochkes out of storage. One thing I still overload on is woolen plaids and pillows. I can’t stop myself when it comes to them

    1. Lois, I love those gorgeouos fall throws and pillows too! Plaids are very in style this year.

  2. Love your posts. You’ve inspired me to refine my decorating style. Less is more, and luxe goes so far. I spent Labor Day adding a few fall touches to my living room and kitchen….I wish I could send you a pic of the velvet pumpkins and dried artichokes that I put together in an old bread bowl in my kitchen.. your posts inspire me. .this year, more velvet pumpkins……..