6 Tips For Decorating A Small Space For Fall And Thanksgiving

Are you looking for tips and ideas to transform your small room into a cozy fall retreat? Discover creative ways to decorate your space with autumnal colors, warm textures, and seasonal accents. Here is the inspiration you need to make your small room feel seasonally inviting.


Do you have a small family room, sunroom, living room, or den you spend a lot of time in? I do, too! Our sunroom is a small room that gets used every day. This is where Bobby and I watch TV, read, and relax most evenings. This is a small room that lives large. We, okay, mostly me, want this room, like the rest of our home, to reflect the beauty and coziness of the fall season.

Seasonal decorating in a small room is a bit different than seasonal decorating in a larger room. It does not take very much extra seasonal decor to overwhelm a small room and make it look busy and even hard to live in. But with a few tips under your decorating belt, you can create a beautiful, seasonal room for the fall season and through Thanksgiving.


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In most of my decorating posts, I talk about what will work in any room we decorate but is especially important when decorating a small room for fall. Let’s just review them briefly.

  1. Choose a tight color palette. This is so important in a small room. Too many colors are overwhelming and busy!
  2. Create a fall color palette that will work with your small room’s regular color palette. Embrace the warm, cozy hues of fall, but do it judiciously.
  3. Keep your live organics like mums, pumpkins, and gourds fresh and looking their best. Replace any organics that are drooping, dying, rotting, or giving off an unpleasant odor.

Are you looking for creative ways to decorate your small room for the fall season and beyond? Here are some ideas to inspire you…

Keep It Simple


When it comes to fall decor in a small room, keeping things simple is key. With limited space, it’s important to avoid overwhelming the room with too many decorations, as it can make the space feel cramped and cluttered. In a small room, choose a more minimalistic approach. Your room will look much nicer, and you can live in it easier!

By embracing a less-is-more approach to fall decor, you can strike a balance between seasonal charm and functionality.


When it comes to decorating our sunroom, I keep it very simple all year long. So, my plan for seasonal decorating is to add just a few items that have lots of seasonal appeal.


Texture plays a significant role when decorating a small room for the fall season through Thanksgiving. It adds depth, warmth, and visual appeal, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. That is huge decor value for one interior design concept. Fall is the best time to use textures that add visual warmth and make you want to experience its soft and cozy feel.



Fall pillows are an important element when it comes to decorating any room, no matter the size! Add fall pillows with lots of texture. I have used the same honey-colored pillows for their amazing texture almost every fall. They are woven with soft, short fringed trim. I keep looking for something new to replace them with just for something different, but they work perfectly with our sofa, room, and the autumn season.

The natural and white pillows, on the other hand, are soft and squishy, and we all grab them when we want to lie on the sofa! Every sofa should have a pillow that is that comfortable.

The lumbar pillow is a new find this fall. It, too, is soft, and the print and color hint that it’s fall.

fall inspired lumbar pilllow on a sofa

Choose pillows that work together and have both textures and colors that look and feel like fall.

Throw Blankets


It’s cozy time! The evenings are getting darker earlier and cooler, too. So, throws are the perfect soft textural item to add to a sofa and or a chair.

Fall is synonymous with warmth, and incorporating textured elements brings this cozy feeling into your small room. Soft textures like chunky knits can instantly transform the space, making it feel snug and comfortable.

I recently got two new throws for our sunroom. The one on the sofa is chunky and lofty and so soft! The other, on the swivel chair, is soft and luxurious. It’s a honey color that pulls a bit of this fall color to the swivel chair side of the sunroom. These throws are perfect not only for adding soft texture but also for promoting fall color and seasonal connection in this room.

Pop Of Seasonal Color


Adding one noticeable pop of fall color in a small room is a design trick that can significantly enhance the look and feel of fall in your small room. This simple yet effective design technique serves to capture the essence of the season. Many times, a small space does not need too much more than a great fall-inspired color to be dressed for the season.

The big white pot of burnt orange mums serves as a fall organic and a pop of color. I was going to choose a burnt gold mum at first. Then decided a brighter color might look nicer. A burst of striking color against the neutral color palette of our sunroom was just what this small room needed. You might want to give this a try, too. One great color is a statement piece, giving a fun dose of fall personality to a small room.

I added another pot of mums at the opening to our sunroom, diagonal to the mums on the coffee table. Doing this does not take away from the mums on the coffee table but adds another burst of color that is not inside the room itself.

Use A Very Restrained Hand When Selecting Seasonal Decor


Decorating a small room can be challenging, especially when it comes to incorporating fall decor. Fall is all about abundance, and it makes sense to want to create that abundance-filled look in a small room. But a room with limited space will quickly become cluttered looking.

While the cozy and inviting essence of autumn can be tempting to bring into every corner of your small space, a restrained hand when using fall decor is often the best plan.

I opt for a minimal approach, using only a few fall items in our sunroom. This year, I put a green pumpkin on the shelf under the coffee table.


It’s big enough to stand alone but not too big that it looks out of proportion. The only other fall items, except the big mum focal point, are stylized faux gold gourds sitting on a trio of burlap covered books on the end table shelves.

Use Fall Aromas

When your space is limited, and so is the fall decor in a small room, add beautiful fall scents to carry the fall theme through the whole room. Use candles, potpourri, essential oils, and plug-in air fresheners.

I love Pura diffusers. The scents are divine and can be adjusted in several different ways with a smartphone. Here are some of their fall scents…

Aromas are a big way of making a room feel inviting and seasonally cozy. 

Decorating For Thanksgiving


As fall moves towards Thanksgiving, remove most of the overtly fall-ish decor and add some Thanksgiving into Christmas decor. This is a wonderful time to transition from one season to the next!

Here’s what might look nice in a small room later in the fall until you are ready to decorate for Christmas.

  • Add a little bit of evergreens mixed with pinecones and acorns.
  • Use pheasant feathers in a glass hurricane or tall vase.
  • Make a cranberry garland and add it to a large shallow bowl.
  • Make an arrangement of fall flowers and evergreens.
  • Spray paint pinecones in a metallic color and put them in a shallow bowl along with metallic and amber Christmas balls.
  • Add rosemary wreaths around the base of candles.

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FAQs About Decorating A Small Room For Fall

Instead of using lots of fall decor, Thanksgiving is the time to put away most of the overtly fall decorations. Choose a couple of your best fall decor to decorate lightly and add things like evergreens, acorns, and pinecones. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to transition from fall to Christmas.

Here are a few ideas to cozy up your home for the Thanksgiving holiday. Add soft textures you want to touch like soft chunky throw blankets. Add soft lighting like candlelight and diffuse wonderful warm aromas throughout your home.

Think about adding one or two warm, toasty colors you see in nature in the fall to your regular color palette.

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A small room can be the most beautiful and best fall room in your home! Just use these easy tips and enjoy!


Happy Fall, Friends.

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