OUTDOOR DECORATING IN SMALL SPACES-Easy to do ideas for decorating small outdoors spaces.Each year I share my front porch decorating. I have a big wrap around porch and lots of area to decorate. As fun as it is… it’s a big, big job!!! This year I’m focusing on outdoor fall decorating in small spaces on my porch. If you have an outdoor space you probably have a small space. How about decorating an outdoor stoop, corner or nook you have around your home? I have some fun, fall ideas for small outdoor spaces!


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Okay, let’s talk about decorating those small outdoor spaces for fall!


SMALL FALL OUTDOOR SPACES-tall-planter-with-mums-stonegableblog.com

If you don’t have a large space to decorate… go tall. Use planters on pedestals, corn stalks, an old ladder, a great, chippy shutter and other tall architectural elements. Decorating vertical spaces can add interest to your outdoor space.


SMALL FALL OUTDOOR SPACES-tall-planter-with-mums-stonegableblog.com

 Make your small spaces stand out and be counted by decorating them in fall saturated colors! Make them bright and noticeable.


SMALL FALL OUTDOOR SPACES-tall-planter-with-mums-stonegableblog.com

Use colors and textures that contrast each other. I usually would not use yellow mums to decorate the outside of my home, but I love them in this black urn and against the tartan car rug! Yellow and black are great colors that play off of each other!


OUTDOOR DECORATING IN SMALL SPACES-Easy to do ideas for decorating small outdoors spaces.

Trying to crowd too many fall elements into a small space can make it look cluttered. I like to use a few larger pieces instead of lots of small thing. Decorating with a larger piece in a small space calls attention to the area! Do add some supporting fall elements… just don’t over do! Opt for a clean look in a small space.


OUTDOOR DECORATING IN SMALL SPACES-Easy to do ideas for decorating small outdoors spaces.

Adding a pumpkin to a small space is nice, but adding pumpkin in front of a great mum in an interesting container is even better! Layered decor is really fun to look at… so we do! Think in layers! The tartan car rug in back of the pots of mums and the little black bench with the pumpkins sitting on it in front of the mums layers the decor giving it depth and interest!


OUTDOOR DECORATING IN SMALL SPACES-Easy to do ideas for decorating small outdoors spaces.

If you use a pedestal planter, or a great chair decked out for fall or anything tall… remember to add some fall element near or on the ground. Fill in the visual space.


OUTDOOR DECORATING IN SMALL SPACES-Easy to do ideas for decorating small outdoors spaces.

Yes, that is a spider on the beautiful spider web he made on the porch railing next to my little arrangement! This next tips is very important! 

Remember to spend a little time taking care of the well decorated small space you have created. Water the plants and pinch off dead blooms and give the area a sweep or spend a few minutes with your blower removing the fall leaves, dirt and spiders that love to collect this time of year!

OUTDOOR DECORATING IN SMALL SPACES-Easy to do ideas for decorating small outdoors spaces.

These fall decorating ideas will work great if you have a small entryway to your home. Add a stunner-of-a-wreath to your front door and create a little outdoor decoration with the ideas here and you have a winner!

What small outdoor space do you have to decorate?

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OUTDOOR FALL DECORATING IN SMALL SPACES- Creating beauty in the nooks and crannies and stoops and steps of your home.



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  1. Sheila Gunderson says:

    Love your style Yvonne!

  2. Love your tips, Yvonne, especially the one on maintenance. I suppose spider webs could look intentional this time of year – lol – but I need to make sure that all are cleared away throughout these lovely fall days. I clicked on your links for outdoor fall decorating previous years and really enjoyed seeing that you’re still using many of the same items…it’s great seeing the multiple ways they can be used.

  3. Anne Marie says:

    Thanks for the great tips.

  4. K. Van Patten says:

    It was 92 degrees yesterday in middle TN and I can’t get my head around fall decorating yet. But we all know what’s too come…. Thanks for the beautiful photos and for sharing!

  5. Babette Thurston says:

    Hi Yvonne,
    Thanks so much for these awesome ideas! I have a very small step and very little room but I’m using just a few plants and pumpkins to decorate! Love your bright colors!

  6. Thanks for sharing,I have a small nook I love to decorate every holiday your ideas and tips are very useful, Thanks again and happy fall…

  7. Jonne Molesky says:

    Beautiful arrangements; I don’t have a porch, but I do put mums on the stairs.

  8. andrea bayot says:

    Love all of the fall decorations and color! Now we are waiting for the weather to catch up with the calendar here in Florida.

  9. Just beautiful. Tell me I have sent you a couple of emails, have you received them or are they going into spam? Have a great weekend. Susan x

  10. So nice and cozy….looks inviting!

  11. Always love seeing your email pop to my inbox. Love these ideas. I think no matter how big or small our spaces are, we all have places for a cute vignette like this. Thanks so much for sharing. These tips are so helpful. Susie from The Chelsea Project

  12. The Fall Colors brighten any area, I do not have a porch however will take some of your tips into consideration. Thank you.

  13. Marilyn Soto says:

    Love the tips and the little black stool with tiny pumpkins is adorable.I have never heard the term “car rug” – what makes it different than a blanket or throw?

  14. Thanks for all the ideas. I still have to make a throw for my bench, but I think I am done. Then I look at your ideas and wonder if I need more. Fall is certainly in the air in the Midwest !

  15. Thank you for all the great tips. I have a long and narrow front porch, a little hard to decorate.

  16. Theresa Kleinschmidt says:

    Good morning Yvonne, thank you for all your fall tips for decorating outdoor spaces. Love ,love,love Fall???.Enjoy your weekend.

  17. I too have a big black pedestal planter on my front porch and it is just about time to pull out the geraniums and plabt some fall flowers. Yours look so pretty and colorful. Great idea !

  18. Enjoying your newsletter. I have a wrap around 2 sides porch & enjoy decorating it too.

  19. I don’t have a porch but love your little black stool with pumpkins–what an added touch. I love your use of flannel blankets. I wish I had a porch to place a rocker.

  20. Julie Maier says:

    This is perfect – I have a small porch that needs some fall decorating. I will be using your ideas soon!

  21. Linda Schmidt says:

    What a beautiful, simple porch idea ,everything you do always is beautiful. Thank you.

  22. Sherry Pelle says:

    Beautiful! Just looking at this post gives me the fall feeling!!

  23. Lanita Anderson says:

    I always enjoy your fall decorating posts – so much creativity and so many good ideas! I am working on fall decorating today and plan to use some of your ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  24. The urns you use for your mums are just my style. I also love mums in the fall mostly because they’re easy to take care as well as colorful. Once again a beautiful porch idea!

  25. Very pretty look and great ideas! Our weather here is still summer so it is hard for me to think about Fall décor, but can’t wait to get out of the hospital and do something creative at home.

  26. Carol Elkins says:

    Yellow mums are my favorite!

  27. Teresa Alexander says:

    lovely ideas! thank you!

  28. Very nice Yvonne and I agree the spider has to wait for next month’s decorating ideas.

  29. Thanks for the tips for small spaces. I like the three mini pumpkins on the black stepstool.

  30. Rhonda Storey says:

    I LOVE your blog Yvonne!! Your home is lovely, and you have great ideas. I really look forward to seeing what is new on your posts. Happy Fall!!’ ??

  31. Great article and photos ! Maintenance did grab my eye !! Spiders yes but living in the south with hot temps right now I have grasshoppers on the porch and who loves grasshoppers? Toads.. Baby toads I am finding on my walls and even on the doorknob! My biggest challenge year round are the birds. Placing any wreath out guarantees there will be a bird in it.. Nothing worse then being surprised by a bird as you walk out the door !

  32. Even though it’s 90 here today, I found fabulous mums at my hardware and pumpkins too. My porch says fall even if the temps do not! Love your porch decorating!!!

  33. Diane Smith says:

    Beautiful! Just curious…do you really leave your tartan car rug out? I’ve priced them, and they’re not cheap!

  34. Your planters are so pretty with the mums and the little flowers sticking out under neath .

  35. I can imagine sitting on your fall porch and enjoying the morning in the cool crisp air or the lantern being lit up with a cup of cider and good conversation with a friend. So inviting Yvonne!

  36. Bernadette says:

    Great tips Yvonne!!

  37. I too chose yellow mums for my small porch. Bright and visible from the street. They contrast nicely with the traditional colors of the fall wreath on my door….Pumpkins will be added at a later date…

  38. Ruth Harris says:

    Great porches love all the colors & textures you used.

  39. So pretty! Love the contrast of colors and materials!

  40. Great tips Yvonne. Love all the ideas.

  41. Linda Charlton says:

    Beautiful mums. Mine haven’t opened yet.

  42. I just went and made a steaming cup of hot chocolate!

  43. Thanks so much for the wonderful tip, “don’t overcrowd small porch, but use tall items and a ground level item. That just makes so much sense. This year I made a point of keeping things simply on my small for t porch. I had filled my two black urn with fall color plants. I added a black pumpkin in a light color round basket that I turned on its side. Hung a fall reef (that have some orange colors) on the door. These decorative items will be my Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations.

  44. Jean Dabbs says:

    I appreciate your pictures you share with us. I enjoy trying to put something together and your pictures are a great help with ideas.

  45. Mary Chris says:

    I love the vignettes very warm and welcoming.

  46. Shelly Dayton says:

    Beautiful porch….great ideas!

  47. Carol A. Wellein says:

    Your decorating skills are lovely, your color sense is impeccable, and I appreciate having beautiful pictures to view.
    Thanks, Yvonne.

  48. Great idea to put fall blanket on the porch – just put my well used fall flannel and denim quilt on my porch bench. Love it!!!

  49. Linda Buchanan says:

    I love, love, love when you decorate with the Buchanan tartan.

  50. Thanks again for the inspiration. My front porch decorating space is rather small so these are perfect ideas. I even have a little old wooden stool from my late Mother-in-law that needs a coat of paint. After seeing yours in black with the sanded edges I think I finally know what color I’m going to use!

  51. Always love the use of urns inside & outside.You can always
    fill them with something & they make a big impact.Yours look
    very pretty on the porch.

  52. Kelly Sanchez says:

    I love all of your ideas and beautiful photos! I am so glad I found your blog and Facebook. Happy Fall. Can’t wait for your Christmas decor!!

  53. Beautiful outdoor decor. Thank you for your guidance.

  54. Julie Humphrey says:

    Great ideas for my tiny back porch!

  55. How lovely your display is! I really love how you used the traditional beautiful fall colors as well.