FALL OUTDOOR DECORATING WITH LANTERNS- Here's an easy way to light up your fall decorating

Welcome, Fall! I’ve missed you! I’ve missed your cool breezes and football games and pretty colors and falling leaves and pumpkins! And I’ve missed fall decorating. This year I am taking my love outdoor fall decorating and using fabulous lanterns to decorate the steps leading up to the front door. I’m partnering with Kirkland’s to help you decorate for this cozy season and to share their Desire to Inspire: Harvest Décor. 

Today I’m pairing up with a great group of bloggers to share some fabulous fall inspiration! Make sure to check out the bottom of the post for their links!  And don’t forget to enter the …


to help you decorate for fall! Perfect timing Kirkland’s…thanks!

FALL OUTDOOR DECORATING WITH LANTERNS- Here's an easy way to light up your fall decorating


If you are coming from Not Just A Housewife on the FALL PORCH BLOG HOP welcome!!!

I’m sharing a little glimpse of my outdoor decor with you today. 

This year lanterns dot the steps up to the front porch. And not only lanterns but pumpkin and mums too! Such an easy way to decorate that will look so festive both day and night.

FALL OUTDOOR DECORATING WITH LANTERNS- Here's an easy way to light up your fall decorating

Our outside decor needs to be bright and splashed with lots of colors so it can be seen from the road! So I used lots of orange and white and black and a little bit of bling! Gotta love a tad of bling!

This year’s fall decorating was inspired by these oh, so pretty AUTUMN FLORAL LED LANTERNS! I found them at Kirkland’s

FALL OUTDOOR DECORATING WITH LANTERNS- Here's an easy way to light up your fall decorating

These great lanterns came decorated and that made my fall decorating so so easy! The pretty spray of fall saturated leaves and berries and pinecones and a sweet bow comes already attached to the lantern. I just had to fluff and they were ready to use!

FALL OUTDOOR DECORATING WITH LANTERNS- Here's an easy way to light up your fall decorating


FALL OUTDOOR DECORATING WITH LANTERNS- Here's an easy way to light up your fall decorating

And the lanterns came with the candles and the pretty berry candle collar. It can’t get easier than this…or more fabulous!

FALL OUTDOOR DECORATING WITH LANTERNS- Here's an easy way to light up your fall decorating

I want these lanterns to give a big fall welcome to all who visit StoneGable! 

I placed each lantern on a front step so all three lanterns could be easily seen. Then I added a large white pumpkin to the porch and sat a white bowl filled with mums next to the lantern on the top step. 

FALL OUTDOOR DECORATING WITH LANTERNS- Here's an easy way to light up your fall decorating

FALL OUTDOOR DECORATING WITH LANTERNS- Here's an easy way to light up your fall decorating

Finally, I filled in the rest of the fall vignette in with orange and white pumpkins. I love orange and white together! I mixed faux and real pumpkins together. It’s hard to tell which is which!

FALL OUTDOOR DECORATING WITH LANTERNS- Here's an easy way to light up your fall decorating

Our porch is being painted right now so as soon as it is done I’ll share the rest of this year’s fall decorations!

FALL OUTDOOR DECORATING WITH LANTERNS- Here's an easy way to light up your fall decorating

You’ve seen how I decorated the steps leading to my front porch with beautiful Autumn Floral LED Lanterns from Kirkland’s. How are you decorating your outside spaces this fall? Be sure to check out Kirkland’s other lanterns so you can create your own pretty fall decor!

Not let’s have a GIVEAWAY! One lucky reader will win a …


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Good luck!

Make sure you check out how Lauren from Bless’er House decorated her home for fall with Kirkland’s HARVEST DECOR.

You can see Kirkland’s fall decor AT THE PICKET FENCE tomorrow and LOLLY JANE on Thursday!

I hope you will continue the FALL PORCH HOP and visit Lolly Jane!



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FALL OUTDOOR DECORATING WITH LANTERNS- Here's an easy way to light up your fall decorating


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  1. I can’t wait to go to Kirkland’s to check out their lanterns. I started my front porch but need to finish. Thank you for great ideas. Annmarie

  2. Lovely as usual.
    I would like the lanterns and the gift certificate.
    I think lanterns are very expensive.
    Your steps make it almost worth the investment.

    Have a blessed day,

  3. Ooooo…such a nice giveaway!! So far my outdoor fall decor consists of my artificial pumpkins, leaves, and wreaths, mixed in among my outdoor seating areas. I’ll add real pumpkins later.

  4. I love the lanterns and the fact that they are already trimmed for fall. I have not been to Kirkland’s lately but I will be visiting our local store today after seeing the lanterns!

  5. Love the idea of placing the mum in a large white bowl. Great for making sure all the elements are seen from the road….I’m going to do it !

  6. I love multi-purpose items like these lanterns. Right away, I thought about their potential when we have power failures by removing the decorations and lighting those candles.

  7. Kirkland’s is one of my go to stores for the home. They never disappoint. Your fall steps looks so festive! Love the white and orange pumpkins together. How nice that the lanterns came already decorated. I bet they cast a warm glow of “Welcome” at night! Thanks for the giveaway, and all the inspiration that I’ll use for my front porch.

  8. I like the idea of mixing the real and the faux, I like to use Red as well , so perhaps I will paint the lanterns a deep fall Red. Thanks for sharing .

  9. Lanterns are such a current trend in home decor & so versatile to use for each season. Great way to also light an entry way.

  10. The lanterns are wonderful! The Fall accents you added makes them a welcoming display for your guests. I love the pops of orange; that just says Fall to me. Thank you for hosting this great giveaway!

  11. The porch decor looks fabulous! I love, love, love the lanterns (and the fact that they come already decorated!) that’s half the work right there. I also noticed that you put your mums in a white bowl. What a great idea. I actually have 3 big white nesting bowls I could use for Fall flowers. I’m on it! My house sits back from the road a bit also, so I try to decorate with bright colors seasonally so it can be seen from the road. This year I actually moved my Fairy Houses closer to the road nestled in with my landscaping and received many compliments on it. Another great post today Yvonne. Thank you!

  12. Love the embellishments you’ve added to the lanterns and the way you’ve staggered them on the steps, Yvonne! Very welcoming!

  13. I love, love LOVE those lanterns! Thanks for the ideas, and the links. I will definitely check out Kirkland’s lanterns.

  14. I love lanterns. There isn’t a season that I decorate for that I don’t incorporate the use of a lantern or two. They are so versatile and come in so many colors, shapes and sizes. Love your porch steps and look forward the the reveal of your entire porch dressed for Fall!!!

    I do have a question, Yvonne….since these lanterns are on the steps and not under the cover of a roof, do you bring them up onto the porch when it rains?

  15. I love love love those lanterns! Now I want to go to Kirkland’s! We have a huge one in my town, so convenient and I love to shop there. I’m decorating for Fall starting next week! It’s going to be 99 degrees here today, and all I’m dreaming about is Fall. Fortunately, the weather man says it’s going to cool down a little bit, so I’m thrilled and am super excited to start decorating for Fall. I would love a few of these lanterns for my front porch.

  16. My daughters have all shopped Kirkland’s but this is the first time I have gone on the facebook page, love the inspiration to begin my decorating. The white pumpkins are perfect, and I am ready to start this week end …thank you for sharing places to shop, ideas and the give aways …

  17. I love lanterns too! I have several in my home and on our back deck. I’d love to have some for our front porch as well. I don’t see where these are weatherproof. Are they OK in the rain/snow? I have a new Kirklands right around the corner from me. Going to check it our tonight!

  18. Lanterns are one of my favorite decor staples! And fall — and Kirkland’s — are my favorite! I guess I have lots of favorites! haha Yvonne, you always inspire me and I can’t wait until this weekend when I will finally have time to do my porch! Happy Fall! 🙂

  19. We are lucky to enjoy a very large outdoor front patio space leading up to the front door and I take full advantage of it this time year. I have an antique goat cart that gets filled with pumpkins from the local farm, more pumpkins dotting that patio and steps leading up to the front door, lanterns (mine are not as pretty as yours, though), and my favorite edition purchased a couple of years ago – a life-sized rustic metal tom turkey!

  20. I love the lanterns and mums on your porch! I know where I’m going today – to Kirkland’s to look for these lanterns!

  21. Beautiful! Like you, Yvonne, I love fall- the weather, the color! Not too much the football, but I do enjoy watching others enjoy it.Now, excuse me but I have to go decorate my porch!

  22. I love everything about this design group. It is really inviting. Makes me want to go inside for a cup of cider or pumpkin lattes.
    Welcome fall

  23. Oh I would love to do something like that to my front! I have some mums and artificial pumpkins and colorful leaves. But we have so many squirrels and raccoons that if I use real pumpkins and other real “food” things they would get eaten right away! I tried to do “Indian corn” one year and the squirrels ate it all! I LOVE LOVE Fall also!!! I love the colors etc.

  24. Wow love that pop of fall color with the lantern..too cute….a gift certificate sounds like a dream and Kirkland is not far away Yea

  25. Love the look of your porch Yvonne! I’m a big fan of lanterns inside AND outside the house, and the fact that these ones are already put together and gorgeous makes decorating so easy. I wonder how envious your neighbors are that your house always looks so fabulous?!?!

  26. Your front porch is absolutely gorgeous! I love Kirkland’s and they are so reasonable! Thank you for your great ideas!

  27. What a wonderful greeting to your home! Love lanterns! We don’t have a Kirkland’s but just checked their online store. They have such wonderful things at great prices!

  28. It’s really too bad that on the same day that your post promotes these lanterns, clicking on your provided link to these lanterns show that they are not available for online purchase….?? That doesn’t seem like very good planning on Kirkland’s behalf. I would have purchased them.

  29. It is not just Coke – everything is better with lanterns! Such an inviting porch. Go Bruins! Go Kirklands! Another winning game for Yvonne!

  30. Wow. Even if I don’t win I think I am getting those lanterns! Your porch looks great, Yvonne. Thank you for the Kirklands giveaway. It’s one of my favorite stores.

  31. Seasonally festive!

    Alas, my black lanterns are still in storage this season. Still holding out hope I will find a house in time to pull it out this year. ?

  32. As expected, a beautiful grouping! You never disappoint!! Our front entry is under construction at the moment–the Hubs says if it’s not completed by Halloween, he’s decorating with crime scene tape!

  33. I love everything Kirklands, especially at Christmas. I’ve shopped there for years. I can’t seem to have enough lanterns.

  34. I love the already decorated lanterns for those of us not as naturally artistic as you 🙂 I have a white cast iron bench on my front porch. I’m going to get some fall fabric and foam and create a pillow for my bench.

  35. Love Kirkland’s! A great giveaway for sure. We have a Kirkland’s here in our hometown of Norman, Okla. and I’m a frequent customer. The lanterns on the front steps are just perfect.

  36. It is still so warm here, it is hard to think about decorating for fall. I love to look at your beautiful pictures and think “cool”. We have been Kirkland shoppers for a long time, my daughter worked at Kirkland’s while going to college – almost 15 years ago now. Tomorrow is the first day of Autumn, I better get with it! Thanks for the lovely pictures and ideas.

  37. Wow – what an inspiration ! I have not decorated for fall yet. The lanterns are a wonderful idea – I am already imagining how I will put my spin on them for fall and then for Christmas!!! Winning the gift certificate would be the “icing on the cake”. Thank you and Kirkland for offering it.

  38. Oh wow… I was just in Kirkland’s this past weekend… Now you have given me some “Lantern” inspiration !!!!! Beautiful !!

  39. I love decorating for fall. Your porch looks lovely.
    I don’t have any lanterns, but would sure love some.
    Have a great day.

  40. I was at Costco today and didn’t see the lanterns. I must have missed them but then there were about a million people in there. I’ll have to stop by again and look harder.

  41. I love decorating with lanterns but I need to add a few more to my stash. Love the ideas and will be making a stop at Kirklands.

  42. Aww …my home away from home, Kirkland has been my favorite for years now. Your home and outdoor grounds are gloriously fall ready can’t help but smile while viewing. Thank you for sharing.

  43. I love fall. Just started some of my decorating. I knitted five little pumpkins. They look so cute on the mantle.

  44. Beautiful as always, love the lanterns but they are sold out! Hope they come back n stock soon! Thanks, Yvonne for sharing your home!

  45. I so enjoy you ideas. But I especially look forward to sitting on my front porch and spending sometime with you on Sunday after my worship service. Thank you for your thought provoking lessons. I live in the PNW, the Columbia Gorge area. God has best us here with some beautiful scenery.

  46. Always love all your beautiful decorations. So very helpful to stimulate my creative mind and get me moving ! Thank you so very much for all your ideas and creativity. Sonja

  47. I really enjoy Kirkland’s. They have such pretty items. I loved seeing the way you decorated your front porch and I’m looking forward to seeing it after your porch has been painted.

  48. HI!
    Not ready to part with summer just yet.
    I have been decluttering for a while now in our home and in our 39’ sailboat ( our home away from home⛵️)
    Inspired to create my own door wreath.
    Like yourself and so many others, I luv decorating
    with lanterns and pumpkins
    Enjoy reading your blog. Thanx for being there?