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Welcome to Home Style Saturday #349. We are so glad you are here because we have so much to share. Ann’s up first this week…

On Sutton Place

The Ultimate Guide To Mason Jars

Ann says…

Decorating with mason jars (vintage or new) is easy, budget-friendly, and can add the perfect touch of farmhouse style to your decor.


Fun Ways To Decorate Your Chandelier For Spring And Summer

Janet says…

A whimsical chandelier makeover for spring can breathe new life into your room. Today I’m sharing some simple ways to add fun touches to your chandelier and there are no special skills required. I’ve done this technique on my vintage chandelier, but you can use these ideas on a variety of fixtures and the best part is that they are temporary and easy!

Southern Hospitality

Moss Mountain Farm Flower Tour

Rhoda says…

Spending two days at P. Allen Smith’s Moss Mountain farm was truly a dreamy place to visit and another highlight of my blogging journey.  Looking back, I can’t believe some of the things I get to do and the places I get to visit!  


30+ Tips For Summer Decorating

Are you thinking about pretty, easy, and creative ways to decorate your home and outdoor spaces for summer? Here are 30+ tips for summer decorating that you will love!


Updating The Patio With Summer Color

Lory says…

Do your outdoor living spaces look the same year after year? Here are tips to update your patio decor using inexpensive accessories in summer colors.

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Have a great weekend, Friends!

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