Healthy Morning Routines To Cultivate In The New Year

Happy 2024. Do you make New Year’s resolutions? I like to use the new year as a reset and work on things that will make a positive and healthy difference in my life. 2023 was a very busy, almost frenetic year, and one of the biggest things I want to reset are my priorities and healthy habits. As January goes on I’ll be posting as I reset my schedule and ways I’m going to take better care of myself. I’m sure I am like so many of you, who do everything sometimes at our own expense. It’s wonderful and generous to do for others, but we also need to take care of ourselves. We will chat about this soon. But right now, I want to talk about a morning routine.

Do you have a morning routine? Studies show that those of us who do usually start off our day better and get more done! And it’s so much better for us to make healthy, purposeful choices in our lives! Let’s look at 12 things you can do to make the most of your morning!

I must admit I often roll out of bed way too early, grab a glass of water and coffee, turn on the news, and get to work. Not the best way to start the day. So, I’ve been researching a better way to start the day and am sharing what I found. Let’s work together to make a healthy morning routine part of our day!

Wake Up Early And At The Same Time Of Day

alarm clock next to a calendar

Having a set bedtime and a set wake-up time is the best thing for your body! Make sure to get up a little earlier and enjoy a morning routine before you face the day. And don’t hit the snooze button. Studies have shown that it does not give us more sleep and only makes us rush through the morning, creating more stress. 

Wake up and greet the day!

My Bobby rises and goes to bed at the same time every day, even on the weekends! And he has a set routine in the morning before work. I call it puttering. But it works for him and gives him time to get set for the day! He’s my perfect example!

Drink Water

Reach for a warm glass or two of water with lemon or mint first thing in the morning! The warm water won’t shock our bodies. Remember, we have been without water for the whole night and need rehydration before we get our first cup of coffee! Make this a habit every day. But do what I say and not what I do. I love ice water in the am!

It’s nice to make a pitcher of fruit and herb-infused water to drink all day long!

After water, then we can have a cup of coffee, Thank goodness!

Listen To Inspiring Music

I’m such a newshound that this is hard for me. But I’m starting this new good-for-me habit.  I have a Pandora station called Instrumental Music To Wake Up To, and it makes me feel like I am doing something good for my brain.  Choose music that gets you going in the am!

Here is a small Bose Bluetooth speaker that I use.

It’s so nice to be able to have music fill my home, even early in the morning!



This is a biggie! Studies have shown that people who make their bed every day are more successful and more productive than those who don’t.  It’s all about the habit of ritual! So Mom was right! Make your bed!

I used to make my bed no matter what. But I’ve gotten a little bit slack this past year. So this is one morning habit I will reset.



Did you know that showering in the morning is better for your skin than showering or bathing at night? Our skin releases toxins while we sleep so it’s a good idea to wash them off in the am. And it helps wake us up, too.

Get Dressed And Put Your Shoes On

13 Healthy Morning Routine Habits to Cultivate

I learned this long ago. When we get going and get dressed all the way down to our shoes, we tend to start our day with more purpose in mind! This is a really great habit to develop. Dress to face the day!

Eat Breakfast


 I must admit, I’m not much of a breakfast eater.

So, I opt for a great protein shake with lots of fruit in it and my Juice + vitamins. Breakfast gets our metabolism going and gives us the energy to get started in the morning.

But don’t overdo it. Studies show that a light breakfast is best.

Take Your Meds And Vitamins


Take your meds and vitamins like clockwork in the morning.

My Bobby takes one pill and sets an alarm to remember. It goes off at 6:30 am sharp! I usually forget to take mine until noon. I’ll be setting an alarm like him!



Spend time every morning doing some kind of devotion and praying. It’s good for your soul and will start your day off right! Spending time with God is the number 1 way my life has changed for the good!


13 Healthy Morning Routine Habits to Cultivate

The best time to exercise is in the morning! It revs us up and gets our metabolism going for the day ahead.

I can’t say I love to exercise, so I like to get it out of the way first thing! Swimming is my exercise of choice. That’s one exercise I do LOVE! And take time to stretch in the morning. Now this I love!

Check Your Schedule

Start each day by checking your schedule and making a to-do list. Prioritize the top 5 things of the day and work on them first.

Did you know that people who spend only 10 minutes a morning planning get so much more accomplished than those who don’t! 


13 Healthy Morning Routine Habits to Cultivate

If you sort a load of laundry at night, it’s easy to stick it in the wash first thing in the morning. Make it a goal to dry, fold, and put that laundry away the same day. If you do this, you will have lots of nice clean clothes and a laundry basket that is manageable!

There, you have a dozen, good for you things to do in the morning! The benefits of a morning ritual will carry on throughout the day!

Happy New Year!

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Do you have any morning tips that have served you well? Please share!


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  1. I totally enjoy & appreciate your blog. I have found your decorating ideas/rules so helpful. Where can I find the picture next to the bed/behind the lamp. What is the name? I love it!
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Teresa, I found these pictures at a local shop. Sorry, I have not been able to source them.

  2. Good ideas!! Gratitude, make the bed…I run the dishwasher in the evening and unload it while coffee is brewing. Starts the day off without dirty dishes in the sink. Then, I sit with my doggie in my lap, drinking coffee, checking computer, mail. listing to-dos for about 45 minutes, then dress for the day and work on to do list. I’m an early bird, but my Zoe and I love the ritual of snuggling together for those few minutes, I enjoy routine and I feel the best when I have accomplished some small project by the end of the day.

    1. Hobbes, my cat, is with me when I make coffee in the am. He knows that the treat jar is next to the coffee maker. Aren’t our pet family members the best!

      1. I love your blog. I want black tan ivory beogh white but my wood is dark. I’d love suggestions.

        1. You can make that work. Just add some dark accent decor in the same color as your woodwork. Hope this is helpful!

  3. All of these ideas,of course, we hear all the time but it is so motivating that you are doing them daily and making changes! I cannot imagine getting into my lovely linens at night without a bath or shower. But I do love a wake up shower. Looks like I will be super clean now ?. Thank you!

    1. I love a nightly bath too! It does feel so good to get in the sheets when I am clean. But mostly I am a shower in the morning girl.

  4. Nan, Odessa, DE says:

    Give us a post on what are easy, light breakfast.

    1. Hi Nan, maybe in the fall! I often make a protein shake or have overnight oatmeal.

  5. Barbara C. says:

    I do many of these things each morning! I look forward to my morning routine; it really does start the day off right! Thank you, Yvonne.

  6. All these ideas are great, if followed regularly one may achieve great decipline and positivity in life. Thanks for sharing. And I am amazed by the fact that you regularly follow this routine. Great!!!

    1. I’m far from perfect but for me this is a great morning routine to strive for.

  7. Hi Yvonne,
    In a recent post you mentioned reading a book called Gracelaced. My copy arrived today and I am wondering whether to start at the beginning entitled “winter” or if I should start with the current season of summer? Or am I being to literal? There is no recommendation from the author so I thought perhaps you could share your thoughts.

    1. Hi Margo! I hope you enjoy this beautiful book. You can really start anywhere. I might suggest starting at the season we are in. I hope you are blessed!

  8. Great blog today. I get up and make a cup of tea to take my supplements with while I read the Word and talk to God first thing. Then I make the bed, etc. If I miss that time with God, my day does not seem to go as well. So I’ve rated it as the most important thing I do to start my day.

  9. Debbie Pope says:

    Love these tips that I try and do everyday.

  10. Basically already do both the morning and nighttime routines you’ve listed, mostly. I love the way you’ve put the information in such a beautiful way. I took notes so I can “dot journal” them and so I’ll add some important ones I don’t do every night or morning… the laundry is the big one… and I never turn the tv on before hubby gets up… but seldom listen to music… I’ve decided to had some of my favorite music while I do my bible study. Thank you for the organized inspiration!

  11. Veronica Turner says:

    Yvonne – I just love you! You give such good advice and information. Reading this blog is very
    inspiring. I will definitely be doing the 30″ cleaning!


  12. Carol Thompson says:

    I love your suggestions and your blog. I am a long time follower and you’re a wonderful part of my life. You have a gift sharing your faith. I’m always inspired. Morning Music would be a delightful addition for me to my morning routine!
    My routine includes trying to get ten minutes of sunshine when I first wake up to set my circadian rhythm for the day. I’m hearing this over and over recently. I love the sunshine, on warm or cold days. It even works on a dark cloudy day.
    I also try to eat a savory breakfast. It makes all the difference in the world. This will cut the sugar cravings and subsequent unhealthy glucose spikes. Reading the book, Glucose Revolution by Jessie Inchauspe was such an eye opener for me in developing life changing habits. She gives 10 easy hacks to prevent glucose spikes that make a monumental difference in the way I feel and function. Hope these tips will be helpful for everyone!

    1. Wow, what great suggestions, Carol. I love the idea of getting out first thing in the am. I used to do that at StoneGable when I could go out in my pajamas and no one was around to see me. I just might be the crazy pajama lady on Tanglewood Drive. LOL!

  13. I don’t set an alarm but rise early on my own and go to bed earlier than I used to. By 10:00, I’m in bed.
    I like the silence of the morning. Just me, my coffee and my dog. My husband sleeps later than I. I always make my bed after he rises and before I dress for the day.
    Every morning, I pick up my iPad. I check the weather, my calendar, messages, and read a few blogs while I sip my coffee.
    I walk every morning and shower upon return. I find exercise first thing starts my day off right and then never gets put off due to getting busy.
    My laundry goes in, washed, dried, folded & hung as soon as the dryer dings.
    I tried water first thing in the morning but found having water then coffee made me have to pee while walking so I stopped the water as I need and enjoy the coffee. I drink water after my walk.
    I look forward to your What’s trending in 2024 post.
    Happy New Year everyone!

    1. Wow, you are a fabulous example! I must admit, since the fall I’ve slacked off and have reset. Ready for a bright New Year. Thanks for letting us know a morning routine can be done.

  14. Diane M Wicks says:

    Good ideas and a reminder to start this new year out right!