black rocker on a porch with a tartan throw over it and a pumpkin on the seat

This year there is a snowstorm of pumpkins on my fall front porch! This space is usually filled with saturated colors of the season but this year I found the most beautiful white and green pumpkins at the local farm stand and was inspired to create a fall front porch “white-out”!

fall front porch with white pumpkins and white mums

Every season I try to stretch my creativity and think up a different look for the front door and porch! This year the white flat Boer pumpkins at a local Amish stand nearby were just so pretty I could not resist bringing home several. Especially when they were four dollars each!

Pumpkins are grown here in Lancaster county and we don’t mind “not so perfect” pumpkins that are leftover for the locals. I think those little nicks and scars add to the story of each pumpkin! Not unlike me!

Did you know Boer pumpkins have very bright orange flesh and a delicious, distinct pumpkin taste perfect for pies! This year I’ll be cooking with one or two of them! Oh, yum!

white pot of mums on the front porch

Both sides of the porch are lined with white and green pumpkins and white mums.

This handsome green pumpkin with an orange blush is called Fairytale. Don’t you love that name? I think our resident Fairytale looks like one the Grimm’s Brother might have written about!!!

A porch rocker was pulled up closer to the front door to become part of the decor! I really love to add a chair near the front door when I’m decorating for fall. I don’t do this any other time of year. A chair, or a rocker this season, is a great place to add for a throw and perch a pumpkin!

The right side of the porch has pumpkins and mums too! I put the mums in one of my favorite square baskets! And I added the white pottery containers that I use all over my home to the mix!

Another Fairytale pumpkin rests next to the basket of mums. The green pumpkin above it is really a blue pumpkin that pretends to be green. It’s called a Kabocha. Another great pumpkin choice to use in fall recipes!

Decorating the porch at StoneGable is one of my favorite things to do!

I hope I have inspired you to try to decorate your home in a new way this fall!

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  1. Love your videos and all of your decorating tips! You have great taste!

  2. Karen VanLoo says:

    Love the colors! I’m in the middle of decorating, even though it’s still way above average in temperatures this year, it’s awful. So I’m lifting my spirits by bringing in fall decor anyway. I always love your front porch! It’s just gorgeous and inviting. Have a great day!

    1. THanks so much Karen. Here at StoneGable is is suposed to be 90 degrees! I just can’t get my mind wrapped around that! YIKES!

  3. I am in love with your neutral palette on the porch! It is refreshing! I, too, have been decorating for fall with more neutrals. It’s timeless! Happy Fall!

  4. Just about finished our outside fall decorating Made some fun pumpkin totems on top of my black urns and scattered some others around and on the steps.Going to be 93 today so I hope they don’t cook!Wreath is hung ,mums repotted and fall door mat put down. I have some white pumpkin lanterns to set out with faux candles and I’m done. Have a delightful day and try to sit in that rocker for a while and enjoy all your work.

  5. linda of no.cal. says:

    Good Morning… luv luv your white pumpkin Porch !! I want to do all the Fall decor you did in your house… LOOKS WoW !!
    AND thank you for the Fall printables. When navigating around Pinterest I can identify your posts immediately !! Over the past
    few years I have used MANY of your ideas, THANK YOU-THANK YOU !! ?linda of no.cal.

  6. Your porch is gorgeous! Mine is already finished in traditional color for this this year but I’m definitely going white next year! Thanks for the inspiration and have a blessed day!

  7. Love all the white,so pretty.

  8. JOYCE SELF says:

    How do you protect your throw, woven baskets and other decorative items from getting wet when it rains?? I would love to decorate my porch like this but the items would constantly get wet to soaking wet when we have a heavy rain. I really don’t want to have to take items off my porch every time there is a chance of rain. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Joyce, my throw is under a roof and on days when it rains I’ll bring it in.

  9. Beautiful white autumn porch!! I always love your posts and your inspiration, AND your sweet testimony for the Lord!! I often share your blog with young ladies seeking decorating help–you give the best advice and tips!

  10. So Lovely! I did not know you could bake with the green pumpkins. I thought they were just ornamental. Will have to try.

  11. I love the white look to your porch! I especially have loved those fairy tale pumpkins this year. They totally look like they are from a Grimms story! Beautiful welcoming porch!

  12. AJ Dougherty says:

    Lovely front porch!

  13. Love your soft blanket, ginger jars and textured basket and most of all the white pumpkins
    I just made your blue succulent pumpkin again ( 3 rd time ) this time I put it on top of a pumpkin tower at Kitchen Kettle Village, everyone is loving it!

  14. Your front porch is glorious. It manages to look professional and beautiful and homey at the same time.

  15. Laurie carpenter says:

    I love the serenity of your black, white & green front porch Fall décor. That color combination holds so much appeal for me this year. I particularly like the juxtaposition of the rustic lantern next to the contemporary planter. Just beautiful! Now I’m off to hunt kitchen décor ideas from your many posts!

  16. Julie Briones says:

    I love me some Stonegable porch decor! You are my hero, my friend! 😉

  17. I’ve searched high and low for a throw like the one you used on your fall front porch. It is exactly what I need!! Can you please share where you found it?

  18. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Yvonne, I always loved to see your Fall decor at Stone Gable! It was always so beautiful! Thanks for giving us another look! I know you will enjoy decorating your Tanglewood porch, too. You always do such a lovely job with your decor. Enjoy the gorgeous Fall days!

  19. Your neutral/white front porch decor is awesome! I have a storm door and unable to do the wreath! any suggestions?