CHRISTMAS TREE- What makes a Christmas tree special. Do these 5 things!

This is a sponsored post. Make sure to enter the $250.00 GIVEAWAY at the bottom of this post! Our Christmas tree is the focal point of our homes. There are as many styles and decorations as there are trees. Real or faux, most of us want our Christmas trees to be meaningful and memorable. And some of us have some pretty funny stories about the year the tree fell over or the year the cat climbed in and up and would not come out! Presents go under the tree, pictures are taken by it and we all gather ’round it on Christmas morning. Let’s talk about the six elements that will make our Christmas trees be the star it should be!

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Today I’m thrilled to be participating in…

A big thank you to Diane at An Extraordinary Day and Mary Beth at Cupcakes And Crinoline for all their hard work putting this tour together. I’m sure you will get tons of ideas for your Christmas tree!!!!

This year’s tree was a bit of a surprise to me. I originally was going to create a silver, white and green tree. But when I started to put the white balls on it I really liked it just like it was.

Here are a few things you can do to make your tree a standout!


One of the first things I do when I’m thinking of putting up a tree is to decide what colors I’ll be using on my tree. I want my tree to work with the overall color scheme I’m going to deck my home in for Christmas.

This year’s overall colors are silver, white and green. And my theme is “a walk in the snowy woods”. I used lots of trees and faux snow and pinecones to create this look.

Even if you have lots of ornaments that have special meaning to you it is okay to rotate them from year to year to work with your color scheme.

My colors…


The tree…


Whether your tree is real or faux you want to find its best side and put it front and center.

Also, if it is faux you want to take your time and “fluff” it! Straighten out all the branches and separate them from one another. Make your tree look full! Every branch of a faux tree should be worked on. I know this takes time but your tree will look amazing!


When adding lights to a non-lit tree make sure to weave the lights from the inside to the outside of a tree. Taking the time to do this will make the biggest difference! You should think about having about 150 lights per linear foot of a tree. If you have a seven foot tree you should think about adding one thousand fifty lights.

Yes, that is a lot of lights but so so worth it.


The next important thing to do after the tree is lit is to add “filler”.

This year I fake flocked my tree. I love the look of snowy branches and I’ve been collecting lots of sprays of faux evergreen covered with flocking, glitter and white berries. I even found a garland that had white pom poms and white looking plastic fishing line that looks like fireworks. I cut the garland apart to put little bits in the tree.

Filler does just what the word says, it make a tree look full and interesting.

I usually use some sort of branches to stick out from the tree as a filler too. Just slide the branches into the tree and let them rest on the branches.

Lots of flocked sticks and twigs in my tree!

One extra step I took was to add pinecone lights from Jackson And Perkins. They are so so pretty. Just look how they light up! 

I put 5 strings of pinecone light on this year’s tree.

The front side of the pinecone is clear and the back of each pinecone is silver. They really added an extra sparkle to my tree and everyone who has come to visit has commented on them!



The next thing to do to make a tree special is to add lots of Christmas ornament. It takes many more ornaments than we really realize. A tree should look laden down with ornaments. Vary size and color and make sure the ornaments are evenly distributed!

Don’t just add balls to the outward branches of a tree but hang solid color Christmas balls deep inside the tree. This gives a tree great depth.

I made the snowball ornaments above several years ago. They were so easy to make and cost very little! A win/win! I took clear glass Christmas balls, painted them with Mod Podge and rolled them in Epson salts. So easy!

Another way to dress up a Christmas tree after all the Christmas ornaments are added is to add garland, ribbon, etc. Drape it horizontally or vertically! Both can look beautiful.

For this year’s tree, I went without the extra embellishing. It looked finished to me!


When we get to this point our tree is almost done! Now is the time to decide what to top off a tree with. A star, ribbon, angel, top hat or spray of filler? Or like I did this year, let its natural beauty shine! This tree looked done with just a little bit of filler at its peak!

And look at the “feet” of a tree. Make sure to cover the stand. Use a tree skirt, a swath of great material, a tablecloth or any pretty soft material. Burlap looks fabulous too!

This year I chose to add two Mongolian sheepskins around the base of my tree. They add a very soft, cloudlike look to the bottom of the tree!

There you go, six elements to make a Christmas tree extra special. What do you do to make your tree fabulous?

Make sure you stop by and see all these amazing Christma trees!

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The kind folks at Jackson And Perkins are giving away a Jackson and Perkins Gift Card for $250.00 to one lucky winner.

To enter go to JACKSON AND PERKINS and look around at their gorgeous holiday offerings. Then come back and tell me what you would love to have in your home by leaving a comment below!!!!! Your comment is your entry!

You might want to get a few strings of my pinecone lights with part of your winnings.

Good luck!

You can comment until Dec 17th. Winner will be announced on our podcast Decorating Tips And Tricks.


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A big thank you to my wonderful sponsor Jackson and Perkins.

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  1. Linda James says:

    I love the idea of adding flicked detail to the tree. That one thing makes the tree itself look flicked! That is one beautiful tree. I love how it just glows. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us.

  2. Love the idea of adding flocked branches. The Jackson Perkins pine cones are fabulous!

  3. Susie @ChelseaProject says:

    Love your ideas and tips for creating a fabulous tree. Yours is beautful this year. Love the white and the tip for making the epsom salt ornaments. Merry Christmas fron Susie at The Chelsea Project

  4. Oh my! You do have a fabulous Christmas tree! It is beautiful!! I love the pine cone lights! Thank you for sharing your plan of attack!!

  5. Wow, your tree is beautiful. I love the home made ornaments and the pinecone lights. It must take you a while to put up your tree, but is well worth it.

    1. Phyl, I put on Christmas music and enjoy the process. I don’t do it all in one day. I spend an hour here and an hour there.I really don’t rush it.

  6. Bonnie Trott says:

    Thanks for the decorating tips. You’re tree is beautiful. I wasn’t going to put up a tree this year, but now I’ve changed my tune. I’m doing it.

  7. Thank you for the great tips on styling a Christmas tree. I need to work on the fluffing of my tree and I also need to get some fillers. Your tree is beautiful!!!

  8. Theresa at Winterberry Lane says:

    I love your tips today for a beautifully decorated tree. When I decorated my friends trees this year I adding berry pics , faux pine branches, and crystal branches giving the trees that added icing on the trees. A friend showed me an idea the other day.Take a faux pine branch,hot glue different size balls on the branch then place the branch into the tree. That way you don’t have to hang individual balls on the tree. I’m like you Yvonne I’m always looking for ideas. Have a great day???

    1. Keep those amazing tips coming Theresa!!!! I love this tip. Gotta try it. Thanks so much!

  9. Ginger Valdes says:

    Your tree is absolutely stunning!

  10. Your tree is very showy with the snow covered branches! I, also, love the pine cone lights from Jackson and Perkins. Lights and reflective ornaments can make a tree look quite spectacular.

  11. Katherine says:

    In all my years of Christmas Tree decorating, I never thought about a “filler” — what a great idea! … and those Pinecone light — so lovely

  12. Oh Yvonnne it looks beautiful! I finally got my tree up yesterday. I’m still adding some filler but I’m happy with it! Thanks for giving us these tips. They will definitely be helpful next year!

  13. Your tree is beautiful. I love the flocked branches and the pinecones lights.

  14. Beautiful tree, I like the branches, flocking and pinecone lights.The tree goes perfectly in your room.
    I chose to go neutral this year with ornaments and linen and champagne ribbon also downsizing from a 9′ tree to a 7′ tree.It does take many hours to fluff and decorate,but you will love the end result.Thanks for the tree tips.

    1. Sounds beautiful, Doreen. I love that you share what you are doing to inspire us. Thanks!

  15. Norma Rolader says:

    Beautiful tree! I love the way it reflects the rest of your home and those pinecone lights are wonderful Thank you for sharing with us

  16. Wendy Howell says:

    Your tree is beautiful, and thanks for the great tips for decorating it!!

  17. My husband and I could really use the eucalyptus storage bin for our outdoor patio. It is really beautiful. I was happy for find such a great website! Thanks, Jan

  18. Cindy Sweeney says:

    I had no idea they had such a variety of things from plants (love the paper whites and gardenias ☺️) to all sorts of decorative items!! Beautiful just like your tastes☺️ and your tree! Merry Christmas☺️

  19. Tina Sipe says:

    I love the JP amaryllis! Any color will do!!

  20. Debra Brower says:

    Most definitely the Pinecine lights for my woodland themed tree. They would be beautiful! I got my paperwhites for the holidays but the amaryllis would be a great addition. I especially love the three waxed red amaryllis with the oblong copper tray. Georgeous! (I’ve never seen waxed amaryllis!)

  21. Your tree is lovely!! So wintery and glittery. Thanks for the chance to win.

  22. I found several plants I want. At Christmas time I love Amaryllis in my home also makes a great gift. Reindeer Games Holly is also one of my favorites. Then I also found Meyer Lemon tree and Violet de Bordeaux Fig. I am moving soon to 84096 which I believe is Zone 7.

  23. Jill Miglin says:

    Hi Yvonne,
    Your tree looks lovely and natural. Visited Jackson and Perkins and have decided, that if I were lucky enough to win their $250 gift card, I would choose some of the lanterns they have in order to help decorate our front porch for the holidays. Thanks for the chance to win.

  24. Your tree is lovely! I would love the pine cone lights!

  25. betty campbell says:

    the mixed fruit box

  26. kathy olson says:

    Merry and Bright amaryllis!! Thank you:)

  27. Just absolutely Beautiful!!

  28. Just beautiful, wish I,had such lovely decor.

  29. Elke Wheeler says:

    Oh, the Coral Charm Peonies! (I lost 3 plants this year with our wacky weather in Sacramento).

  30. I absolutely love the crystal cone light garland. So beautiful!

  31. faslo@aol.com says:

    I really liked the urban succulent garden!

  32. What a wonderful giveaway! I really love the Raleigh Tavern Lantern. Thank you so much!

  33. Ummm everything, but let’s start wonderland evergreen basket. Your tree and home are stunning as always

  34. Barbara Tovar says:

    The Noble Fir Wreath would look amazing on my front door!

  35. Grammi Sharon says:

    I really enjoy lanterns and those paper whites would be lovely to sit around.

  36. I would love the Birdseed Chalet. Useful in the Winter and so cute!

  37. Jackie Walls says:

    Hi Yvonne,
    I love your tree, especially your handmade ornaments painted with Modge Podge and dipped in Epsom salt. If I would be so lucky to win, I would order the paperwhite bulbs and bring the outside in with other fresh wreaths and greenery. I’ve been following you for a few years and always appreciate how easy you make everything look. Happy Holidays! Thank you for the drawing opportunity. 🙂

    1. Jackie Walls says:

      Sorry for the typo in my reply . . . Mod Podge, not Modge Podge. I’m cracking up. LOL

      1. lol, Jackie! I sometimes say that too. And I thought that I was the only one!

  38. The Christmas Magic Stars would be beautiful hanging in my entryway. Or possibly outside the front door as well :).
    I love the snowy tree at your house this year! It’s magical!

  39. Oh your tree is just so lovely! Thank you for all the wonderful tips. This year our Christmas decorating is pretty much non-existent as we’re starting over from scratch. I’ve been so focused on making my home cozy that I hadn’t even budgeted for holiday decorations. I checked out the site and see they’ve sold out of the lovely pinecone lights, but I would say that I’d definitely grab as many items for decorating my dining table as I can find. I just love the Raleigh Tavern Lantern, it would be what I add to my cart first! Then choose other things to go in and around it. I’m focusing on my dining room first, since that’s where our front door is. Thanks, again, for all the great tips and for the chance to win!

  40. The merry and brigt paperwhites are beautiful.

  41. phyllis e henry says:

    I visit this site often and would love to have some of the lanterns they have listed. So many beautiful choices!

  42. OK next year I’m going to rethink and change ul tree decor, thanks for the ideas!!!

  43. Love your tree! I would love any of the red amaryllis plants on the site. I would also love the pine cone lights although I did not see them on the site. Maybe they sold out.

  44. Beautiful tree you have!I love the pine cone lights, but I see they are sold out. I would also like the buffalo check throw.

  45. Well, my list is long but #1 is the Sweet Radko Christmas Tree.


  46. So many beautiful choices. I love the wood log lantern and the buffalo check throw. Light the lanterns and snuggle up in the stylish throw. Merry Christmas to everyone!

  47. Gayle Kesinger says:

    I love the amaryllis bulbs. They take a while to bloom but the wait is worth it.

  48. Kathy Gilman says:

    All of the Amarillys are just gorgeous. Any one of them would be a treat to have in your home this holdiday season.

    God BLess

  49. Lauren Miller says:

    Your tree is absolutely gorgeous!!! It’s so hard to choose! I love live plants, although I am not very good at picking them out, so any of the live plants I would love to add to my home:)

  50. Deb Wostmann says:

    I love your elegant tree. If the pinecone lights weren’t sold out I would definitely be ordering some of those.

  51. Beachpea3 says:

    Love the Radko Christmas tree at Jackson and Perkins; however, your trees and holiday decor are beyond imagination- absolutely beautiful

  52. What a lovely tree! The “fluffing” really stands out and makes the tree so beautiful. There are so many things I could buy from Jackson and Perkins but I really love the pine cone lights and also a water fountain that I could use for my court yard. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  53. Your tree and entire house is beautiful!!! I just ordered a new faux Christmas Tree and need everything for it and I love those pine cone lights?. Maybe you could just decorate it for me! LOL!!!

  54. Cindy Lucarotti says:

    Festive flurry amaryllis gift! I LOVE WHITE at CHRISTMAS . Your home is stunning.

  55. Katie fisher says:

    BEAUTIFUL as always you are an inspiration!

  56. Just the right amount of everything!

  57. Vicki Brawley says:

    There were so many lovely things. I loved the birdseed ornaments, wreaths and houses. Thetabletop trees were divine!

  58. Hands down the Merry and Bright Paperwhites to keep the spirit of the holidays going through the new year!

  59. carol clark says:

    Golden Glow Grand Diva® Amaryllis Gift
    Beautiful Christmas Color & Glow! its so pretty i love it

  60. I would love to have a variety of colors of amaryllis gifts and the pumpkin luminaries are beautiful!

  61. I would LOVE the Deluxe Potting Bench!

  62. Sherry scherbarth says:

    I love the paperwhites and the log latern

  63. I’m LOVING the Raleigh Tavern Lantern!

  64. Glenda Castro says:

    I love my please close the gate sign but those faucets would really compliment the garden gate sign.

  65. GORGEOUS! 🙂 Love it! Thanks for the tips and have a Merry CHRISTmas! 🙂

  66. Beverly Franklin says:

    I visited the Jackson and Perkins website and was so impressed! I absolutley love the Cunninghamia Cypress Potting Bench. Wouldn’t it make a beautiful hot cocoa bar for the holiday season? LOVE!!! Thank you for the wonderful tips for decorating our trees! Best holiday tips ever. Thanks for offering such a nice giveaway.

  67. Love all the amaryllis, beautiful anytime of year.

  68. Love the pumpkin luminaries from Jackson Perkins. And the Whimsical LED luminaries too!

  69. melissa owens says:

    I like all the silk arrangements. They look so real. Flowers always make me smile!

  70. The Lavender wreath is lovely.

  71. I LOVE the Pine Cone lights on your tree, but the Urban Oasis on the Jackson and Perkins site is calling my name!

  72. I love their amaryllis. The color is gorgeous, you don’t have to be a gardener to grown one and they last about two months!

  73. Jill Williams says:

    We just built a new home and have lots of landscaping to do on rocky soil. Your sponsor just reminded me to order seed catalogs. I was particularly interested in the perenial tool set that I saw on the Jackson and Perkins website along with the cute little bird fountain.

    Loved your white Christmas ornaments.


    1. Jill, congratulation on your new home. I pray that you will have a very special and blessed first Christmas there.

  74. What a lovely, winter Christmas tree you have created. Absolutely stunning! I am doing my tree this afternoon so your tree trimming tips are perfect timing. I love the Amaryllis bulbs, and Merry Paper Whites. A great look to have when decorating in beautiful winter whites!

  75. Merry Christmas Yvonne! I Love your beautiful Christmas Tree! Thank you for all the wonderful decorating tips. I would love the Jackson & Perkins Merry & Bright Paperwhites!

  76. Jon Anne Winstead says:

    I couldn’t fine the pine cone lights! ??. But I also liked the Woodard deer Christmas tree! Thank you for the chance of winning! Merry Christmas!

  77. Yvonne.. you never cease to amaze me in your amazing home beautification. Christmas and the rest of the year. Love your blog!

  78. Julie Briones says:

    Thanks for all the tips on the Christmas tree decor!

    Love the Silver Snowflake throw at Jackson and Perkins. Your pine cone lights are sold out. Womp, womp.

  79. I love the festive tree – very classic and it creates an area of joy and peace!

  80. love the cyclamen and the beautiful container the very best.

  81. Lisa Stokes says:

    I love the Merry and Bright Paper Whites. I love their fragrance so much. I sure I hope I win 🙂 Love your blog by the way. I have cooked many of your recipes and just brought to a party last weekend the Christmas Tree Cheese Block. It was a major hit. Thanks .

  82. barbara t whitaker says:

    LOVE your blog; and the podcast; and the other blogs! Been a stalker for years. Love to have the Home for Christmas Noble Fir Wreath.

  83. I would love to have real amaryllis and/or hydrangea plants. They add so much life to the winter room.

  84. Golden Glow Grand Diva® Amaryllis Gift or one of the chocolate gifts would be perfect.

  85. Beautiful pictures as usual. So much inspiration in you blog.

  86. Lisa lantzsch says:

    I love your blog and recommend it all the time. I love your style. And I LOVE your devotions on Sunday. Much needed in this time we live in.
    I also would LOVE some of the pine one lights and would love to win this gift card!!!! Merry Christmas!!!

  87. mary loughlin says:

    You used everything I love on this tree!! I can’t do a tree this year, so thanks for sharing yours. I’m gonna revisit this post during the season when I need a little holiday ‘boost’!

  88. Everything is so lovely at Jackson & Perkins! Christmas cactuses and paper whites? bring back memories of Christmases past. I can see why you love them, the crystal pinecones are especially beautiful on your tree. Thanks for sharing this with us, and for the chance to win. Merry Christmas

  89. Susan Smith says:

    I love the Urban Succulent box.Thank you.Good luck everyone.

  90. Love those skins under the tree – how unique! Jackson and Perkins really have an extraordinary selection of things. I think my favorite at present is the Winter Woods Wreath. It’s simple yet so beautiful.

  91. I absolutely love the Jackson and Perkins glass and silver pinecone lights!! Beautiful!

  92. Monica Hardy says:

    I would like either the Perennial Gardner Tool Set 0r the Candy Cane Cactus!

  93. Beth Pozzini Putz says:

    Yvonne, your color scheme this year is luscious! I am loving your white embellished tree. I would love to have a theme tree at some point in time, but for now, I must decorate our “big” tree with all of the ornaments we’ve collected over the years (each one is special), things the kids have made (I actually have a separate free for all of their precious treasures that I did not put up this year), and each tree that go in the bedrooms are too small to really make an amazing fluffy awesome theme tree! Your energy inspires me daily…I must thank you for that. Since I have been a stay at home mom, I am more disorganized than ever. I left a very busy professional life, and for 8 years since my youngest came along, I am a terrible slacker. So THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, for making me feel like home-making is as important a job as any for those employed outside the home, and for giving me a much needed sense of purpose. Wishing you beautiful Advent preparation for the Christ Child to come!


  94. I would love the little Christmas trees, wreaths, paperwhites, amaryllis, all of it!!

  95. I love the bubble lights!! So beautiful and different.

  96. Love your holiday decorating look forward to see what you do each year. I will be making some of the ornaments with the Epson salt. And the minute I saw the pine cone lights I ordered them. They will look wonderful for me every year. I can think of more ways to use them right now other than the tree. Love finding new and different decorating tips and items. Thanks

  97. Johanna Luna says:

    I would love the throw blankets…. both the reindeer and the snowflake throws. There is nothing like curling up on the sofa, in front of the fireplace with a cuddly throw and watching Christmas movies or just the snow falling out the window!!

  98. I would love to have the Holiday Fruit gift box. Thinkbig practically here. It would be easy to share and make other goodies from. That being said, I would take anything. Everything is do lovely.

  99. Love the elegance of your tree. Great suggestions. Have saved the email for future reference.

  100. Any of the beautiful plants.

  101. Mary Beth Johnson says:

    Your tree is lovely! I seem to kill any plant that comes in my house so I opted for the Salted Caramel Blondie Mix.

  102. I love this blog and Jackson & Perkins. Anything green is on my Wish List: succulents, amaryllis, bulb gardens. (Sigh)

  103. Lorri Rauscher says:

    I love your DIY snowballs…thinking I just might make some for my snowman tree. I would LOVE to win.the Snowman cheese board ..the woodland lanterns are lovely as well . Thank you and have a lvely holiday with family and friends.

  104. Your posts are so inspiring!
    Love the posts …. looking forward to more tips and tricks.
    Merry Christmas!

  105. Laura McEwen says:

    I would treat my home to the paper white narcissi to welcome in the New Year!

  106. Debby Frailey says:

    Yvonne – I would shop for new planters for the patio area if I were to win the drawing!

    I also have a white tree! I listen to your podcast and when friends comment on something in my home I say – “Yvonne gave me this idea!”. Thank you!

    1. So sweet Debby! It’s our goal to “inspire you to create a beautiful home”!

  107. I would love the rustic lantern for my home! It would really compliment my Christmas decor ! ❤️

  108. Debby Frailey says:

    Yvonne – I would shop for new planters for the patio area if I were to win the drawing!

    I also have a white tree! I listen to your podcast and when friends comment on something in my home I say – “Yvonne gave me this idea!”. Thank you!

  109. Sandra Barnhart says:

    The craftsman glass hanging lanterns are beautiful. Your pinecones lights on your tree are sweet as always you have the best ideas.

  110. You’re tree is so beautiful! You are so talented! If I could choose just one item at Jackson and Perkins it would be the solar powered lantern. I live in sunny Florida so it would be perfect to light up my sidewalk near my driveway when I get out of my car. And maybe that cute bird seed feeder to hang in the tree too since all the birds fly south to my yard for winter!

  111. I would love that portable grill!

  112. Many of the items that I liked have been sold out . . . thanks for sharing their website.

  113. Linda Wright says:

    I would love 2 big lanterns -especially red – to put by the front door! We have a new white house with black shutters and a black front door. Made a cranberry and pine wreath with a black & white buffalo check and red bow. Thanks, Yvonne, for being our role model for home decor!

  114. Loved touring the Jackson & Perkins sight…. so many beautiful things!!! Loved the Blue Muscari Bulbs and the Bell Jar Terrariums!!!

  115. Julie Waddle says:

    Reindeer knit throw

  116. Amaryllis is Spectacular – No care involved and is a delight to watch develop to full bloom !! Jackson and Perkins carries only premier plants you can trust will grow

  117. I really like the Holly Jolly Evergreen tabletop centerpiece!

  118. Love your blog and tips. Wish I had a flocked tree. Yours is gorgeous!!!

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    Love your tree, so beautiful. And it really fits your theme. I’d love to purchase the Home for Christmas Noble Fir Wreath. Lovely.

  120. Charlotte White says:

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  123. Sharon Sova says:

    Very cool things.
    I love the Merry Memories tree

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  126. Cheryl Brown says:

    Your tree is beautiful! I would choose the holiday hydrangea. Hydrangeas are my favorite:) Merry Christmas!

  127. Jane Moore says:

    An amaryllis would be my choice!

  128. Karen Questel says:

    What a wonderful GIVEAWAY!!! Some added “living” items would be so nice. The Holly Evergreen Tabletop is so practical because I could decorate/use it after the holidays; I love paperwhites, so the Paperwhite Bulb Garden would be so sweet; and also any of the Amaryllis bulbs… there’s just so much to choose from so I’ll stop there. Merry Christmas!

  129. Thank you for the holiday inspiration – I love your silver, white & green Christmas Tree — fresh, modern and dreamy! Every year I do multiple trees, but my one constant is a Country Tree in our sunroom — I cover it in handmade ornaments and many Americana touches in patriotic red, white & blue. I love the cozy red and black Buffalo Check Throw — it would be the perfect finishing touch. Merry Christmas to all!

  130. Bernadette says:

    I love all the natural elements. Beautiful Christmas flowers, branches and pine cones…

  131. Thank you for the opportunity, Yvonne! A pair of Woodland Log Lanterns would be festive for the holidays right into the winter season.

  132. Thanks for the tips on how to decorate a Christmas tree! Great ideas.

  133. I love the Pastoral Landscape Terrarium from Jacksons and Perkins.. It is so simple and natural looking and I do like terrariums very much.

  134. Lisa Donofrio says:

    Hi. This is my first time posting. I loved the pine cone lights! As much as I love all of your decorating tips and styles and enjoy getting all of your emails, I most enjoy your Bible studies! I just read the most recent to my husband ?. God bless you!

    1. Thank you so much Lisa. It’s such a calling for me. And please comment more! I love to hear from you!

  135. I love the pine cone lights,l look forward to seeing your beautiful photos of your home.Thanks for sharing.

  136. I love the Holly Jolly tabletop evergreens on Jackson and Perkins! Once Christmas is over, the tabletop metal display can still be used the rest of the year! Merry Christmas!

  137. What a great idea of using faux flocked tree branches. Definitely going to do that. That way I am not committed to a flocked tree every year. Your tree is beautiful! Are the flocked tree twigs all faux? Thought I could spray my own from twigs outdoors. The sponsor sight has lovely things. I like the vintage evergreen centerpiece. Thought I could change it out for each season .
    Merry Christmas!

  138. Clare Godleski says:

    Wow, all of their things are so beautiful! I love flowers and thought it would always be so fabulous to get flowers every month! I would LOVE to have the 6 month bulb club if I won! Then each month I would be looking forward to fresh beautiful flowers, even in the cooler months! How great is that?

  139. I would like to have the Nativity Scene but all of their Christmas things are lovely!

  140. Clare Godleski says:

    Wow, all of their things are so beautiful! I love flowers and thought it would always be so fabulous to get flowers every month! I would LOVE to have the 6 month bulb club if I won! Then each month I would be looking forward to fresh beautiful flowers, even in the cooler months! How great that would be!

  141. Judy Lincicum says:

    The Ultimate Golden amaryllis bulbs looked absolutely gorgeous to me. Tried picking out the Pinecone light strands but they’re sold out. They are right, they would be beautiful year around. Maybe they will get more in. Those would be my first two choices. Then I would spend the rest on a beautiful array of flowering plants to refresh my garden. Thank you, Yvonne and Jackson and Perkins, for the chance of winning this generous give-away. Merry Christmas!

  142. Rebecca Fancher says:

    There is so much to love from Jacksons and Perkins! I cannot believe it but I want to add to my pumpkin collection with the pumpkin luminaries!

  143. I went to Jackson Perkins to find the pinecone lights – all sold out ! 🙁 Next time! Anyway, the lanterns that are so popular would look so inviting on my southern front porch! That’s what I need to do – plan to make the front porch as nice as the interior of my home!
    {BTW – thanks ever so much for listing where I could find the tableware in your white setting. I now have the Bee forks, knives, spoons, etc!!! Love them!}

  144. To be honest, I never looked at Jackson & Perkins! The bulbs are gorgeous. I especially like the paperwhite bulbs. They look very elegant!

  145. I’d love to win!!! Love your blog!!!

  146. Rhonda Boyum says:

    Thank you for the chance to win a Jackson and Perkins gift card! Would love to have a few of the solar hanging lanterns.
    Merry Christmas!!

  147. I love everything I see on their website, but right now am particularly into the various unique lanterns they have. Your tree is gorgeous!

  148. Purity in creation. Every llight is hope in a world full of conflic. Hope, faith and love displayed in a new year of uncertainties. Beautiful decorated tree.

  149. I love the woodland log lanterns! That would be my choice if I would win the drawing! Thank you!

  150. I would love strands of the pine cone lights!

  151. Linda White says:

    I love the little rustic bird fountain!!

  152. I love the pinecone lights in a Christmas tree. Great idea!

  153. Ronald Gagnon says:

    I would love the Merry Memories Deluxe Christmas Tree

  154. I would love to have the candy cane cactus! I also would like to have the woodland log lanterns.

  155. Winter Wonderland Bulb Garden is beautiful!

  156. I want one of everything! Such a wonderful selection!!!

  157. Mimi Eden says:

    I would love the pinecone strand! The wooden rustic lantern would look wonderful in my porch!

  158. Sandra Miller says:

    I liked the fragrant lavender and the rose gloves .

  159. I would love some pine cone lights.

  160. Love the pastoral terrarium.

  161. Darlene Underwood says:

    Oh, those gorgeous Amaryllis!!! They would look lovely in my breakfast area. Jackson Perkins always has the most wonderful and freshest Christmas florals.

  162. That white tree is a beauty. Pinecones have always held a special meaning for me and I’ll be taking a second look at those lovely pinecone lights.
    Merry Christmas and thanks for all your beautiful posts throughout the year.

  163. gretchen roberson says:

    There were many things I loved from Jackson Perkins..the woodland deer lights were lovely! I look forward to your posts daily and love your decor…thanks for all the lovely pictures..you always make my day ! Merry Christmas! You are my inspiration!

  164. I checked out Jackson and Perkins and found lovely items. I loved their orchids, amaryllis and solar powered lanterns with the shepherds’ hook…I could go on and on and on…

  165. Cathy Henry says:

    I love many things, but I would love to have the pine cone lights. Merry Christmas to all!

  166. Glenda Bowman says:

    Love Love Love the pine cone lights, I always look forward to seeing new items and decor in your home. Have heard for years how Jackson and Perkins have beautiful flowers, I love the Amaryillis. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  167. I adore J&P’s rustic lantern. Think of the possibilities…..all year long!

  168. Love your blog and podcast. I listen while I walk. Love to win any of the amaryllis to add a pop of color to my bedroom for winter

  169. I wanted to ask if you have changed the camera exposure or the intensity in the brightness values when you are taking photos or setting them up for posting as they seem to have changed recently.

    1. No, nothing different. Sometimes shooting white is very difficult and this Christmas has lots of white.

  170. Maree Sperle says:

    So many beautiful pieces. Love the Pastoral Landscape Terrarium for my sideboard.

    Fabulous giveaway! many thanks.

  171. Your white tree is beautiful! I love the flocked look and the pinecone lights are so pretty! You have the gift of bringing it all together with the small touches of glam and beauty!

  172. Love your blog…I would take any WHITE amaryllis, poinsettia, or cyclamen …I have used Jackson/Perkins for years (my e-mail !) how about a white rose bush for next Spring????

  173. Phyllis Ciampi says:

    I love grand Amaryllis bulbs and Rustic Evergeen Lantern.

  174. Michele Blocker says:

    Wow, I had never visited the Jackson and Perkins website. Thank you so much for introducing me, the possibilities are endless and just a click away! The Paperwhites are my favorite! Timeless beauty!

  175. Love your blog. Your decorating ideas are amazing. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the giveaway. I loved the Craftsman Hanging lanterns on the website. Merry Christmas.

  176. Susan Munch says:

    Those pine cone lights are beautiful! I wish they were still in stock. Your tree is stunning.

  177. Susan Munch says:

    Those pine cone lights are beautiful! I wish they were still in stock.

  178. There are so many beautiful things. I do love the pinecone lights. They are so bright and festive. Merry Christmas!!

  179. Amaryllis and Paperwhites! Oh,my! I love them all. But my heart skipped over the Blue Christmas Muscari. I would be happy with anything from Jackson and Perkins!

  180. Gorgeous pine cone lights!!!

  181. Winter wonderland amaryllis…the pink and white ones… I keep looking back at the website and then can’t remember the exact name…68…that’s my excuse! Merry Christmas!

  182. Joan Friesen says:

    Love the rustic evergreen lantern!

  183. Florence Mynar says:

    Yvonne, you always have the best advice. I, too, just love the pine cone lights. Hopefully they will be available next year.

  184. Sharon Knerr says:

    I absolutely LOVE the pine cone lights. Sadly, they are sold out. But I’ve put a note on my calendar to keep checking; hoping they come back in stock before next Christmas! We run larger lights inside our tree, and then smaller lights throughout the outside of the branches. It does make a real difference. 😉

  185. Oh my goodness I Love this website , I don’t think it is possible to choose 1or 2 items! Love the Wreaths and Garland, the seasons greeting Bulb garden and just about everything!

  186. I love all the different types of roses they sell!

  187. I just finished listening to your latest podcast and I have to say you ladies are amazing and so much fun that you should consider doing a video series. You work so well together and I’d love to see you showing us items you use to decorate or the colors you described. Give it a thought!

    1. Thanks for being a listener, Diane!!! We LOVE what we do and we love all of you too! Video sounds great to me!

  188. I love the wreaths and garlands, just beautiful!

  189. I would love, love and use, use (!!) the
    Wooden Patio Cooler

    BTW (winning a drawing aside! LOL)- Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year Yvonne! Thank you for a beautiful year full of amazing ideas and inspiration…and scriptures and encouragement in the Lord!!

  190. I LOVE the silver snowflake throw – among many other things!

  191. Donna Heinen says:

    From the Jackson and Perkins collection which happens to be right in my backyard in Medford Oregon, I live in Grants Pass I especially liked the little twnikle lights, pine cone lights and the paper whites.

  192. Thank you for the wonderful tips for decorating a Christmas tree. I love the paper whites and wreaths at J P!

  193. Rosanne Hodgens says:

    I would love multiple containers of blooming narcissis from Jackson and Perkins

  194. Wow, there are so many beautiful things. I love flowers, the Festive Flurry Amaryllis, the paperwhites and a Christmas swag would be at the top of my list. There are many more beautiful items it would be hard to narrow it down.

  195. Jenna Deason says:

    I’d definitely get some of the pine cone lights (hopefully they bring them back since they are sold out), but I’d also love the throws they have. I’d also enjoy the bird seed wreath and ornaments so I can decorate an outdoor tree just for the birds! Thanks for another great giveaway!

  196. Barbara Kasprzynski says:

    Beautiful things! I like the Cardinal Birdseed Wreath!

  197. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your tips Yvonne.

    Have a blessed holiday season

  198. Your Christmas presentation is so beautiful….love your website…

  199. I love their Lutyens Bench – such a classic. In black it would look amazing in my entryway. Love, love, love DTT!

  200. Loved the Jqcksonand Perkins website the beautiful live plants would look beautiful in anyone’s home, thanks for sharing

  201. Vee Muller says:

    Any of the amaryllis plants would look beautiful in my home. I also love the pine cone lights!

  202. Loved the Jackson and Perkins website the beautiful live plants would look beautiful in anyone’s home, thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas

  203. Love, love, love the pinecones lights. Gorgeous!!

  204. Lise Harrison says:

    The log lanterns I have seen in some of your posts (although they appeared more flocked) are my favorite!

  205. Diana Heist says:

    Love the Woodland Log Lantern!

  206. So many fun things from Jackson and Perkins. Its hard to choose. I really love the Buffalo Check Throw. Thank you so much for all the great tips and the

  207. Thank you Yvonne. Your tree is beautiful. Love the filler idea and the Pom Pom ornament. Wish I could follow you around for a week. Your ideas are so creative!

  208. Hi Yvonne, I would love the crystal pine cone garland if J & P received more. One of my trees is decorated in all crystal ornaments so the garland would add a lovely touch! I also love the throws, the Snowman cutting board and the Blue Muscaris Bulbs! Plenty of pretty things from which to choose. Happy Holidays! Lisa

  209. Suzanne Pope says:

    Love the deep red color of the velvety Amaryllis blooms. Beautiful!

  210. The bubble lights on silver sires are so pretty, and would look gorgeous in my tree! My fur babies are pretty well behaved, and leave my Xmas decorations alone! Everything is just so pretty!

  211. Robin carlton says:

    I would definitely like to buy the pine one lights and the peach tree and one of the many beautiful wreaths! Lovely things for sale here!

  212. Claudia Ogburn says:

    The red amaryllis on the Jackson and Perkins website is absolutely spectacular!

  213. Yvonne
    Your tree is beautiful. A winter wonderland.
    At Jackson and Perkins love the Merry Memories Garland and the Pumpkin Luminaries
    Thanks for the offer

  214. So many lovely things at Jackson &Perkins. I think my favorite is the Radko Christmas tree. Very pretty.

  215. I look forward to your post each day -it’s like having coffee with a girlfriend ! I knew immediately what I would purchase from Jackson & Perkins …ROSES . I would get Miss Behavin and Walking on Sunshine and start a new rose garden !

  216. Your tree is so lovely! I look forward to doing themes in the future. Haven’t really yet.

  217. Martha Jackson says:

    Hi , I love the holiday lantern !!!

  218. Karen Cadden says:

    What a wonderful collection of plants to add a personal touch during the holidays. I would enjoy having the Gardenia plant in my home. And hopefully I could keep it alive all year long! The beautiful fragrance reminds me of my Nana’s garden in Florida.

  219. Your Christmas tree is beautiful!I love the Home for Christmas tree from Jackson and Perkins!

  220. Cathy Ingram says:

    Love the white gardenias! They create such beauty of fragrance in the winter. January would be great to start the new year with a touch of soft white and warm wishes for the garden that will come!

  221. LOVE the pine cone lights!

  222. Rebecca Neustel says:

    I was listening to the podcast today and had to laugh. Anytime my husband and I moved into a house with white walls we both have hated it! My favorite wall color we used was a light-medium taupe from Sherwin Williams. I wish I could remember the name of it, because that color was gorgeous with all my artwork and furniture. Your house really looks beautiful decorated for Christmas!

  223. Red Peperomia in pattern pots So many lovelies to choose from

  224. I love the Snowman cutting board & spreader on Jackson & Perkins site! So cute!

  225. Cynthia Miller says:

    Love you winter wonderland look. I also love the idea about Epsom salt and the mod log to roll them in. It sounds like a great craft to help my grand children with when they come to visit.

  226. I visited the J&P website. The orchids and Red Lion amaryllises are beautiful and are number one on my list!!

  227. Love the home for Christmas tree! And the lights of course!!

  228. I love so many items, but the one that jumped out to me is the Raleigh Tavern Lantern. I also love the Red Reindeer Throw. Using a red candle and greenery, the lantern would look so nice on my mantel and the throw on my sofa would had a punch to the red highlights in the room along with keeping me warm. I do enjoy your posts, just recently joined and look forward to the email daily. Thank you—

  229. Love the clear white pine one ornaments!

  230. I would love to have the Snow Kissed Orchid and the Charming Christmas Bulb Garden!

  231. I would love lots ofwhite narcissus blooming all over my house, I also use the same color scheme in my house!

  232. Everything was beautiful on the Perkins & Jackson site! Thank you for introducing me to them, but hard to pick one thing! The pine one lights are a favorite, but they are sold out. Will be sure to check them out early for next year.

  233. Beth Pozzini Putz says:

    I love it all!

  234. Oh my goodness, so many beautiful things. I would for sure choose a table top tree and then choose from the lighting available.

  235. Shirley Graham says:

    I visited J&JP website. Love the Christmas flowers – they look so bright and pretty! All the lights and bright colors make the home.

  236. I love the lanterns that look like logs. They would look fabulous on my patio or even in my dining room. Thanks for sharing this website. I receive catalogs from them but never checked out my their website. New favorite.

  237. mattsgramma says:

    Your right Yvonne!!! I do want to use that J & P gift card to purchase some of those beautiful pinecone lights. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway.

  238. Ruth Pirtle says:

    I love the vintage caddy evergreen centerpiece

  239. Tropical Paradise Terrarium Kit!!
    So many amazing items! Thanks

  240. Deb McNelly says:

    I learned so many great tree decorating ideas that I never knew of before. Can’t wait to try them when we put our tree up. I love the idea of putting branches that are sprayed with faux snow into the tree branches. The pinecone ornaments reminded me of ornaments that my grandparents had in the fifties. I loved them. Thanks again for sharing your wonderful ideas. Have a very blessed Christmas! Deb

  241. I love the reindeer knit throw – it’s perfect! And on sale……

  242. classylady08_99@yahoo.com says:

    I would like the gift card to buy candy cane Christmas cactus.

  243. Laura Harrie says:

    Thanks for the snowball tip, I will haul out the Eason salts and Modpodge and it to work. Your tree is lovely!

  244. Gail Yakos says:

    Very sophisticate white,silver and green. Love everything about it.

  245. Roseann Hampton says:

    I would love to have the Winter Wonderland Bulb Garden!

  246. Love the idea for the white Christmas ornaments. Do you think this would work with the plastic balls they sell at craft stores? I couldn’t find white ornaments anywhere this year that were shatterproof. . Loved shopping at J&P today. Especially liked the solar lantern .

  247. I would LOVE to win the Rustic Holiday Evergreen Lantern!!! I have looked for a lantern with open sides like this. Thanks for the chance!!!

  248. Your tree is beautiful just like the rest of your home.

  249. Holley Downs says:

    I really loved the tabletop evergreen trees and planters! I also loved the reindeer throw! Loved your tree!

  250. I would love to give the Winter Wonderland Bulb Garden to my Daughter and I wouldn’t mind one for myself!

  251. The red buffalo plaid throw or any of the luminaries

  252. Sally Ann says:

    So many great ideas . . . so little time!

    Thank you.

  253. Live flowers are always at the top of my wish list , and J&P has beautiful selection. Thank you, Yvonne, for sharing your wonderful tree & expertise …Merry Christmas!

  254. Oh what a lovely Christmas it would be if I won!

  255. The red buffalo plaid throw, any lantern, 12 months of flowering plants club.

  256. Sharron Skipper says:

    Love the fresh fruit and delicious looking chocolates!! Yum!!

  257. Norma Rolader says:

    Oh my there is so much at J&P all is beautiful … all sold out of the pine cone lights but I do like I’ll be home Christmas tree and other items although if I could I buy one of everything!!! LOL!!!

  258. Lana Nicol says:

    I love the snowman cutting boards. Thanks for sharing.

  259. Wendy Johnson says:

    Hard to choose..beautiful lanterns, buffalo check throw. Lovely things, generous chance.

  260. Pamela Smith says:

    Your whole house looks so beautiful for Christmas! I would love some beautiful faux garlands to add to my home for Christmas! Thank you for the giveaway!

  261. geri case says:

    I would love the peppermint Christmas cactus to go with my pink and my red ones. Or maybe the lavender wreath. That is my favorite scent. Everything they have is wonderful.

  262. Shay Moore says:

    I do love the pine cone lights! They give your tree a special glow.

  263. I love the log snowflake lanterns and the pine cone garland!

  264. Vicki White says:

    Where did you purchase your zebra rug?

  265. Erin Walsh says:

    I love the Merry Memories Deluxe Christmas Tree Large Tabletop Tree. And there are some great birdfeeders too which aren’t Christmas decor but would make great gifts for bird lovers.

  266. Erin Walsh says:

    I just wanted to say that I loved that tree and really like the idea of the snowball ornaments.

  267. Wow! Love the throws and lanterns but I adore the flowers the most. Makes me think of my mother’s J and P rose garden and the red climbing roses on my childhood home:)

  268. Laura Corbett says:

    What I would like from Jackson and Perkins. It would be good tools and wonderful plant items for myself and others.
    I also enjoy reading your daily blog. I hate it when I am crazy busy! Your blog has become such a blessing!

  269. Sherri Benton says:

    The craftsman glass hanging lanterns would be the gift that keeps on giving all year. Christmas blessings to you.

  270. Lisa Gabrielson says:

    Jackson and Perkins has so many beautiful things! I love the domed terrarium and the Home for Christmas Noble Fir Wreath, and the woodland deer light strand. There were so many things I liked! I bookmarked the Jackson and Perkins site for future reference for gifts or for something for me.

  271. Katherine says:

    AMARYLLIS!!!!!! red one, white ones — for every roon in my house!

  272. Janet Taylor says:

    The live plants on the J & P website were gorgeous, but my favorite holiday offering was the red and black buffalo checked blanket!

  273. Yvonne – you’re so clever … I always learn something new from you! I never would’ve thought of cutting garland apart and using that as filler. Ingenius!

  274. Your tree is breathtaking and I can see why it is the focal point of your Christmas decor. I am so in love with your pinecone lights and would string them in several places. Jackson and Perkins had so many items I’d love to add to our home and Christmas decor. There are several lanterns that would be fun to have to add a coziness. And I absolutely love the little trio of galvanized pails with the evergreen, I can picture it on our patio dining table with some candles around it. Thank you for sharing your ideas and the Jackson &Perkins site..

  275. Love the simplicity of this tree.

  276. How exciting to have the chance to be a part of this offer! I simply love the Magnolia Leaf Wreath!

    Blessings to you this Advent Season! You sure bless me with your posts!

  277. Yolanda Bass says:

    I loved the festive and fanciful amaryllis and its unusual color from Jackson and Perkins. I also want to say how l enjoy all the tips for Christmas decorating. Thanks Yvonne!

  278. Oh…from Jackson & Perkins, I would choose Climbing Roses. I wouldn’t even care what color. Always wanted to grow roses and have never had them but have fond memories of them climbing at the family home.

  279. Yvonne, I love your Christmas tree, so beautiful, I too buy sprigs with snow and some with berries and add as fillers. I went to the Nutcracker Market again this year with my daughter and bought some more of their poinsettias to add as fillers, so beautiful. If I were to win the Jackson and Perkins giveaway, I would love the amaryllis, they are just so beautiful.

  280. Your teee is gorgeous! Your home always looks stunning!! Merry Christmas!

  281. I love the flowering gift plant club. How beautiful and a gift that keeps giving throughout the year!!

  282. Sandy Iselt says:

    I’m glad I discovered your blog. Will visit again.

  283. Sherilyn Jennings says:

    I would love some of the evergreen items. We have a faux tree but I love the smell of the live evergreen.

  284. Lynn Mosher says:

    Oh, Yvonne, I love, love, love your tree! It’s beautiful! Enjoy the season. ❤

  285. laurie zimmer says:

    I love the 12-month bulb club. They are the gift that keeps on giving all year long. The roses are beautiful, too. My problem is the deer love them as much as I do.

  286. Cheryl Foley says:

    I want those beautiful pine cone lights!

  287. I love almost everything on the site! But I especially like the pine cone Christmas lights. Thanks for the chance.

  288. Kathy Nally says:

    Everything is beautiful, and I especially like the pine cone lights.

  289. Oh my… I don’t know how I would choose just one thing from Jackson and Perkins! So many amazing things! Love the countdown to Christmas advent blocks… my sons would love that! Would also love the pinecone lights, any of the amaryllis as well. I seriously think I could easily spend $1000 here! The vintage caddy centerpiece… ?!!! And Santa’s workshop is super cute too! ❤️❤️❤️

  290. Regina jones says:

    I love the mini Christmas trees and paperwhites and gift tags. Love it all.

  291. Paulette Beal says:

    I so enjoyed looking at the Jackson & Perkins site.The Hallelujah Christmas tree was my favorite, but the succulents came in as a close second. I have 3 Christmas Cactus in full bloom.One has shoots from my Grandmother and Mom. It reminded me of the cactus Jackson and Perkins have for sale. Thanks for sharing.

  292. I would order any number of the amaryllis bulbs. They are so festive and easy to force to give your home a beautiful pop of color!

  293. JC @ the uncommon pearl says:

    Thanks for this opportunity! I visited Jackson and Perkins and though it looks like it is sold out at the moment, I love the crystal pinecone strand of lights and the “bulb club” would be awesome to brighten my home.
    Thanks again!

  294. Hello Yvonne, your home and tree are lovely. So inviting and pretty! I enjoy all your tours and ideas. The J&P site has many tempting flowers and decor items. The one that particularly caught my eye was the Vintage Caddy Evergreen Centrepiece. I immediately imagined a dozen uses for the metal caddy. Thanks for the opportunity to enter, and thank you too, for sharing your warm personality and beautiful design ideas on your blog and podcast.

    1. I’m thrilled you are listening to Decorating Tips And Tricks! We love being together and talking about decorating!

  295. Would love to have the Radko christmas tree!

  296. Love the pine cone lights and the lanterns!

  297. Looove the “Festive Amaryllis” from Jackson & Perkins. What an unusual treat. They kind of look like orchids. Wow. You tree is lovely. Like the “snow” covered branches. Where did you fine them? Wondering is they can be make so how.

  298. Robin Hess says:

    I love the bulbs of the month…to add something for every month.. beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing and the podcast. Good luck everyone!!

  299. I loved looking through the Jackson & Perkins site! I think the main thing I fantasized about buying was the beautiful holiday living fir (?) centerpiece that looked to be arranged in a set of three galvanized pails – it looked really unique. I think I’m going to take another look at it now!

  300. Jenny Young says:

    I love growing amaryllis every winter & there are a lot to choose from here! What a dilemma. I also have wanted some outdoor party string lights for my screened porch & love the ones I’ve seen here.

  301. Cindy Lou Hoo says:

    Unique items for sale at Jackso and Perkins ! I LOVED the pumpkin luminary !!! Also many special Christmas items ! Love the lights and garlands !!

    1. Cindy Lou Hoo says:

      Oops! Misspelled Jackson and Perkins !

  302. Constance Mattson says:

    Thank you for your inspirational blog! Because of your romantic white tree i set one up this year for the first time. It’s heavenly and makes our bedroom tres romantique as well! I do like the J & P pine cone lights!! Merry Christmas to all!

  303. Susan Evans says:

    Too hard to pick just one thing! Loved the Buffalo Check throw and the Reindeer throw – I love cuddling up in wonderful throws on these cold winter nights. Also loved the beautiful Christmas wreaths.

  304. LaChanta S. says:

    Winter Candle in Red Glass and the String of Deer Lantern lights. The TWO, once illuminated, make me even more thankful and blessed that I still have the gift of smell and sight!! Autumn/Winter Season is MY January 1st. A time for reflection, inspiration and improvement. And, those two items just soothes my soul and make me feel hopeful of good things to come!!

  305. Kathryn Barton says:

    6 month bulb club. They have the best plants. Your tree and comments really help. Merry Christmas

  306. Gloria Ann Hooper says:

    Love the rustic green lantern!

  307. Love ?love, love the pinecone lights. My tree is also in the new brighter green, white, silver and crystal. Can’t You just see those pinecone lights on my tree ? Merry Christmas Yvonne. I love following your blog…so much awesome information. Thank you!

  308. Really gorgeous! The pinecones lights are amazing!!!

  309. Lots of beautiful things on the Jackson and Perkins website- all of the amaryllis and loved the Happy Holiday Penguins and the Pumpkin luminaries and the Let’s Be Jolly Cypress Trio (simple, but beautiful). And thanks for all the tips on making the tree beautiful.

  310. So many beautiful items on the Jackson and Perkins website. Wish your pinecone lights were still available! Other favorites were: Merry Memories Deluxe Christmas Tabletop Tree, all the stunning Amaryllis, and the 6 month bulb club!

  311. Your tree is gorgeous! Such inspirational posts Yvonne. Thank you!

  312. I like the holiday mix fruit box. Smelling fresh fruit at Christmas lets you know it’s Christmas time as well.

  313. I like the holiday mix fruit box. Smelling fresh fruit at Christmas lets you know it’s Christmas time as well.

  314. Bridgette Rocha says:

    I’d love to get new stockings for our family’s names, especially with out newborn baby having his first Christmas. Also, I did a diy advent calendar using toilet paper rolls, but theirs looks so elegant, I just may have to get that for next year.

  315. Gwynn Hall says:

    I love the winter wonderland bulb garden.

  316. I just love the faux snow covered branches and pine cone lights on your beautiful tree! What wouldn’t I want from Jackson and Perkins! For starters, I would enjoy watching the birds visit the Copper Songbird Bird House all year long…

  317. Geraldine Stott says:

    Love those mini trees

  318. Elaine Wesselman says:

    I LOVE the pinecones lights ! They are just beautiful! Your tree is always done beautifully Yvonne. I love the green and white this year.

  319. I would be excited to receive a gift card from J&P. We would be thankful to choose from the many beautiful things. We don’t have a tree this year. Your tree is beautiful and I enjoy your blog. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  320. What a beautiful Christmas tree! I just love how the pine cone lights make your tree sparkle. The pine cone lights are my favorite from Jackson and Perkins and the Thomas house lantern!

  321. All of the Christmas selections are so beautiful! I am especially fond of the paper whites or anything with fruit!

  322. Your tree is gorgeous, Yvonne! I love the look of of a tree with clear lights and white. It reminds me of a snowy Christmas wonderland.

    Your Jackson and Perkins pine cone lights are so pretty. They also would look great on a mantel. If I won, I would choose the Snow Kissed Orchid so that I could enjoy it during the cold, dark winter.

  323. Thank you so much for all your Christmas Tree decorating ideas! Your Christmas Trees are always gorgeous whatever theme you choose. I like the Magical Christmas Tree on the Jackson & Perkins website. I thought a tabletop tree on my kitchen counter decorated with cookie cutters and other small kitchen items would be adorable.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  324. Karen VanLoo says:

    Your tree is absolutely gorgeous! I just love your ideas, even though some of them I’ll end up using the next year, but you’ve already given me some tips for my tree for next time.

  325. Joan Reilly says:

    I love your beautiful tree! I looked for the pine cone lights on Jackson and Perkins, but they are unfortunately,
    All sold out.
    Probably from all of your blog readers!
    I’ll settle for the Raleigh Tavern Lantern and the hanging red stars!

    1. Sorry about that, Joan. I’ll try to see if they will be in again soon.

  326. Your tips are never a disappointment. Thanks for the dedication all year around. The Deer Light String is on order as we speak, and the price is right in our budget. We no longer put up a tree but do a woodland scene on the dining room sideboard. The lights are just perfect for our basic Winter Christmas décor and can be used longer than just over Christmas.

  327. Enjoying your Christmas home again this year, so beautiful. Following your ideas for greens, cones and candles with few vignettes, and keeping it more neutral, as well. Love the J and P site. All the natural florals are lovely. Would especially like to snuggle under the snowflake throw. Actually found few great gift ideas for those who have everything.

  328. Love their buffalo check throw!

  329. Anne Porter says:

    Pine cone lights!! How amazing!!

  330. Anne Porter says:

    Pine cone lights sold out…but always next year….

  331. I just love all of your help! What’s not to love about everything Jackson & Perkins, but I especially love the pumpkin luminaries. Cascading lights and orchids.

  332. I love the Mrs Claus mason jar cookie mixes! There are lots of other products I like as well…