WHAT DOES YOUR HOME SAY ABOUT YOU? Let's talk about creating a welcoming home

Your home says a whole lot about you! Just look around! Really, stop and look around! The “health” of your home can be an indicator of how you are doing too! I’m not talking about how pristine everything looks or how well appointed your home decor is. It’s more basic than that. It’s about how well cared for and tidy and welcoming your home is. Today, our Practically Speaking series is about how our home can reflect our own personal health and well-being. 

Today is HOME STYLE SATURDAY. We are sharing our best archived decorating posts.




American women get much of their identity from the homes we live in. A good deal of our self-worth is often defined by our homes. We may not like to hear that and it may seem superficial. But it’s not. Most women are the caregivers of our home and family. And how we care for our homes is often a reflection of how we care for ourselves.

I’m one of those American women who finds a great deal of identity in my home. And it is so true that the condition and health of my home certainly reflect my mental, emotional, and state!


Since I have been blogging, I can honestly say that my home although much more stylish is certainly messier. And this, at times drives me crazy! A photo shoot or a diy can create a whole lot of upheaval here at StoneGable. And because I am working more than a 40 hour work week, I find that my time to organize and stay on top of things is quite limited. By the end of the day, I often run out of steam!

I tend to keep the “public” areas of my home pretty organized and welcoming but the “private” areas could use a little work. My study for one tends to be a dumping ground for things I don’t have time to put away! And let’s not even talk about my basement.

This causes me a good deal of angst! It’s difficult for me to go into a room that is disorganized and messy. So I usually cope by become “mess-blind”. It’s my way of not really seeing the mess at all! So the mess grows and grows like a snowball rolling downhill! It’s really my way of avoiding the issue of not having enough hours in the day.


 And it makes sense. I am a person who likes to confront issues head on and get on with life. However, if I can’t see a problem I don’t have to deal with it. So becoming mess-blind I can avoid my tendency to be messy when I am overwhelmed. 

If I am honest (and I am a pretty transparent person) I can see from my home that I need a little extra help with what I call “schlep work”.  Putting things away after a photo shoot, carrying things up and down from the basement or other rooms and keeping organized! Schlep work is a very important job! It is the foundation of a tidy home!

This is an area of my home and life I literally need to clean up! 


Some woman can’t stand ANYTHING out of place in their homes, or don’t like to have company because it means messing their perfect home up, or only live in a small part of a larger home. Some of us will give up doing fun and social things because we need stick to a rigid homekeeping schedule. Some of us can’t let go of “things” and have too much that clutter and confuse or lives. All of those home related issues reflect a deeper, inner struggle.

Should we think that if we just clean up our homes our issues that caused them will go away? Have you seen the show Hoarders? I have a feeling that when those nice people have nice, neat homes their homes might be clean for a little while. But I bet most of them eventually get right back into the same mess because they have not dealt with the issues that caused them. 


For me, (let’s use my messy places as an example) I need to re-learn how to put things in their place. And give things I have a home. I like “tidy”. It feels good. It makes me feel like I’m in control. Messy is a sign of things getting out of control.

I need to stop avoiding and start really seeing things like my study for what it really is. And get busy! I also need to hire someone to help me when my work schedule gets too busy.

And because I know that this messy study problem can creep up on me again, I need to be aware of the issue and act to keep it healthy!


Let’s get deep and real about what we see in our homes!

How healthy is your home? How welcoming is your home to you and your family and all who come inside?

We all want homes, no matter how grand or simple, that are a pleasure to live in. Homes that are safe and welcoming. We all want homes that reflect our good attitudes and our positive emotions. 

What does your home say about you?


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  1. Linda White says:

    Well this article actually made me smile and bring me a little relief. I soooo often let the clutter overtake me and when I head to my basement (aka-hoarders museum) my mood usually goes downhill. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Janette @ The 2 Seasons says:

    Based on the looks and success of your blog, I would say you need to give yourself a big pat on the back. It seems you get a whole lot accomplished in the 24 hours you are given each day. I understand wanting everything in the whole house neat and tidy because I am like that. Take a breath, sit back and look at your accomplishments, and maybe your mess won’t seem so bad after all. I think you are absolutely amazing.

    1. I agree! Close the door to your office and basement, then just enjoy your beautiful, tidy home. You’re a busy women and no one expects you to do it all. I love that you’re keeping it real.

  3. Your home is beautiful Yvonne. Kindly check your email. I am your November giveaway winner and I have been trying to reach you. Thanks

  4. Connie Fowler says:

    Your home is lovely and your blog is, too. I am always so happy to see a new post from you, Yvonne. But I know what you mean about the schlep work. Just everyday articles that seem to end up where they dbn’t belong drive me crazy. I am trying to put them away right when I see them, because I know that makes a big difference in the way my home looks and feels.

    I’ve struggled with the fact that my husband can be pretty messy. I love him dearly, but he keeps so much stuff, and it hasn’t been well organized. I have learned that if I start working on something, such as the basement, he will also start. If I want the garage cleaned, I’ll start and he’ll usually pitch in. I’d rather do that than constantly nag at him and get angry.

    1. You are so right!!!! My Bobby is a bit messy but I don’t nag at all! Sometimes I put his things in a laundry basket and put it in his closet.

  5. Wanda Haney says:

    Thank you for your honesty and transparency. I can relate to every word. For those of use who work outside of the home and then want a clean, organized, welcoming home; it can be a challenge. It is comforting to know even the experts have untidy corners.

  6. Good morning, Yvonne! Oh, how I wish we lived closer, it would be a dream to help you on busy days. Everyone needs help, once in awhile, nothing wrong with coming to that conclusion. My grown daughters yell when they need a helping hand, only wish I had learned to do that years ago myself. Truthfully almost every home has a spot where things are put, and the door shut on the mess. It’s you who inspire us to get in there and make it lovely! Thank you for all the time you put into making your blog one of the best!

  7. I feel your angst. My dumping ground is the guest room. I don’t know why it’s not kept neater but it is the dump it and deal with it later area. That being said your post is so timely since only yesterday I’ve made up my mind to deal with it next week. If you don’t know what’s in there how important can it be? After helping my father-in-law clean out his house to sell it feels as if his mess was transferred to our house which only snowballed from there. Thus the beginning of our problem. But his mess was his and not mine. It’s time to clean, donate or trash stuff and to start living.

  8. Stephanie C says:

    I agree with you, our home says a lot about us. I know that if you have a hobby, it can take up lot of space. I am a quilter and i don’t have a space for that, so my small spare bedroom is always a mess with fabric scraps, thread, pins, partially finished projects etc. I have to close the door when company comes or hurry and throw it all in the closet which is overflowing with all of my sewing stuff.
    Another issue is dog hair. I have always had Golden Retrievers ( on my third ) and they are so hairy and shed terribly. I hate the hair but enjoy my dog more, so I often overlook the “tumbleweed” that gathers along the edges of the room. It’s an ongoing job to keep up with it. Like you, I try to keep my living areas tidy. I work full time outside of my home so I had to give up the idea of always having the perfectly put together- home and just enjoy my home. It’s my safe haven and refuge after a long hard day at work. Thank you for this post.

    1. Hi Stephanie, I know the dog hair problem. I love a clean house but am not going to give up my dog. To the rescue is my small, battery operated vac. I run that around every day to keep on top of the hair. It’s so much easier than pulling out the central vacuuming. Now dog and dog lover can co-exist happily.

  9. You must have opened our spare bedroom door! It is my dumping room. My husband tells me that if I would just put things away in their proper place I would not start to panic a week ahead when we are to have over night guests. My “dumping room” is also our guest room.Maybe 2018 will be the year I follow his advice. Remember, I said maybe.

    1. Hi Kathy, clean out that junkified room and NEVER put one thing in it that does not belong!

  10. Very interesting post. I appreciate your honesty and soul searching, as well as your encouragement to dig deeper. A very organized and tidy friend of mine, once said, the big key to keeping tidy, was to simply put things back after you use them. I thought about that, and have tried to implement that one “simple” strategy, but like you, when I’m in the midst of “creating”, I make a mess! I am trying to be better at cleaning up after myself, but you are right–sometimes it is also a matter of time and having the time. Obviously, you have given me food for thought. Thanks for posting.

  11. Norma Rolader says:

    Awww so needed this … My home is feeling cluttered, too much favorite items, feel like I have to have it out … use to have a big home (but lost it due to illness) so now we rent a trailer from a friend and not as big or bright as my other home … So it looks and feels closing in on me and it is hard to get on track with my husband in in-home-hospice and my 81 yr old mother living with us … So thank you

  12. Anna Belle says:

    I hoped to see your office

    1. Hi Anna Belle, the office is being painted the first week of Feb. Once I style it I’ll feature it.

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Beautiful article, Yvonne! It really resonated with me. Your home, just like your appearance, does say a lot about what is going on emotionally.

  14. Joan Moore says:

    I always enjoy your blog and your home is absolutely lovely! Thank you for your honesty and it’s refreshing to know that you are “normal”. As hard as I (we) try, there are times that rooms get messy. My sewing room tends to be my messy place, in fact it is at the top of my “to do list” today!
    Thanks for keeping it real!!!?

  15. Your home always shows beautifully. One question I have is how you keep your floors looking dust free? Do you dust mop them daily? Do you use Endust? Or are you dusting right before shooting a photograph? As you might have guessed, I am a frustrated house keeper!

    1. Hi Harriet, I use the Norwex system. Look them up online. Just google “norwex”. I love my dust mop and my wet mop.

  16. I had to chuckle while reading this blog because it’s soooo me ! Glad to know I’m not alone.It seems for all you do in a day, you have it pretty together.


    Love your posts. I work a 40 plus work week at a prison in PA. I am 61 and my work is so exhausting all I can do is come home and fall asleep in a chair at times. I always check in with you, your site is delightful. After this post, I better go clean………………….luv ya!

  18. Linda Charlton says:

    My office is the dumping ground. My husband seems to think he can store anything in her since rarely dos anyone come in here. I like my home to be tidy but I have 2 problems: fatigue and procrastination. I can choose to stop procrastinating.

  19. All in the Detail says:

    Yvonne, what a beautiful post to cheer things up on the dreary cold Saturday.
    Thank you so much for the gorgeous photos. I love those sweet topiaries, I wish I had a green thumb!
    I hope you have a beautiful (and warm) Saturday,

  20. I love my home, I have a system, put everything back in its place after using it, I just wish my husband would do this! My problem is my husbands office, we really need to declutter, repaint and organize it. I have three closets right now that I am working on to purge and donate. My basement I can relate to you, out of site out of mind. After Christmas I reorganized the crawlspace and wrapping, boxes and I’m getting ready to donate. My family knows I want everything to look lived in but still look great when visitors pop in even unexpected. Thanks for sharing. I love your home and style!


  21. This is a great post! It’s good to look at our homes through a guest’s eyes. Mine is organized, but I really need to get on a cleaning schedule. I try to keep the living/dining/family rooms pretty clean and the guest bath.

  22. Oh wow!! No Matt where I have lived my home has always reflected me! I do keep a tidy home but I’m not OCD about it! I try to keep things in their place & I try to put things away….sometimes I will just start a pile at the steps & when I go up I take something with me & put it away. Now my upstairs is a loft with a living room space, bathroom & bedroom. I use the lift as my workspace because my hobby is traditional rug hooking & working with wool can be messy. I am “mess blind” while working on a major project. When the project is complete I clean & make order. BUT no one sees it but me!! If I had to look at it everyday in my actual living space it would make me crazy! I believe my home is inviting and cozy and you would feel comfortable visiting! And that is me!

  23. I don’t want to confront that question! Hahahaha!! I’m working on getting my home to be a grade C!!

  24. One of my dear friends calls our culture “The Kingdom of Never Enough.” Your blog and home bring joy to so many people because of your great sense of style, ability to share from your heart and your presentation of a King and His Kingdom where HE is our enough. It’s pretty evident that your life and home reflect your love for God and His Life in you draws others. Thank you for making it your life’s goal to share and teach that to the rest of us.

    1. Amen! Amen! I second that!

  25. Deb Morehead says:

    I really enjoy your post. Keep up the good work.

  26. Beth Pozzini Putz says:

    Oh my goodness, Yvonne! This post has my name written ALL OVER IT!!! My bedroom and my office are my two messy places…I hate them both right now because they both have piles of whatever that I need to tackle! I would love them if they were all in order! I used to have a cleaning crew come every other week, and that forced me to keep order. I no longer have them, so I have let multiple spaces get horribly out of control. I will say, I have been working very hard over the last 6 to 9 months ridding my home of unwanted, no longer using, no longer playing with (3 kids!!) items, and either selling them on our local garage sale site or donating to Good Will. It FEELS SO GOOD! And I have to admit, the extra cash is very welcome! I really think you totally hit the nail on the head with this, and I appreciate you validating me!?Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


  27. Kay Schulz says:

    I can relate well. I have a back shed where I keep all my fabrics. It has been 30 years of people giving me some beautiful fabric they don’t want any more. Well in the last 3 week I thought I was sick of feeling like I was drowning in fabric. I had the biggest clean out. Found some one that was making clothes out of anything that was not bought. (the idea came to her from the program on waste). So the fabric will all be used, and I feel a hundred times better.

  28. Well, I would say my house is pretty healthy. But, like you, I have areas that are a disaster, especially now after the holidays. I am hoping I will be able to get alot of organizing and cleaning up done while Joe is recuperating. Hope you are having a great weekend!!!! XO

  29. Karen VanLoo says:

    I keep a clean and tidy home I think, because every single day I pick up, put away, sweep downstairs (I have a golden retriever who sheds) and always keep my kitchen clean. I cannot stand to wake up and see dirty dishes. However, my issue right now is my craft supplies! I’m a paper crafter, and I make all of my own cards that I send throughout the year to friends and family. I have way too much as far as supplies go. I even bought an expensive craft cabinet that holds a lot of supplies so I know what I have. However, even with that I have too much and more supplies than I will ever use. Once I get over this cold I am fighting, I am going to go through everything and see what I really need to keep, and donate the others to my daughter’s day program (adults with special needs and they craft). It drives me crazy because I don’t want to work on my crafts because there’s so much I can’t remember what I have and what I don’t. I know everyone has some kind of struggle with too much of something. It’s good to realize it first, then tackle it! Thanks for the thoughts and tips!

  30. Here’s the thing. If you didn’t have a messy place somewhere in your house, you’d be hard to like. I have an absolutely perfect friend who, thank goodness, puts a ton of salt on her food. If it wasn’t for that one bad habit, I’m not sure we could be friends! Who likes “perfect” people? People who can live with a little mess are much more fun to be around.

  31. So it’s not just me!

    When I was younger my life was simpler and I managed to stay on top of clutter. As I have gotten older, I have accumulated more stuff, and things like the Internet have eaten into my time. Because an old injury from a car accident has come back to haunt me, I now have to do 1-1/2 hours of Physical Therapy every day in order to lead a normal life. That eats up even more time. Now it is a matter of finding the balance that allows me to maintain my home to my satisfaction while still having the time to do the other things on my To-Do List.

    I am starting with going through the stuff I have accumulated in the basement, getting rid of what is no longer useful and reorganizing what is left. I think staying organized starts with a good system of organization. As I have gotten busier over the years, my system of organization has become compromised.

  32. Glenda Crosby says:

    Nice article…don’t we ALL have that room or rooms where we can just throw stuff and close the door? I laugh at myself often when I think about the stage of life I’m in, all our children are adults, out of our house, in their own houses, with their own children etc., so we’re the empty nesters nearing retirement! It seems like I should need LESS now, especially for kitchen needs…cookware, dishes, serving dishes, food storage containers…but my word I have MORE of each of these than I ever had or that I need!I have more cupboard space now because I’ve had 3 very large cupboards made since our children have moved out!!! HELP…I want my house to be a cozy haven of rest from the busy world to anyone who comes in through the doors! (with less “stuff”)

  33. Annmarie W says:

    Wow this article is me. I have always been a clean and neat person. My parents, family, and friends can agree. I have to say I had to learn to let go a little with a carpenter husband with muddy boots all the time, a German Shepard, and two kids. But, everything has its place and I am always putting away and cleaning. Thank you for sharing and thank you to your readers who shared. It makes me feel like I am not alone. ( I think I may try the Norwex items for my hardwood floors ).

    God Bless, Annmarie 🙂

  34. Joni Hotchkiss says:

    So true.
    For me it is my busy mind and craft projects that get my house looking fluttered. I have to work on it every day. Not fun!

  35. Thank you so much for your wonderful and gentle reminder tonhow important it is for us women to maintain our homes and lives!

    Having an organized is the only way I can cope. For whatever reason when I continue to have messes repeatedly I just tend to get lost, if you know what I mean.

    Lately, I am noticing more and more that an area that is making things seem really out of sorts is the color on my walls. I am still using the colors that “came” with the house when we bought it. So I am doing something about this ASAP!?

    Would you mind if I asked what color is on your walls that advertises for this article/Blog?

    1. I’m not quite sure what you mean in your last sentence Sondra. They wall color is Benjamin Moore “Sonnet”. It’s on most of the walls in my home.

  36. Wilma Prohaska says:

    I finally can sit and write about this! Your writing touched a delicate matter in my life right now. I’ve been very worried about a family problem and I could not bring myself to put away all of my Christmas decoration. It took forever to set up (the 2nd week of December ) after 100 excuses (more storage bins, planning to donate to Goodwill , wanting to label and color code etc) last week I woke up and said: enough .
    I sat down and prayed and left every worry on God’s hands and spend like 12 , organizing and puting away everything; with a joyful heart; knowing that everything was goingbto get better if my surrounding areas were livable and pleasant. I’m p uertorican and it’s ok to have the Christmas decor all the way until the 12th; but I love decorating and usually by the 7th I already have touches of pink for Valentine’s day and silk hydrangeas around the house.
    I still have sort of a mess on my craft room , but our basement, our kitchen and family room are looking so pleasant and clean. Ah ! My prayers were answered and thongs are getting better. Isn’t it an odd coincidence that you wrote about “the condition of your home , tells a lot about your mind state “? I think God has his way of sending messages. ♡ .

    1. I am praying for you too, Wilma! I’m so glad you are feeling better.

  37. My new home has engineered hardwoods and they drive me insane trying to keep them clean!!!! Any secrets? I do not want to be a slave to them!!! My rugs are out of stock, and I am praying that will help some when I get them.

    My dining room is a wreck with Christmas stuff and photos I have to decide if I am hanging up or not, office stuff to organize, and kid’s artwork supplies. Making me a little crazy, too! Hubby blocked in my Christmas boxes in the garage and now I can’t get to them to put things away. While I know it is a temporary inconvenience ( that garage is freezing) I am overwhelmed with the messy factor.

    This blog post was so timely. The office area is a hodgepodge of furniture that is now in place and I hope to be done with it by Friday. It was the last room to be done because of the timing of our move and three holidays. Now the procrastinating has to end.

  38. Good timing! I’ve just become the main caregiver for my elderly mother, as my sister was involved in an auto accident last week. I’ve been putting in double time now, my own house, plus tidying up and putting away, filing, etc. at Mom’s. I told her last week it’s amazing that 5 people once lived in that house; I can’t find an empty drawer to store a change of clothes in! She’s collected a houseful of furniture, and other collectibles over her 89 years, and how we are going to disperse all this one day, baffles me! I also work outside the home–& am staying with Mom 2 nights a week. Its comforting to know others have dumping grounds messes that sometimes take a while to get filed away.

  39. Great piece! It is alllll true, painfully true! I would like to add not only what does your home say about you but what does the inside of your handbag say about you, what does your car say about you?

  40. As someone who works 40 hours a week and travels for her job every month or so, I can say that the struggle is sooooo real. It’s very rare that my entire house is all clean at the same time unless I’m hosting a big party (which I’ve done in the past) and that is exhausting. I finally reached that place where I decided what I’ve done is good enough and let it go. But, this past year was so busy that my house has suffered. I am in need of a really serious spring cleaning and purging. I am also seriously considering hiring back a house cleaning service to come in once a week. I did that years ago and it was my favorite day of the week…I could come home on a Thursday night to a clean house and it was ready for the weekend. Totally worth it. Just remember ladies, we are not super heros and we don’t have to pretend like we have it all together. I promise none of us do. Ask for help if you need it 🙂

    1. Hi Colleen, yes get some help! Do what will give you more time and a little more relief!