Wednesday Weekly Wishlist #133

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Welcome To Wednesday Weekly Wishlist #133

Thank you for joining us! Ann is featured first this week.

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Ann | On Sutton Place

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1.) Hello and Happy New Year! I’m back after a couple of weeks off, and I’m trying very hard to get back in the groove, but I have to admit it’s not easy. I still need to take down my Christmas decorations, and figure out some new ways to cozy up our space after the holidays. More on that very soon!

2.) FAVORITE QUOTE: “Your mind is powerful and it believes what you tell it. Tell it positive things.” ~Found here.

3.) STUNNING HOME TOURS: take a look at this simple Shaker home in Minnesota that’s ready to welcome winter, and tour this effortlessly stylish Swedish home that mixes botanical influences with carefully chosen vintage finds.

4.) LOVELY INSPIRATION: if you have ever wondered what a scullery looks like, this one is truly amazing, and here is a very fun before and after of a dining room that was inspired by a Swiss chalet.

5.) If you like to follow the latest design trend lists, you will enjoy this article that points out the design trends to avoid in 2024. I’m never sure who exactly comes up with these lists, so I always read them, and then do my own thing! This one has several things on it that I truly love, so I don’t agree with most of it. It was an interesting read though, so let me know what you think!

6.) COZY EVENING MUST-HAVES: make a soothing and warm cup of tea with this adorable electric goose neck tea kettle, add a soft glow with these gorgeous LED taper candles, cover up with this soft and thick throw blanket, channel your most comfortable self with these delightful pajamas, and treat yourself to a hand mask to battle that pesky winter dry skin.

7.) SOUP FOR SUPPER: one of the most popular OSP recipes at this time of year is my weight loss vegetable soup. It’s easy to throw together, very delicious, and good for you. The week before I made this weight loss version, I made this one pot vegetable beef soup, and both made the perfect cold weather supper.

8.) Winter is the perfect time for gathering inspiration for our homes, and a great way to do that is through beautiful decorating books. One of my favorites is City Farmhouse Style, and I love the inspiration in Elements of Family Style. Another one that has very attainable ideas is Homebody by Joanna Gaines. The Nester’s book, Cozy Minimalist Home is full of ways to create a home you love on any budget.

9.) KITCHEN CANDY: This white and wood remodel is stunningly simple and beautiful, and even though this white and bright kitchen reveal is a few years old, it’s full of inspiration. One of my favorite bloggers shows how she organized her kitchen drawers and cabinets.

10.) Wishing you all a peaceful and happy week. XO

Lory | Designthusiam

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1. Always my top post of the year, newly updated is: 10 Things to Do in January to Keep You Organized All Year.

2. AMAZON PICKS: here are this week’s favorites from Amazon.

3. THIS WEEK ON THE BLOG I shared 9 Ways to Add Winter Warmth to Your Home, as well as 5 Decluttering Tips You May Not Have Thought Of and our own freshly update house tour: A Modern French Country Townhouse Tour.




7. January is the perfect time to buy new linens. For some special picks, check out: Refresh Your Home with White Bedding

8. FASHION PICKS: Winter is all about layering. My absolute fave workout jacket is this zip-front athletic jacket. With jeans I love this best selling everyday cashmere crew neck. And on sale is this perfect patch packet cashmere cardigan.

9. WHAT’S INSPIRING ME AROUND THE WEB (be sure to scroll through the pics): This utterly charming and elegant cottage, this lovely home that celebrates books in the most stunning way, and this exquisite traditional home that incorporates just a bit of modern design.

10. UP NEXT: 50 Ways to Improve Your Well-being and Live a Better Life

Yvonne | StoneGable

family room with coffee table

1. Happy New Year! I hope 2024 is your best year yet! I love January. It is a month that offers so many possibilities! Like a clean slate. And who doesn’t like a chance to redefine and reset their life! The Best Things To Do In January is all about fun and fresh things to do this month.

2. Amazon Finds: See this week’s favorites.

3. White vinegar is a versatile household item with numerous uses beyond cooking. Here’s how you can use white vinegar in your home: Mix vinegar and water in a spray bottle as a household cleaner, disinfect and deodorize items like cutting boards and trash cans with full-strength vinegar, put a bowl of white vinegar in the refrigerator, or a room to naturally get rid of offensive odors, treat a stain by dabbing a mixture of vinegar and water on it, give fruits and vegetables a bath with water and vinegar to remove pesticides, bacteria, and dirt, dab full strength vinegar on a ballpoint pen mark to remove it, and get rid of water rings on wood furniture by rubbing equal parts olive oil and vinegar on the stain.

4. Classic, Detailed Home Decor: This unique picture frame, this amazing long pillow, this beautiful classic lamp on sale, these gorgeous dinner plates, my new favorite pillows for 2024, this darling bunny door knocker, and this beautiful drop-leaf dining table perfect for smaller spaces.

5. Inspiring Homes And More: This beautiful, English-influenced home, I love Christie Brinkley’s Hampton home. The grounds are so comfortable. This Georgia home is large but exudes a cozy, warm feel.

6. Here are the Most Loved Recipes of 2023 and the Most Loved Decorating Posts of 2023. These are the best of the best, friends. These posts were written last year but are perfect for inspiration in the new year! ❤️

7. Where in your home are you most creative? What flavors are the different colored Froot Loops?

8. This year, I am shifting the focus on the blog a bit. The tagline under StoneGable now reads, Living Large In A Small-ish Home. This best describes how I live and decorate now. I LOVE the ease, comfort, and warmth of living in a smaller home. So look for more posts about how to thrive and love living in smaller spaces. How To Decorate A Small Living Room is a good example of posts you will see in 2024.

9. Simple Reflections: Winter is often a time of rest and reflection from the hustle and bustle of the world. At least, it is for me. It’s a little slice of quiet after Christmas and before spring busts into the world again. I like to reorganize my schedule, reset good habits, cook, clean, connect with meaningful relationships, fill our home with beautiful aromas and my mind with creative thoughts. When there is less clamor in my life, I can think more clearly and rest more thoroughly. Winter is a good time to remember to take a step back and reassess what is important and what has crept into our lives that we don’t need or want. It is a time to sweep out the things that are not good for us. There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens, Ecclesiastes 3:1.

10. Super Wardrobe Sale: this v-neck cashmere blend sweater, this beautiful classic wrap dress, this elegant open-front textured long blazer, my favorite ruffled neck sweater, this pair of classic pajamas, my favorite sensible winter coat on sale, and this puffer down vest on super sale.

Answer To #7: Science shows you are more creative in your shower. Warm water increases dopamine flow, making you more creative. Froot Loops are all the same flavor. They are supposed to taste like a combination of orange, lemon, lime, apple, cherry, raspberry, and blueberry. Now you know!

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Happy Wednesday!

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