UPCOMING KITCHEN REFRESH- keeping my farmhouse kitchen updated

I love refresh/restyle projects. I try very hard not to let the things in my house “go” so long that they become desperately in need of an update or change. I think there is a real balancing act when it comes to loving what you have and living with it and living with what you have because it’s overwhelming to change it! Sometimes rooms, like our master bathroom, needs to be totally gutted and made over. But other rooms might need a new rug or a new coat of paint or a small refresh like my farmhouse kitchen. Today, I’m sharing my plans for a changing up some things in my kitchen to keep it fresh and updated!

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I feel very adamant about keeping a home updated and in good shape. I’ve seen too many homeowners not refresh their homes and end up with an out of date and tired-around-the edges houses.  And when it comes time to sell their biggest investment they get less resale than they should out of it!

Our homes are worth taking care of and updating! Especially our bathrooms and kitchens!

So it’s time to do a little updating!

KITCHEN REFRESH-stonegableblog.com

Our kitchen is 21 years old. It’s unique because it was built in my garage by my builder. His father was a custom cabinet maker and our wonderful builder took on our kitchen as a labor of love! The style is unique too. It’s a mix of old fashioned, classic farmhouse charm combined with little touches of upscale elements like round fluted corners and heaving molding.

UPCOMING KITCHEN REFRESH- keeping my farmhouse kitchen updated

Our cabinets were not made to close quietly or be given a gentle push so they could close themselves. They have farmhouse magnets on the inside of the cabinets that loudly  “click” when they close. I love that sound! 

Our kitchen was made over about 6 years ago. Not totally, but it was a pretty big project. That is when we added a decorative hood over the new cooktop and got rid of the microwave that was there. We restyled the island and covered the countertops with soapstone. Oh, I love my soapstone! 


Before this makeover, I never had a backsplash but realized I really needed one! So I chose a beadboard backsplash because it has such a warm, quaint feel.

We also got rid of a built-in desk and added another section to my built-in pantry. Like our first builder, our new contractor custom built each piece. We also added to our existing ceiling beams to make them heavier and more prominent. And we added a new light above the remade island.

All the cabinets were repainted white and we added new oil-rubbed bronze hardware. Part of our makeover was buying all new appliances except for the refrigerator. 

I think my kitchen has always been my favorite room. And we use it very hard!!!!


Most of it has held up very well with the exception of the paint. Unfortunately, our last contractor’s painters were horrible! So the entire kitchen is in need of a few new coats of paint!

This is what started us thinking about refreshing our kitchen. So painting the kitchen went on the list. And so did a new chandelier over the island. I really like the one we have but I feel it looks a little dated and it’s very heavy for the kitchen. I’ll sell it on Craig’s List and get two or three beautiful pendants in its place.

I  think this is the one…


We are also replacing the backsplash. The beadboard looks just fine but is a little too “precious” feeling for me. I want something updated and a little more chic. I think changing something small like the backsplash or the lighting can update the whole kitchen.

I am going with a subway tile in a herringbone pattern. Right now I’m trying to decide between marble, glass and ceramic tile. I love the look of the kitchen below.

Thomas Avenue Ceramics has gorgeous backsplashes and other kitchen and bathroom ceramics. Click HERE to view them. And Thomas Avenue Ceramics is giving a 20% discount off your first tile order! Just use the code DTT20!

That’s where I’m getting my backsplash from!


I’ve also toyed with the idea of new hardware, but I think I still love living with the oil-rubbed bronze! If I change out the hardware then I also have to change the faucet. 

So I’m fine with what I have right now!

Don’t you love the kitchen below? Wow! The hardware is just what I’m looking for if I were going to change out mine!


And lastly, we desperately need a new refrigerator. We have had our current one for over 27 years! It still runs well but is not very efficient. So it’s time for a new one! I really like this Kitchen Aid freezer on the bottom refrigerator. 


We should be finished our kitchen refresh the beginning of May. I’ll keep you updated.

Our next BIG update will be our master bath. It’s 21 years old and really outdated and totally worn out! We are still saving for that oene and hopefully will start it the beginning of 2018.

How about you? Why don’t you share what needs to be updated in your home? I’d love to see what you might be working on next!


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UPCOMING KITCHEN REFRESH- keeping my farmhouse kitchen updated




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  1. The herringbone pattern for a backlash & new lighting will make your kitchen right on trend.

    1. Restoring or updating a home is so challenging Yvonne, that sometimes we get caught up with what the Big Boxes are selling
      or what is the “Trend”. I had stumbled across your blog as I have been restoring an older home dated about 1902, and fell
      in love with your home because it had so much warmth and charm from your heart with decorating from the little details to the big ideas. Just perfect! I have enjoyed escaping to your blog from taking a break from ripping out and restoring from covered in
      paint to saw dust. My husband and I do the work ourselves. It is so nice to see others tackling on projects and just diving in and doing it and having fun with it, this is my second nature. I think that your kitchen is beautiful like it is but I understand wanting
      to refresh. Refreshing your home is like refreshing your soul when you take a trip to refresh. We all need to do that with our homes.
      I think what you will be doing will be beautiful. Though, I would go on and change out your sink and faucet, and the hardware
      while making the changes that you want to do with the lighting, back splash and refrigerator. The reason I mention this
      is you are wanting to do the lighting that has the oil rubbed to it but then when you change your hardware to the picture
      above with the nickel, I think that you should get a different finish pendant light to match the hardware and faucet and your
      new beautiful refrigerator. I think when you start doing all of this, you are just too close not to go on and do the other finishing
      touches. I think all of this is going to really change for the refresh look that you are trying to accomplish. I will be glad
      when I get my kitchen finished one day. Mine is ripped down to the studs. I walk in one day and just could not take not enough
      light coming though the tiny window that would have been where the sink was. We just ripped out the whole back kitchen
      wall and replaced with 4 big windows similar to the ones above in the picture that you like with the hardware. I love the look
      so much better with the light and the view of the back yard. I will not have not have top cabinets, that will be a design challenge
      for me to figure out for more storage. BUT that is the fun to all of this, our home keeps us busy and young at heart.

      I can not wait to see your new refresh kitchen. You are like my little soap opera for redecorating the home, “Can’t wait to see
      what is going to happen next!”

      Thank you for all your hard work that you do to share with all of us.

      1. Hi Susan, thanks so much for your lovely note. And thanks for your great advice.

  2. Holley Downs says:

    Oh my goodness, I love your current kitchen! Everything about it! But am anxiously waiting to see the new additions.

  3. Denise Moraris says:

    Love your kitchen now! Sure the updates will be stunning!
    We need to change our cabinets. We have foiled wrap cabinets. If you look at them they look ok. But the foil is coming away from cabinets.
    I love all white kitchens and baths!

  4. I will be watching for the finished uodates as we are at the thinking about…and gathering ideas stage to refresh (I really mean totally replace) our kitchen! I love the herringbone backsplash idea.

  5. Ahh, Yvonne, welcome to my current state of affairs! Our kitchen updates were nearly complete at the end of February, and it’s been a total focus on our master bath since the first of March (gut job).
    I chose pendants over my island very much like what you’re looking at. We previously had 2 can lights. I am thrilled with my new look of 3 pendants over my 10′ island. We also purchased a French door fridge. I was happy to forego the exterior water and ice options for a sleek appearance.
    Best wishes on what’s sure to be more successful undertakings in your home improvements.
    Rita C at Panoply

  6. Will be looking forward to your updates, although I love your present kitchen. Really like the look of the new backsplash possibility.

  7. I love your black door and drawer pulls; they add a nice punch of color.

  8. Yvonne can’t wait to see the updates! Currently we have a six” run of granite(same as countertop)for a backsplash & I’ve gone back and forth between the white subway tiles & bead board. I’m leaning toward the subway tile as I think it’s timeless but then I see your current kitchen & lean back towards the bead board!

  9. Oh Yvonne, How exciting. When my parents did a renovation to a house they were left on a lake I asked if I could live in it and they agreed. I went with white subway tile, stacked brick pattern, and love, love, love my LG French Door, freezer on bottom refrigerator.
    It’s very similar to the Kitchen Aid you picture. You will love it!!! Can’t wait to see the finished Kitchen Update!!
    Patricia (NC Coast)

  10. My kitchen is 23 years old. I added a breadboard backsplash about 5 years ago and I love it because it adds a real country kitchen look. You will cry when the bead board goes, but the herringbone will update beautifully! I sympathize
    With a previous comment about foil wrapped cabinets, I too have them. We did not know 23 years ago that they would peel eventually. A very expensive problem. Love your kitchen look now but good luck with your great new choices.

  11. Your cupboards are really pretty and the soapstone countertops are so just beautiful, so glad they are staying. Looking forward to the full update.

  12. erika wilson says:

    I’d take you present kitchen exactly “as is”, in a heartbeat. I think it is perfection! Even your 27 year old refrigerator.

  13. I think the herringbone pattern will look just right in your kitchen. Awaiting to see the final reveal!

  14. I love everything about your kitchen. The herringbone backsplash will add a new dimension….great choice!

  15. Love your kitchen as it is, but I know the new renovations will be beautiful too!

  16. love your ideas! so put together!

  17. Anne Marie says:

    How exciting – can’t wait to see the finish.

  18. Looking forward to seeing your refreshed kitchen. I love all your ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  19. I love subway tile in the kitchen. It is so classic.

  20. BettyAnne says:

    It is hard to imagine your kitchen could be even more beautiful than it is now.

  21. Thanks so much for this post. I am currently planning my kitchen renovation. I would love to know what the finish is on the hardware picture you posted. I can’t decide how to handle my backsplash. I have ceramic tile now and it is difficult to hang anything there. Will you rehang the things you currently have in your backsplash area? I love soapstone too but I have been told it is very soft and has to be constantly treated. I know this is not the case with yours and wondered if there is a difference in soapstone depending on where it comes from? I’m looking forward to seeing your changes.

    1. Great questions, Patty.
      As far as putting things back up on the subway tile, I think I’ll try 3M’s heavy duty hangers that don’t hurt the walls or in this case the tile.

      Soapstone is an amazing product. It’s very very durable and totally inert. It does not stain and you can put hot pans etc right on it. It’s just like any other natural stone, if you hit it too hard it might “dink” but it does not crack.

      I rub my countertops down with mineral oil once a week… no different than cleaning them. You can listen to a podcast about countertops that is very very informative above in the post today. You should listen. It will help you in your decision.

      1. Thank you for your reply. I did listen to the podcast and I’m going to look at quartzite for my counters in kitchen and baths. Do you know what the finish is on the hardware picture you posted?

  22. Sometimes I too think about new counter tops, light fixtures, taking down wallpaper, etc but then my heart kicks in and I am reminded that there are soooo many other places that money could be used other than satisfying my selfishness like my church and or giving that money to our local food pantry. I know you must keep your blog alive but goodness your kitchen is beautiful as is !!!!!

    1. Hi Pam, I agree! I think there is a balance with giving and taking care of your home.

  23. Love your kitchen as it is. It is how I found you! I fell in love with it and dream of one day getting mine like yours. Do like the idea of the tile backsplash though. Can’t wait to see the progress and final project. thanks for all – xx-hb

  24. Julianna Mathers says:

    Your kitchen updates sound wonderful! I have gut renovated one kitchen, refreshed one kitchen, and am in the middle of refreshing another kitchen. Might I suggest marble or ceramic backsplash tile? I fear glass may feel too dated in years to come. I love the herringbone inspiration photo! Also, I have had a fancy bridge faucet and while they are beautiful they are somewhat high maintenance. It made me realize why they started incorporating the sprayers within the faucets!! Having two handles means an extra step to get the perfect warm temperature and one more thing to do with dirty hands and dishes. They are still gorgeous, so just food for thought.

    1. I was thinking the same thing about the glass tile. Although frosted white glass is gorgeous. I’m leaning towards ceramic because marble does stain. Thanks for your input.

  25. I’m taking notes on all your ideas. We are contemplating whether a remodel or a refresh is better. For either, I’m stuck on the hardware finishes. The oil-rubbed bronze gives a great farmhouse feel, but the the shiny chrome or nickel reflects light and helps brighten the space. The herringbone backsplash in the picture did a great job of reflecting light, as well. So many decisions! You make it sound easy.

    1. Thank goodness I can make decisions easily or I’d go a little crazy! I love the look of nickel but it might be a little to “formal” for my farmhouse kitchen.

  26. Kitchen refresh is what is on my agenda. I need need new counter tops so I am anxious to hear your podcast today. I haven’t started looking yet and am open to any ideas. Your ideas inspire me.

  27. Joyce Kennard says:

    You mentioned you removed the Microwave. Did you move it to someplace in your kitchen, or just take it out all together? Have been thinking of getting rid of mine and opening up an all new space.

    1. Hi Joyce,
      I still have the microwave hidden away in the new pantry addition. I would love to get rid of it, but it makes heating up leftovers easy.

      1. Do you have a picture of your pantry with the microwave in it. I’m struggling with a small kitchen and would like to see your solution for pantry storage and microwave, because I can’t get rid of mine either. Thank you.

        1. P.S. Does your cooktop hood actually exhaust to the outside? If not, what are you using there and are you satisfied with how it functions? My cooktop is on an interior wall too and complicates things. Thanks again.

  28. I love all the rooms in your home and yes the favorite is your kitchen. I love everything about it but know everyone has to update with time. IAM working on my kitchen and master bath too.

  29. Mary Jo McGovern says:

    My daughter did her backsplash with white glass subway tile in a herringbone pattern. She also has white cabinets and it looks gorgeous! It is a timeless look that I think you will be very pleased with! Good luck!

  30. I love your kitchen as it is but I think a new backsplash will look wonderful with your soapstone. The pattern is one of my favorites too!

  31. Sounds like you have put a lot of thought and research into your refresh! Can’t wait to to see the finished product.

  32. I enjoy all of your posts! Thanks for your inspiration on kitchen ideas here and in your podcasts. I am currently deciding how much updating to do in my kitchen. I currently have 2 layers of wallpaper (ugh!) that need to go. The top layer is in excellent condition but was done in the 90’s! Should I try that new repositional (?) wallpaper mentioned in one of your podcasts? I am tempted!

    1. I might not put a another layer of wallpaper over the two you already have. I know it’s a horrible job to remove it, but you will be happy when the job is done!

  33. Refreshing a home can make you feel like you’ve moved into a totally new space. Have fun with your makeover! I hope to replace my countertops next year. This year’s project is outside. There is always a project!

  34. You have a beautiful kitchen as is, but I totally understand the urge to tweak it a little bit! The tile will look stunning and will update the look too. I agree with changing out the island light fixture as well. The down lights will give you better illumination for task lighting on your island and I like the oil rubbed bronze finish on the fixture that you have chosen. If you go with a tile that has a bit of sparkle, you will enjoy the light bouncing off the tiles. We have a refrigerator similar to the one you have pictured and we like it.
    Hope all goes well with your refresh!

  35. Donna Milazzo says:

    Your cabinets are so pretty! I love those rounded corners. I’m excited that the podcast is about counters! I am in the middle of trying to choose one for our kitchen, which has LOTS of counter space. It’s black corian now (from the 80’s) and was here when we moved in. Not sure I’m brave enough for soapstone-the two places where I asked about that gave me blank looks :-).

  36. Yvonne, please, please do your research on a KitchenAid fridge. Jordan and I both have one, and we both HATE them. There are so many design flaws. I even wrote a blog post about it a few years ago. For instance, whatever I put on the shelf beside the ice maker always freezes. And three or four ice cubes come shooting out after I have removed my glass from the little handle you push to get ice. The humidity controls get caught on the produce drawers EVERY time I open them. Here’s the link to the post. It’s an old one so forgive the photos: http://the2seasons.com/2013/02/27/buyer-beware/

  37. How exciting…. I love your gorgeous kitchen as it is .. so the “Refresh” is surely going to be AMAZING !!!! Great tip on the fridge…. have a friend that is looking for one for her new home……

  38. Yvonne, I have yuck green formica countertops in my kitchen with white cabinets. We have had them over 10 yrs and live in a 1917 farmhouse. I would love black but not sure if I will really love it so am thinking about painting them. Been looking at Pinterest pages where they have painted formica so I want to try at least one cabinet top(in a corner) to see how it goes and how it looks etc. We do not have the budget to switch out countertops right now so painting is my onlyl option at his point. If you have any info on this from your readers would love to see it. I am listening to your Podcast and you and the ladies are wonderful and funny! Love hearing about how you handle your home issues and you live like the rest of us!

  39. Carol Brooks says:

    Nice job of refreshing.

  40. Carol Brooks says:

    Nice job of refreshing. Did you do away with microwave or put in island?

  41. the kitchen is the heart of the home and this sounds like some beautiful additions to a lovely room!

  42. Good luck with your kitchen update! Your ideas are truly inspiring! I can’t wait to see your newly renovated kitchen!

  43. Kathy Lust says:

    I look forward to seeing your kitchen update ideas. I desperately need to update mine also. Hopefully, your inspiration will be just the boost I need to get going on my own kitchen. Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring ideas and projects!

  44. While I love your kitchen as is I’ll be looking forward to the changes you’ll be making soon.

  45. I love the soapstone. Are you able to put hot pans directly on it? You have a beautiful kitchen!

  46. Yvonne- We finally did a kitchen remodel last year and I got the Samsung French Door fridge (I promise I’m not a rep or sales person!) It looks like the fridge you’re admiring but it has a big “flex drawer” that is perfect for entertaining. It can hold large party platters and the drawer adjusts from normal fridge temps to freeze. I love (and really use) that feature!

  47. Shirley Wisner says:

    Really love the sandstone counter and sink….Beautiful!

  48. Love the marble and backsplash. The fridge is great, too!

  49. All your ideas sound great and its always exciting to refresh! We just moved to AZ and in this home before our belongings arrived we removed the popcorn ceiling, repainted everything, all new trim installed and we put in granite countertops. As much as I would LOVE to repaint my kitchen cabinets my DH is not up for it at all. I would even love to stain them but just can’t get him to change his mind. Next for us is new lighting and ceiling fans ! Looking forward to your photos!

  50. Can’t wait to see the improved kitchen!

  51. While I know you want to refresh your kitchen, it really is beautiful the way it is!

  52. GwenCondit says:

    I’m glad I scanned the above answers to find out what you’d done with the microwave. It’s the appliance I like to have when I want it! I need refreshing in several areas. First is exterior painting! It’s been on the list way too long now. My house is a stucco with the curved tile roof so the color will stay similar to what it is but I’m wanting to pop the front door with a blue I used on a feature wall indoors. I agree with you. It is important to keep your house fixed and current. It is not being selfish but wise.

  53. Paula Taylor says:

    So much inspiration is one place!

  54. My daily morning ritual is a cup of tea and Stone Gable?Love it?

  55. I can’t wait for the big reveal of your updated kitchen. I’m sure whatever you and Bobby decide,your kitchen will be fabulous! I do like the pendent light,I have pendent lights above my work area in my kitchen as well as under the counter lighting and I love them. Happy remodeling???

  56. I am TOTALLY in LOVE with this kitchen!!! Top to bottom…in & out…LOVE it!

  57. Anne Allen says:

    I LOVE your soapstone countertop but I would like to know if you have any reservations about it…..I think it is beautiful but every time I tell someone I want a dark countertop, they tell me I’m crazy because “everybody who has dark counters HATES them.” PLEASE tell me that isn’t true.

  58. I an elated this morning to see you talking about Kitchens, because I am looking to start ours and Counter tops, back splashes, and flooring are what were investigating now. Not familiar with Soapstone but will seek it out, Thank~you!! As always I sometimes do not comment but will follow you all the way!!

  59. Your kitchen looks lovely now, but I’m sure you will be happy with the updates.
    I always love subway tile because it’s timeless.The herringbone pattern updates
    it even more.We have those foil wrapped cabinets which came with this house and
    are peeling away, hoping to put in a complete new kitchen next year.Can’t wait to
    see your final product.

  60. Anxious to see the finished project. Always appreciate your inspiration!

  61. I love your coffee station! We don’t really drink much coffee but it makes me want one.

  62. I am looking forward to your kitchen refresh reveal. My kitchen is in desperate need of an update, but I am scared to death to have our perfectly fine oak cabinets painted. As soon as I decide to go for it, I just know oak will make a roaring comeback in the design world, and there I will be with my white, outdated kitchen lol.
    I will be listening to the counters podcast because mine are tired and worn.
    When we got our new appliances, I picked out the same design fridge you are thinking about getting. I love, love, love the French door freezer on bottom design! However I could kick myself for not getting the ice and water on the outside door. I do a lot of entertaining. I have a lot of kids, and everyone wants to drink ice water! I feel like all I do is provide ice for people! I know you entertain lots too, and it is just one of those features that I think is worth convenience over style. I also got the smudge proof stainless steel, and with my O.C.D. about fingerprints, it has been the best decision for my sanity.

  63. I love your kitchen!

  64. I love your kitchen now but agree with your view that you have to keep updating so rooms don’t get old and tired looking! The new pendants will be spectacular in your space. And that herringbone tile – fabulous!! Looking forward to seeing your refreshed kitchen!! I know it will be gorgeous.

  65. Jacque Avant says:

    I always enjoy all of your updates. You make everything look so fresh and comfortable.
    have a beautiful day.

  66. Carrie Gibson says:

    I can’t wait to see the kitchen update. I have thought about some of the same things. Next on our list is the master bath. It’s in dire need of updating so I look forward to seeing what your plans are for yours. I’m hoping for a frameless shower and new tile or solid surface surround. Haven’t decided yet.

  67. We updated our kitchen when we moved in 6 years ago. I dislike the granite counter tops! They looked lighter in the warehouse than they do in our kitchen. I would love to replace them. I painted all my cabinets, they now need to be repainted or at least touched up! My hardwood floors need to be refinished. I don’t think they have been touched in 20 years! That’s just the kitchen! I would love to update every room but time and money are always an issue!
    Thanks for all your inspiration! I’m excited to see the update!

  68. Pam Morris says:

    Your house is so pretty and clean looking! Makes me want to go home and start on mine.

  69. We desperately need a kitchen update…think 90’s oak cabinets, Formica countertops, and original appliances. Not a pretty picture! I love your current kitchen, but I am really looking forward to your upcoming updates.

  70. The hardware you like is the hardware I have on my cabinets….total redo last winter/spring. Love your plans for your kitchen….an update now and then goes a long way!

  71. I adore your kitchen! I am partial to the oil rubbed bronze too!!

  72. I`am an interior designer and professional garden designer & I Just want to say “Absolutely STUNNING”… Keep up the fantastic work! <3 Annel

    1. Thank you so much! I have no professional training so coming from you means a whole lot!

  73. Kathy Fraser says:

    Hi Yvonne,
    I am a Canadian. I love your website and everything about your home. It took me a while to realize that Farmhouse is my style. I moved from an older home into a cookie cutter new condo. I brought all my “old” belongings to make the space my own. I have an old pine harvest table which actually fits my space well. But I was recently out looking and I saw an old pine Quebec table which I love. It is square,48 by 48, and has gorgeous turned legs and choppy paint which I love. I am just wondering if it is too primitive for my space? How does one come to a decision?

    1. Oh it sounds gorgeous! If you love it then it’s right! You might want to sell your current table to give you the extra cash you need to buy the Quebec table.

  74. Vicki N. Martin says:

    Yvonne, I love your old kitchen. I wish I could take it off your hands. You could then refresh with open space…….
    Well, since that’s not possible, I am thinking about painting over the wood cabinets. My parents had them refreshed years ago but it’s time for something else. My mother loved black and I do too but the kitchen is so small. I think I would like the black floor like yours and the white cabinets and the black counter tops. See I just like your old look. Hope you are feeling much better.

  75. I’m looking forward to seeing what all you do. You will love the new refrigerator but I tell my daughters, someone with grandchildren did not come up with the idea of stainless steel appliances. I have lots of little handprint reminders of the fun we have while they are visiting! Sometimes it is hard to wipe them away!

  76. Darlene L. Underwood says:

    Love your update plans! Although most would envy what you already have in your farm kitchen.

    1. Thanks Darlene, but to keep it looking that way updates are a must!

  77. Portia Read says:

    How to choose when everything is old and tired?

  78. Rebecca Hively says:

    Any chance you would email me your mac and cheese recipe? I can’t find it! Thank you.

  79. I like be your style! Can’t wait to see the updates.

  80. I love your kitchen. The updates will just make it more gorgeous.

  81. I love how you update but still stay true to your farmhouse style. I love your light fixture. Will you install two? The herringbone subway tile in a shiny finish will take the whole room up a notch. It’s becoming farmhouse glam.

  82. Carol Elkins says:

    Your kitchen is beautiful and I can’t wait to see your updates. I think the new backsplash will look great!

  83. My first reaction to this headline was, “What? Your kitchen is perfect!” But after reading your planned improvements, I think they will be amazing. I can’t wait to see it when the update is complete!

    We are in the process of selling our house right now, and I’m so glad we’ve kept it updated. You make a great point about continually investing in your biggest investment. Because we’ve done updates here and there, we are in a good position to ask (and hopefully get) top dollar for our home. Our realtor is super excited to list our house (it should officially be on the market by April 1st) and thinks it will sell quickly.

    Thank you so much for your ongoing inspiration and best wishes that all goes smoothly with your kitchen update!

  84. Tammy Cote says:

    I’m excited to see your updates, Yvonne .. your ideas are excellent. I absolutely love your kitchen!
    May I ask what colour your cabinets are, or will be painted in the future? Are they a pure white, or creamy white?

    1. Hi Tammy, my cabinets are painted with Atrium White by Benjamin Moore. It’s definitely white, but a little bit warm.

  85. Love the ideas and thank so much for sharing! I can be guilty of not making updates so I really needed to hear this

  86. I feel like I am shadowing you on this refresh/restyle journey! I agree – Take care of your home and it will take care of you. I am also planning similar rrefresh projects in my kitchen as well. Paint the cabinets, and replace the hardware, new refrigerator (everything else is stainless steel) and add some tile all the way up the wall where the kitchen sink is located, with a new light over the sink. I can’t wait to see what you do. As always, everything you touch turns to gold!

  87. Diane Ruebel says:

    Hasittingte the microwave sitting on my kitchen counter…no pantry to hide it … other ideas?

  88. Nancy Schipper says:

    Love the new ideas. You’re so right about keeping a home updated. We sold our previous one in two weeks and this was in October when the season was nearing its end.
    We built new. My pendant lights are similar to yours – mine have seeded glass. I have the refrigerator in black stainless. I love it.
    Hope your continuing to heal well.
    Wishing you a smooth kitchen update!

  89. I love your kitchen! We are going to update ours after 24 years! Down comes the border and out goes the Wine red and Blonde yellow!

  90. Cari Boyle says:

    I love your kitchen…if you never did anything new to it I would still love it forever!

  91. Elizabeth Roderick says:

    I can’t say I’d be brave enough to have marble counter tops but I think it’s lovely for the back splash! I agree with you that refreshing our homes is necessary. Investing in your home is good stewardship, should you ever wish to sell.

  92. Deborah Hunter says:

    Thank you for your podcast on counter tops. A lot of valuable information. I have Corian which is decades old and needs to be updated. I love to listen to the podcasts. Love your new ideas for your kitchen. I have learned so much. Thank you.

  93. I also think your kitchen is perfect, but, I also understand the need for a seasonal or yearly update. My next project is adding a small laundry in our mud room, I’m checking out the possibilities, I came up with the idea of having a pop out on the out side of the house since we are remolding the out side it’s a perfect time for this. Next my family room and them the master bedroom, like you (wish I had the expertise you do) am going to tackle the upstairs small storage room. I get so many ideas from your blog I look forward to reading it first thing in the morning. Keep up the remarkable work. Lots of love and appreciation, Bonnie

  94. Can’t wait to se your upcoming changes. I’m sure it will be beautiful. Please check with KitchenAid and make sure they have fixed the problem with the evaporation valve on the refrigerators. Ours was faulty and ruined our hardwood floors. Our KA dishwasher also broke…8 days out of warranty. KA wouldn’t extend the warranty. They have lost my business forever.

  95. Sherrill Baumgardner says:

    I like kitchen the way it is ;however, everyone like to update. I love what you are planning, too. I’ve always heard you can mix fixtures. In that case, while going with the pretty subway tile and stainless appliance, I think I would change
    Faucets to chrome or polished nickel (pricy) . Your drawer pulls can still be bronze. Later on not much to change if you elected to do so.
    Isn’t it fun to hear from all of us that can’t make up our mind on our own changes.
    Have a great Spring

  96. Martha Durick says:

    I think your kitchen is super the way it is. I am constrained by budget concerns and the fact that I live in a zero market!

  97. Karyn McBride says:

    Love your kitchen just the way it is~ although I know it will be even more beautiful with your updates

  98. sherri irwin says:

    I love your kitchen as is!! My cabinets are dark, but I’m afraid to paint them. I love subway tile too.

  99. Love the refreshed kitchen. It’s time for me to refresh mine!

  100. Love the classic black and white

  101. Avis Cooper says:

    Your kitchen ideas sound wonderful!! You will be soooo happy with the style fridge you have chosen. When we moved into this house we had a side-by-side freezer/fridge…and I hated it. There was so much waste space and with very small shelves in the fridge (1/2 the width of the whole unit) you couldn’t put a large dish of anything in it. My new fridge is a delight. I love having to open just one door to get what I want and there are 2 layers in the freezer. I’m sure you’ll realize just how much space you’ll have in your new choice. Enjoy!!

  102. Debra Savage says:

    I love my refrigerator with double doors on top and freezer on the bottom. It’s amazing and great to be able to set trays, and turkeys or hams at holiday/entertaining time.

  103. Christine says:

    Your design/decorating ideas are so helpful to me . Even the simplest of changes can have a huge impact – and I have used many of your suggestions Not only in my kitchen , but in every room of my home . Your blog is my new guilty obsession and I thank you for that !
    One of the recent podcasts you spoke of keeping vintage silver spoons near your stove for “tasting spoons” . Of course , I went to my silver chest and sorted through my collection of spoons and guess where they are now ? Don’t you agree that our culinary creations take on a new flavor using these cherished pieces ?!
    Your kitchen is fabulous as is , but changes are always refreshing .
    The classic subway tile is my favorite of any backsplash – timeless and elegant . Your space is so large that the herringbone pattern would be lovely .
    When my kitchen was done 7 years ago , I did not place any tile on my backsplash . Rather, it is painted , but here is my dilemma … the granite has that 4 inch backsplash at the wall . I would like to place subway tile as my backsplash , but not sure about that 4 inch piece … can it be removed safely ? I am not certain if tile would look right above that piece ?
    Wished I would have had that thought 7 years ago .
    Any suggestions ?
    I have a Kitchen Aid refrigerator like the one you have featured . It is “counter depth” , very attractive , but mine is very shallow . I am forever rearranging items on shelves . Some larger trays do not fit well – always an issue when entertaining . Perhaps yours is larger . Before you choose , you may want to take some of your entertaining pieces/containers to the appliance store for a dress rehearsal . I do like the freezer on the bottom .
    I am delighted to have found your blog . Thank you !

    1. Christine, Thanks for your amazingly lovely post!!!!!
      About your 4 inch granite on the backsplash wall. Have it removed! But have it done professionally. Then you can add the backsplash you wish. I had the same thing at my last home so I understand it well.

      I have another refrigerator in our garage so all big platters etc goes into that one. Thanks so much for your very helpful thoughts! I so appreciate it. Hugs to you!

  104. The the kitchen with the white marble counter top. Could you post a link to it? Can’they wait to see your update

  105. Dorinda Selke says:

    Hi Yvonne we are in the process of refreshing our kitchen as well. I love your backsplash idea – the herringbone pattern is my favorite and the white subway tiles look so clean and fresh. We are hoping to do black soapstone on our counters and reclaimed wood on our island. Good luck with a new fridge. The new ones may be more energy efficient but I say they just don’t make them like they used to !! Will look forward to seeing updates. Hugs, Dorinda

  106. Hi Yvonne,
    All your plans for a kitchen refresh sound fabulous. I too am thinking of refreshing my kitchen. It is in terrible need of a complete gut and redo but we just don’t have the money for that right now. So, my plan is to paint my oak, builder grade cabinets white. Do a faux white washed brick backsplash and a dark counter top with a new sink and hardware/faucet. That should hold me for a few more years before I can do a complete remodel.
    Thanks for all your ideas and inspirations. Love your home and your style.

  107. I can’t wait to see your kitchen refresh! My kitchen needs new cabinets and counter tops, so I’m on the look out for ideas. So many choices, even within the look I’m going for.

  108. regina jones says:

    I love your decorating style. I look forward to seeing the new changes in your kitchen!

  109. I just LoVE your black & white kitchen … you always have such wonderful refreshing ideas, thank you for sharing !
    Enjoy the SONshine, Jayne

  110. Robin Talley says:

    You have such a beautiful kitchen! And your refresh tips are wonderful. I will be using them for my kitchen. I love your amazing tips!!! thank you so much Yvonne!!

  111. Robin Talley says:

    You are such an inspiration!!!!!!

  112. Your kitchen has always been one of my favorite spaces in your home! I love the new lighting you have picked out, and the tile back splash. I love the look of subway tile too!

  113. Karen K from Buffalo says:

    We just got a new refrigerator & dishwasher for the kitchen & I although we had the kitchen painted a few years back, I don’t like the way the paint has lasted, so we will be repainting. Everything else in the kitchen is new. Also, it’s funny that you ask about updates because we are going today to pick out things for our bathroom update. This is one that really needs it & yet I dread as we only have the one bathroom plus a half, so we will be without shower luxuries for a few days. I’ll love it when it’s all finished & done!

  114. We’ve done a few updates over the last 25 years but are finding that now everything needs a serious overhaul all at once-bathrooms-kitchen, appliances, flooring, which will all take time and $$. I’m excited that you will be sharing your kitchen makeover, we need some ideas!

  115. Definetly think changing out the chandelier over the island with the pendant lights will make a huge “updated” difference! I love your kitchen!!

  116. Your kitchen inspired my kitchen update!! I have white cabinets with black granite counters, and new sink and fridge! My stove must go soon but we’re stretching our budget as it is, so it must wait….Keep up with your vision, because many of us are inspired by your ideas!!

  117. Love the herringbone design you are using. Can’t wait to see the changes.

  118. Melissa W. says:

    I Love Love your current kitchen ! But I see where u are going with the updates ! Can’t wait to see the refreshed look! I’m sure it’s going to b amazing ! ?

  119. Kathy Gilman says:

    I do love your kitchen. I have a light over my kitchen table that I also want to change, so now you have me thinking!!! I’ll be watching to see what you come up with. I have no doubt it will be spectacular.

  120. Nancy Mattox says:

    More beautiful coming! The home may be large but it is so cozy!

  121. Kathy bruns says:

    Feeling blah, but you always give me encouragement.

  122. Mildred Hoppe says:

    Looking forward to seeing the updated kitchen. Always love your ideas and special touches.

  123. Sharon Kyle says:

    I adore your kitchen as is, BUT, your plan for updating sounds even better. Look forward to seeing the pictures of the update!!!

  124. Avril Crundwell says:

    I love your kitchen…it’s been a constant referance for me as I imagine updating the kitchen in the house we are currently purchasing. My biggest decision challenge is whether to go with black counter tops like yours or grey. Any thoughts on the matter? 🙂

  125. Your kitchen is lovely. I always check your updates for ideas for my own kitchen. Thanks for sharing

  126. You are so talented with bright new ideas. Would Love to see what you would do with my house.

  127. Looking forward to what you do. I love your kitchen as it is, but I know things get worn and tired looking over the years. My kitchen is very old-fashioned. I do not have nor use a microwave or dishwasher, so I’m happy with that. But my counter is a very old, stained white formica. No money to replace it right now, so I’m probably going to do a faux paint job on it, though I’d really like to have butcher block counters. I’m going to use beadboard wallpaper on one wall and the ceiling, add some moldings, wood shelves, change the cabinet hardware, and light fixtures. And I’ll be removing the old wallpaper border above the cabinets and doing some homemade decals of herb names and illustrations in Italian, French, and Spanish. I can see it all in my head. I’m sure you do the same thing!

  128. Great post, Yvonne. I love all the ideas you will be incorporating. I really love your soapstone, as well.

    If you think about it, shoot up an arrow of prayer for me. Your blog has inspired me in so many ways, and I feel I may be receiving a gentle prodding from the HS to endeavor on this journey of blogging. I’m praying about a ‘niche’ (of which I have several, I think), and also about time (of which I know it must take a lot of). The Lord seems to be opening doors, but I want to be sure this is from Him, and not me. 🙂 Thanks, Yvonne!

  129. Love all that you do, you are very clever and you are one of two blogs I read daily. The other blog, your friend, said you use a Dremel tool all the time. I recently was given one by my husband but am unsure what to use it for, can you suggest some uses, please. Thank you so much. Love you Susan from California

  130. Dearest Yvonne,
    Well, we LOVE our white kitchen of 20+ years but I would never ever again select cabinet doors that are not smooth.
    Still missing my most perfect white kitchen from Italy… That was easy to maintain neat and clean.
    As for color, white to me is still the very best for all seasons and even looks fresh and friendly during rainy and dreary days.
    There is always something we can improve for more convenience and efficiency!
    Sending you hugs,
    Mariette’s Back to Basics

  131. Ah, you are spot on when speaking of the balance of being happy with what you have vs. being overwhelmed at the thoughts of an “update”, (which in my case usually turns in to more than the hubs bargained for)….. 🙂 Of course he loves it when we spike the ball on yet another project- it’s just between the “before and after” he questions my sanity or lack of. #foreverevolving

  132. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Yvonne, your kitchen updates will be lovely! Love all your ideas! You and Bobby do such a great job with all your updates! You will really enjoy your kitchen once you are finished with it.

    Blessings and have a great day!

  133. Teresa Gonzales says:

    Love your ideas on refreshing your kitchen. We are thinking of doing it too our house too… love your ideas!

  134. kathy olson says:

    I like your beadboard backsplash, but the new one you want will look nice also.
    They don’t make refrigerators like they used to. I think it’s great you had that one for 27 years! I think Kitchenaid is a good choice. We bought LG and I haven’t been crazy about it at all.
    I look forward to your kitchen reveal!

  135. debbie herrera says:

    So many great ideas

  136. I love how clean and fresh your ideas are and always enjoy the excitement of what you will come up with next.

  137. Lisa Gruber says:

    Always inspired by photos of your lovely home and home projects!!

  138. I like your farmhouse kitchen. I like your gingham shade above your sink. Hope everything goes smoothly with your refresh.

  139. Sandee Waller says:

    Always love a refresh!

  140. Sandee Waller says:

    Convince my husband that a little change is always good.

  141. Maggie Nelson says:

    Love your black and white kitchen as is but after your refresh ideas it will be beautiful. I heard the podcast and always appreciate the good tips you ladies gave us.

  142. You have a beautiful kitchen but I think your planned updates will be nice. I am a big fan of subway tile and the herringbone patternis very classy. I vote for the the new refrigerator!! Hope it doesn’t get too messy!!

  143. Excited to see what you do with your kitchen! Ours is in need of drastic makeover..so looking for inspiration from you.

  144. genie steger says:

    Yes your kitchen is lovely but the updates or refresh you are doing will make it even more beautiful!
    We had had hoped to change our pot rack and chandelier to accommodate our beautiful big reclaimed wood farmhouse table, but that will have to wait until next year…This year we are painting the ceilings (which suffered some damage waiting for a new roof)and all our white trim and molding…but always some good or refreshing comes out of every project….the built in hutch/bar cabinet will be painted white to match all the other woodwork, I don’t know what the builder was thinking to leave it natural OAK…

  145. I love all your ideas.

  146. Love your blog and designstyle

  147. I am looking forward to your kitchen refresh. I, like many others, think your current kitchen is wonderful; however, I know that the “new” kitchen will be gorgeous!

  148. I love the white subway tile in the herringbone pattern.

  149. Oh no question about it, our 26 year old Master bath needs a complete remodel! I wouldn’t turn down a new fridge either!

  150. Elizabeth Anne says:

    It’s hard to wait to see the redo of your kitchen. There is on thing in particular that stands out about you entire home. For me that is your uncluttered rooms. That’s what I love about your home.

  151. We have a brand new home, but it did not have a proper black splash, it was only a 6 in. piece of quartz matching the counter tops so we are adding white subway handmade tiles just like what we had in our other home. They are by Sonoma tile company and they have a beautiful glaze that has more life than the flat Daltiel subways. I am doing a traditional brick pattern because I know I love that and it will be timeless. Simple, but I Think it will make a huge difference!!! Love your plans!

  152. Love anything galvanized! So I love your galvanized accent pieces. I just bought a galvanized round try for my kitchen table today!!

  153. I love the subway tile and hardware in the photo above. I am planning for new cabinets in the next 9 months. My master bath needs a refresh also. I just finished my family room so these rooms will have to wait.

  154. Mary Hargett says:

    for such a time as this!

  155. I don’t think your current beadboard is too outdated for your kitchen, but understand the need for a change, as well. Beadboard is a classic that will always be around, but subway tile is a classic, too. The herringbone pattern is a nice change of pace to the traditional.
    It will be exciting to see the end result!

  156. Karen Mosher says:

    Love the herringbone back splash! Totally agree with you about keeping your home current … my husband and I are looking to downsize. Can’t tell you how many houses we’ve looked at that haven’t had any updates done since the home was built.

  157. I love your kitchen, Yvonne! It’s very charming and welcoming. I used white subway tile for my back splash, and it’s lovely, but I kind of wish I had used bead board so I could hang things on the walls.
    But, I will look forward to seeing the refreshed kitchen. The light you picked out is great! ?

  158. Stephanie Wardlaw says:

    I love the crisp clean look of this kitchen, and look forward to seeing the updated version. We our the fourth generation to live in our family home, and your site has been inspirational for me (us) as we consider updates to some rooms, and slight modifications to others. Thank you so much for all that you share, for the heart (devotions) and the home (decorating).


    1. Stephanie Wardlaw says:

      * our should be *are…

  159. You are inspiring !! Spring is here and am so glad !I love a white kitchen and am adding a bead board back , splash now, guess I’m behind everybody else !!

  160. Teresa Alexander says:

    Ooo!!! I do like the subway tile with Herringbone pattern! Really pretty!

  161. Love your ideas. I just refreshed our kitchen, painting our maple cabinets I’m happy with my white tile backsplash, but I want new quartz countertop which I have to wait for until I do phase 2 in the summer.

  162. I am starting to re-do my kitchen but feel I should postpone it in order to have more time to ‘learn and absorb’ your ideas! I love your kitchen and love your style Yvonne!

  163. As a child we rented a house that had a black white kitchen, from my memories I always wanted that for my home, but we built a Ranch Style in 1973, and never felt that that style suited the style, we remodeled 2 years ago but I went with more traditional to fit the house again, so guess I will not have my black white kitchen, but do like what I have, and will always have my memories.

  164. Pam Griner says:

    Oohh…I am inspired to update!!

  165. Love your black and white kitchen.

  166. Love your beadboard and I wish I had done that. I did tiles but I think I love your kitchen look w the beadboard more.
    Can’t wait to see your choice!

  167. Rebecca Neustel says:

    I love your kitchen. It’s so warm. The pendant above your sink is just what I’m looking for. Do you remember where you got it? Thanks

  168. Karen Cadden says:

    Your idea of using the subway tile in a herringbone pattern is terrific! We are all going to be looking forward to your progress.

  169. So what did you do with your Microwave when you took it down from over the stove? I would love to get rid of mine, but my family uses it too much.

    1. It’s hidden behind the doors of my pantry add-on. I would like to get rid of it too!

  170. OH I love your current kitchen, it looks updated and classy. Can’t you just pretend you redid it and do some other room? Not that a new one will not look lovely, but what you have is so warm and inviting like I want to com sit and have coffee.

  171. Bernadette says:

    Looking forward to seeing your kitchen update!! I think you are doing just enough for a beautiful refresh!!

  172. Can’t imagine it could get any better but I know that you will prove me wrong! 🙂

  173. Suzanne Davis says:

    I love your kitchen ideas for your mini re-do. It will refresh and update for sure! We are in the process of a complete kitchen remodel that has taken me a while to decide on every detail. Because of you, I am getting soapstone countertops on the perimeter with white cabinets, a blue island that matches the knobs on the Thermador Range. I always like to hear what you are updating!

  174. Listened to the Podcast and made my way over from My Soulful Home. I just realized for some reason I am no longer getting your email updates so signing up again. I love your kitchen. I am smitten with your soapstone counters. And the way your cabinets are built to look like furniture pieces is genius. I can’t wait to see your update, especially the backsplash. I think that will be a lot of bang for the buck. My kitchen wants to be like your kitchen when it grows up.

  175. Its so stunning already ! So look forward to your new ideas & updates .I hope to one day soon add a sunroom on here. Thanks

  176. Betty Campbell says:

    thanks for all your creative ideas

  177. Frances Hurst says:

    Small updates to rooms are so much fun to do! Our master bedroom has seen several small changes this spring, the latest being a soft gray rug under the bed. I also repositioned the armoire and did a new vignette on top of it. Next to it I moved a chair and small table and reading lamp. And the sofa now has a pretty coffee table which was given to us by a friend who no longer needed it. I painted it a fern green. The table behind the sofa was restained a dark espresso and has a tray with a flower arrangement and a few other things on it. I love it all so
    much that I walk into the room during the day just to enjoy the space!

  178. Candace Geldreich says:

    Can’t wait to see

  179. Kristine Grego says:

    Isn’t there always something to be done around the house? We just finished a complete gut renovation on the kitchen. What a huge undertaking! I do love my new kitchen though!

  180. I LOVE your current kitchen!! I have been doing updates to ours too and have received many ideas from you. I totally understand you wanting to make changes. Can’t wait to see them! Best of Luck in your updating.

  181. Love your new ideas! I want a new kitchen.

  182. I love your kitchen as it is now, and I’m sure I will love the newly made over kitchen. Everything you do is amazing! I cannot wait to see your new kitchen. We updated our kitchen last spring and now it is our favorite room in the house. It was a big mess for several weeks, but now we know it was worth it.

  183. Your current backsplash is darling and very farmhouse style. But I do understand why painted bead board is not the best choice for a kitchen the is heavily used/loved. The constant cleaning takes a toll on the paint finish! I think marble subway tile would be a great complement to your sandstone counters. I know whatever you choose will be beautiful! Have fun with your refresh!

  184. I love how the greenery pieces brighten up the space with the black and white. Very cozy yet fresh!!

  185. Katie Devine says:

    I love what you are planning for you kitchen. Small steps but I agree, just the right changes for now. You have a knack and good eye for how to gradually switch things up. I love the herringbone subway tile idea and also the new pendants. Can’t wait to see the finished product?

  186. My husband and I have been at it since September 2016. Working so hard on our remodel and at least 3-4 months left. Tired muscles and dust on everything but we are starting to see very pretty results. Inlarged our kitchen to almost twice the size and I’m here to say we are tired for we are doing the work our selves. There is satisfaction in that however. My husband can do anything. The sad part is !!! Is that we are 60 and it is hard on the body but we wouldn’t go back for NOTHING

  187. Judi J. Benestante, Ph.D. says:

    Love the kitchen as is, but understand wanting a change. keep us informed. Excited for you. Thanks for sharing. judib

  188. LOVE your kitchen! I can’t imagine it getting any better!
    I was wondering if you have any close ups/enlarged photos of your menu board over by the stove?
    Thank you for sharing your talents on Pinterest.

  189. I’m really looking forward to the changes! I really like that hardware you shared as well.

  190. Oh all your plans sound so pretty! My vote is for the marble herringbone backsplash. I think it would add just the right subdued pattern in the veins and blend beautifully with your counters. I laughed when you asked us what updates we needed in our home. I think it is better for me to ask myself what doesn’t need updating! We purchased a home last summer that is about 19 years old and are slowly updating…trying to creatively stay within a budget for all of it. We do most of the work ourselves, so time and patience are the greatest need! Looking forward to your update and remodels!

  191. Very excited to see your updated kitchen!! I cannot imagine it being any prettier than it is now, but I’m sure it will be!! Love your pendant light choices, and also love the subway tile in the herringbone pattern. The irredescence of the tile in your sample picture lends such a warmth to the kitchen!

  192. Love the light black and white over the sink where did you get it??..❤️Your style can’t wait I read and see what takes place

  193. Redoing ours now. Waiting for new cabinets to come in. I can’t wait till its all done. Been getting some great ideas.

  194. Julie H from Michigan says:

    I just love your kitchen. But I understand why you want to refresh it. Can’t wait to see it!

  195. MaryLisa Noyes says:

    We finished our kitchen remodel a year go this past January. It was a total redo and I love it! I used subway tiles as my backsplash but used a herringbone design in marble as a feature behind the range. Looking forward to your results!

  196. My house is 27 years old and I’ve updated most rooms several times over the years except the alder (medium brown but in excellent condition) kitchen cabinets. I keep flirting with painting them white but that would also mean replacing the dark granite and creamy Tuscan backsplash. Help! How do I overcome my frugal self? Any money saving tips you’ve acquired in your refresh efforts? BTW, I LOVE your podcast! I feel like I’m sitting with all three of you sharing ideas with kindred spirits. Just want to let you know how much your time and effort are appreciated!

    1. Thank you so much, Chris! We really appreciate the encouragement! I think the dark granite would probably work well with lighter cabinets. I’d need to see the Tuscan backsplash. How about painting the cabinets the color of the Tuscan backsplash instead of white. I bet that would look very pretty.

  197. Dianne Lanier says:

    Your kitchen is beautiful. Which paint did you use, and what shade of what h it’s?

  198. I’m looking for a hanging bar with hooks for my coffee station. I’m up for any suggestions as to where I can purchase one. I’d like a substantial looking pieces like the two you have in your kitchen.. can you help this girl out? Thank you for sharing your home and talent with us, Yvonne!

  199. I love the podcast about countertops! I am looking for new countertops for the older home we just purchased. I love the tips about soapstone. It hadn’t even been something I considered, but I will now! I also wondered about butcher block countertop. I really like the look, but am not sure about the care it needs. I also love the beadboard backsplash! Did you varnish it to protect it from splashes? Hopefully you will be covering this in another podcast soon! I love listening to the podcasts and can’t wait the the next one!

  200. You’re very inspirational, you make every corner quite lovely.

  201. I need to paint my living room, hallway, and master bedroom. My bedroom is not terrible but I do want to do a gallery wall and eventually I want to redo the furniture (which was handed down to me from my parents) and hang new curtains. It would be a nice improvement.

  202. Hi Yvonne,

    How exciting to have a kitchen refresh! Like you, I really love your white cabinets and black soapstone counter tops. My kitchen is very similar and I chose the white subway tile for my backsplash. It is economical and classic. Love it. I do have a bit of advice about your herringbone pattern choice. Look again at the photo you shared. What do you see first?? The herringbone backsplash!! I chose to have my cabinets and countertops be the focus…what you see first….not my backsplash! I think you might be happier in the long run if you choose a simpler pattern for the backsplash.
    Whatever you decide, have fun and enjoy the process!


  203. I also want to suggest you reconsider your choice of refrigerator. My husband and I recently build our dream home. It was a custom build home in which we took very few budget shortcuts. We bought the refrigerator that you are considering and have had numerous problems with it. Love your blog.

  204. Love your kitchen, and would love to use soapstone like you do…how do your like your soapstone sink? Do you mind that it juts our a bit from the counter? Is it durable as well with pots and pans in the sink? My kitchen re-do will be a gut job, hopefully opening up to the dining room and raising the ceiling!
    Love your light fixture choice over the island! Good luck with all l the work!

  205. Sue Knight says:

    It will be even more beautiful when you are done. I’m considering bead board for my backsplash.

  206. I so love your style.

  207. Michelle Patrick says:


    I love the white backsplash tiles in the above photo but the company you referenced is not taking orders currently. Would you mind giving me the name of the tile so I can order it elsewhere? It’s just perfect and I’m so happy to have found it.

    Thank you!


    1. I’m not sure of the name Michelle. I think most tile places carry something very similar

  208. Christine Pennington says:

    Hi, I found your blog and love the shiny white herringbone backsplash! I’m trying desperately to find the same tile. Do you have any idea where to find it? Did you do an update on your kitchen? What did you end up doing? Thanks!

    1. Christine, we are still working out the details. I’m very slow doing major reno’s right now because of my business. I’m still considering the herringbone.

  209. alexandra scott says:

    Hi, I’m a homeowner on our second complete kitchen renovation in a different house. I love these ideas and have really been trying to decide what to do about the details of our reno.

    I love the bamboo types of blinds in the last kitchen picture above where you talk about the hardware. Any idea where to get reasonable bamboo shades these days?


    1. Yes, I found “cut and go” bamboo shades at Lowes. They were a nice quality!

  210. Vonda Bridges says:

    I love the light over the sink, would you mind sharing where you got it. I’m doing a remodel and it would be prefect!
    Thanks, Vonda

      1. Vonda Bridges says:

        Hi again, I’m sorry I must have not been clear with my question, I would like to know where the light fixture over the sink came from!

        1. I found it through my kitchen designer. I don’t have a source. sorry!