Tips For Decorating A Small Space For Christmas

Looking for ideas for decorating a small space for Christmas? Get space-saving ideas and festive tips to make the most of your limited space and create a cozy holiday room.

The first thought I had when the movers were carrying the sofa into our small sunroom was not how everything would look now that we were finally moving in. Or how beautiful the scenery would look from our panoramic windows in a few weeks when the leaves started to turn. Oddly, my thoughts turned to Christmas, “How will I ever decorate such a small room for Christmas”?

That was four years ago, and happily, I learned you can decorate a small room and do it with grand holiday flair. Even with a tree! Here are some super easy tips and ideas for decorating a small space at Christmas.

Today, I’m sharing my sunroom dressed up for the holiday season.

Our Small Space

decorating a small space for Christmas- SUNROOM WITH WINDOWS

Our sunroom is the smallest room in our home. It has windows on three walls and is open to the dining area. This makes it a room with very pretty views of the golf course but not an easy room to decorate, especially for Christmas!

This room comes by its name, honestly! The sun streams through the windows all day.

This is our fourth Christmas in the Tanglewood House. So I’ve learned a few things about decorating a small-ish space for Christmas, and I thought maybe some of you have a room that is small too that you would like to decorate.

decorating a small space for Christmas tree in sunroom

By using some of these easy tips and a bit of creativity, you can decorate a small space at Christmas to look merry and festive!

Keep Holiday Decor Simple

decorating a small space for Christmas- chair in sunroom

The biggest thing I learned when decorating our small sunroom is to keep the decor simple. It’s important not to clutter tables and other flat surfaces with lots of decor and to keep floor space free of Christmas decorations! When square footage is limited, our mantra should be…

Keep Christmas decorating simple.

Choose A Color Story And Theme

Choosing a color palette and a theme are the first things we should do when adding holiday cheer to a room in your home.

The colors you choose for decorating a small room should…

  • Work with the colors you already have in your room
  • And work with your overall Christmas color story for the rest of your home.

How To Choose A Christmas Color Palette has tons of information and ideas, as well as Christmas color stories you can use in your home.

A theme sets the mood for your room and helps to tell a story. Here are a few themes and items to use to express the theme in a room…

  • Snowy and white- faux snow, white pillows, lanterns with white twinkle lights.
  • Woodland- pinecones, evergreens, deer sheds, and birch logs.
  • Traditional Christmas- popcorn and cranberry garland, plaid Christmas pillows, poinsettias, holiday wreaths.

Go through your Christmas stash and see what items you have that will create a festive, calm, or cheery theme.

Bigger Is Better, And Less Is Best

christmas vignette

No matter what room you are decorating and at what time of year, I am a firm believer in the saying, Bigger is better, and less is best. Even in a small room like a sunroom and especially at Christmas.

In other words, it’s really important to make a room look festive without a lot of Christmas clutter. There’s that clutter word again!

A Tabletop Tree Is A Small Room’s Best Friend

tabletop chrismtas tree

Nothing adds Christmas cheer to a room quite like a tabletop tree. So think about adding one to any small space or small apartment! There are so many small trees to choose from! A tabletop tree brings lots of festive cheer to a small room. Festive Tabletop Trees For Every Room is the ultimate guide for choosing and using a tabletop tree.

And How To Decorate A Tabletop Tree Like A Designer will show you step-by-step how to decorate a tabletop tree.

We have had a tabletop Christmas tree in the sunroom every year! It’s the perfect size for a small space and adds so much holiday spirit! Because a tabletop tree does not take up precious floor space and is often quite small, it is the perfect focal point and Christmas addition to a room that is on the small-ish side!

This year we put the tree on the bench we recently put in the sunroom. It sits in front of three windows that overlook our golf course.

close- up of a tabletop tree

One beautifully decorated tabletop tree in a small room might be all the Christmas decor a room like this really needs!

A Mini Tree Will Work

If your room is too small for a tabletop tree, find a mini Christmas tree and add it to your small room. Tuck it next to a lamp on an end table, or if your room has a mantel, make a grouping of different-sized trees. Because a Christmas tree is so symbolic of this holiday, any room that is a living space should have a tree in it!

Adding Fresh Or Faux Greens And Organics

decorating a small space for Christmas- red Christmas ball

Almost any time I talk about Christmas decor ideas, I talk about adding greenery or other organics. Adding what we find outdoors this time of year is something you want to bring inside, whether it is real or faux! And adding a vase or container of flowers is always in season, too!

Other Organics

A red Christmas poinsettia sits on the end tables. Just a little something organic, and that works with my color story! It brightens up that corner of the room.

decorating a small space for Christmas- poinsettia on an end table

A Christmas home should use beautiful organics!

Vignettes And Decorating A Small Space For Christmas

decorating a small space for Christmas- Christmas vignette

Flat surfaces in a small room are prime real estate! They are precious! And should not be cluttered with lots of unruly Christmas decor! Remember my first tip! Keep it simple. Vignettes corralled in a basket or tray are amazing ways to add Christmas decor to a small space! Our eyes love items grouped together.

This year, I made a simple vignette to reflect our Christmas color palette. By grouping candles, a small arrangement of hydrangeas and greens, and a Christmas ornament, this centerpiece is big on Christmas style. Our eyes perceive three things in this vignette, as they tend to group like objects together. And our eyes love items in threes! The Magic Of Three will help you to understand this interior design concept and give you lots of examples and ideas to decorate your home.

Think about creating a Christmas-inspired vignette on the coffee table or dining room in your small space.

Using Collectibles

You can add a few Christmas collectibles in a small room. This year I chose not to add any collectibles, and that’s okay! I thought any more decor in our sunroom would make it look too busy!

Instead of adding all the reindeer or trees in your collection to a small room, pick one or two, or at most three items, and group them together on a coffee table or shelf.

Decorating With Collectibles will give you lots of tips for ways to use them when you decorate for Christmas.

Pillows And Throw Blankets

decorating a small space for Christmas- sunroom

Because space is of premium value why not add pillows and throws to our sofa or chairs to add holiday decor?

Throw pillows and pretty decorative blankets in Christmas motifs or in your Christmas color palette will add coziness and warmth to your small space!

Other Christmas Decor

Wreaths and garlands, and other Christmas decor like gifts wrapped with pretty ribbons, baskets of pinecones, and nativities are wonderful things to add to a small room. Just don’t add too many at once. Choose a couple different Christmas elements to add to a small room! And don’t add too much of one thing! It can look overwhelming!

We hung little wreaths on the inside of all of our windows. So we have eight wreaths in the sunroom windows.

Christmas decorations can be beautiful and festive in a small room! Just keep it simple and follow these tips!

Do you have ideas for decorating a small space for Christmas? Please share any tips you have in the comments.

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A small room does not need lots of Christmas decorations. The best way to decorate on a budget is to use what you have. Keep it simple and festive.

You might want to think about getting a tabletop tree and elevating it on a small table or bench. If your room is too crowded for a tabletop tree get a couple pretty small decorative trees and make a vignette with them on your coffee table.

Add a couple of Christmas decorations like a tabletop tree or a bowl full of pinecones and fairly lights. And add pillows that use Christmas colors. Remember, simple is best.

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decorating a small space for Christmas- pin for post

Happy Christmas decorating, Friends!

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  1. I love your sunroom and the Christmas decorations are perfect! Where did you get the little black pedestal table next to the chair? I need something small like that!
    Merry Christmas!!

  2. Happy holidays Yvonne!
    The sunroom is perfect and calm. I really love your area rug and was wondering if it is still available and its source. Many thanks, Elle

  3. What a beautiful room. You always decorate it’s such class! What is the size of your sunroom?

  4. I love your sunroom.The windows are beautiful with the wreaths.The tree and the touches of red compliment the room making it festive and cozy.

  5. Your sunroom is lovely; just enough Christmas decor! I have been searching for your puff pastry apple turnover recipe. I had it on Pinterest, but now it says that page cannot be found.

    1. Sandy, several of my older recipe post had a glitch and were ruined. So sorry!

  6. Wreaths on all the windows and plaid pillows with throws..that’s perfect!

  7. Yvonne,
    I just love your sun porch Christmas decorating ideas. It looks so comfortable.
    May I ask where you purchased the container that the Christmas tree sits in and the size?
    Also, I loved reading about your Christmas story. I hope to finish reading it this afternoon.
    That is truly what Christmas is about!