I recently attended a dinner for one of my favorite ministries. One of the speakers said… “You are blessed to be a blessing”. And I was struck by the truth and weightiness of that statement. YOU ARE BLESSED TO BE A BLESSING! Let’s look at what the word blessing means and how it applies to us…

To see what the word blessing means we need to look at it’s Hebrew roots. The word blessing is…
BERAKHAH.. pronounced “be-ra-kah”
It carries the idea to kneel.
Every word in the Hebrew language is related to an image or action, something a person can sense. There is no abstract imagery in the Hebrew language The word blessing is the idea of bowing or kneeling down in gratitude for something someone has done for you.
So, a blessing is an act someone does for you that causes you to be grateful to them.
And where do blessings come from?
There are so many verses in the bible that talk of God being the source of blessings… “good and perfect gifts”.
In James 1:17 God is called “the Father of Heavenly lights”. Light in this verse is a very Hebraic term for “life and goodness” and also it lets us know that God made the heavens… something God called “good”.
James then goes on to say “who does not change like shifting shadows”, letting the readers know that God’s character does not change. He is the source of blessings and always will be. It is in His nature to “bless”.
So every good thing you have comes from God the Father. Your life, your breath, your health, your family, your food, your home, your job, your children, your pets, your clothing, your education, your talents, your wholesome passions, your car, your money, your hobbies, your SALVATION, the sun, the rain, the breeze, and on and on!
If you are reading this you are blessed. You probably own a computer or iPad or a computer or a cell phone! A blessing most of the world can’t even conceive!
You are continually being blessed by God! YOU ARE BLESSED!
And the reaction all of the blessed of the world should be to “bow the knee” to the Father! We, the blessed, should be thankful.
The apostle Paul says in Ephesians 5:20…
God wants us to be aware of His benevolent hand and love and grace and kindness and mercy that He is filled with for us.
And our reaction should always be a spirit of thanks and gratitude. Make sure you let your Father know by thanking Him for His blessings!
Proverbs, the teaching of the wise to make the young and wise even wiser, says…
We are to take and use our blessing not only for our welfare but for others too! We are to let the river of abundant blessings from God flow through us so we can splash blessing on those that are near and far!
It works like a circle! God blesses you and you thank Him and bless others and God blesses you and you thank Him and bless others, and on and on!
Don’t let blessings stop with you! Be a blessing!
A smile can be a blessing or a kind word or a sweet act or money for a godly cause, or housing someone when they are down and out.  Start with those around you and then widen your “circle”!
Blessings are to flow and be shared. I can’t think of a better way of blessing God, kneeling in thanks, than to spread His blessings in His name to others!
Are you a blessing? Is your life a blessing circle?
Today be a blessing to someone as a way of thanking God for what He has done for you!!!
This week’s memorization verse…

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  1. You see, I told you some time ago that God’s work for you is here, on StoneGable’s blog, as you are a blessing to so many of us.

  2. I have enjoyed this so much this morning. So timely as well. Our ladies ministry team has taken this whole year to be a blessing to our school employees within our county and this morning I delivered 125 blessings to our High school employees. YES we are blessed and as I share with my ladies at every meeting….The Lord came to serve and not be served and we are to be a blessing to others. So timely today for me was your message. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mieszkam w Polsce, uwielbiam Twojego Bloga za wszystko, za inspiracje do domu, ogrodu w menu 🙂 i za to, że tak pięknie mówisz o naszym Ojcu, dziękuję za ten post, który mnie natchnął do modlitwy, wszystkiego dobrego :))

    1. Here is this lovely comment translated:
      I live in Poland, I love your Blog for everything, for inspiration for home, garden on the menu 🙂 and for being so lovely talking about our Father, thank you for this post, which inspired me to pray all the best :))

  4. What precious and true words! Thank you. BLESS you.

  5. I am with with you!! My favorite minister, who has since died, would say repeatedly ‘be a blessing to others’ and that is my mantra…….and exactly as you share in giving a smile, encouraging word, even holding the door for another, being patient and the list really goes on……..Now that I’m able to not work (and BTW that is a blessing too!!), I LOOK for ways to be a blessing. I’m always baking something and giving it away…….bake for our fire/police departments, recognizing postal employees this past holiday as the lines were out the door and returned next day with two mini Bundt cakes for them. Look in your own backyard or certainly once you leave the house…..there are very simple ways in being a blessing to others and won’t cost you money either……try it and what a wonderful feeling for the recipient and joy in your own heart ……..

  6. Hi Yvonne,
    I love reading your Sunday posts. I find myself going from one post to another because they are so interesting. I am a practicing Catholic and have never attended a Bible study group. I started looking on line for one and don’t see anything available in my area (central Massachusetts). Do you know of any Bible study networks that might be a resource? I am just beginning to be active in the women’s group at my local church and plan to ask about this at our next meeting.
    It is so refreshing to me to be able to enjoy your site with the inclusion of Jesus. I applaud your willingness to not bow down to political correctness, but to Jesus instead.

    1. Donna B Oliphint says:

      Hi, Margo, Boston, Amherst, Salem and Springfield all have Bible Study Fellowship classes. As the website states, “Each year, Bible Study Fellowship classes take on a different book or section of the Bible over 30 weekly sessions. Each course goes chapter by chapter, verse by verse, allowing members to better understand the text and gain a more thorough knowledge of, and relationship with, its Author.” You can start at any time during the year. This is an international, interdenominational study that gives you the chance for individual daily guided study, with a weekly class discussion and lecture. When I first joined 30+ years ago there were 4 different studies. Today they have 10, giving an even greater depth of teaching. You will meet so many Christian women as you gain an overall understanding of the Word.

  7. Thank you again for another reminder to thank the Lord for all our many blessings. He is so good. I have so many things to be thankful for. I’m thankful for your blog also. It is an inspiration. Thank you.

  8. Beautiful, Yvonne, thanks for blessing us with this post! Appreciated it!

  9. Margo, I too was raised in the Catholic church and feel there was a lack of instruction regarding my personal relationship with God, as well as rigorous study of the bible. I pray that you connect locally with some women that can share a desire to know more about the Word. I really enjoy Yvonne’s Sunday posts, as well as the following:
    (This is a close friend of mine that continually challenges me to live my faith. I find her lessons to be very meaningful)

  10. Donna Taliaferro says:

    I thoroughly enjoy your blog posts. To be honest though I do not always read your Sunday messages– no reflection on you, just me. I know God through my own personal relationship & it’s private for me. With that said, today’s message struck home. Thank you for sharing. I AM blessed to be a blessing & this is the inner knowledge that often gets me through difficult moments. Gratitude is a mindset for all. Just as it’s said — See Jesus in everything — see gratitude in eveything. Seek the lesson. Give thanks. God bless you for positively touching so many lives. Never stop.❤️

  11. Amen! Thanks for inspiring us is so many ways!

  12. Beth Treaster says:

    A few days ago I decided that my word for the year was to be blessed, and then as I thought more about it, I added blessing. It seemed to me that the two just went together. I have truly been blessed and I pray that I am a blessing to others, which is why I chose the word to begin with. Reading your interesting article confirmed that I had chosen the right word. Blessings to you as your post are always a blessing to me.

  13. Joan Moore says:

    Beautiful words!!!
    Blessings to you in this New Year.

  14. I love what your information on being a blessing and being blessed. So true. I want to be a blessing and a consciousness of this is confirmation of who the blessing orignates from in the beginning. Thank YOU again.

  15. Sherry russell says:

    Thank you so very much for your share today. Thank you for reminding me to thank God for my blessings and that all blessings come from Him. He is so good and I thank God for his precious son Jesus. He is where all blessing flow. I will kneel down to thank God for my blessing and pray I can bless someone today through my Lord Jesus Christ
    Sherry Russell

  16. Sally Brown says:

    Yvonne, Thank you for posting The Blessing Circle and thanks be to God for you!

  17. La Rue Grantham says:

    I enjoy your posts very much. You are a blessing and I feel bless to have found your blog. Thank you!

  18. Gail True says:

    Thank you, Yvonne, for your words of instruction and challenge as we enter 2019. Worshipping Him with a grateful heart.

  19. Every morning I read a scripture and write notes and thoughts in my planner. this Sunday morning I did not have one and here I sit and read your posting. Blessings….. so many to be thankful for. 2019 has already been a blessing for a family member we have been helping out so now we can change gears and add blessing others now. Thank you for sharing !!

  20. Hi Yvonne,
    I last received an email from you on 7th of January and hope you are alright.Best wishes to you and your family.

    1. Check your junk or spam mail. Depending on your mailing settings some newsletters will go to “trash or spam”. Look for it there and put it into your inbox. It should start showing up in your inbox from there on.

  21. Lorie Bailey says:

    I love this! I’m new to your blog and just found this inspiration. Thank you for sharing such thoughtful and meaningful encouragement on being a Blessing. I write out 3 gratitudes every morning and 3 every night as part of my journaling practice, and I have found the more I gratefu I am the more joy that spills out of me, and the more I am a blessing to others. I’m enjoying your blog immensely!

  22. Carol A Landry-Fiske says:

    What a timely message. We have been abundantly blessed. Even in our darkest times we’ve been blessed. I try to pass that on. Yesterday I was able to drop a gift off to a neighbor who is far from home and just recently had his first child. He was so grateful and posted in the neighborhood fb page the personalized gift bag and tag I had made (which is a little embarrassing but he’s like a little kid so excited). Although he is an adult, he is thousands of miles from home and misses his parents. While I do not know all that his culture is I do know that just being there, listening, and helping him adjust to our culture is a blessing for him. Sometimes we need to be reminded that it’s not just things but our time, our talents are what someone needs the most.

    1. The sweetest example of being a blessing! Everyday act of kindness can be so so huge!

  23. Lenora Ayers says:

    Wonderful encouragement with my favorite verse!

  24. Glenda Shine says:

    Yvonne, Thank you for passing your blessings on to us every day and especially for your Sunday posts. I agree strongly with your subject today. When God blesses us, we need to turn around and pass those blessings along. It is one small thing we can do to be a light and an example to those around us.
    I don’t know if Margo is able to travel for her desire for Bible Study. As I’ve shared before, I have a rare form of MS. It is difficult for me to leave home. I have rediscovered “Thru the Bible” they have just put out a new app. The new one has their logo on what looks like blue sky above and green grass below. This app has the Bible translated into over a hundred languages, the chapter by chapter Bible study that will take you through the entire Bible in 5 years and many more options. Their goal is to eventually have this Bible study in every know language and reach all people around the world. There is also a wonderful world wide prayer team. This is a great option for commuting also.

  25. Thank you for being a blessing to all who visit your blog! Our readings in church today were from Paul ( lots of gifts, all from same spirit) and the wedding at Cana. Using our gifts to help others is a blessing. Even if we can’t change water into wine, we can turn chicken into soup for a sick neighbor or friend. It is a blessing to be able to cook for others and “shine our light”. Have a great week – stay warm !

  26. Thank you for being a blessing to me and

  27. Tammy Regen says:

    Thank you for reminding me of all the blessings in my life. You, today, are a blessing to me and so many others who might not have a relationship with Christ!

  28. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Such a wonderful devotional, Yvonne! How I thank God for my many blessings — one of which is you, dear Yvonne! May God continue to bless you as you reach out to so many! Have a wonderful week.

  29. Susan Totten says:

    Thank you for this post today and for all your encouraging posts. Because of you, I have declutteted my kitchen countertops and my dining room!
    I so appreciate all you do, especially your Sunday posts!
    You are a blessing!

    1. Hi Susan, thank you for letting me know. I love what I do because it has such a positive effect on home decorators.