One question I’m asked regularly is HOW DO YOU HANG THAT PLATE ON YOUR WALL. I DON’T SEE ANY PLATE HANGER WIRES. That’s because I don’t use plate hangers and haven’t for years!  There is a much easier way to hang dishes, lids, or any other pottery-type-thing on walls that is safe and cannot be seen.

Look no wires!

I’m not using magic either! But I do have two little secrets…


These little school bus yellow thingies are called Disc Adhesive Plate Hangers. And they can hang almost any dish, plate, lid, etc!

Follow the directions included with the Discs to hang plates (or whatever) Here’s how they work…and yes, it’s that easy!

Just make sure you follow the directions! There are plates hanging on my walls for years and years with Disc plate hangers.

You can see them HERE.


This is a so easy, little DIY you can do yourself to make plate hangers!

You will need two things to hang plates on a wall without wires…

Here are tips that will help you hang a plate small mirror or lids like I did…

  • find the center of the item to hang on the wall
  • place your pop-tab so it will not show over the edge of the plate
  • follow the directions on the glue packaging
  • hang when the glue is cured

Your beautiful home does not need wires showing on the things you hang on your walls!

Do you have another idea for hanging plates on the wall?

If you want to see more of the dining room and links to the sources of the StoneGable dining room go HERE.

This was first posted on June 23, 2015 and was updated July 16, 2019 with new images and content.

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  1. I’ve been using these for years after I found them quite by accident at Hobby Lobby. I love love love them and am so glad to read that you do, too. I also love how you can soak them if you ever decide you don’t want to hang your plates anymore and they come off easily. Love your blog.

  2. I have been using these for years and love them too! If you want to take a plate off the wall and use it on the table, no problem, just soak it in warm water and the disks come off easy-peesy!

  3. these are so interesting! not sure if they are available in the UK but i will research.
    do they leave any residue on the wall or peel paint etc?
    would be keen to know about other uses experiences.
    love, love , love the blog !

    1. You don’t put them on the wall. They have a roundish hanger that goes on a nail or whatever you decided to use on the wall. To remove the disc from a plate they need to be soaked in water. The directions are easy and thorough.

    2. They are definitely available in the UK. I used to have them when I lived in Scotland. I bought mune st Woolies back in the day, so try anywhere that sells household items, picture hangers, etc. Home Goods maybe.

  4. These hangers are the bomb, they do the trick and all you see and experience is a lovely dish, no hanging junk visible. What is also nice about this product is that there are different hangers for different weight plates, etc. Good public service information, Yvonne! I was just telling my daughter about these.

  5. I so love those lids….and I have just started using those discs. i was truly afraid at first, so I tried it on a plate that I did not mind if it fell and broke . . . . and it worked!… I love them and again, love those beautiful lids!! Have a great weekend Yvonne!!!

  6. Diane Dorocke says:

    I, also, love those hangars!! I have been using them for probably 20+ years. And not lost one plate!! Actually, I first bought them in England, but they’re much easier to find here now.

  7. Do they work on rough surfaces too or only smooth painted walls?

    1. The wall does not matter because the Disc goes on the plate and then you hang the plate on the wall using the ring on the Disc to hang it.

  8. Those lids are so pretty….do you find just lids or do you have the bowls/tureens too? This is a perfectly timed post …I’m getting ready to hang a ton of plates and had seen these a while back but couldn’t remember what they were called. Off to Amazon!

    1. I have picked up lids where I find them. They are not easy to come by and my search for them took over a year.

  9. I love you plate and lid displays. Thanks for the yellow stickies idea. That’s ingenious. I’m going to look around where I live to find them. Thanks for the very helpful ideas!!

    1. I’ve not had success finding them locally. That is why I ordered them from Amazon. The prices were great on Amazon too.

  10. I want to know where you found the gorgeous lids – did you just happen to have these lovely things in your home or can you actually find them somewhere without the entire serving bowl – beautiful.

    1. Hi Emily! I found the lids without the bottoms. I found a few at Lucketts in Va. and looked around vintage and antique shops for over a year. I am very patient!

  11. Thanks for the tip Yvonne. I hate those ugly plate hangers. Just always did what my mom did. Adding these to my errand list this weekend.

  12. Linda Southworth says:

    Hi Yvonne! These are such a good idea! I looked on Amazon and Hobby Lobby where they are available and like any product there are good and bad reviews. For some these simply did not work. I am thinking maybe install error as in too much weight, too much/not enough water for glue activation, not waiting long enough to hang, maybe where they are hung as in right at a heat/air register or in direct sunlight ? I wonder if the excessive dry or higher humidity would be a problem?
    You have been using these with positive results. What is your secret?

    1. It’s very important to use one that works with the size and weight of your plate. I have used them for many plates and never had a problem.

      1. I also live in an area that is very humid in the summer and dry in the winter and weather has never been an issue. The directions specifically say to test the Disc and tell you how. I think if the directions were followed exactly they will be okay. But I can only talk about my experience… and I LOVE THEM!

      2. I have used them’ in 2 instances, they were up,for at least 6 months,
        . Then for no reason at all, they just let my tiny, ireplavable plates go.
        Broke my heart. Won’t use them again.

    2. I’ve used them in a shower room and wouldn’t recommend it. At least not on a tile wall. A plaster one absorbs some of the humidity so that would probably work. I didn’t have an exhaust fan which might also make a difference.

  13. Off subject but I love the terrarium on your coffee table and the many ways you decorate with it. Is it available somewhere for purchase? The small one at Pottery Barn just seems too big. Thanks.

    1. Hi Judy, I got my little greenhouse from HomeGoods a couple of years ago.

  14. I love using those little yellow discs too! But, I recently had one fall off the wall…must not have had it dry long enough before I hung it.

  15. Yvonne,
    Perfect timing, dear friend!!!
    Renewal of the Galley Style Kitchen coming this Spring. . .
    I’ve been thinking about plates on the wall, but hate those stretchy wire plate hangers.
    Your tureen lids are gorgeous on your walls!!!
    Again, many thanks for sharing an amazing alternative to wire plate hangers!!!

  16. Want to try these. Do you then nail it to the wall?

    1. Hi Carol, the Disc has a ring hanger on the back of then. We hang them from a nail.

  17. I tried these and I too had 2 fall off the wall. My plates broke also. It was in the middle of summer and I think the humidity had something to do with it. The glue on the back of the disc was sticky and the plates fell. Just letting you know that they can fall and break.

    1. So sad to hear this! I have never had a problem. I always make sure I have he right size discs for the plates.

    2. Karyn Pringle says:

      I have not had such good luck with these discs…they dry, loosen and fall. In my case, they were two expensive plates. I threw the rest away.

      1. Karyn, I would not hang expensive plates just in case something like this happens.

  18. Just recently started using these discs and L.O.V.E them! I found them on Amazon, saw some of the negative reviews, but purchased anyway. Followed the directions to a “T” and have never had a problem! In response to Dawn, the discs adhere to the plate or whatever you wish to hang on the wall, NOT to the wall… guess there should not be a problem if the wall is a rough surface.

    Love your blog Yvonne!

  19. Never knew about these but definitely going to look for them. Learn something new everyday! Thanks for sharing.

  20. Yvonne,
    I love these adhesive discs and have been using them for some time now. They work wonderful! Remember, they come in different sizes so make sure you use the appropriate size disc to handle the weight load of the plate or platter you are hanging. Also, make sure you give the disc 24 hours to adhere as the directions state so you have no mishaps as one reader posted.

  21. Bonnie Keearns says:

    Amazing little gadget . I will have to start hanging plates and lids. Thanks for sharing♡

  22. To have the discs hang an item snugly you MUST SCOUR clean the back of the item, not just wash it. That is part of the directions that come with the disc.

  23. Ellie LaJuett says:

    Thank you for posting this. I need them!

  24. Love this tip! I have never heard of these discs. Your dishes look beautifully. Thank you for sharing!

  25. You’ve just opened up a ‘world’ of possibilities for me — and my polish pottery! Great info, thank you!

  26. I use these Disc Hangers too and love them! They provide a much “cleaner” look. I googled “Disc Hangers” and ordered them directly from the manufacturer/distributor for much less than the prices I had seen elsewhere.

  27. Karen VanLoo says:

    I love to decorate by hanging plates on walls. I have a “Blue room” guest room with antique furniture, and the walls are painted a beautiful blue with blue & white transferware and Blue Willow plates hanging on the wall. Now I want to take down those tacky plate hangers and try these! I’m going to look on Amazon. Thanks for this wonderful tip!

  28. I used the disc from Hobby Lobby and had a small hand painted saucer fall off the wall and break. It had been hanging for at least a year with no problems. I don’t remember what time of year or if humidity had been a factor. I also don’t remember if I followed the directions exactly. I don’t think the weight of the saucer was the problem. I have been afraid to use them again for fear of having something else break. Maybe I will try again making sure to follow the directions exactly. Love your lids, by the way!

  29. I love the picture on the wall of the houses in a row, the colors are perfect for my decorating. Any information where i might find one like it. I enjoy your blogs each day, your decorating style is so stylish yet warm and inviting.

    1. Daniel Kessler is an artist in Washington DC. I bought this giclee on canvas several years ago. Here is his website:
      I got my painting at Eastern Market on Capital Hill. If you live near there it is so worth the trip!

  30. Oh, my goodness! I didn’t know about these. Can’t wait to buy some! Thank you for broadening my horizons.

  31. Great idea! How do you use them with the lids though since the underneath is rounded nit flat like plates?

      1. I had the same question about the rounded lids, and after your answer, would now ask if you needed to use a longer nail? Because of the curve of the lids, I would imagine that unless it’s mounted right at the edge, the little hook on the disc might not be positioned as close to the wall as it would be on a flat plate … right?
        This is wonderful information! I’ve been around a long time, too, but have somehow missed these little gems! Thanks!

  32. I am so trying these! Thanks for the great tip. Now off to find some pretty vintage plates…

  33. Judy MacDonald says:

    Now this is a great tip! Thanks for sharing it, Yvonne.

  34. Hi Yvonne, I have a question for you about your design style, which I love, btw. I know you describe your style as ” farmhouse” and I was over at Savvy Southern Style, whose style I also love, and noticed you both commenting how you love “farmhouse” style, but not so much “country” style. How do you discern between the two? Just wondering as someone who would like to add some of this style to my own home. How do I know if I’m adding “farmhouse” or “country”?
    Thank you!!

    1. What a great question! I think I’ll do a post on that soon. Country was very popular in the 80’s and 90’s. It was very primitive and “cutesy”. Lots of blues, dusty pinks and reds. Farmhouse style uses vintage pieces that would have been used during the early 1020’s until the great depression. Lots of elements that, we today, associate with vintage style… burlap, galvanized metal, old chippy windows, stoneware, enamelware etc. Look for an upcoming post.

      1. Yvonne,
        That is a great idea for a future post and I look forward to reading it. My Mom and I were laughing just the other day about how popular “country” décor was in the 80’s and 90’s. It seemed everyone had a pair of ruffled curtains and a kitchen full of painted wooden ducks, cows and pigs. In the mid-90’s, my Mom went through her “Victorian” stage and to this day I cant stand the sight of anything mauve!

  35. I remember years ago my parents used these, but since then had forgotten about them. I usually use an easel to display my pretty plates because I don’t like the wire plate hangars. Thanks Yvonne for doing a blog on these little guys.

  36. How wonderful! I love these and thanks so much for sharing….Learn something new everyday!

    1. That is one of my goals.Good to know that we are learning something new!

  37. I have used these for years. I buy them at Hobby Lobby. Some of the plates I have used them with were really large and heavy and I have only had trouble with one of the discs coming loose from the plate and falling from the wall. That was after it had been on the wall for several years so I suggest that you check them periodically to make sure the disc is staying put. Otherwise they are great!

  38. Glad to know about these. Do you know if they would work on metal tole trays? Hate to use wire plate hangers for them. Love your blog. So much useful information!

    1. I’ve never used them on my metal tole trays, but it would be worth a try!

      1. Thanks! I’ll try one and let you know the results!

      2. Beverly F. Starr says:

        There are magnetic hangers available for use with metal plates, signs, “magnetic plate hangers”

  39. Hi Yvonne ~
    I just used these today. My dining room is finally complete
    I purchased 6 cute little plates for the sides of my window and these little discs came 2 days ago
    I love how they were so easy to use.
    Just had to wait 24 hrs before I hung the plates. They look so pretty and truly makes the dining room look complete.

    Have a wonderful weekend

  40. Thank you for this great tip Yvonne. I’m passing it along to the man of the house who is in charge of these things. He will love this.

  41. I used something similar for years, bought from Kmart, Big Lots and the like, but haven’t been able to find them lately. I’m glad there’s another source. Mine, however had BOTH sides if one desired. The other side was a little hook that help up to 10lbs. Of course, I used two to be safe for lightweight objects. So wonderful for real plaster walls and 20yrs later, they’re still stuck on. To remove just soak with warm water. Wish I could find THEM. 🙁

  42. Hi Yvonne, I left a comment earlier this morning, however I don’t see it. I hope I’m not repeating myself, but I would like to ask a question please. Have you ever posted anything on the apron plate hooks? I thought I had read where you were going to post something on how we could make something similar to those hooks, but I can’t find it. Love your blog! Look forward to it every day!

  43. Hi Yvonne, I found out about these hangers about 3 years ago advertised in a home magazine. I found mine @ Hobby Lobby. For the ladies that had problems with plates falling & breaking I would suggest following directions & letting the disc dry overnight. I haven’t had any problems with mine falling. Knock on wood. I love your lids on your wall. Love everything you do. Always look forward to seeing what you do next.

  44. Marlene Stephenson says:

    We have Hobby Lobby here so i am going to look love this idea,thanks.

  45. Yvonne, I want your lids!
    Hobby Lobby sells those disc hangers for $2.99 and $3.99–a little cheaper and no S&H!
    Besides using those, I also glue “D” rings with 2-part epoxy–WaY cheaper when you’re going to hang a lot of things!

  46. I bought some about two years ago and love them too! The brown and white transferware in our dining room have them on the back and so do the really heavy black and white transferware platters and plates in our living room. Wouldn’t use anything else now.

  47. I have always wondered about these…… now I have to try them. I just love your herringbone chair…..would you mind to share the source?

    1. The houndstooth chair is a recliner. Very well hidden, don’t you think? It came from Lazyboy.

  48. I use these and love them. I’ve never had a problem with them. My question is with your tureen lids. Since they are not flat assume just the rim rests on the wall so how do you use the adhesive disk on the lid?


    1. Hi Cindi, The Disc’ are pliable and will bend. I was just extra careful in sticking them to the inside of the lid.

  49. Oh my word. No way. What a GREAT TIP – sheesh will my husband be happy about this, haha.

    Thanks – yet again- for making this visit soooooooooooooooooo worthwhile!

    Also, thanks for the FB shout out – you are precious and appreciated.

    Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs.

  50. Thank you for your response, Yvonne! I will be so excited if you do a post on that! I love “blogland” and seeing all these gorgeous homes, but honestly I think it has made it so hard to figure out what style I really love and want for my home. I love farmhouse, French country, traditional, sometimes I even think I want coastal even though I am in Kentucky! It is so hard to discern between all these styles and narrow down to what works for my home. Sometimes I think I need two or three homes!
    Thank you for all your hard work, your blog is such a blessing for me. I lost my mom when I was 21, and now that I have a home and family of my own, I really miss being able to ask her advice. I can’t tell you how great it is to read your blog for guidance on creating a home!
    Thanks again,

  51. Thanks for the idea Yvonne! I plan to purchase some to use in my home. I also look forward to when you post more information about the aesthetics of Farmhouse style. Like Dionne, I have spent a great deal of time struggling with what my design style is. I love elements of farmhouse, traditional, beach, southern, and French country style. I also love elements of the homes found on the east coast, like the Hampton’s. After I found your blog in December and read through the posts, I realized how much I love Farmhouse style. It really struck a cord. Pictures in your post brought back memories of when I would go to my great grandparents’ farm when I was young (in the 60’s) and you made me feel like I had come home. My aunt recently told me that my great grandparents were French Canadian. It all clicked and I finally know the direction I am taking in designing my home. Farmhouse, French Country. I thank you for helping me realize my style and look forward to learning more from you.

  52. Cindy Brooks says:

    Perfect timing! I have a Paula Deen platter I want to hang over my stove. I’m going to Amazon right now to order some. Thank you!

  53. Thanks so much for passing this along! I have mine on the wire plate hangers with the little spring thingies, and every time I’m washing a heavy load in the washing machine, they vibrate and rattle like crazy. I think this product will help tremendously!!!

  54. Yvonne,
    Wow- what a great tip. I feel like I’ve been living under a rock, not knowing about these but what a great idea. I read your blog every day but I just had to comment on this simple tip. I’m running out to purchase some right now. I think these will work great for my artwork as well. Thanks so much!!

  55. BettyAnne says:

    I have used theses hangers from Hobby Lobby on plates. However, I still don’t understand what type hanger you use on the wall for the lids. It looks like the disc inside the lid would be too far from the wall to attach to a nail or hook. Thank you so much for your wonderful blog.

  56. Thanks for sharing this great “almost” magic product, Yvonne! Your plate and lid displays are amazing! Thanks for hosting “The Scoop” with the other hostesses.

  57. I love these discs too, but how did you manage to use them on the back of that ironstone lid? I haven’t been successful using them on my lids. Can you show me a picture of the back? Thanks!

  58. Thank you soooooooo much for the info regarding the discs. Went straight to Hobby Lobby and bought a FEW.
    Love Love Love your Blogs.

  59. I’ve been looking for something to hold a large wooden dough bowl. The challenge has been its size but also the curvature. Have you ever used these on wood? Do you think they would work?

  60. Just want to say thank you for your blog info and sharing. I appreciate the details and the time this must take.
    I ordered 2 dozen of the plate disks. Can’t wait to try them. Sounds like specific directions for them to hold. Thank you.

  61. What great tip! Thanks for sharing Ivonne.


  62. how did you get them to stick (or rather where did you position them) on the lids?
    I found a beautiful pottery lid after seeing this post and I am ready to hang it. but I was just trying to figure out how to position the hanger when the lid is not flat…???
    any help is appreciated!!
    PS I love your posts… they make me want to storm out of work and get all my little projects done around the house!

    1. Discs bend so I just bent them and stuck them down. So glad to hear you are enjoying StoneGable!

  63. Hi.
    Thanks for the great info. I had never seen these.
    I also saw them listed on the Joann’s website.
    I bought three beautiful, but heavy plates that I want to hang over my bed. So I want to do all I can to ensure they stay put and don’t fall on my head in the middle of the night.
    I was planning on buying the largest disc bc my plates are 14 inches and weigh 5 lbs.
    I saw a few people on Amazon mentioned using more than one disc of the larger size or several of the smaller. I am not sure how that would work, either gluing one directly over the other or side by side on the back of the plate. Any suggestions?
    Also, there are a few ridges on the back of the plate, so the disc will not lie flat entirely. Do you think that would be a problem?

    Thanks so much for your great posts!
    Love the ideas and tips!!

    1. Hi Marci, Here’s my thoughts. I would not hang anything over my head that was not totally fastened to the wall. Although Dics have worked perfectly for me, I would not use them over my bed. Old fashioned wire hangers would be my choice. You just never know! I bet your plate display will be beautiful!!!!

  64. Yvonne, try to read and pin most all your things. I, too. love your lids. Had a pretty soup tureen, dropped it and broke the lid. Ended up planting in bowl for a while. Boo hoo

    Anyway, I wonder if you know how what to hang a really heavy mirror with. I saw one I liked a lot, but lady said it would take at least two men to hang it. A man working there said it would take something as big as his little finger and make a couple big holes in the drywall.

    Hubby, was afraid it would break drywall. Did not get it. Just wondering if you knew what to use?
    Have good weekend.

  65. Grandma would correct me on ending a sentence with a preposition. (With). I am 74, but I remember Grandma’s help especially finding something behind the (at)l and if it isn’t there, it might be between the a and t. Loved her.

  66. Sharlotte says:

    This is the smartest thing I have read in a long time! Thank you so much for passing on the information as well as a link for ordering them. I have collected several large white platters in different shapes (fish, Fall, geometrical, etc.) and have them laid out on my dining room table ready to hang. I am also a co-owner of Tiger Lily’s Treasures from the Past and these will be so usefull in putting up displays. Love your blog with all its very useful information1

  67. Yvonne,
    I think you talked about these discs once before – maybe 6 mo ago, and I just ordered some and hung a heavy plate on our wall. I also hung two smaller saucers but these were so easy to use and much better than stretching those awful wire plate hangers with springs on them. I “snapped” myself more than once with those nasty springs.

    Your lids look terrific hanging on your wall. I need inspiration like you share to help me! Thanks.

  68. Thank you for the ideas of the pictures and the plates hanging above. I really like that idea and want to try to do that for my living room.

  69. I’ve used those disc plate hangers also. My daughter has whimsical animal plates arranged on her apartment wall with them. They work very well.

  70. Bernadette says:

    Thanks for a wonderful year Yvonne!! So much inspiration..

  71. I am one of your readers w/a different (and I must admit ~ very strange) display outlook! I have hung several vintage, white, crackled plates (ruined after someone placed them on a hot stove years ago) ~ and plates w/especially wonderful makers’ marks, etc., backwards on our dining room wall. And I love wrapping them w/old rusty wires and plate hangers to display them! Somehow this small peek into lives of the past is a comforting feeling: it transports me back, and I am there ~ right in those days, if only for a brief moment. So your “yellow hidden hangers” one is a cool post I’ll file away for future use, Yvonne, especially if I change my mind about this “rustic” look for some of my displays! (I said I had an odd viewpoint!).
    Ultimately, I very much appreciate the beauty and sophistication of your decor … and I will probably change these before too long! (I have many traditional pieces, as well!) I am a faithful follower, and always look forward to opening your posts!
    Happy New Year to you and yours, and I hope you are well on your way to recovering from your surgery!

  72. Thanks so much for the recommendation for the plate hangers. I will check those out. I have a lot of plates hung in my home but I’ve always used plate hangers.

  73. Kathy Davis says:

    I am delighted to “find” this post today. My hubby thinks hanging plates is out of style, however I love my plates. I am ordering the hangers today as I didn’t know about them until now. Thank you!


  75. You are amazing thanks for sharing love these.

  76. Gail Rose says:

    How do you hang lids !!! My lids are not flat on back like plates are. The yellow things don’t work. Please tell me how. Thank you.

    1. Hi Gail, I use the discs. They work for me. I just glue them into the curve. I hope this helps you.

      1. Gail Rose says:

        Thank you. Going to Hobby Lobby again.

  77. I found the same hangers at a local hobby store to hang a few Aurthur Court plates. This item did NOT work and just peeled right off!!! Very disappointing. I followed the directions but they just wouldn’t work. Glad they worked for you. I just encourage folks to make sure they stick or you could lose your favorite plate.

    1. Wow, they have to be put on just so or they will not adhere. I’ve had my plates etc hanging for year.

    2. I had the same problem. I follow the directions and after more then 24 hours they just came right off.

  78. Can you remove the yellow discs from the plates if the need should arise?

  79. Would this work for a child’s plaster
    of paris artwork?

    1. I’m not sure Candace. The back of plaster of Paris might be too rough. If it is precious then I’d use wires just to be doubly sure.

  80. How do you make the plate hanger with the hooks and aprons hanging off them? Lovely! Thx.

    1. Hi Sue, I did not make this hanger. The plates are glued to the back of a board and the hooks also are screwed up into the board. Hope this helps.

  81. Loved your article on choosing paint. Love your style. Also love your gorgeous white lids. I do use the discs to hang my plates on the walls.?????????

    1. I would definitely wire the plate to the wall. Wow! That’s heavy! Hope this helps, Brenda

  82. Sandy Adams says:

    Love the wall arrangement with two plates. I grew up in Lancaster and my daughter moved to Lancaster last summer with her family because of wonderful memories of visiting her Nana there. I live in Northern Virginia and enjoy going to the D.C. markets to shop. Happy to have found you!

  83. Hi Yvonne,
    Thank you for the great ideas for hanging plates without wires. Just one question… how do you hang the ceramic lids that you have hanging on your walls? Where do you affix the hanger? Thank you !

    1. I use the DISC hangers. See the link for them in the body of the post.

      1. Carolyn Immel says:

        I am wondering if you can show a picture of the back side of the lid to see how you attached the yellow disc? Since the lids are curved I’m wondering how you can get full adhesion compared to the flat service of a plate? Also do you use a longer nail in the wall to stick out more to reach inside the lid? Thanks

        1. Hi Carolyn, there is an image of the back of the lid in the post. I did not have a problem with the Disc adhering to the back of the lid. It gets very sticky! Hope this helps.

          1. Debbie Mrazek says:

            Yvonne thank you for all your beautiful ideas!:)
            I could not find a picture in the post of the back of your lids?? Could you share again here? I have used the discs for several years but never tried them on lids!!:)

          2. Hi Debbie, this is an older post with very relevant content. In our Tanglewood home I do not have the lids on my walls. The disc’s are glued (they have an adhesive backing) to the back of the lids. Easy-peasy! Hope this is helpful

  84. Yvonne, YES I have creatively used the pop top as well and pleased with the results. Recycling/repurposing at its best! Love it!!

  85. Judy Bell says:

    Yvonne, I love this post about plate hangers. I never knew these clever little discs existed. One thing though, the links connect to different products, one of which is the old-style metal plate hanger with wires that are visible.

  86. What do you do if you have textured walls? I have used the command strips and they don’t stay on because of the texture.

    1. You probably have to hammer a tack or nail in the wall to hang something.

  87. Ohhhh Dear Gussie! The pop top hanger is one of your best ideas yet!!! THANK YOU 🙂

  88. These techniques for hanging plates and other objects without wire hangers are great, Yvonne, but wondering about the best way to suspend wreaths from mirrors, shutters, and cabinet doors. I saw your post about using wreaths in creative ways but how they get adhered without damage to the cabinet or mirror would be great to know.

    1. I hang things like wreaths on mirrors with ribbon or fishing wire. Put a big push-pin type thumbtack on the back of the mirror and hang the ribbon or fishing wire on that. Same for doors if you don’t mind the tiny hole. If not put a heavy-duty command hanger on the back of mirrors, doors, and cabinets. Hope this is helpful.

  89. Barbara Loyd says:

    I am a plate collector who has used “plate hangers” before seeing your idea. Thanks.
    I am about to update my kitchen, I would love to see your white kitchen. We have birch cabinets and a white tile floor. I plan to paint our island a bright color. I love your DIY craft projects.

  90. Just stumbled across your wonderful blog. Makes my imagination soar!! Just looking over the hanging plates etc with no wires. I’ve been nervous to use anything but wires on items that are very old and and valuable…I hang up everything on the walls including my hand mirror collection…am I missing something?

    1. Jean, I’m thrilled you found StoneGable! I would certainly not hang anything precious unless it is on wires. Especially if you are not feeling comfortable as I said in the post!

  91. Angela Cbg says:

    I can’t wait to try the disks. I have a couple of chafing dish lids I want to hang. Not sure how you would use the disks since the back is not a flat surface? I feel like if I put the at the edge you will see the ring and if you put further inside the lid it won’t reach the mail.

  92. I have used those discs several times and love them. I have never had anything fall off the wall. My question is how do you hang the lids on the wall since they are curved?

    1. The little hanger on the back of the DISC is movable. So I can position it so the hook on the wall catches it.