Thanksgiving vignette on a coffee table

Late fall is a beautiful time to decorate your home! For me, decorating Tanglewood with a nod to Thanksgiving and beyond is all about organic texture and a less is more approach! Here are some easy and pretty Thanksgiving decor ideas for the living spaces in your home!

view of a neutral colored living room

We have been in our Tanglewood house for two weeks and we are enjoying the process of settling in. I’ve been down in the basement going through boxes (tons of boxes) finding the decor I took with me to our new home to use for late fall!

The great room (not sure what to call this space yet) is decorated with Thanksgiving in mind. I adore late fall! The world in my part of the country starts to take on a muted, sepia stained tone. Yes, the trees are vibrant but much of the countryside is the color of dried corn! Just beautiful!

And I also love the light as it gets lower on the horizon. This house is full of windows that lets in such beautiful sunshine!

Why don’t you use these Thanksgiving decor ideas to create beauty in your home until it’s time to decorate for Christmas.


dried green hydrangeas in white pottery

I take advantage of the last few days of October into November to put most of my fall decor away. I get rid of the indoor mums and real pumpkins which are showing their age by now!

Edit overtly fall decor and replaced it with lots of texture!!!!! The dried hydrangeas are a great example of late fall texture! I picked these dried hydrangeas at StoneGable the last day we lived there.

A less is more attitude towards late fall decorating is a win/win! I have a chance to put away lots of fall decor before I drag out all the Christmas “stuff”, my home gets a bit of a holiday breather and I enjoy a more stripped-down, quiet fall look!


Thanksgiving decor on a buffet

Think about adding some beautiful fall texture to your home this time of year!

I love love love baskets and their nubby natural look! They are a textural delight!

Think about editing decor and adding a few well placed baskets!

buffet with gathering baskets on top of it

You can see my BUFFET HERE.

Another big textural item are my burlap covered books. They look great any time of year but I like to use them to decorate in the fall the best!

coffee table with books, lantern and a fall vignette in a basket


I’m wild (pun intended) about pheasant feathers when decorating late into fall!!!! Aren’t they quintessential Thanksgiving?

My favorite way to use them is to stand them up in a tall glass cylinder! My son-in-law Jonathan goes pheasant hunting and brings me the tail feathers. Sweet man!

candlesticks and a round glass cylinder filled with pheasant feathers

I have also have purchased pheasant feathers from Amazon and they are just as pretty! You can see PHEASANT FEATHERS HERE and HERE.

The fireplace and mantel will soon be getting a makeover. So I’m keeping it simple! The mantel if very narrow!!!!! Do you notice the little stone mouse on the mantel? He’s our house mouse. We found him on the manel of our first house and now he has slept on the mantel of all four homes we have lived in.



large white jug filled with pheasant feathers in a vignette

You knew I was going to suggest you create a late fall to Thanksgiving vignette!

I would have used a pretty faux plant with some very subtle sepia tones but it is still packed away. I found the green one so it will have to do!

Keep a tight color palette and again, keep a late fall vignette simple, textural.


lantern with a white candle in it

As the evenings get shorter using candles and lanterns in decor becomes more important!

Its soft light is so romantic and becoming. And just feels so cozy!

All my candles are battery operated and on timers. I feel a little bit like a cheater but when they go on every evening I’m happy I went this route!

Remember to add some beautiful ambiance to your home with the warm glow of candles!


coffee table with a fall vignette on it

When I decorate for Thanksgiving I love to mix in a bit of natural, unstained wood with the rest of my decor!

Over the years I’ve collected natural wood candlesticks (SEE THE ONES ON THE MANTEL HERE) and lots of wood slices. They make fun risers to give a little height to other accent decor!

Here are more wood pieces that will add to the texture and warmth of late fall into Thanksgiving decor…

  • dough bowls
  • chippy shutters with exposed wood
  • reclaimed wood items
  • trays
  • crates
  • breadboards
great room decorated for Thanksgiving

Late fall is such a glorious time of year. Let your decor during this time of the season reflect it’s beauty!

What are your favorite things to decorate with for Thanksgiving?

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  1. I love how calm your Great Room looks for Autumn. Perfect Yvonne when you think the season follows on from the frantic pace of Summer. I love your mantle mouse, as I too have a white one that sits on our cheeseboard. I love that you were able to bring your special bunch of hydrangeas to add a little, bit more of Stone Gable into Tanglewood.

  2. Hi Yvonne! By far, your blog is my very favorite. Yours captures exactly my decorating style. Can you tell me where you purchased your coffee table?

  3. Yvonne, Want to wish you wonderful memories in your new home. It is lovely and can’t wait to see you put your special touch on it. When we downsized and moved to be closer to family it was quite emotional but my daughter said every time she visited our new home felt and looked like me. Now after 6 yrs it is truly home and I love it. Take you time getting settled and things will fall into place. Your late fall decor looks peaceful and beautiful. Enjoy the quiet time before the holiday madness.

  4. Hi Yvonne
    I can’t believe you’ve only been in your new house a few weeks! It already looks amazing! I love the less is more approach it really has a nice fresh and airy look. I have been on the hunt for a white or off white sofa and it’s unbelievably hard to find the right one. I’d love to know where you found yours and how you chose the fabric or if it came that way.

  5. Things are really shaping up! Good for you. We downsized to a patio home with a lovely small yard about a year ago. It was so much fun and freeing to pare down to the things that we absolutely loved to live with. I can see that you have and are doing the same thing. Thank you for including us in this new season of your life. Many blessings!

  6. Love your Thanksgiving décor; simple and beautiful, and the pheasant feathers add so much to the décor. Yvonne, can you share the color paint you have on your walls and trim. Thanks so much, and have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Yvonne — Love your new digs! Where did you purchase the table lamp and trays on your buffet from — LOVE THEM!!

    Blessings on your new Tanglewood home!


  8. So beautiful. It is so exciting to watch you transform Tanglewood. Love the reflection of your stairway in the fireplace mirror.

  9. Yvonne
    I’am still mourning Stonegable….lol
    Tanglewood is perfect for you and Bobby.
    Blessed with many more memories.

    Love your blog dear friend…

  10. Your new home is just lovely!!!!! I’ve already put items in my Amazon basket from seeing your decorations. Where did you get that wonderful pumpkin pillow? Now I don’t need another pillow – but that one is so cool.

  11. Where did you get the white jug/vase on the coffee table with the pheasant feathers?? I, too, am still mourning Stone Gable but love what your doing with Tanglewood! Thank you for your time in answering!

  12. Your new home is lovely and i look forward to seeing how you decorate it. I have the same type of dining chairs as you, with the linen fabric. How do you protect them from the inevitable spills, etc? After a recent accident in my dining room I am afraid to let my family eat in there when they come over! I am ready to purchase clear plastic covers for when ever we eat in that room, not my first choice, but I need to protect the fabric. We did scotchguard them when we first got them. Just wondering how you manage to keep your chairs looking good.

    1. Great question, Sharon. I’ll be doing a post on caring for upholstered fabrics soon. But the short answer is I have them cleaned yearly, Scotchguard them. Wipe up any spills etc right away and my grandchildren sit on nice acrylic chairs. I hope this helps and I’ll write more about it soon.

  13. Yvonne, I love your new home!! Your great room is gorgeous and is coming together so well. So excited for all your new posts!

    Continued blessings,


  14. I am delighted that you are getting stuck into decorating Tanglewood. I love this pared down late Fall decor you have created and those baskets!! I looove baskets with their rustic look and feel. As they say, you can take the girl out of the country but you take the country out of the girl!!

  15. Yvonne, I have a great room home, as well. I call mine the living room. kitchen and dining area, just to differentiate between the spaces.
    I love the pared back fall decor in neutrals. Can’t wait to see what you do at Christmas.

  16. Love your beautiful new home. Can not wait to see more pictures. I am taking your advice and planning for Christmas now. I want to try your sugar cookie recipe and I read on one posting that you can freeze the cookies. At what stage of the recipe and any helpful hints. I love to bake early so I. An enjoy all the family fun. Thank you

  17. I like your very serene decor. I will enjoy seeing what you in your new home. I did like your old home very much. The pumpkin pillow is very pillow. I don’t need another pumpkin pillow either, but I’m very tempted.

  18. Yvonne, The link you provided for the lamp on your buffet was for a floor lamp. Could you give us the link for the table lamp on the buffet that was in your old dining room? Many thanks.

  19. I love how your room came together with the neutral colors.The long windows with all the light pouring in is a highlight of the room.It looks like you have always lived here.Keep the pictures coming !

  20. Hi, Yvonne,

    I’m confused. When I clicked on the link for Tanglewood it took me to a book called, “Tanglewood Picnic.”

    Also, I have followed your blog for a long time. All of a sudden I quit getting posts. I just recently signed up again, but I didn’t get this post either. I found this one the old fashioned way.

    Hope you can clear up both items for me.

    1. Hi Rebecca, I will look into this. But while I am doing that check your spam folder or junk mail for the StoneGable newsletter. Sometimes for some reason when the newsletter gets stuck in there they keep coming to that folder. If they are in your spam folder or junk mail just put a newsletter back into your inbox and they will start coming to your inbox again.

  21. I love your decorating style and your new home. The stark white walls are hard to visualize with so much neutral furnishings. I think I like the soft sonnet at Stone Gable because of the slight warm contrast. But you should continue to decorate your way and hopefully it will grow on me. Thanks for sharing

  22. Oh my goodness! What a beautiful post. I love it all. You are so talented and yet you share every detail to help us truly visualize your décor. Thanks for sharing. I love your work. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Yvonne, the Pinterest link for this post is not working. I’ve been trying to pin it for two weeks….I NEED IT! LOL Please advise.
    Thank you so much!!


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