SUMMER INTO FALL VIGNETTE-An easy to create vignette that will last until early fall

My garden tells me that fall will soon be here. The Annabelle hydrangeas that hug my front porch have turned from a white soft snowball to a citron profusion of blooms lightly tinged here and there with sepia edges. And that means the remains of summer will soon give way to fall. That also means it’s time to put away sea shells and starfish and other summer accents and start decorating with a layer of trimmings that will take me until pumpkin time. I love the  transition between summer and fall!


SUMMER INTO FALL VIGNETTE-An easy to create vignette that will last until early fall

I used my favorite Cuddahy Packing Co crate to hold the items in this vignette.  It seems to be a favorite for the living room. I think I like its everyday, worn quality with the sandblasted more formal lines of the coffee table.

Burlap material was fixed in the bottom of the crate because the bottom was worn and not in very good shape. To see how you can embellish a crate of your own with a burlap bottom click HERE.

SUMMER INTO FALL VIGNETTE-An easy to create vignette that will last until early fall

I shopped my house for the contents of the vignette. I wanted lots of texture, lots of chippiness and a little touch of warm texture!

I was so surprised to find an old crock hidden away in the back of my basement. I thought it would work perfectly with the hydrangeas that have aged a little too. 

These blooms will dry just like they are now! Drying hydrangeas is easy! If you would like to see how click HERE

SUMMER INTO FALL VIGNETTE-An easy to create vignette that will last until early fall


SUMMER INTO FALL VIGNETTE-An easy to create vignette that will last until early fall

Books usually make an appearance in my vignettes no matter what time of year it is! They take up visual space, are great textural elements and make wonderful risers!

I like to cover burlap books and now I’m painting them too! 

SUMMER INTO FALL VIGNETTE-An easy to create vignette that will last until early fall

My living room has a bit of an orb theme going on. I found this fun orb with an arrow at HomeGoods. I love the arrow! Doesn’t it remind you of a weathervane?

SUMMER INTO FALL VIGNETTE-An easy to create vignette that will last until early fall

The orb is not the only chippy thing in this vignette… so is the tall candlestick! Gotta love “chippiness”!

SUMMER INTO FALL VIGNETTE-An easy to create vignette that will last until early fall

Ruffled plates… who knew?

SUMMER INTO FALL VIGNETTE-An easy to create vignette that will last until early fall

I added some willow and burlap balls to the stack of plates for another layer of texture! I l-o-v-e texture! 

SUMMER INTO FALL VIGNETTE-An easy to create vignette that will last until early fall

My summer into fall vignette will work with the other fall touches I am adding to my decor this year. And when pumpkin time rolls around I’ll switch out the hydrangeas for bittersweet and the balls for white pumpkins! How easy!

I have a challenge for you! Shop you home and create a summer into fall vignette. I’d love to see what you’ve done! If you mail  me an image by Monday August 15th I’ll post them on my facebook page! Can’t wait to see what you have created!!!!

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  1. Beautiful vignette, I just adore hydrangeas! I also love that area rug (I want it!) – I think that every time I see it on your blog : )

  2. I really love how the bloom bouquet looks. I have tried too dry them before, but I must have picked them to early because they just kind of shriveled up and turned brown. Thank you for the information on how to properly dry the beautiful blooms

  3. Love all of your tips and ideas! I don’t know how you find the time to do all that you do. That orb is so pretty. I wish I could find one but I really don’t know where I would put it.
    Thanks again for doing such a wonderful post!

  4. Anne Marie says:

    Love your ideas especially the use of burlap which is a favorite of mine.

  5. Your crate is one of my favorites. Love the orb. I’ve had one for years and now it can star in a vignette in a new way. Thanx.

  6. I love your vignette. I have similar items that I can almost duplicate. I cant use fresh flowers, but I can use faux flowers.
    Thank you for the inspiration 🙂

  7. mary loighlin says:

    LOVE the typewriter burlap!

  8. Gayle Mathues says:

    love chippy-ness! Since I do not like the color orange much (except for oranges and pumpkins) I like your muted fall-into-fall tones. they are so soothing and calm. the solidity of the candlestick and books and the openness of the orb strikes a perfect balance!

  9. Marilyn Soto says:

    You really keep us thinking about and moving forward with decor ideas. I love your blog and follow you on Pintrest but I’m still not sure how I would attach a photo to my comment. Is there another email address that I can email with an attached photo?

    1. Yes, email me. My email address is at the top of my blog on the right hand side.
      I hope you join in!

  10. Karen VanLoo says:

    I love your crate you found, no matter what vignette you put together with it – I love it!

  11. Is the “Cudahy ” tray from Cudahy Wisconsin?

    1. I think so. From what I have been able to find out it was a crate for a meat packing company.

      1. Thank you. I believe from Milwaukee WI.

  12. I see your favorite painting has found a new home – looks nice there! The crock would be a great surprise to find in the basement…love it! I also like your burlap balls – very cute.

  13. Susan Budsock says:

    I love all your blog posts. Transitioning my own home to all neutrals with splashes of color. Your mixture and layering of textures I absolutely love. It is a work of art.

  14. The different textures are just perfect for the seasonal transition. I am beginning to switch my silk geraniums over to of my favorite ways to add early fall.

    1. Good for you, Cindy! I do the same thing. When using silk flowers, besides buying the most authentic ones (which sometimes means spending a bit more but SO worth it) the other tip to remember is constantly change them with the Seasons. I hate seeing tulips sit in the same vase all year! lol! If you take care of the good silk ones, they last forever.

  15. Carol Davis says:

    The first sign of the end of summer for us is when we see our first Golden Orb spider and it’s unique web. Saw one this week. Sunflowers for the outdoor wreath is my first transition for outside. Just as Cindy posted.

  16. Beautiful!!! LOVE the candlesticks!!!!!! I am sooooooooooo looking forward to fall this year… here in “The Sunshine State” we have hovered around 100 degrees for days…. 🙂 … Just a weeee bit tired of 98 plus degrees along with humidity …. lolol… So, yes .. talking Fall is sounding really good to me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I do not want fall to come. I like summer warm weather.

    1. Me too Angela! I like fall colors and decorating, but I always know old man winter is waiting in the wings…
      Enjoy the rest of summer!

  18. I like the orb in your vignette. I need to purchase one of those to add to my fall decor. I have been cutting my hydrangeas and bring them in to dry. Love the fall season.

  19. I also cut my hydrangeas and arrange them indoors, they are the best free gift from the garden! I love to add the seed pods from my crosamia plant it make it artsy and fun.

  20. Just lovely! I am ready for the transition also; unfortunately, in FL, we have a little bit longer to wait! God Bless!

  21. Yvonne, your vignette looks beautiful! I have been doing a lot to get ready for Fall and while I love Summer, I am looking forward to the transition of Seasons. I love the colors of Fall and the cooler temperatures. I hope that you have a wonderful day!!!

  22. Marcy Leonard says:

    So lovely! Am saving this to reread in a few weeks. This is central Texas, where the roadrunner just saw his shadow which means there’ll be three more months of summer (wink wink). I do have a compass orb–always thrilled when I discover we have the same tastes in objet d’arte. So, right now I will be thinking of where to put my seashells.

  23. Meg Hobbes says:

    I so look forward to your posts. You have such wonderful tips!

  24. Deborah Gullett says:

    Love, Love, Love hydrangeas!

  25. Linda Owens says:

    Love your vignette and got some good ideas for fall. Thank you!

  26. Susan Bauer says:

    I’m looking forward to Fall here in Wisconsin, although not everyone does. I like your use of burlap in the coffee table decor. Maybe I will use some of the old grain sacks I found at a garage sale for indoor decorating.

  27. Yvonne, All this time (60 years) I thought Cudahy was a Phoenix meatpacking company only to learn this morning that it started in Maine! While children are beginning school here in Phoenix which cues me to a new schedule, our weather is anything but Fall like. I enjoy learning from you. Your blog is the best of all in my book!

  28. Wow. It’s hard to realize that fall is almost upon us. I love your crate and of course, the lovely hydrangeas.

  29. Love your crate, the burlap, and your hydrangeas. I agree about having texture.
    Very nice!

  30. Yvonne, I love all your vignettes. You have the skill to perfectly layer your pieces so they look amazing. All the heights and textures work so well together. Is there a rule of threes for vignettes?

    1. I think it is more of a rule of odd numbers. Not sure if I have odds in my vignette. It just seemed to “feel” okay.

  31. I love the transition to fall. We are still in insanely hot temps yet so it is hard for me to imagine the transition time yet. I use a tray on my coffee table that is wooden but not as cute as your tray.

    I love the burlap bottom. I use wrapping paper on the bottom of my tray and change the paper out every month or so. I find the best papers at Michael’s. It’s fun to change it up.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  32. Great inspiration and lots of eye candy.

  33. Thanks for your ideas for transitioning into fall. It’s my favorite time of year!

  34. Your designs are always a hit! I absolutely love hydrangeas and mine have been loaded with blooms this year!
    I hope to dry some to use in my fall decorations. I love the greens and deep purples!
    Thanks for the great ideas!

  35. Dorinda Selke says:

    Hi Yvonne-I’m really loving your fall transitional vignette especially the orb you added. I think it’s the fun chippy factor on the orb that does it for me! I’m waiting to change over our family room from beachy to fall until September but I’m just about done changing over my kitchen and dining room to a harvest/sunflower theme. All the warm colors make me smile Hugs, Dorinda ?

  36. Deb Gibboney says:

    My favorite saying, “Shop your home!” Thanks for being such a great example and mentor. 🙂

  37. Although I do very little seasonal decor, like you I set up the basic so only a few changes need to be made seasonally, such as your hydrangeas to bittersweet/pumpkins idea.

  38. Everything looks amazing but I’m not ready for Fall yet or any time soon…boycotting fall and

  39. Deb Gregory says:

    I have changed out my blues to neutrals: the guest bath turquoise towels to ecru, guest bed quilt from blue to off white. I took the blues out of the LR & added gold, cream & other neutrals. That’s what I’ve done so far getting ready for fall. I have some burlap & as soon as I get off my computer I am going to line a tray. Loved yours!

  40. Sheila Gunderson says:

    I love all your “chippy” touches.

  41. Sherry Pelle says:

    I love this vignette Yvonne! I especially love the chippy look on the candlestick. Do you have a tutorial for that?

  42. Yvonne, Great post. I will be painting books and covering with burlap soon. As always, your post is spot on. You are making my list of To Do’s longer, but all good. Thanks!

  43. Nancy Carr says:

    Yvonne, you are the best at creating. I love all the textures and get great ideas from you. I especially love the old crate.

  44. Linda Schmidt says:

    I’m so appreciative of your talents and all of your great ideas using burlap. You inspire me to search my I basement and reuse and re purpose what I have, but it always fun to add one new item to the mix.

  45. Love hydrangeas. Mine are beautiful this year and full of blooms. My pink ones have turned a lovely green.
    Thanks for the challenge of shopping my home for new vignettes. Love to move things around to create fresh vignettes. Went to Pier1 for inspiration today and found I already had many pieces in their displays.
    Can’t wait for fall

  46. Candy J Weiford says:

    I love your indoor inspiration. I’ve started with my front porch. Changing pillow’s to a more fall look. Replacing tired flowering plant’s to green plant’s. Deep cleaning, of the flower beds!

  47. Beautiful post ! I love Autumn and this post energizes me to start a bit of transition…I’ll start with my hydrangeas as they are perfect for picking now…I’ll be on the lookout for some gorgeous faux sunflowers…I love your idea of placing them in a lantern with a light at night…thank you for the tip Yvonne! Your blog is simply the best !!! ……….Smiles from New England………Anne

  48. I am going to be on the look out for chippy items! Love them and how you use them.

  49. Lisa Marutz says:

    Love the artwork, gray shaded buildings with trees! Any chance you could let mr know who is the artist ??

  50. Loryl Fisher says:

    Love hydrangeas! My Annabell’s are at the green stage too and time to cut. I’ve used them in wreaths, arrangements, school art projects and even on my Christmas tree! Hard to start transitioning to fall with the HOT weather we’ve had, so I’ll wait until September. I also have to move some of my hydrangea plants and lay a new boarder edge on my back garden before fall!

  51. Love the dried hydrangeas. Did not have many blooms this year. Will soon be adding creamy faux ones to mercury glass vase. Look authentic as they appear dried. Am definitely going to add burlap this Fall, perhaps, the wrapped balls.

    Have to tell you…my daughter was visiting with 4 granddaughters for a few days. Said she wanted to tell me something, but did not want to upset me. She proceeded to say that she wished to paint her beautiful oak dining suite with AS chalk paint. The table, chairs and sideboard were a gift from a dear family friend, who had outgrown her use for set, and later, she purchased the hutch. She remembers playing under that table as a child in their home. Of course I took her to Stonegable, to show her your dining room project. It would be a lovely transformation as she agreed that your colors are exactly what she had in mind.
    Her childhood home, where her dad and I still reside, houses numerous antiques. Many were fondly stripped of paint by my mom, in order to restore the original patina. Am sure it was a tad difficult to paint those quality Ethan Allen mahogany chairs, as I’m sure there will be a bittersweet moment that accompanies those first brushstrokes on her oak set.
    I guess everything really does come full circle.

  52. Julie Maier says:

    Love, love, love! Getting excited to start a little fall decorating!

  53. I like your transition decor, and the painting looks lovely over the sofa!

  54. Cute, but my husband is a minimalist and wouldn’t go for this look. ?

  55. Do you have a good source for realistic faux bittersweet, or do you get the real thing from a florist?

  56. This is one of my favorite vingnettes that you have done. I’ve always loved hydrangeas but have not had very much success with growing them. Our soil is not the right type, I think. Lovely post as always.

  57. Lynda Rymer says:

    Love your style. As always, you are an inspiration.

  58. Gorgeous, as always! Love fall…

  59. What can I say–burlap AND orbs! Love this! Plus, it will look nice with the Fall Burlap Acorns you posted the other day!

  60. Mary Ellen says:

    I have hydrangeas for the first time so I am very appreciative of the info! I think mine are perfect for cutting and drying so very timely …..thank you!

  61. Shauna Neuenswander says:

    Everything looks beautiful, I love fall.

  62. Michelle Molitor says:

    I LOVE all your plates!! Is there one specific store you find them or do you just collect as you go? Either way, I’d love to know where your plates come from! Your blog is FABULOUS and I always look forward to reading it!

    1. Hi Michelle, thanks so much for being part of our StoneGable family!!!! I get plates wherever I can find them. I’m always on a lookout for great plates. I found the ruffly edged plates at a local shop.

  63. Hi Ybonne, I just recently stumbled upon your Blog:) Love your Vignette, and the Orb weathervane is really cute! I have been loving these Orbs! I found a cute idea on Pinterest on how to make them out of embroidery hoops. So happy to have found you. Sandi

    1. Hi Sandi, Welcome to the StoneGable family! I’m thrilled you us! I’m sharing how to make those orbs soon!

  64. I swoon over your hydrangeas! I am going to try your method of harvesting them, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and talents!

  65. I LOVE hydrangeas. I live in Idaho and have not had any luck growing them. You are a very talented and ENERGETIC lady. Thank you.

  66. Debbie Wilson says:

    Love all your decorating ideas and love your home. Fall is going to be very welcome when it does show up since we have had 40+ days straight of 90+ degree weather. I’m ready for cool crisp air and pumpkins, fall colors, and apple cider!! But I don’t want to rush things so I will wait patiently until it arrives and enjoy the last days of summer!

  67. I love everything in your home. I have followed you for a long time and look forward to your decorating ideas and inspiration. Thank you and God bless.

  68. Yvonne, my Projects board on Pinterest is full of ideas from your blog. The first thing I tied was lining a large tray I had from Homegoods with the typewriter burlap. The old tray had kind of gaudy gold lettering spelling out some French word I can’t remember. Cutting the burlap and getting it straight wasn’t so easy, but my tray turned out great! I use it on my den coffee table, especially in the fall. I can’t tell you how I love it! The next project was the burlap ribbon table runner. I made mine smaller and made 6 placemats. I love using them and get compliments on them when I do. I also covered a couple of books in the typewriter burlap and use them all over. Great ideas, all! Thanks for the inspiration.

  69. I don’t know how you keep coming up with all you fantastic ideas every week, but I look forward to them always, your still my favorite Yvonne. love the Hydrangeas.

    1. Thanks Missie! And thank for being an important part of our StoneGable community!

  70. Mary Chris says:

    Looks so fresh and clean I really like it.

  71. Mary Chris says:

    looks so fresh and clean.