My garden tells me that fall will soon be here. The Annabelle hydrangeas that hug my front porch have turned from a white soft snowball to a citron profusion of blooms lightly tinged here and there with sepia edges. And that means the remains of summer will soon give way to fall. That also means it’s time to put away sea shells and starfish and other summer accents and start decorating with a layer of trimmings that will take me until pumpkin time. I love the transition between summer and fall!


Vignettes are the easiest way to add your personal style to a room!


I used my favorite Cuddahy Packing Co crate to hold the items in this vignette.  It seems to be a favorite for the living room. I think I like its every day, worn quality with the sandblasted more formal lines of the coffee table.

Burlap material was fixed in the bottom of the crate because the bottom was worn and not in very good shape. To see how you can embellish a crate of your own with a burlap bottom click HERE.


I shopped my house for the contents of the vignette. I wanted lots of texture, lots of chippiness and a little touch of warm color!

I was so surprised to find an old crock hidden away in the back of my basement. I thought it would work perfectly with the hydrangeas that have aged a little too. 

These blooms will dry just like they are now! Drying hydrangeas is easy! If you would like to see how click HERE




Books usually make an appearance in my vignettes no matter what time of year it is! They take up visual space, are great textural elements and make wonderful risers!

I like to cover burlap books and now I’m painting them too! 


My living room has a bit of an orb theme going on. I found this fun orb with an arrow at HomeGoods. I love the arrow! Doesn’t it remind you of a weathervane?


The orb is not the only chippy thing in this vignette… so is the tall candlestick! Gotta love “chippiness”!


Ruffled plates… who knew?


I added some willow and burlap balls to the stack of plates for another layer of texture! I l-o-v-e texture! You can see how I made the burlap balls HERE. Easy-peasy!


My summer into fall vignette will work with the other fall touches I am adding to my decor this year. And when pumpkin time rolls around I’ll switch out the hydrangeas for bittersweet and the balls for white pumpkins!

How easy!







SUMMER INTO FALL VIGNETTE-An easy to create vignette that will last until early fall

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  1. Your tray is so versatile! I always love seeing it embellished. My Vanilla Strawberry hydrangeas are starting to turn pink so I know that Fall isn’t far away!

  2. Beautiful and so creative! I love that white chippy candle. I’ll be on the hunt for something similar!

  3. I absolutely love that orb. Will have to check out my Home Goods. Great find Yvonne. I love living in the south Yvonne but miss my Fall in the north. Hope your ankle is healing.

  4. Wonderful vignette Yvonne! Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to get thinking, even if I am not quite ready to let go of summer.
    Enjoy your weekend!!

  5. Anne Marie says:

    Love all your ideas – thanks for sharing.

  6. Enjoyed the post, Yvonne…It is still very much summer in the South! Hot! HOT! For those interested in the armillary (orb), they can be found on Etsy, Hayneedle, Amazon and other popular sites. What a great accessory it makes.

  7. Great vignette – love the hydrangeas.

  8. Our family had a dear elderly friend and neighbor who lived next to us in the summer months. She would always tell me that she would be going home when the sedum bloomed. As I watch the lime green turn into crimson and pink, I become a little melancholy as I remember her sweet, kind ways. Saying goodbye to Summer and hello to Fall holds different memories for all of us.

  9. Summer’s end can be bittersweet, yet the arrival of fall is warm and comforting. Seeing this vignette brings back many fond memories for me…it is so pretty, and yes so transitional. In a few years, we will be retiring to a North Carolina coastal community, where my style will be changing to coastal farmhouse, and I am always looking for fresh ideas and inspiration. Thank you.

  10. Beth Pozzini Putz says:

    Yvonne, will you please just come live with me? ??I have the right stuff, I just don’t put it together like you do! Everything you do is gorgeous, and I love it all! Thanks for the beautiful inspiration❤


  11. I love fall and pumpkins and the cooler weather but where did summer go ?

  12. Marlene Stephenson says:

    You always have such great ideas, thanks and have a blessed day.

  13. Great ideas for transitioning into Fall – thank you! Moving next week and when I do finally get unpacked you have given me some great ideas !

  14. Great the colors and texture! I had to pin drying the flowers that are so abundant here in Tn ..thank you for that!

  15. Long ago I had painted a few books but I was glad to see your tutorial. This helped me to lock it into my brain!! It was fun to see the the butprlap and white books in the vignette. Your new orb was saved for you!!! Always pointing North??!!
    I want to make the burlap burlap! Looks so nice!!!

  16. I love your vignettes. You have such an eye for contrast and texture. Would you share the dimensions of your Cudahy Packing Co tray? It seems to be so perfect for displays you do.

  17. The covered and painted books are so cool! But tell us where you put the books y’all actually read? Is there a secret library? 😉

  18. Vee Muller says:

    Love your ruffled plates!

  19. Norma Rolader says:

    Thank you for the ideas on transition from summer to fall decor such great info! I would have never thought of painting books or covering with burlap I have got to try this! The porch oh my love it! God bless and have a blessed Sunday

  20. Noooo, I’m not quite ready to start transitioning into fall decor. The vignette is pretty though.

  21. This is stunning! I love everything from the flowers to the tray! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous decor with us at Merry Monday this week!

  22. I love black white and green color scheme!

  23. Lanita Anderson says:

    Always love seeing your vignettes, Yvonne, and getting great tips! Fall is my favorite season, and while I’m probably in the minority, I am counting down the days until it arrives! However, it’s too early for all of the “typical fall colors and decor”, so your tips and great pictures were just what I needed! Thank you for sharing……

  24. Just started following your blog ,do enjoy it.

  25. Love the vignette especially the hydrangeas.Not quite ready
    for fall yet here in sunny hot Florida !

  26. I so appreciate you sharing your ideas well ahead of the approaching holidays. This reminds me to quickly finish up my summer projects as fall is on it’s way. New projects take time to put together while, finding supplies close to the holiday is scarce to none.
    I want things done ahead so “I” can enjoy them and not stress ( oh so many times) over them!
    I may be a projectolic so timing is crucial and so are your reminders… Never stop!
    Thank You, tons.

  27. Love the crate with the burlap on the bottom! I have a smaller one I am going to do this to. I have already painted some old books and also covered some in burlap. Loved these, and so fun to do!!

  28. beverly e says:

    Fall is my favorite season and this post makes me smile. Love all the textures in the tray… so cozy!

  29. Julie Briones says:

    Love the idea of burlap on the bottom of the tray. Super inspirational!

  30. Liz Keddie says:

    Just found your blog. Love it. Can you tell me where you found the checked pillow in the background. Thanks

  31. Love how you use texture and layers to create beautiful rooms. Do you mind telling me where you got your coffee table? It’s lovely.

  32. For many years, I have visited wallpaper stores and have collected outdated wallpaper/fabric books and cut out the ones I want to use in the bottoms of trays, under arrangements, etc. So many beautiful styles and they certainly inspire ideas for vignettes.

  33. Good Morning. A beautiful way to start Saturday with your Blog, as usual.
    I just wanted to give you a heads up that the link to the Burlap DIY projects doesn’t work. The dreaded 404 Cant Find This Page error pops up on any of the Burlap projects. I am curious as to how to do the balls strips without the burlap unraveling or fraying terribly. Thanks again for great ideas and beautiful thoughts.

  34. You always have the best vignettes!
    I love the fall season so much.
    I can already see the light softening in the house each morning, if that makes sense.
    It’s the best time of year!

  35. Does anyone NOT like hydrangeas??? Your vignette is lovely. I agree with you about texture. Texture and color is what it is all about for me!