SPRING PILLOW LOVE-The best collection of spring pillows for 2017

Spring is the time to sweep out all the winter leftover dust and clutter and open the window to let the fresh air in! I feel the same way about spring decorating! It’s time to put away the heavy fabrics and colors and go lighter and brighter and happier! One of my favorite ways to bring a bit of spring life into a room is with… PILLOWS! They are inexpensive and can change the look of a room! Today I’ve browsed my favorite online sources to bring you almost 30 of the most inspiring spring pillows! Today it’s all about SPRING PILLOW LOVE!



We are talking about GREENERY in honor of St. Patrick’s Day on the podcast today! Decorating Tips And Tricks is filled with talk about plants, food, decorating with green and so many other things that are green in our home! What fun! You can listen below:

You can also listen to DECORATING TIPS AND TRICKS and see all the show notes and other links we are talking about on the podcast. And don’t forget to take Decorating Tips And Tricks with you on the go with your phone’s podcast app!

Pillows… one of my very favorite subjects! I’ve had these pillow on my sofa for several years and change them up often. Sometimes I use them for spring and sometimes for summer. It really depends on what I pair them with. As we go from early spring into mid spring I’ll be adding another color that will make these pillows pop! I’ll share that with you too!


This is the perfect time of year for adding pillows with flowers or a spring-like motif to your decor!. Just remember to layer pillows so a floral or patterned pillow does not stand alone! Just like “the cheese” a patterned pillow does not like to stand alone!

You might want to listen to our podcast episode on MIXING PATTERNS below. We give you lots of things to think about and tricks for mixing pattern to look amazing in your home!

I’ve been scouring my favorite pillow haunts to find some pretty and reasonably priced pillows for spring. Can you guess what color I’m seeing a lot of this spring? Yellow! Not just any yellow, but a bright mustard yellow. So so pretty!

Many of these pillows can work together, especially the yellow ones! I hope you like what I’ve picked out for you!

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SPRING PILLOW LOVE-The best collection of spring pillows for 2017



  1. One of the best tips I have taken from your blog is the use of pillow inserts. I had never used them before although I change pillows all the time. I have way too many pillows stored in plastic bags hanging from rafters in basement. I have been purging pillows so I can still change out colors and designs but now I open a drawer and there are the pillow
    covers all ready and waiting to make me smile. Thanks for this introduction to your pillow world.

    1. I, too am thrilled with the idea of simply using pillow covers instead of constantly changing out pillows and finding room to store them. And my hubby is happy, too. It makes it easier to accept my obsession with pillows ?

  2. Until I met you, as it were, in the virtual world, I never changed pillows from season to season, maybe it’s not so common in Europe, I don’t know, but it was not something I had ever thought of, but now I am a convert! Lots of mustard around here too, very much the colour of the moment, twinned with blues and greys in France.

  3. I have never changed out pillows before but now I’m getting it. Very easy and wonderful way to change with the seasons or if you just want to switch something up. Thanks!

  4. I love pillows! It can totally transform a piece of furniture or an entire room. I love changing them for the seasons. You always have the most beautiful pillows! Have a wonderful day, I sure hope you’re feeling better. I think about you and your health, and pray for you!

  5. Absolutely beautiful posts! So glad I subscribed to your newsletter. Lots of fresh

  6. Absolutely beautiful posts! So glad I subscribed to your newsletter. Lots of fresh

  7. I so love yellow! It is my happy color!
    I just freshened up my Family room with tulips and my spring pillows!
    Happy St Patrick’s Day

  8. Love pillows!!! I like to design pillows and create with lace and trims of all kinds! I recently re-decorated a guest bedroom and look forward to a new look! Love your website!!

  9. I want the tan plaid pillow! Amazon has one similar. Also, on the post where you visited your friend, and then you talked about the “senses”, you showed a pillow that I am drooling over!! Can you tell me where it is from? Thank you. I love pillows, just ask my husband!! Lol!

  10. I ❤ pillows too! And I change them out for the seasons. I just bought some new pillows at Home Goods for my master bedroom. They always have a great selection at reasonable prices. I too have followed your advice about just making or ordering new pillow covers. Saves space. I also look for down inserts per your suggestion. They “fluff” better and are more cozy. The exceptions are my porch pillows. They have synthetic. Much easier to wash. My husband doesn’t even mind my pillow obsession anymore!

  11. I am definitely a pillow cover convert!! Love the way pillows can change the whole ambiance of a room!!

  12. I also like to change my pillows with the seasons and I am looking for pillow covers for my existing pillows to save on storage space. I also really like your black pillows with the cream daisies.

  13. I like all of the pillows that you picked for us, but my favorite is still your black daisy pillow that we can’t get! I especially love that pillow paired with your solid spring green pillows.

  14. Though the sky is overcast, and there’s still a chill in the air, I’m pushing spring. I’ve put away my fur pillows and throws and am on the search for spring pillows. Thanks for today’s inspiration.

  15. Nearly OD’d in a fabric and passementeries shop in Florence, but came home with enough trims and tassels to make a Medici proud.
    But that was my Tuscano-Sicillian phase. Thanks for the fresh and simplified ideas!

  16. I have toooo many pillows and want to transition from them to pillow covers over inserts. Can you give us some good sources for finding pillow covers, besides making them ourselves? And have to add… ALL the pillows you showed today are GORGEOUS!!!

  17. Love pillows! I change out my pillows every season. I love velvet so fall and winter are deep velvet purples and wines. Spring and summer are brighter colors with designs. My husband was in the military for 34 years so we have a lot of different exotic pillow covers. Also add throws for the seasons. Leopard for fall and winter and mint or white for spring summer.
    Love this site!

  18. Pillow covers is a great idea. I agree that opening a drawer to find ALL those pillow changes in one easy place. Love your blog.

  19. On the hunt for Spring into Summer pillows. Love some of the embroidered ones. Many thanks. Still loving the podcasts. Praying you will be fully on your feet again.

  20. Your Pillow Love posts always spark my creativity. This one motivated me to bring out spring pillows that are being “promoted” to the screened porch…time to shop for a few new ones for inside seating. Thanks!

  21. I do like pillows too and the pillow you have with the daisies with black background is my favorite because my first name is Margarita: Margarite/Daisy like the flower. I also like today’s podcast: it was so much fun.

  22. I’m so ready for Spring! Here in Montana, the snow is melting, into the 40’s during the day…and soon to be in the 50’s (at least for a bit. I think winter is done! Love the pillows…

  23. I am with you. I love changing out pillows in my home to give it a completely different look. And now that I know about pillow covers, well they are so easy to store. You blog was one of the first ones I started following and it still love to see your home. Also, appreciate your devotional messages on Sundays. Thank you for all the work that goes in your blog.

  24. I love pillows on my bed, but my husband hates to take them off at night, but he does pretty good most of the time, love the look

  25. HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!!! I do love pillows! I guess I missed that post some are talking about with the inserts. I must find it and read it, sounds like I NEED it! Ha ha! Yvonne, you have inspired me in many ways, I so enjoy your blog, keep up the good work! And I know it’s work! Also, work that I know you enjoy! That definitely comes through!


  26. I try to change my throw pillows with the season, what a way to make your room look fresh and new.

  27. Oh my, I am taking notes as fast I can on all your spring ideas…I too, just love pillows…I love your idea of making our on covers…I purchased enough material at Hobby Lobby to make 4 pillows for only $12.39…I have turned by daughter onto your wonderful blog…

  28. I too love your pillow posts and I always think to myself “you do not need any more pillows!”. Somehow I always change my mind after seeing your suggestions!!!! I too have learned to change the covers and not have so many pillows thanks to you. Hope you are doing better with your recovery for foot surgery. Blessings

  29. Soooooooo many choices of pillows !! I change pillows each ‘event’… February❤️, May?, July??, October-Nov?, December?
    I do drive the fam crazy… ? HAPpY SpRinG… I can hear the birds !! ☘️LInda

  30. I am loving April Cornell. I’ve ordered several blouses and each one has been gorgeous ! The Felicity pattern is my new favorite , both for a tablecloth and for the hostess dress!

  31. Pillows can make a room. I have limited space and love to make new pillows – I also love to reuse pillow forms. My latest love is pillows from exquisite dish towels! So easy to make.

  32. First thing I do when entering Marshall’s store is to head for the pillows.
    They make the room.

  33. Spring is one of my favorite times of year also!!! Always love your blog,ideas, and your style! Think you are one of the best bloggers for tablescapes!!!!

  34. Love all April Cornell linens!! They are colorful , unique and when tired of tablecloth make great pillow covers ! I have some of her items and they are so cheerful!

  35. I’m in the middle of a bathroom remodel. But buying new decorative pillows is on my horizon for the future.

  36. I love pillows and it’s a great way to decorate without spending a lot. Thank you for always inspiring us to enjoy the season.

  37. Must improve my skill in sewing zippers into pillow covers, I’d love to change pillows seasonally.

  38. I love the combination of pillows on your couch–the floral with the buffalo check and the solid. They compliment each other so well.

    I have been trying to figure out how to brighten up my LR decor and have decided that new pillows will be part of the plan. I want to make them myself as they are so easy. Haven’t gotten started yet, but hopefully soon.

  39. So pretty Yvonne. – loving the mustardy yellow color this year in everything-be it home decor or clothes or even accessories! Hugs, Dorinda

  40. Love you pillow posts. Pillows have become one of my favorite decorating extras. An inexpensive way to change the look of a room and bring in seasonal decorating. I believe from an older post that you sofa is from PB. Can you tell me what fabric and color it is. I have been thinking of a light gray but this fabric is so pretty and I believe you mentioned it wears well.

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