fern and rabbits on a spring mantel

Today I have lots and lots of spring mantel decorating ideas that are very doable and very full of springtime beauty! If you don’t have a mantel you can incorporate these ideas on a buffet, table or any flat surface! Let’s decorate a spring mantel to get noticed!

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There is a TON of info and ideas and good decorating tips about creating a gorgeous spring mantel today. Make sure you read it all!!!!

Let’s style a GORGEOUS spring mantel!

neutral colors and green ferns on a spring mantel


soapstone rabbits and green ferns on a spring inspired mantel

I think the best way to start decorating is to get inspired first! Take time to enjoy all the pretty ideas from the talented bloggers below!

You will get so so many ideas that will work in your home and many ideas you probably have never thought of too! Bloggers work HARD to bring their very best ideas to you!

Do a little creative daydreaming!!! Don’t skip this step! You will be so happy you followed my suggestion!


The next thing to do is to know what you have that would look pretty on a spring-inspired mantel.

I have a stash of decor down in the basement and that’s where I head when it’s time to do some decorating!

basement items to use in a spring mantel
flowers in the basement to use on a spring mantel

No matter how big or small your “stash” it is important to know what you have and use it! It’s always so fun when you can decorate with what you have. Oh, I love that!

Here are some things you might already have that will help you decorate your spring mantel…

  • faux flowers or plants
  • moss balls
  • candle holders and candles
  • nests
  • a cloche
  • cake stands
  • narrow baskets
  • figurines like rabbits or birds
  • spring wreaths
  • spring inspired pictures
  • empty picture frames
  • lanterns
  • glass bottles and jugs
  • burlap or painted books

As much as I love using what I have, because of the nature of what I do I try to show you updated, on-trend decor. So if I want to update what I have it is usually accessories! These things that don’t cost a whole lot but bring a fresh, fun and new perspective to my home!

Each season I peruse my favorite online haunts and pick up a few new things that will work with my decor. And I shop sales!!!!!!

This year I got a few extra things because our new home has really dictated a change in my style. Not a big change, but enough that I needed a few new springy things to add to my collection.

white pots filled with faux green fern plants on a spring mantel

I’d love you to comment and let us know what’s in your spring stash and give us a few spring mantel decorating ideas too!



I really believe in this decorating mantra! Say it with me, friends…


Yes, now say it over and over and put this concept into action when you decorate your spring mantel!

I think one big mistake home decorators make is trying to fill up the mantel from side to side! That will guarantee a confused, cluttered look!

Try grouping items you are decorating with instead of spreading them out. Think about balance when decorating a mantel!

This post THE ELEMENTS OF DECOR… BALANCE will explain why balance, symmetry, asymmetry, and tension are so very important no matter what you decorate in your home.

It’s really worth taking the time to read!

low basket holding fern plants on a mantel

No matter what you put on your spring mantel make sure you keep it simple, have space on your mantel that is not decorated and keep items balanced!


neutral colored room with ferns and handsome soapstone rabbits on the spring inspired mantel

Choosing a theme or a repeated element for a spring mantel is a good idea! It will help to tie things together across that l-o-n-g stretch of space we call a mantel!

But right off I’m sounding a bit of an alarm. It’s to be cautious! Don’t get too crazy with a theme! Just a hint of nests or bunnies or eggs or flowers will do. Too much is just that, too much! Use a curated hand!

The theme for this year’s mantel is SPRING FERNS. I took a cue from the large, dramatic fern prints above the mantel.

The fern prints came from a local shop. I know they are from 3R Studio and am looking for an online source for you. They were VERY REASONABLY PRICED so I’m on the hunt so you can see them online too. I’ll let you all know where to get them as soon as I know. Thanks, for being patient!


I found the fern prints on Hayneedle. That is the good news! However, they out of stock right now. You can see them HERE and check to see when they will be back in stock.

close-up of a fern on a spring mantel

I also found these adorable faux soapstone rabbits at a local shop and thought they would add a little bit of a spring feel to the mantel too.

 a pair of tall handsome soapstone rabbits sitting on a mantel

I’m not a fan of cutsie decor, so they had to be very handsome rabbits!


long shot of the whole mantel ready for spring with ferns, candles and tall soapstone rabbits

One of the best spring mantel decorating ideas I can give you is to choose a color palette! And keep it tight! Don’t leave your spring mantel colors up to chance. Be very deliberate! It will pay off!

If you love spring pastels go with a couple soft hues that are complementary colors and no the whole rainbow.

If you love a neutral color palette go a little warmer to reflect the sunlight and warmth of the season.

For our spring-inspired mantel, I went a bit darker. So uncharacteristic of me! I played off our new fern pictures and chose a black, blond, green and white color palette.

I used Canva Color Palette Generator to create a color palette for this spring mantel. Pretty much spot on!

Color palette of black, white, blond and greens for a spring mantel

I’m finding it so much fun to stretch my decorating chops with our new home!


There is a whole lot of surface to think about when decorating a mantel!

Repeating elements is an important way to make anything you decorate look put together and cohesive. Especially true when it comes to a mantel

On our mantel, I used these repeated elements…

  • ferns
  • candles
  • color
  • magic of three

See how THE RULE OF THREE is decorating gold! This wonderful, magical decorating rule can transform your spring mantel!

Can you see how many things I used in groups of three? Look for more than just items. How about heights, textures and more!


table filled with spring decor for a mantel

It’s important to approach decorating a spring mantel (or anything really) with an attitude of creativity and discovery!

Gather all kinds of things you might think will work to create a pretty mantel and then go about arranging and rearranging your mantel.

You can see I brought up lots of options from the basement. It’s all about options, friend!

lots of spring inspired decor ready to style a spring mantel

Take the time to play! Enjoy the process. Play inspiring music and fill the air with a great spring diffused scent or candles! Fill your senses with spring!

Here are snippets of some of the spring mantel combinations I came up with…

basket of faux greens on a spring mantel
a trip of white containers holding pretty white blooms on a spring mantel
fern under a cloche on a pedestal cake plate

With the items brought up from the basement and the new ferns and rabbits, I styled four mantels. And I could have created even more if I had the time!

It’s all about having lots of options in front of you and the handy guidelines above!

Remember to keep on editing, adding, redecorating and reworking your mantel until you are mostly pleased with it. Then try editing one more thing. Most of us embellish too much! Boy am I guilty of this! Take away just one thing and see if that makes a difference for the good!

Then go away and don’t look at your mantel for a few hours. Make soup, read magazines, fold laundry, clean the garage, go to work, take a nap!

Come back later and give it a good look with a critical eye. Don’t be critical, but have an eye that is ready to pick up what you love and don’t about your mantel!

Then play again. Edit, add and keep working on your mantel. You will know when it is right!

Another very helpful thing to do is to take a picture of your spring mantel. It will tell you what your naked eye sometimes cannot see!


ferns on a spring mantel

I’ve given you my very best spring mantel decorating ideas and I hope you will use them to create a pretty mantel or flat surface you will love all spring long!

Remember to share your ideas with us. We would love to hear from you!

Here are a few pretty spring mantel things you might like…

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  1. Kathy Menold says:

    Yvonne, As I have said before I love preplanning my seasonal changeover and doing lots of blog and pinterest browsing. Also almost always shop my home and as you said lots of editing. In our family room I do the mantle,coffee table vignette and style the bookcase for spring.Our kitchen and dining area.come next.So much fun and keeps me busy till I can get outside and do the front porch and start some much needed garden clean up. Always say I need nothing new but somehow a spring decor sale will catch my eye and something will come home with me.

    1. Hi Kathy! What a great comment, friend! You are so right on all accounts! It’s very helpful to have a plan. Glad to see your’s is working for you! Enjoy spring decorating.

  2. Your mantel looks so light and airy,perfect for spring, loving the rabbits.I don’t have a fireplace but I have been shopping my home,moving things around and adding some greens.I agree with you less is more.

  3. Hi Lovely job! Question about the two white stoned pots with some kind of fern in them. What did you use for the inside of the pot to stick in and cover the fern roots? I can’t believe how much artificial greens are being used and sold at the stores. It’s really nice. Thanks.

    1. Hi Irene, the ferns came with a faux dirt ball. They look pretty real, don’t they?

  4. Tracy Greene says:

    I love the huge fern prints! Any clues on where to find them?

    1. You are asking the question of the day! Look at the comments for the answer! lol

  5. Nancy Rasmussen says:

    Beautiful spring mantel. Would you be able to share your source for the fern prints you used on your mantel? Love the black background!
    Thank you.

  6. Where did you find those magnificent Fern pictures?

    I love your new home.

    1. Christa Cooksey says:

      I adore the fern prints. Would you mind sharing where they came from. Thank you so much.

      1. Hi! I’m working on a source. They are from 3R Studio but I found them at a local shop.

  7. Well Yvonne I must say you motivated me to do something! And I smile at your basement stash as it’s similar to mine though unfortunately not as organized. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

  8. Where did you get those fern prints. They look great!

    1. Hi! I’m working on a source. They are from 3R Studio but I found them at a local shop.

  9. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    Yvonne, you have given such great information here! I’m not happy with my giant brick fireplace so I try to cover it up! Crazy, yes? I leaned a couple of old tall skinny window frames up on the mantle and added antique copper coal buckets with some old books. After reading your suggestions, I see that I need to add some greenery or flowers to give it a feeling that Spring is coming soon! Thanks for such an inspiring post!

  10. Where did you get the faux plants? I love the height of the one on the right!

    1. I found it at Pottery Barn. Look at the links above to see one similar.

  11. Happyhomemaker says:

    Beautiful mantel Yvonne. Where can I find the fern pictures?

    1. Hi! I’m working on a source. They are from 3R Studio but I found them at a local shop.

  12. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Such a “perfectly beautiful” mantel, Yvonne! You always do such a fabulous job with your décor! Thanks for taking the time to give us such wonderful suggestions! Blessings!

  13. My my, I love your Spring Mantel. To much to list what I love the most, because not only do I love everything you decorated with, but I love how you decorated for Spring. Thank you!

  14. I noticed, while looking for similar rabbits, Target has some stuff from 3R Studios I didn’t see these prints but it might be a clue as to who sells this brand.

  15. Hi Yvonne, I love reading your Stonegable/Tanglewood blog. So many great ideas. Can you share the name of the local store where you got the rabbits?

    1. Hi Peggy I found the rabbits at Cocalico Creek Home. Hope this helps.

  16. Happyhomemaker says:

    Hi Yvonne;
    You have a gift of masterfully integrating textures and colors for different purposes in every room. Thank you for teaching me to do the same:) Is it possible for you to share the name of the local shop you purchased the fern pictures from?

    1. Yes, of course, I find lots of items for my home at Cocalic Creek Home. It’s on route 30 in Lancaster near the outlets.

  17. G Johnson says:

    Of all these wonderful ideas, what I will use most is the idea of the metal racks to store items from season to season. I’ve been packing away then losing it because it’s not visible when I want to reuse it.

  18. I, like you, am not a fan of cutsie. Do you have a source for your rabbits? The ones that I am finding are too large and not what I am looking for.

    1. SORRY, I found them locally and have not been able to source them yet.

  19. Your mantel is lovely, Yvonne… and those bunnies are so different for you, but so perfect! PInned!

  20. I agree, bigger is better and less is more. Thanks for the inspiration!

  21. Amy Johnson says:

    Can you tell me where you found your prints? They are perfect!!!

    1. Hi Amy, I found these big prints at a local shop. They are from a company called 3R Studio. I’ve looked and look there and cannot find them. However, they do have other similar prints. Hope this helps.

  22. adorable faux soapstone rabbits!

  23. When I saw the dark fern prints I not only smiled from ear to ear but I let out a sigh of relief. I thought everyone would think I was crazy or dull to use black on my mantel for spring. When I used a large black metal background for the white flowers, it popped and was so striking but I just knew people would give me the scowling face so I was afraid to share it. You’ve given me the confidence I needed! Thank you! Love your mantel. Happy Spring!

  24. CarolbinTX says:

    I found some Spring Botanical prints at Loews (of all places) the other day. They were packaged 3 for $50 – I might go back for them, but I have other options as well! I’m so excited that I have a mantel to decorate this year (recently painted the fireplace and created a wider mantel).

    Yvonne, I don’t know if anyone has ever told you this, but I have SERIOUS basement envy!

  25. Hello Yvonne, this Spring mantel really caught my eye, I love your style here.
    In my case, I have a rather large Ethan Allen clock hanging above my mantel. How easy is it to keep this clock up year round but also have a nice seasonal theme to my mantel? The mantel is large and white with a dark brown granite base, the clock has a bold white face, red hands, black markings, and I guess I would call it a satin nickel surround.
    I’m very interested in your thoughts!