May I ask you a question? What is the number one reason you visit StoneGable? It might be for recipes or season diy’s. Or it might be for the Sunday Scripture teaching or the home tours. But I bet if you are a StoneGable reader it is for the decorating advice and inspiration!

I know this because I get lots of emails and comments every week and that is what you tell me over and over again!

One of my biggest passions is to help home decorators, like you (and me) become better and more confident decorators!

I want you to know interior design theory and know-how! But not just know it… I am SO motivated to break these designer concepts down into easy to understand and doable actions in your home!

I know creating a comfortable, beautiful, welcoming and unique home is important to you!

I’ve spent decades learning about interior design! And I have a happy compulsion to share what I know!

I’m so thrilled when someone says… “I’ve learned so much” or “My home looks so much better since I’ve been reading StoneGable”!

YOU are such a big part of my day, everyday! And I just love what I do!

I’m so excited to tell you about something I started JUST FOR YOU!

I’ve started an email series called…


This email series is to help you and give you great design theory that is easy to understand and that you use in your home right away!

All you need to do is fill out the form above and you will get my decorating series!

Here are some of the posts you will get to start you off . For 5 consecutive days you will get my quick start decorating guide!

It includes…

  • The magic secret designers know that you should too
  • How to fix the most common decorating mistakes
  • What you should know about color when decorating
  • How to know your decorating style
  • Why each room in your home need balance

And then every Thursday you will get a decorating post with my best decorating advice and tips!

Here are some posts…

  • 5 no-fail pillow arranging tips
  • How to stop overdecorating
  • Mixing decor styles seamlessly
  • and more!

All of these decorating posts are in StoneGable but to dig them out and organize them would be almost impossible!

So, I’ve done this for you!

And if you pin every post, you can find and refer to them over and over again!

So, if you would like to be a better home decorator NOW then sign up for my DECORATING SERIES!

I’m so excited to see how you will transform your home.

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  1. I come to Stone Gable because it’s a lovely peaceful place. Thank you.

    1. Such a kind comment Patty! Thank you! It is my hope to give you a place to get away from it all!

  2. I’ve come to StoneGable since day one to enjoy the beauty of your home and landscape.

    1. Hi Sandy, thank you a thousand times!!! I love my StoneGable family!!!!

  3. Where did you get the white chair with the wooden beads all around it.. I am looking for two exactly like it. How do you like the chair?

  4. My comment was erased..where did you get the white chairs with the beads around it?

    1. Hi Nancy, I found them at Ethan Allen almost 10 years ago. Look on the Wayfair site for “spindle” chairs. They often carry similar ones. Hope this helps.

  5. Yvonne, I have followed your blog for a long time. I love your classic decor advise your home is always so inspiring and welcoming. I remember when I found your blog and was talking to my sister about your beautiful home at Stone Gable. I was so excited that my niece found that you were going to be at the Pottery Barn mall store so my sister, niece and I loaded up and made a day trip to see you. I am still in aww over everything you do and the Sunday scripture just is over the top love reading it. Thank you for being so inspiring.

  6. I love your blog. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to it.

  7. Love checking in on your blog…for the decorating, the recipes, and the spiritual boost! Thanks for sharing so much with the world!

  8. LaRue Grantham says:

    I love all of your post and read them all. You are so informative I feel you are talking just to me. I do not have a computer and do everything with my phone. I signed up to receive your emails and hope I don’t need a computer or printer. Please keep up the good instructions! I love your new home it is beautiful!

    1. Thank you for being a StoneGable reader and a part of our amazing StoneGable family! You are good to go! Using a phone works just fine!

  9. I first found Hymns and Verses and then Stone Gables. I have loved both the sights and find myself really enjoying reading the blogs. It is nice to see christian woman sharing their talents and encouraging so many of us. Thanks for all the great things your share that are so practical for us to use in making our homes inviting and fun for our families. Thank You!

  10. I love all your posts! I especially appreciated the post regarding color theory…… makes sense! Can you tell me where you got your living room sofa? We are building a home and are in need of a few items. Your sofa is perfect. Also, as a designer, can you recommend a source for quality French Berchere chairs? My mother had one which my sister inherited and my love affair with this chair continues. I am in South Carolina so traveling to shop isn’t a problem. Thank you for all you do!!!!
    God bless. Lark

    1. Hi Lark, what a happy name! The sofa is from Smith Brothers. I love their sofas. And as far as a Berchere Chair almost any good furniture manufacturer makes them. Hope this is helpful.