PRO'S AND CON'S OF NATURAL FIBER RUG- A definitive post on the pro's and con's of beautiful natural fiber rugs.

I’m such a fan of natural fiber rugs! They add texture and interest and warmth to any room I put them in. I get so many questions about the natural fiber rugs at StoneGable. One of my favorite ways to use them is to layer them with other rugs. You can see how I layer natural fiber rugs HERE. Today I have a wealth of knowledge and facts to share with you about these pretty and versatile rugs.  Maybe you will want to use them in your home too!


Natural fiber rugs are my go-to choice for floor coverings in my home, but are they right for you? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of having these natural beauties in your home. 


Let’s talk about what makes natural fiber rugs so great and why I’ve chosen them for many of the rooms in my home. 


Natural fiber rugs are one of the most affordable types of rugs to purchase. You can find a great deal year round online and you can purchase a large enough rug for your space without breaking the bank. 


Do you love the option to change your mind in your decor? Natural fiber rugs are the thing for you if you like to keep your options open. They can transition and fit into any decor’s theme and can go from farmhouse to modern in the blink of an eye. Absolutely versatile!!!!


Most natural fiber rugs are khaki but you can find them in any shade from ivory to dark brown. And they match just about every color out there! I love that I can purchase one rug and then change out my pillows and throw blankets and never have to worry about matching my rug. It really makes decorating for the seasons so simple. 



Adding texture to a room is one of the most overlooked aspects of great decor. Natural fiber rugs add a little earthy and organic feel to any room and can really make a space feel complete. My number one way to add texture to a room is to use a natural fiber rug.



I have a good bit of white decor at Stonegable. My natural fiber rugs really add a hint of warmth in those rooms and I love that it isn’t too overwhelming.  But they will add warmth no matter what your color palette is!


If you love color and pattern, but don’t want to pay big bucks for a large area rug, layering is a solid option for you. Purchase a natural fiber rug to fit your space and then layer a patterned rug right over it. It adds so much depth to your space… you will love it! 



There are a few negative aspects of natural fiber rugs that absolutely should be addressed before you make a big purchase. Let’s go over those, too! 



Many opt not to purchase a natural fiber rug because they lack softness and are a bit scratchy. If you are looking to have a natural fiber rug in an area where you will be sitting on the floor playing with the kids, jute would be your rug of choice. It is much softer than the other types of natural fiber rugs but it is also is a tad less durable. Most natural fiber rugs will soften over time and with use.



For the most part, natural fiber rugs come in neutral colors. Some may see this as a “con”.  I actually love that they are neutral so I can choose to add color to a room with accessories such as pillows and draperies and vignettes.  




Natural fiber rugs can stain easily without proper care. If you do spill something on your rug, be sure to spot treat it as quickly as possible with water or club soda and a stiff bristle brush and let it dry thoroughly. If you are worried about stains, Seagrass rugs would be a great option as they are naturally stain resistant.



A new natural fiber rug may shed a bit at the beginning. Just be sure to vacuum it regularly to remove any loose fibers and dirt. 

I hope this answers most of your questions about natural fiber rugs. For the money and decor value, I don’t think you can beat a natural fiber rug!


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  1. Veronica Shultz says:

    I recently had New kitchen and dining room floors installed. I chose a white washed barn wood with gray tones. Would a natural color rug work or would it look washed out?
    Thank you

    1. Oh YES!!! Give it a try. Just make sure you purchase a rug you can return if you don’t care for it.

  2. Natural rug pros and cons was perfect and timely for me. Thanks for the tips.

  3. Design Chic says:

    We are such a fan of natural fiber rugs and have them in most of our rooms. Love the texture they add to our spaces and they just feel beachy!! Happy Thursday!

  4. Thank you for the valuable information regarding natural fiber rugs. I have no knowledge about them so this is very helpful. At this time I don’t have any in my home but will certainly give it consideration!

  5. I love the look and versatility they have to offer….I must ask what kind do you have in your living room and foyer?

  6. Whole heartedly agree. They are perfect with my Western/Southwestern deco. Tones down what might be too busy with all the patterns in some of the Pendelton designs I use. The natural fiber rugs also brighten up the brick floor in the family room.

  7. Such an interesting post Yvonne. What kind of mat do you recommend to go under the rug.

  8. Thank you for all the information regarding area rugs, layering etc. Jean

  9. Thanks for the information! This will be very helpful in the future!

  10. I’ve been wanting to layer over my sisal rug and you have inspired me to make the leap. Thanks again for the little nudge Yvonne.

  11. Theresa at Winterberry Lane says:

    Thanks Yvonne for all the information on area rugs. I want to know how do you keep your area rugs from sliding on your hard wood floors? Have a great day!

    1. I always put a rug pad under all my rugs. A good quality thin rug pad should do the trick!

  12. Thanks for the information on the natural fiber rugs. I am thinking of adding one to my bedroom, and you helped me make up my mind.

  13. Yvonne, this post included such valuable information about natural fiber rugs. I think you covered everything! I still remember the amazing transformation of your living room, when the sisal rug was added. The room went over the top with that extra bit of texture in the mix!!!

  14. I have been considering this option for awhile now… so many bloggers that I follow do have the natural fiber area rugs in their home… and I think they are just gorgeous….. I finally took the plunge… I ordered one for the breakfast nook area and one for the dining area … both from Overstock … good price and I love them both !!!!! So glad I decided to try them… they are great on the hardwood floors too !!!

  15. I was very interested in this article as I have been wanting a rug for my sunroom for quite some time. I had a sisal rug and my cat with claws did quite a number on it and I threw it out eventually. (After my puppy chewed it up!) Anyway, I am ready to do a large rug again. A lot of people that buy online put in the reviews that there is a musty smell, sometimes so bad they have to return the rug. Have you any experience with bad smells when the rugs are new? I’m thinking the best thing is not to shop online, but buy my rug at a local furniture store although I will pay more. Thanks for suggesting jute for softness.

    1. Some natural fiber rugs do have an odor, but it should dissipate. My living room and foyer rugs have no smell at all.

  16. Thanks for the great post.
    I have an unrelated question. Have you purchased furniture from Birch Lane? I thought I saw something in one of your posts. If yes, can you give me your opinion on the quality? I love your new blue/white chairs, by the way.

    1. I have purchased a few pieces from Birch Lane. My kitchen chairs and my caramel chair in the family room are all Birch Lane pieces and I love them. I can only talk about the furniture I have and they are fabulous!

  17. Laura Laskey says:

    Thank you for this as I am contemplating a rug purchase soon. Can you provide links to the rugs shown in this blog? Thank you!

  18. I love the look of natural fiber rugs, but I know that my two kitties would be using it as a scratching pad!

  19. I wasnt happy with my jute rug after the dog tracked red mud on it, so I moved it to the upstairs bonus room. Now, after reading your post, I think I’ll give her another chance. Do you think a deer skin would work to layer? Thank you for your inspiration and exceptional taste.

  20. classic casual home says:

    I really love how you layered the hide over the seagrass!!!

  21. Your rugs look sensational in your home. I can’t imagine your home without them. I like the idea of layering rugs but do they present a tripping hazard? My rug has a quality pad that holds it so well that I never trip. But what about layering? Is there a pad under the layered rug as well? Has anyone had a problem of their toe catching the top rug??

  22. Julie Briones says:

    Thanks for the info, Yvonne. Very helpful!

  23. Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse says:

    I’m thinking of adding a natural fiber rug to my living-room that I’m transforming and this post was very helpful.

  24. Thanks for all of the great information. My home has wall to wall green carpeting which we love for the way it feels under your feet, but know it’s dated and should probably switch to hardwoods. It’s a huge leap and I’m nervous. Any words of wisdom/encouragement would be appreciated! We have an open floor plan house and just renovated our kitchen. Our new flooring in there is grey, slate look porcelain tile, 18″x18″. We love it.
    If we switch to hardwoods what shade would you use?

    1. Hi Terri, It’s hard to give advice without seeing your home and your furnishings. I can tell you that we went from carpet to hardwood and we love it. I’d keep the kitchen slate and maybe try to tie in a hardwood that works with it. Hope this helps.

  25. Hi, I love your page and decorating style! I’m seriously considering ordering a jute rug (my first), however my quandary is would it be light enough in color on our dark brown wide-plank flooring and our medium BROWN sofa & chair? I would purchase new furniture but it’s a quality sofa/chair /ottoman set that still has many good years of usage. We painted our walls SW Silverpointe and I’m considering purchasing a blue arm chair. I appreciate your thoughts.

  26. Josephine Tyler says:

    Thank you for your marvelous newsletters. I look forward to opening them every day. Your living room is my very favorite place in your home. I love the chest in the living room with the clock over it. Is it still available If so what is the company name? I appreciate any information you may be able to provide.

    1. I don’t see it anymore on Wayfair. But keep looking they bring it back every now and then. It is called Melange Curlacue Chest.

  27. Yvonne, thank you – such helpful information! I have been admiring your rugs – love the color and texture they add to your rooms. Very nice – thanks again!! 🙂

  28. How easy is it to vacuum these rugs? I have a golden retriever and I’m not sure how easy it will be to get all of the fluffy dog hair out of the textured rug.

  29. Just wanted to say thanks for this helpful article, and tell you your home is so beautiful! Not often I bother to comment, but you deserve a round of applause for a lovely blog and photography showcasing what you do.

  30. Hi, we purchased a natural fiber rug several months ago but didn’t buy the pad for it. It’s always moving and looks crooked and my husband is ready to throw it away. I just purchased a pad and it arrives today so I’m hoping it will do the trick. Do you think the pad will help or did I waste my money? Any tips would be helpful. BTW: your home is gorgeous!

    1. The pad will make a huge difference. I hope you got a good felt rug and not those rubber waffle ones. They are worthless and can hurt your floors.