Pinecone And Acorn Flower Fall/Thanksgiving Napkin Ring DIY

Pinecone and Acorn Flower Thanksgiving Napkin Rings are very easy to create and will be the talk of your fall table! Make them with a few simple ingredients that you probably can find around your home or on a walk.


Don’t you love it when an idea takes real-life form and it’s so much better than you ever imagined it would be? That is exactly how I feel about these Pinecone And Acorn Flower Napkin Rings! They are so easy to make, cost me nothing, and I can’t wait to use them because they have that organic wow factor we all love! Who knew you could make such fetching napkin rings from a toilet paper roll, a scrap of burlap, and bits and pieces of nature? But it’s true… I’ll show you how!

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The “flower is made from the cap (cupule) of an acorn, and the petals are the scales (or arms) of a white pine pinecone. Fashioned together, they make a striking, stylized flower!

I made one napkin ring with a very simple flower and one with lots of petals. I really loved them both!

So, start saving those empty toilet paper rolls (or paper towel rolls), go for a nature walk, gather some acorns and pinecones, and let’s get started!

Pinecone And Acorn Flower Napkin Rings

All you need is a walk in the woods or a visit to Amazon to get what you need to make these beautiful rustic flowers for your napkin rings.

Here how easy it is to make them…


1 Materials

You can make these beautiful napkin rings for your fall or Thanksgiving table with just a few items. Here’s what you will need…

2 Strip the Pinecone Arms

Strip the arm from the pinecone. White pine pinecones work best. I start at the bottom and give them a good tug to strip them from the center stem.

3 About The Cardboard Toilet Paper Tube

Measure the toilet paper roll. The average cardboard toilet paper tube is 8 inches long. Measure 4 inches from one side, mark it, and cut it in half.

If the tube gets a little creased, just coax it back into a round shape with your fingers. The tube will stay round when the burlap goes on top of it.

4 Cover The Toilet Paper Tube With Burlap Ribbon

Cover the halved toilet paper tubes with burlap ribbon.

Use hot glue to adhere it to the outside of the tube. Glue the seam overlapping the burlap slightly. Fold the ends of the burlap ribbon into the inside of the tube that has been dotted with hot glue.


5 Start Making The Pinecone Petal Flowers

Choose 5 larger, longer pinecone arms and hot glue them in the center of the burlap-covered napkin ring. Fashion them to look like a flower.

Adding The Acorn Caps

Hot glue an acorn cap in the middle of the pinecone arm petals to resemble the center of a flower. Choose a cap that has a small piece of the stem left on it for a special effect.

Adding More Petals To The Flower

Add more center petals.

Use shorter and thicker pinecone arms and glue them around the acorn top. You may need to cut down the pinecone arm with scissors just a tad. When gluing the additional petals, stand them up to give them a 3D effect.

Add More Pinecone Petals

Add more petals to the flower until you like how the flower on the napkin ring looks.

ACORN + PINECONE NAPKIN RING- diy napkin ring with a white napkin in it

So easy, so pretty! Wouldn’t these look nice on your table? I hope you will give them a try.

Thanksgiving table

FAQs About Napkin Rings

There are several ways to put a napkin ring around a napkin. One easy way is to fold and then roll up the napkin tightly and feed the roll in the end of the ring. The second easy way is to lay the napkin flat on a table and pinch the center of the napkin, feeding the pinched part into the end of the napkin ring. Pull it out the other side and fluff.

In days gone by, napkin rings served a very practical purpose. They were used to identify the owner’s napkin. Napkins were used several times before they were washed.

Click On The Video For More Inspiration


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  1. Cannot wait to make for my Thanksgiving table. So festive..and natural??

  2. Jacqueline says:

    These are Autumn Decor perfection! Going on a nature hike today!

  3. Oh wow!! What a great idea! They look fantastic and would look great for a Thanksgiving table setting!! Great job 🙂

  4. What a fabulous diy project. Simply beautiful and made from no cost items. I am amazed and your choice of napkins is perfect. I love this one Yvonne. You’re the best.

  5. Those are adorable!! I can even see something similar for Christmas perhaps painting the cone part white. I am pinning and starting to save toilet paper rolls — or how about paper towel rolls???

  6. Linda Ann says:

    I love these! I also love the idea of putting acorns in candle holders, bowls, etc. My question is…how do you get your acorns so shiny? The acorns I pick up when I’m out walking are pretty dull and not so pretty. Just wondering if you wax them or shellac them…..I’m ready to throw the ones out collected out for that stinkin’ squirrel!

    1. Hi Linda, My acorn are from the craft store. I just cut the top off them.

      1. Lol. I thought the same thing when I saw the post a couple of days ago. I wondered why your acorns were so shiny and beautiful. I thought you polished them. These napkins rings are just beautiful. Thank you.

        1. i collected acorns today and they were pretty dull but a little furniture polish made for darker furniture brought out their natural luster. I like to use acorns as filler in candle displays and this method has always worked for me.

  7. Beautiful!
    I would think for the acorns you could brush on glossy mod podge to acorn bottoms, or a glossy craft paint sealer.

  8. What a perfect and inexpensive craft idea. They look fantastic with your beautiful fall napkins.

  9. Carol-Lynn Beck says:

    What do you use to cut the top off. I love them!

    1. If they are real acorn, you should be able to pop the top off with your thumb. If they are fake, like mine, I cut the off wiht scissors.

  10. What a beautiful earthy idea for the table…Thanks for sharing!!

  11. Those napkin holders are so cute. Thanks for how too’s
    Have a great day.

  12. Love the natural look! This would be a great project to do with the grand kiddies, too. Since Canada’s Thanksgiving has passed I’ll keep it in mind for Christmas. Thanks for sharing these ideas.

  13. What a super great idea…my grandson and I are going to make them this weekend, for our project!!! Then next I’m going to go thru your older posts to see if you have anything on decorating for winter using my blue and white porcelain pieces…wish me luck!!!

    Have a great weekend!!!!

  14. Mary Kriese says:

    Love these. Will make them for this Thanksgiving. Possibilities are endless. White faux snow, or glitter, on edges, center small glass Christmas ball, maybe a couple of ever green sprigs. Or bleached white acorns?

  15. Donna Esmiol says:

    Thank you for such a great craft…now off to gather my supplies.

  16. Cynthia Felice says:

    The grandkids will love finding the supplies as much as helping to make them! Thanks so much for all tour great ideas!

  17. Yvonne,
    These are stunning, dear friend!!!
    Easy~peasy and downright gorgeous!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  18. Yvonne, these are divine! How adorable:) Thank you so much for your craftiness!!!

  19. can’t wait to get my granddaughters to help make these! Also, wanted to let you know I made your spicy BBQ ribs last night and they were awesome! So easy to do! Thanks for your great blog, you are very gifted and talented!

  20. What a great idea! So neat! Pinning it! Have a great week 🙂

  21. These napkin rings are so pretty and unique! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!!! Have a great week!

  22. What a lovely idea!! These napkin rings are beautiful!!

  23. Lorri Rauscher says:

    What an awesome idea!!! I am to going make these….Thank you for this cute and inexpensive idea.

  24. Teresa Alexander says:

    great way to use up extra pinecones & acorns that have separated from the tops! thank you!

  25. I absolutely adore the napkin holders. I want to make some.

  26. Vicki Henington says:

    What a clever idea. Easy, inexpensive and cute as a button idea. Thanks Yvonne!

  27. Sandy Park says:

    Yvonne, thanks for sharing how you made these darling napkin rings. I’m off to find real/faux acorns.

  28. Love these! On my to-do list!

  29. Very cute. I saved these as I am going to make these to have around and make more different styles as well from your idea. Thank you.

  30. Marcia O'Brien says:

    I’ve followed you on pinterest for some time always drawn to most everything you do. Your ideas have made me look like a pro so many times Thank you. Loved the acorn napkin rings bought very small drill bit ready for action. I can hardly wait for more posts

  31. theresa tucker says:

    I love these napkin rings, soon pretty

  32. Norma Rolader says:

    Oh my love the napkin rings what a great idea

  33. How earthy and elegant!

  34. Kathleen F says:

    I love these! Perfect combination of elegance and earthiness… Have all my supplies and am going to make them for this coming Thanksgiving. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful ideas. It’s always fun to open your emails to see what is on the agenda 🙂

  35. I live on an acreage with lots of different types of trees with different pine cones and acorns.
    This is a great addition to my indoor, out door feeling for the holidays.
    Thank you for the instructions and great idea.

  36. JaneEllen says:

    Yvonne, these are so great. Love to make gorgeous decorations with nature and throw away items (toilet paper rolls). The napkin you demonstrated with is so perfect with napkin ring. Can hardly wait to make some of these.
    Love these napkin rings as much as how you added length to sheer curtains with patterned burlap. Have been searching for just the right patterned burlap for our room, worth waiting for.
    Enjoy your Sunday

  37. These remind me of my Grandmother’s craft work. She would slice the pinecones verticals to create individual flowers. Then she would place them on a piece of wood to create an arrangement of all different sizes of flowers. She then would take dark glass medicine bottles (do they even make these anymore?) and put them in a kilm to flatten the bottles to make a vase. She would add natural moss and acorns. Just beautiful. Thanks for triggering these memories.

    1. Wow, how very special! Your grandmother sounds like a very creative lady!

  38. Super cute idea. So perfect for Fall.

  39. Yvonne- you’ve shown the brown and white napkins here in some of your other videos. Do you know if they are still available? I ordered some recently from Amazon but the pattern on them was much larger.

    thanks, Diane

    1. Hi Diane, These napkins are favorite of mine. I’ve had them for about 20 years. I can’t even remember where I found them.

      1. thanks Yvonne. I’m searching for something similar. I love the brown and cream!

  40. As always, stunning idea. Thanks for sharing this fabulous idea