Pansies in eggshell cups are an adorable way to celebrate Spring! At a place setting on a table or grouped together on a mantel or nightstand, these darling little harbingers of spring never looked so sweet!

They are so so easy to make. I used a garden pack of pansies (violas will work too) and some fresh eggs.

First, crack the egg about a quarter of the way down from the pointy end. Then gently break the top off.

Rinse out the eggshell cup and reserve the eggs content for another purpose.

Fill each eggshell with a little dirt and the roots of a pansy. Pack it gently into the eggshell so it doesn’t break. Easy- peasy!

I put the eggshell cups in little eggcups and used them on a Spring table. You can see egg cups HERE.

This is so so easy. I hope you will try this very pretty diy!

Purple pansies in eggshells as containers.

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  1. Love this idea.
    Thinking of doing as potluck table decorations!
    Did you use the single or double egg cup?