You don’t need a lot of space to add pretty fall decor to the outside of your home. Outdoor small space fall decorating takes just a little imagination a few fall details and a pinch of creativity! I’m decorating a little corner of my porch and I hope this gives you the inspiration to add a bit of fall to the outside of your home no matter how small the space.

Here are some of my best tips for small space fall decorating!



If you don’t have a large space to decorate… go tall. Use planters on pedestals, corn stalks, an old ladder, a great, chippy shutter and other tall architectural elements. “Going up” can add interest to your outdoor space.



Make the most of a little corner, a small space beside your door or even a corner of your walk! If you only have a small space to decorate make it stand out! Use bright fall colors in your plantings and accessories!



Use colors that play well together and create a big color PUNCH! I love yellow and black together. Also, use lots of texture. I think texture is the magic of decorating!



A lot of small things in a small area just looks crowded! Opt for a few larger objects and then a scattering of mini pumpkins. Did you notice I used the “rule of three”? The black urn, rusted olive basket and the bench with the mini pumpkins make 3. Three is the perfect number for an arrangement.



Think about layers when decorating. The mums would look nice in this space but by adding something in front of the urns and then in back of them adds depth to the outdoor vignette! If you have a porch or a railing make sure to grab a throw to drape over the railing. I love this look. 

Our tartan, the Ancient Buchanan, is perfect for fall. You can find a small wool car throw HERE.




With just a little care your small space fall decor will last weeks and weeks.

Remember to water your plants, pinch off dead blooms, replace spent mums and spend a little time sweeping up around your decor. I’ll be chasing spiders as I always do in the fall. They love our porch to build their webs. 

Right before Halloween I’ll replace the mini pumpkins with a fun carved bigger one!



These fall decorating ideas will work great if you have a small entryway to your home. Add a stunner-of-a-wreath to your front door and create a little outdoor decoration with the ideas here and you have a winner!

What small outdoor space do you have to decorate?

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  1. I do have small spaces inside and out to decorate.I have a beautiful wreath on the front door with some faux pumpkins.I will add some mums and real pumpkins, waiting for the weather to cool, still very hot and humid here.How I miss the northeast for fall, my favorite season.

  2. Black is the dominant color on my front porch this year. It started with a mat with a big, black crow. I’ve added a black lantern and iron crows to the mix. My wreath adds the touch of orange, also found in the throw and seat cushion. I’ll add some pumpkins closer to Hallowe’en. I love having a covered porch to decorate. It welcomes everyone throughout the seasons.I keep decorations inside to a minimum but outside, everything goes. Fun!

  3. My landing is about 3′ x 3′, so this was a great post for me! I definitely need to add some height to the area. I have my sweet little window box on the floor (my ‘raised’ garden), but I need to add a tall piece to now. 😉 Thanks for the ideas!

  4. Yvonne,
    Thanks to your post I remembered that I have an olive bucket that I bought last year to hold a mini Christmas tree. I dug it out & used it to hold a yellow mum that I had sitting on my kitchen counter, Your blog is a constant source of inspiration, especially the gorgeous tablescapes! Thanks for all you do to keep my home looking seasonal!


  5. LOVE the little stool that has the pumpkins on it…Exactly what I am looking for!!!

    Can you please let me know where you purchased yours!!

    LOVE your Outdoor Decorating in small space!!


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